Today – Free Samples! for UK readers

Mg cubeToday – Monday 18th free samples of Mg Chloride or Mg Citrate.  I will be giving out free samples of one of two of the best magnesium (Mg) supplement available IMHO.  I’m sorry I can only do this for UK residents because of the postage costs.

  1. Mg Chloride solution.  This supplement has the highest bio availability of all the Mgs you can buy.  If your digestive system is regular ie. no constipation then I think this is  the best supplement on the market.
  2. Mg Citrate powder.  This supplement is excellent if you have issues with constipation which is a common side effect of Mg deficiency, especially in young children and the older generation.

If you want to see some reviews on Mg Chloride, have a look at Ionic Magnesium  For many people, this supplement has changed their lives.  As you can see, it is quite expensive, that’s why I want you to try it for free.  You can then make up your own mind.

Magnesium Chloride Solution

Mg Chloride can come in a number of guises, including topically applied, but the free sample is a concentrated liquid which has to be diluted before taken orally.  The usual dilution is around 250ml of water for one dose which is ½ teaspoon or 2.5ml.  You will be supplied with a pipette for accurate dosing and enough Mg Chloride to last you for 6 days of 2 doses per day.  This will give you 300mg of elemental Mg.  The RDA for most countries ranges from around 300mg – 450mg for adults (see the chart below. AI means ‘adequate intake’).  There are many experts who think this RDA is much too low.RDAs

What do we do?

We supply our own Mg Chloride to our local area (hubbie has always worked in the pharmaceutical and biochemistry industry) but it’s not advertised because we only make up small batches and we would be inundated!  Even so, on the side bar of this site there are good quality Mg supplements which we recommend.  They can be obtained in the UK and the US.

I myself take 600mg a day of Mg Chloride.  I actually make up a jug of 1 litre of water (just over 1½ pints) with my days 4 doses in, then I drink half a glass at a time throughout the day and evening.  I used to take Mg Citrate but now my digestion is normal, I take the more bio-available Mg Chloride.  Taking it in water also has the added bonus of always keeping the body well hydrated.  This is very important, especially for the elderly who tend to drink too little.

bitterJust a quick word about Mg Chloride, it hasn’t got the best of tastes.  I drink it in plain water but hubbie has more sensitive taste buds than me and insists on putting a little ribena or lime cordial in the water to disguise the taste which is salty and bitter.  (Please don’t use aspartame ridden cordials or juices).


Magnesium Citrate Powder

Mg Citrate in powder form, is easy to administer because you can adjust your dose according to your needs.  If you do suffer with constipation then this will be the best supplement until your digestion is sorted.  You can put the powder into drinks (although it is a bit gritty) or sprinkle it over your soup, porridge or other foods.  It is tasteless and so ideal for children.  A ½ teaspoon will give you 400mg of Mg.  Split your doses to at least 2 per day (¼ teaspoon twice daily).  Start slowly and increase your dose until you get the results you want.  This is a gentle laxative so as long as you go slow you won’t be rushing to the loo!  We’re all different so it’s up to you to find the level that suits you.  If you have chronic constipation, you may need more than most to get your digestion working again.

Taking painkillers or other drugs?

With painkillers or other drugs, take your doses at different times to them because drugs are renowned for depleting Mg.  As a matter of interest, Mg is at its lowest ebb in the early morning and mid to late afternoon.

ME/CFSIf your Mg deficiency is exacerbating or causing more serious conditions such as CFS, heart arrhythmias, migraines, hypertension, angina, epilepsy, ADHD, fibromyalgia, depression, diabetes, MS etc., and you are not taking a Mg supplement, then this is a must for you.


For those that are worried about the safety of Mg, I give below just 4 contraindications to Mg supplementation:

  1. Kidney failure.  With kidney failure your kidneys cannot clear any excess nutrients and minerals.
  2. Myasthenia Gravis.  IV (Intravenous) administation of Mg could accentuate muscle relaxation. (IV can only be administered by a medical practioner).
  3. Bradycardia.  An excessively slow heart rate.  Normal heart rate is 60-100.  (My heart rate is actually 56-60 and I have no issues taking 600mg per day of Mg).
  4. Bowel obstruction The bowel cannot eliminate anything including Mg.

I think it is more than likely you would already know if you have any of these conditions.  Even more likely is that you will be under the guidance of a medical professional because of any one of them.  If you’re at all worried do contact your doctor but be aware, medics are not normally au fait with nutrition, vitamins and minerals unless they are NDs (naturopathic doctors) as well as MDs (medical doctors).  It is not generally taught at medical school.  Most medical education is drug orientated.

The only side effect

Oral Mg even if taken in high doses has no side effects except loose stools.  This is how the body eliminates excess Mg.  Mg is also lost through the urine.  Non-laxative Mg Chloride, will still cause a laxative effect when you take more than you require.  This is a good indication ancient mineralsthat you have reached saturation levels.  You can then pull back a little on your doses to gain the optimum amount for you.  Everyone is different and each person will require a different amount depending on their makeup, lifestyle, food intake, prescription drugs, health conditions, stress levels etc..  Only you know how you feel and only you will know the amount you need.  Those of you who have a sensitive digestive system prone to diarrhoea, can also use a topical Mg Chloride such as Ancient Minerals Mg oil, which is absorbed through the skin.

Why free samples?

I’m doing this because I want people to know the difference this amazing mineral can make to how you feel and your overall health within just a matter of days.  Some notice a difference in energy levels soon after taking a dose.  If you suffer with muscle spasms, back ache or leg cramps, this will alleviate the problem.  If you are blighted with continual constipation, this will cure it… for good.  It will reduce your headaches or even eliminate them altogether.  It will lighten your mood, calm you down and help you cope with the stresses of daily life.  If you suffer from insomnia, you WILL sleep better.

Please let me know which supplement you would prefer along with your address, to my email at

Just try it.  It is completely harmless and a natural and vital mineral nutrient that most of us are lacking, due mainly to our modern junk food diet, agricultural practices, excessive pharmaceutical drug taking, overdosing of calcium, stressful lifestyles and health conditions.

Ches Power AuthorYour sample will be send absolutely free including free delivery with no strings attached.  I sincerely want to help as many as possible.  It has changed my life and my health, I hope it will change yours!  I would love to hear from you with your comments, especially if you are the recipient of a free sample.



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Today - Free Samples!  for UK readers
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Today - Free Samples! for UK readers
Today - free samples of Mg Chloride or Mg Citrate. I will be giving out free samples of one of two of the best magnesium (Mg) supplement available IMHO. I'm sorry I can only do this for UK residents because of the postage costs.
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30 thoughts on “Today – Free Samples! for UK readers

  1. What a great service to provide free samples to experience the benefits of magnesium. I regularly take prescription magnesium tablets to aid in migraine prevention. It truly does make a world of a difference.

    I have not ever thought about dissolving it in water and drink it throughout the day. What a great idea. Not only do you get your magnesium, but it also encourages you to drink more water. I’m going to give it a try and see if I can stomach the taste!

    1. Thanks Brandy for the positive comments. I’m pleased to note that you’re already on Magnesium (Mg) tablets to help with your migraine, some added info for you Natural Remedies – Migraines. I got used to the salty taste quite quickly but hubbie has to put a little ribena or other cordial (no aspartame) into his. It definitely is the best way to take it because, as you say, of the added convenience of getting your quota of water for the day. Great! At the same time as treating your migraine you are also protecting yourself against future serious conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and neurological diseases like epilespy, parkinson’s and MS. Good on you!! Ches

  2. Hi, I appreciate you writing this post and even though I live in the US, I think it’s great that you’re reaching out to people and helping them. I have used a form of Mg for a laxative before a surgery. I didn’t realize how effective it was! I’d rather use that form than take some of the OTC products that have other ingredients in them. Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Thank you Rochelle and it is gratifying to know that you are aware of Magnesium (Mg) which so many people are not. You are surely right that OTC products should take second place to natural remedies of which Mg is a vital alkaline mineral that our trillions of cells need to function optimally. I appreciate your positive comments. Ches

  3. Hi Ches, I have worked in the health industry for years and regularly take magnesium oxide to help with cramps associated with exercise. I had never heard of this version of magnesium or it’s benefits before so thank you. I have one question you might be able to help me with, would I be better off using the version from your post to aid cramps or stick with what I am already using.

    1. Hi Peter and thanks for your input. Magnesium (Mg) oxide is one of the salts that is the least bioavailable, hence you would be better off taking a Mg Chloride solution in water or if you prefer you can get Mg Chloride in tablet form. You will really notice a difference if you switch your Mg salt to Chloride. I presume you’re not resident in the UK or you would be asking for a free sample!

      One other point, be careful you’re not overdosing on Calcium (Ca). Ca is vital of course but most of us are taking in too much. The trick with Mg is to balance it with Ca. a balance of 1:1 would be ideal but is difficult to achieve with our modern diet which is mainly stripped of Mg and fortified with Ca. Don’t take Ca rich foods at night, it could interfere with your sleep. Excess Ca will exacerbate your cramps and muscle spasms. Ca is the mineral of contraction, tension, tightness and constriction. Mg is the mineral of relaxation, calmness, looseness and easing. They both have to be in equal measures to be at their optimum. Good health to you and yours, Ches

  4. This is such a giving gesture, to allow people to experience the health benefits of magnesium. I am not in the UK, but I have seen the powder in a community store.

    You have a very thorough breakdown of the types, effects, benefits and contraindications. This, along with your generous offer, attests to your confidence in mg and your desire for others to experience new health.

    I was already curious, and this makes me want to try it out. I also recently read an article about how soaking in Epsom salt helps relieve depression due to the magnesium in it.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Andrea for your positive comments and input. I am confident that many many people would benefit from this amazing forgotten mineral and I only wish there was a way to persuade people to try it. In the local community here in the UK, I have got many people regularly taking Mg. It helps to explain face to face what it does and those that know me can see the vast difference in my health. Some have said it has changed their lives, especially those with low levels of energy and suffering from such conditions as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

      I’m pleased you’re curious and hope it will lead you to try it out. Even if you are in good health, you will notice a change in your energy, your mood, your confidence and your sleeping habits and you will protect your future health from heart disease, kidney stones, diabetes, neurological conditions etc..

      Epsom salts is actually Mg sulphate (or sulfate in US). It indeed is very relaxing to put it in your bath or use it to just soak your feet. The best way though to get the maximum bioavailability is with Mg Chloride. Good health to you and yours. Ches

  5. congrats on a very informative website. I like how you cover your topics, you are very thorough and the interaction with you readers is very good. I like the selection of pictures you used, not so many and in the right size slotted in the rite position. The content is so informative. The general outlook is just good not too colorful yet not dull. Congratulations, keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments about the general site. As for the article, I am presuming you are not in the UK and do not wish me to send you a sample of Magnesium? Ches

  6. I didnt even know magnesium was so important to our bodies. You provided all the information needed for someone looking into using a magnesium supplement. The chart you have provided is an excellent basis on how much magnesium we actually need. I wish the free samples were for the US as well. Thanks for all the great info.

    1. Hi Gary and thanks for the comment and input. The chart shown is the absolute minimum requirements for elemental Mg intake according to the nutritional and naturopathic doctors. I too wish I could afford to send free samples to the US and Canada as well. I’m thinking of doing the lottery!! Ches

  7. I found your info about magnesium deficiency very useful! All you ever hear growing up is about how important calcium is, but no one ever talks about the other minerals. I have gotten info before when I was in a health food store, but that info was very limited. I wish I could get a free sample of magnesium, but I don’t live in the UK.

    1. Hi there and thanks for your comment and input. Most people who have commented seem to live in the US. I just wish I could afford to post samples abroad. If I won the lottery, I would be posting everywhere! If you do buy Mg make sure it is not Mg Oxide which is very low on bioavailability ie. it will go straight through you. You can get Mg Chloride tablets but I’m not sure how expensive they are in the US and Canada. Ches

  8. It was great reading your post. Quite informative and inspiring. Will surely come back for more on your site. You seem to know a lot about health and nutrition. Great stuff indeed.There is a lot of content that you shared on site and will surely refer others to your site to be informed

    1. Hi Benito and thanks for your comment and input. I hope you do use the site for the purpose it was built for ie. to help others understand the merits of this vital mineral. Good health to you and yours. Ches

  9. A wonderful article on Magnesium. I take Magnesium every day but I don’t think I take enough. After reading your article I will definitely increase that amount. I used to take it at night because it helped me sleep and I got away from that.
    You are helping so many people in the UK by giving out free samples! That is so wonderful.

    1. Hi Cynthia and thanks for your input. I’m pleased you are au fait with Mg and yes it will certainly help anyone get a good night sleep! Thanks for your positivity. Ches

  10. Hi Ches. I don’t live in the UK but I wish I did. 🙂 I’ve had constipation issues my entire lifetime and one time when I was taking magnesium it seemed to really help. I need to get back on it again but hate to break the bank in the monthly budget. Can you recommend some natural sources of magnesium that someone can take to naturally increase their levels too? Thanks!

    1. Hi Sarah and thanks for your input and reading the post. For food with Mg go to Foods With High Magnesium. If you still need help your best bet is to use a Mg Citrate powder form which should not break the bank too much. Mg Chloride is probably one of the most expensive forms because it is so bioavailable but Mg Citrate is absolutely ideal for constipation. My digestion is great now but I had this problem for years and started on Mg Citrate. It sorted the problem out and now I take Mg Chloride every day. Your health is important, try and sort this out, it’s a miserable condition and not good for you. Take a look at Magnesium and Constipation and here’s to your good health. Ches

  11. Sort of disappointed I don’t live in the UK lol. I personally don’t think I am getting enough magnisum or other minerals and vitamins. The posts on your site are super informative and help me alot. I really like how you actually care about people by sending free samples like these. Keep it up!!

    1. Hi Erwin and thanks for your positive comments and input. I only wish I could supply to the US. Perhaps I will win the lottery and then I will be posting it all around the world!! I do care about people and I get really upset when I see them struggling with an obvious ailment which I know can be helped with magnesium (Mg).

      Take a look at Foods With High Magnesium and see if you can naturally up your intake of Mg. This can be quite a task as we have to balance Mg with our calcium (Ca) intake and as Ca is so prevalent in our food, unlike Mg, this is difficult to do! A Mg supplement is the only way to make sure you have an adequate amount of Mg in your body’s trillions of cells! Ches

  12. Ches, i am so sorry, but reading this page disturbs me, to say that medics know little about minerals, nutrients etc is a crying shame and to top it of their training is drug oriented. world economies are not kind to poor folks like myself, and we should be helping by alerting them to inexpensive foods that can “do the trick’. This is not directed at you or your partner, but the system, if you follow my websites you will understand, please forgive me , but it is a subject that occupies my mind every day.You are very kind to be giving away free samples, Best wishes.

    1. Hi Courtney, I’m sorry you find the subject disturbing but I feel the same way. I had a doctor the other day comment on one of my posts and she confirmed that there was just one occassion in her years of education and training when the subject of nutrition was mentioned. It was a non compulsory talk about vitamins and minerals and she said hardly anybody attended this one talk. She went on to be a naturopathic doctor as well as a medical doctor. Unfortunately, we have no such doctors in the area we live in the UK!

      My husband recently went to our doctor because of an ear infection. He put a sample of what was in his ear on the microscope and found it to be a fungal infection. Upon going to the doctor, hubbie explained that it was a fungal infection so what did the doctor give him? Antibiotic ear drops, utterly the wrong medication for a fungal infection. Suffice to say, hubbie cured himself with an anti-fungal compound. According to experts, medical error is now the third biggest cause of death in the US! Ches

  13. Very interesting article. Your website is great with lots of information. I’ve been reading a lot from different sources about good food habits and nutrients assimilation and I am overwhelmed by how complex it is to eat well. I was wondering can magnesium supplement be taken with foods to help its assimilation or are there foods that can supply enough magnesium?

    1. Hi Carolyn and thanks for your input. When you buy a magnesium (Mg) supplement it will usually suggest that it is taken with or after food. In my case, I make up my quota of Mg in water and drink it throughout the day, taking more in the afternoon and evening. As for foods rich in Mg, I think you can leave out the ‘rich’ because of modern agricultural practices which strip the nutrients out of the soil such as Mg. Even so, we need to get as much Mg as we can and Foods With High Magnesium will give you an idea of which foods are best. The trick to Mg supplementation is to make sure you do not take excessive amounts of calcium (Ca). For most people, Ca supplementation is unnecessary because we gain enough from our food, milk products and fortification of Ca by food manufacturers makes sure of that. Ches

  14. Very nice article and so nice of you to supply free samples for people to try, there are not many companies today offering free samples to try their product as in the past.

    This does sound like a high quality product, I am sure many people will take advantage of your good heart and accept some samples.

    Its clear you have total confidence in this product, otherwise you would not be supplying samples

    1. Hi there and thanks for the positive comments. Yes, I hope some will take advantage of this offer. All I want is for people to feel better and improve their health now and for their future. Good health to you and yours. Ches

  15. Hi there

    It would be nice to receive those samples, but I am out of the U.K.You are really good a good initiative, thanks for that.

    Can I ask about a Mg supplement that I just bought yesterday?

    It consists of a Slow Release Mg Chloride containing 535mg of Mg.Is this a good product?

    Would you recommend I take them during the day or at night?

    Thanks And Take Care

    1. Hi Roopesh, I’m pleased you are trying a Mg supplement. As for this slow release type, I haven’t tried it myself, mainly because most of those on the market have more Ca in them than Mg. Although it says 535mg of Mg, I think you will find that this will in fact be 535mg of Mg Chloride which is the salt, not the elemental amount of Mg. Looking at that, I would suspect the elemental of Mg will be around 60mg per tablet. I am presuming these are tablets? You will probably be advised to take up to 4-5 per day. Start slowly say 1 tablet twice a day, making sure your second tablet is before bedtime. On day two or three take 3 tablets etc.. and up your dose as required. Mg is at its lowest ebb in the body late afternoon and early morning. Keeping that in mind take the majority of your doses in the afternoon and evening with a dose before bedtime. I would advise to always take with at least half a glass of water. Some will advise you to take with or after food. Take your first dose as early in the morning as possible. I would be pleased to know how this particular supplement works for you. Thanks for the comment. Ches

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