Sick, Sad World – how did it come to this?

Look at the historySick, Sad World

We live in a sick, sad world, where many are suffering needlessly of illnesses and conditions that can be cured. In the early 20th century, there were a plethera of medical practioners, all using different types of medical treatments. These treatments would complement each other.  So as well as pharmaceuticals, there was homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractics, herbalists, essential oils and many others all doing their bit to improve our health and all working together for the common good. Then came along….

Carnegie & Rockefeller

So there were many ways to legally practice medicine until the giants Carnegie and Rockefeller got involved. Their collusion was for the sake of profits, not for the sake of the public health. They saw the public as cash cows and that’s how the pharmaceutical industry has seen us ever since.  So their plan began.

How did it all happen?
John Rockefeller
John Rockefeller

Rockefeller and Carnegie initiated a plan to standardise all medication to fit in with their policies and make sure all medicine would go through their channels. In 1910 Abraham Flexner published the Medical Education in the United States and Canada, known as the Flexner Report and this cast the die for the future and tradegy of medicine today.

How it used to be
Andrew Carnegie
Andrew Carnegie

At the turn of the 20th century, medical schools taught a number of different medical practices including homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractics, eclectic herbal types. So there was not one way of practicing medicine, until Carnegie and Rockefeller came on the scene.

Then came the Flexner report
Ab Flexner
Abraham Flexner

The Flexner report of 1910 stated that medicine would be based on the Carnegie and Rockefeller way of patented chemically based medicines and treatments. They unilaterally mandated that their way was the only scientific and sound way to practice medicine.  This was how all medical doctors were to be educated and conduct their medical practices from now on. Consequently, Abraham Flexner was hired to appraise all colleges before financial support was offered. He used the John Hopkins University as his exemplar. Abraham Flexner said in 1910. The curse of medical education is the excessive number of schools” 

Midwifery too!

As women were not included in these plans, midwifery suffered greatly. Thus, the Flexner Report was the beginning of the end for midwifery in the USA and Canada and stimied female medical education to boot. After 1910, one by one the states in the USA and the provinces in Canada made midwifery unlawful.

Millions of dollars donated to allopathic educationJohnsHopkinsLibrary

Rockefeller & Carnegie began to shower hundreds of millions of dollars into those universities, colleges and schools, teaching pharmaceutical drug intensive medicine. This way of teaching doctors and other medical practitioners became the recognised way. Consequently, medicine has been a monopoly since Carnegie and Rockefeller intervened in the early 20th century.

Carnegie & Rockefeller employees given directorships

Those colleges and schools that had this massive funding had the proviso of allowing employees of Carnegie and/or Rockefeller to sit on their board of directors.  This was to ensure that the funding was being used for the proper purposes. In other words, for the purpose of propogating allopathic education as apposed to any other type of medical teachings.

Thus the curriculum of the colleges and schools were completely changed to encompass what Carnegie and Rockefeller required for their business model ie. The course material would only be drug related. There would be no education on anything natural or alluding to any other class of medicine other than pharmaceuticals.

‘Best’ doctors educated at these colleges
Peabody Library
Peabody Library Johns Hopkins University

Typically those schools that had the most funding turned out the ‘best’ doctors, or more correctly the most recognised doctors.  These doctors would be known as the best of the best, despite the fact they were just toeing the line of their overseers Carnegie and Rockefeller. When money is coming from a source that has a vested interest, you know the outcome will be that wished by the investor or donor.

1500 chiropractors prosecuted for quackery

By 1925, 10,000 herbalists were out of business.  By the 1940s, 1500 chiropractors would be prosecuted for practising quackery.  The 22 homeopathic medical schools that flourished in the early 1900s dwindled down to just 2 by 1923.

Non allopathic colleges were shut down

The AMA (American Medical Association) made it their business to start shutting down all clinics, colleges and schools dealing with non allopathic medicine.

Sick, Sad World

By the 1950s, all the colleges teaching homeopathy were arbitrarily closed and many destroyed. The above Congressional record even chronicles the blatent conspiracy by the American Medical Association, regarding their destruction of clinics, hospitals and scientific research laboratories that did not conform. It smacks of Nazism!

Only allopathic MDs were employed

If a physician did not graduate from a recognised medical school teaching pharmaceutical based medicine or receive an MD degree from a recognised college, then he or she could not get a job as a doctor anywhere.

sick, sad worldLapdogs of the pharmaceuticals

You may now understand why our doctors today are so heavily biased towards pharmaceutical and chemical treatments but know next to nothing about nutritional medicine. The upshot of this is that the medical profession is really a lapdog of the pharmaceuticals, doing their bidding in all respects of allopathic treatments and education.

Most doctors have no idea of this history

The majority of doctors of traditional medicine today, have no idea of its history and go blindly forth with their toxic chemicals thinking they are doing their level best for their patients. If they took a step back and looked honestly into the past, how would they react. The realisation of how they had been used may be too much to take. But I suspect many of them know something’s amiss. However, they will be reticent to rock the boat for fear of reprisals.

This is why IMHO, doctors will not accept anything other than the status quo. It would be too difficult and would undermine all they had been taught and they could possibly loose their licence if they strayed from protocols.

Doctors are dupedDoctors are duped

As the saying goes “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true” (Soren Kierkegaard)

We’re too trusting

We’ve done it to ourselves. We are too complacent. We let others take control of our health and our well-being. Others who are themselves being controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. All you have to do is “FOLLOW THE MONEY” to realize what’s going on.

What would have happened if…

What would have happened if all the alternative medical practitioners, were left to do their own specialist treatments. How many alternative curative treatments would have been discovered over the last 100 years and used for the benefit of all of us.

Pharmaceutical drugs have taken us over

We have allowed this drug cartel to take over our health for over 100 years. We have sat backsick sad world and believed everything they have told us. As a result, their drugs and treatments have been taken religiously by trusting patients. The trouble is, patients never seem to get better and more often than not, they get worse. Why is that?

Is it possible that these massive pharmaceutical companies just want to keep us as customers, rather than cure us? Surely not! But wait! What would happen if we were all cured?

There are cures for Cancer, diabetes and heart disease…

Despite all the restrictions, mandates and persecutions of proponents of alternative medicines, some have come through. There are amazing practioners out there, helping many overcome the misery of Cancer and other major diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Many are unmercifully harassed, vilified and victimised by government agents. But still they soldier on because they are the true doctors and health gurus of this world. They are the true carers of our health.

It’s still up to you

But it is still up to you to know your own body and research your conditions so you can work with your medical professional. However, if he won’t listen to you, change your doctor! You should not be rushed, bullied or frightened into taking just one type of treatment.  A treatment that could perhaps kill you. What’s more, the medical fraternity needs to change course and start looking seriously at the amazing breakthroughs some of our alternative medical practitioners have discovered and researched.

Cancer is a multi billion dollar industry
sick sad world
Dr Burzynski being supported by those he has cured of cancer.

If an alternative doctor cures his patients of cancer, his work should be recognised, encouraged and funding made available for research. Instead he will be vilified, persecuted, harassed and called a quack. All to save the pharmaceutical industry’s profits. A cure for cancer will affect their turnover drastically. In fact, if serious diseases are curable, the pharmaceuticals could go out of business. Cancer medication is a multi-billion dollar business and woe betide anyone who tries to change the status quo! According to CNBC, spending on cancer medicines totaled $107 billion worldwide in 2015 and is projected to exceed $150 billion by 2020. That’s just cancer!

Are we worse off without alternatives? You bet!

Would we really be worse off if all proven alternative medical treatments were legalised along with pharmaceutical drugs? I think not! Every one of us is different. Treatments vary in efficacy from patient to patient. We should all be assessed singly and individually. We should all be allowed to choose our own treatments, once we know ALL the alternatives and the efficacy and side effects of those alternatives.

PS: Be aware of this law in US!

We should also be allowed to decide the treatment for our own children. If you want alternative treatment, for instance you refuse chemo for your child, then that child will be taken from you and forced into chemotherapy. Be aware. Many parents have lost their children because of this mandate!

UPDATE – 13th August 2020

COVID 19 Please be careful and get yourself informed
Profiteerssick, sad world

The pharmaceutical industries are just profiteers. They are in the business of profits for their shareholders. The health of their customers is of low priority and if there is collateral damage because of a bad drug, well c’est la vie! Vioxx comes to mind when an estimated 60,000 – 100,000 patients were killed by this noxious drug.  This is a similar number to those that died in the Vietnam war!


Today we are incensed by the deaths from COVID19. 169,161 deaths now recorded in the US alone as of 13th August 2020.  Why were we so nonchalant and dismissive about 60,000-100,000 plus patients being killed by VIOXX? No, that’s wrong, being killed by Merck. This is just an example of the devastation caused by side effects from drugs not properly safety tested. Who went to jail for this atrocity… NOBODY!

Merck knew the lethal side effects

It soon turned out Merck had known of potential lethal side effects even before launching Vioxx in 1999, but had brushed all such disturbing tests under the rug. What does this say about Merck’s ethics?

The year after the scandal unfolded, Merck’s long-time CEO resigned and was replaced by one of his top lieutenants. But he retained the $50 million in financial compensation he had received over the previous five years. Neither he nor any other Merck executives was charged with corporate malfeasance.

Why am I telling you this?

Yes, this was a few years ago, but it is just one of the many serious lethal side effects, the public has had to suffer fo the sake of profits. Nothing has changed since the above scandal. Be aware that if a vaccine for COVID 19 has side effects that damage or cause death, the pharmaceuticals will not be held responsible. Just as they are not held accountable for vaccine deaths and injuries now. In other words, they are immune from proscecution with respect to vaccines.  Any deaths or injury from other prescription drugs are treated with a fine, if there’s litigation. There are never any prison sentences or other penalties given out to the CEOs or directors of Big Pharma. In other words, they get away with murder, literally!

Be Aware and make an informed decision

The money the pharmaceutical industry and its followers are about to make out of a vaccine for COVID 19 will be absolutely obscenely astronomical. Especially if this vaccine is made mandatory worldwide which is what the pharmaceuticals and their rich cohorts want. Please be aware of what is being put into your body. Bill Gates has publicly stated that the new vaccine is likely to cause 700,000 injuries! How does he know this? Is this estimate true or could it be worse? Will he and his family be taking this vaccine?

Proven remedies for COVID 90

There are many new remedies coming to light as Covid-19 is being better understood. The problem is, unless these protocols and treatments are a product of Big Pharma and, more importantly, can be patented, they are not likely to be put into operation, despite the fact that they work. You will not see them and their doctors being splashed all over the news.

No media coverage!

No media will cover these amazing protocols which are saving lives now! Unfortunately, Big Pharma is mostly in control of the main media, purely because the media depends on pharma for much of their income. There lies the problem! Journalists are being lobbied and bought and persuaded to write what pharma wants them to. It really is a disgrace.

Protocols that work for SARS-CoV-2

Check out my articles on the MATH+ protocol and research showing why masks do not protect against a virus. This article also has details about the other protocol which is saving lives. Despite being discussed in May this year, another prospective treatment is an old drug called Ivermectin. This is also showing good results and could be yet another treatment for SARS-CoV-2.

Do we need a vaccine?

Now we have a variety of treatments that work for SARS-CoV-2, do we really need to go down the road of a vaccine? As the fast tracked vaccine could possibly have some serious side effects, why take the risk of damaging people with a drug that’s new and untested?

Neither drug has side effect problems.

Drugs like Hydroxychloroquine and now this Ivermectin don’t appear to have problematic side effects, in fact research is showing that the side effected are at worst minimal. Both these drugs are also good as a phrophylaxis, so those on the front line and others that don’t have it, can take a lower dose, accompanied with zinc to prevent the disease.

For those who want natural

For people who would prefer to only use natural nutrients, Quercetin is known for being an ionophore, as well as other benefits and can be substituted for either of these drugs and taken with zinc and vitamin C.

Spread the word!

Sick, Sad World - how did it come to this?
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Sick, Sad World - how did it come to this?
We live in a sick, sad world. Many are suffering needlessly. Our plethera of medical practioners, using alternative medical treatments have mostly been eradicated.
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34 thoughts on “Sick, Sad World – how did it come to this?

  1. What an insightful history of how we got to this point in our chemically dependent society.  There’s a drug for everything now.., and almost 50% of the ads on TV are now for lifestyle drugs.

    It’s tragic that common sense, alternative options, and personal choice are all vilified.  

    Big chemical companies will continue to feed us toxic crap that kills us while telling us it’s for our own good.  Makes me sick!

    1. Makes me sick too Tim. I sometimes can’t get my head around what goes on in the pharmaceutical world. Why are we just letting it happen. Why are we allowing the pharmaceuticals to mess with our lives when we know in our heart of hearts it’s all for the sake of their profits. We are like lambs to the slaughter. The sooner we wake up and smell the coffee, the better!

  2. It’s crazy to see how history can really change our present day. I had no idea about the history of pharmaceutical industry. I am glad to see that there are more and more holistic and alternative doctors. I think more and more people are becoming concerned with taking so much medicine that they’re thinking of more natural and holistic alternatives. Your post was very thorough and informative. I don’t think many people know about this.  

    1. You’re right Victor, not many people know about this history, including most doctors. I feel that if they did know they would be quite shocked and probably unbelieving. They have been taught the pharmaceutical way. Knowing this could be at the expense of cures that are already available, could be very upsetting for them. But…I think many do know that something is amiss. Especially when many doctors, who have family members with cancer, do NOT treat them with standard Chemo and Radiotherapy!

  3. Wow, this is really interesting to read. Never knew about this. Guess they actually monitized the medical world huh…

    I’m guilty of being to trusty too… When I go my doctor she always gave me a prescription for the well known medicine, despite there being a much cheaper version… Since a few years the law changed and now doctors have to at least mention to the patient the existence of the cheaper medicine.

    As I have already lost family to cancer and still have family members diagnosed with it, I’m gonna give this video a serious look! Thanks for spreading the word!

    1. Thing is Jurgen, you would be less trusting if you had more knowledge about your ailments and conditions. At the moment you’re probably reasonably fit, but if you do become unwell, or your precious child became ill, research your conditions first before consulting with your doctor. Then you can discuss treatments between you instead of leaving it all up to her. She has no idea how you really feel and instead of prescribing a stock fits all drug, there may be a better alternative for you or your family.

      As for the subject of cancer, the scourge of our society, please take a look at the 9 part video series “The Truth about Cancer – A Global Quest”. The last episode finishes tonight but it will be repeated, probably next year and you may be able to find some of the episodes on youtube. It is free to everyone to watch when it is aired and it has been aired quite a few times already. I have actually bought a set because I want to reference to it regularly and help the cause but the Bollinger family and team are doing this quest to educate the masses for free. Money from any videos bought are either given to naturpathic charities or used to pay for filming etc.. Thanks very much for your input!

  4. Wow, this is truly amazing how history has affected everything we do today. I think it’s time for a big revelation and reevaluation of what we’re doing in the medical industry. Medicine is good, but you need to try the natural methods first in many cases. Thank you for bringing this to light.

    1. I think you’re right Genesis, it’s about time for a change. The tipping point is coming when the public realizes how much they have been duped at the expense of their health and the health of their loved ones.

  5. Wow, that is quite the history. I’ve been lucky enough to find a doctor who likes to do his own research and he has been so good with looking for alternatives to the regular meds. I think they have their place, but if you can do a more natural method, then that is far better.

    1. It’s great that you’ve found one of those doctors of the future I was talking about. Looking into alternatives and doing his own research, I am gratified!
      Drugs should only be used as a last resort, Mother Nature has provided for all those living on the planet and our bodies are made to be optimised by natural nutrients, not man made drugs.

  6. I do thank you for this extraordinary post, Ches.  The history of the rise of allopathic medicine over more humane and human alternatives was most enlightening.  Now I understand.  

    I keep losing friends to this system of treating people as if they are faulty cars or Lego-toy constructs that just need to have a bad part removed and replaced rather than as whole beings with complete and complicated systems that can, with a bit of timely and knowledgeable help, keep itself going pretty well.  (Sigh!)  

    We all eventually die.  That’s a given.  But, while we live, it would be a blessing to be able to do it with grace.  My own observation has been that often the allopathic way doesn’t allow for that.  

    1. Hello Netta, I am so pleased you read the post. I too keep losing friends and relatives to the system. You are so right about ‘bit and pieces’ being treated like we’re some kind of car. We are all individual and should be treated as such. The whole body is crying out when you get sick. The symptoms are just different ways of telling you something is wrong.

      There is no reason why we should not live to a ripe old age with all our faculties and disease free. We would then enjoy our golden years without being a burden on society and our family. In my experience a healthy individual who lives to a good age dies without discomfort in their sleep. The heart just stops. That’s the way to go at the end of a healthy life.

  7. As a Pittsburgher like Carnegie, this is one part of my local city history that I am sad to hear about. I really had no idea, and I’m kind of surprised. His legacy with the museaums and libraries is really counter to what you have said here, it is hard to hear.

    Luckily, I can report that there are a lot of holistic and alternative doctors in this area, and people are starting to really understand how to be healthy. Hopefully the world catches up soon.

    1. Yes, the Carnegie institute etc., have donated much which has benefitted the populous but when you look at the other side of the equation, it is a very upsetting. Thank goodness alternatives are still around, although much pursecuted and under pressure from the FDA. These natural treatments have to follow plenty of rules from the FDA. Such as not claiming anything can ‘cure’ or ‘treat’ without going through safety research and studies which cost millions of dollars. A caveat has to be put on their websites saying that this is not FDA approved and it is just a food supplement not intended for treatment or cure. If they slip up, they could be raided by the FDA and all their files, computers, stocks and merchandise confiscated. Here is an example in Australia

      Of course, the pharmaceuticals have the money to do it, although their research results have to be looked at with suspicion nowadays. As for those treating naturally, they certainly don’t have the funds for all this research. Anyway, why do you have to research something that the body naturally needs? Tests can ascertain if you’re deficient and doctors should be able to prescribe a supplement or food which will replete the body of that deficient nutrient. How many times have we heard of a patient dying from an overdose of vitamin C for instance. Then, how many times have we heard of patients dying from a drug like Vioxx
      which killed 60,000 peoples, the same amount as who died in the Vietnam war?!

  8. Wow!!! That was an enlightening read.  I have been talking about this for years.  I believe there are multiple cures to cancer however that would put a lot of people in financial hardship.  Of course I have no proof but there is enough evidence around.  This is a must read for everyone even if for some reason they have never been touched by anything out there.

    1. Thanks for your input Dale. Being au fait with what’s going on gives you a head start and will surely protect you from any treatment which could be detrimental to your health and the health of your loved ones! As for multiple cures for cancer, you are correct! There are a multitude of different ways to treat this disease. Take a look at the video series “The Truth About Cancer – A Global Quest”. It finishes today with episode 9 being about survivors of cancer using alternative treatments. The whole series will be replayed at a later date because Ty Bollinger and his team want this truth to get to everyone in the world.

      You can actually buy the video series if you want but they urge you to spread the word about the series so those who cannot afford it can watch it for free each time it is aired. If you own the series, they encourage you to give it out to family and friends. These people have suffered and because of it, they have made it their lifes work to spread the truth to everyone. Check it out!

  9. First let me say that I love your niche. In fact, I just finished a post on magnesium. I supplement with it every day, it is so vital to health, and unfortunately it has been farmed out of our soils here in the US, so are foods are devoid of it.

    I didn’t now that Rockefeller and Carnegie initiated a plan to standardize medications. The American health care system is in dire need of an overhaul, and is in reality a sick care system. I agree with you that doctors are duped. It is a sad state of affairs. 

    Thanks for educating the public on this important topic. I enjoyed your article and learned a lot!

    1. Great to hear from you Holly and that you’ve found out about how Magnesium is vital for the body. Yes, modern farming hasn’t done us any favours, in fact it is poisoning our foods with all the herbicides, pesticides and fungicides that are ravaging the soil. Glyphosate is a huge problem with Monsanto/Bayer now being sued, the first result in from a court case brought by a non-hodgkins lymphoma victim.

      The majority of the population don’t know the truth about how allopathic medicine came about in the US and spread throughout much of the western world. It’s time we all started to say NO to all these spurious treatment and pharmaceutical drugs. Hopefully, the writing’s on the wall for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries, all of which are utterly corrupt and only out for profits and power.

  10. Thanks for this post! 

    I don’t know much about this subject, so there was a lot of fascinating stuff in here that came to my attention. I’ve always preferred natural treatments when I could get them, and admittedly… have been suspicious of aspects of the medicine field. There has to be so much temptation to profit off of people’s ignorance or fear.

    I am especially appalled at the idea that greed has prevented health and medicinal break throughs. 

    1. Unfortunately Jordan, until we the public stand up to the pharmaceuticals through government policy, nothing will change. That includes the state of health in the US particularly. Europe is not far behind. 

      We are all victims of the system. The medical profession is run by the pharmaceuticals because they have the money and therefore the power. Find an MD who is also an ND ie. naturopathic doctor. These are the doctors of the future. They will use the best of both treatments to suit the individual patients but only use toxic drugs as a last resort. Many are nervous though. They can be easily vilified by big pharma and have their license pulled if they are known not to be following standard protocol. Chemo and Radiotherapy are prime examples. We all know these treatment are carcinogenic but we are still cajoled into using them. Doctors will not use them on their own families though!

  11. What a great article – it’s so nice to see someone writing about the competition between companies that has now crept into the medical world…and it probably won’t be leaving any time soon! 

    Do you believe that companies involved in the production and research are being blocked from curing certain things – i.e. if they were able to put their heads, and their products together we would have cured a lot more people of serious illness over the last half a century?

    1. Definitely Chris. If they all worked together for a common cause, we would be a much healthier nation. Trouble is, money and power gets in the way. Research by pharmaceuticals are now mostly fraudulent so when doing your own research into your illness or condition, you have to look for independent researchers, whose results are honest and reliable. 

      But its the pharmaceuticals that have all the money. Those who truly want to find out the truth by doing research, haven’t always got the funds. This is why we are swamped with bogus and unreliable research results, mostly from big pharma.

  12. WOW just WOW! I’m am completely blown away by all of the information in this post. I had no idea that Carnegie and Rockefeller had done that.  I’ve always known that the pharmaceutical industry was just a money making corp designed to keep people sick and their pockets full.  It’s rare that you hear of a person being on just ONE prescription.  They’re usually on one for a symptom, and second for something else, and a third for the  side effects of the first two.  It’s disgusting.  

    I’ve always believed there was a cure for cancer.  Even watching what my own father just went through a few months ago with his diagnosis and eventual death, it was totally appalling (and this was in Canada).  Surgeons approving surgery when they knew it had already spread too far and we weren’t informed until after they had opened him up and then deemed it non removable.  Oncologists claiming that chemo will give him 1-5 years when the survival rate for that particular cancer was 5 months.  

    In 37 years, I can gladly say that I have only ever taken advil, antibiotics and birth control.  I never get headaches, I’m pretty healthy, and have no complaints.  I hope to never have to take a prescription ever. I would rather eat healthy to cure my ailments.  I’ve always believed that a good hot shower/bath, loads of blankets and fluids can cure any virus/bacteria. 

    1. Problem is Nicki, doctors prescribe for symptoms, they don’t look for the cause. The cause is often related to the whole body, not just part of it. A drug for your BP, another for your constipation, one for your indigestion, one for your heart. Our bodies are telling us we are sick from within and each of us exhibits that sickness in different ways.

      I hope you’ve been watching the free video series, the last one airs today. It’s called “The Truth About Cancer – A Global Quest”. If you search that title you will probably be able to see the last one. Otherwise, they do repeat it regularly FOR FREE so that the populous have a chance to see it at some time. Cancer is a multi billion dollar industry and there lies the problem. Follow the money to find the truth. We are all experiencing the loss of loved ones through Cancer and it is TOTALLY UNNECESSARY! We must all do our own research so we have an informed decision about our treatment whether it be for cancer or any other condition.

      Good on you!! So please you have made the decision to keep off the pharmaceutical drugs. The fact you are so well is testament to natural treatment. I too am not on any drugs. I take certain supplements that I know I need because of my age and I eat REAL food as much as possible. Organic if I can find it and afford it. You are also so right about using heat as a treatment and cure for ailments.

  13. It is always the same story. Profit comes first. Why would anyone want to find a simply cure for a disease like AIDS for example when they instead could sell medicines that will keep the disease at bay for many years to come? It is better for business to give patients medicines for years and years than to cure their disease for good.
    It really is time that the world wakes up and starts thinking of our general health and well-being instead constantly talking about profit and the economy.
    Thank you for a very interesting post.

    1. Thanks Jojo, your comment is most important. We must all come together and fight for our freedom to choose which medicines and treatments we want to use. Drugs have their place if all else fails but the natural way of keeping the body balanced with the right nutrients is the way we were born. 

      Using nutrients from food that is naturally grown without chemicals, is how we were meant to keep healthy. We were not meant to have poisons and man made chemicals put into our bodies, it just gives the body extra stress as well as dealing with the disease itself. We were made to heal ourselves, our bodies strive to be well. We just need to ingest the nutrients to do the job.

  14. Loving your post, I have quite a few websites a couple of them are alternative health sites.

    Nice to see someone else sharing the reality of modern medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, with the world 🙂

    The sooner people get educated about their health, and start avoiding the toxic drugs supplied by the pharmaceutical companies. The better life will become. Also millions of people will be able to avoid unnecessary suffering, from bad health advice. Including vaccines and toxic drugs which often have deadly or highly damaging side effects.

    1. Hi there Sotiris and thanks for your valuable comment.  Slowly, people are coming round to asking questions about their medication. Being informed and knowledgable about your own health is one of the answers to this incidious problem. 

      One of my relatives visited the doctor last week and was prescribed a statin. He asked, “why do I need this?” She said, “because it will reduce your cholesterol.” He replied, “but my cholesterol is normal.  Unless you can give me a good reason to take this drug I refuse it!”  

      Patients are usually too frightened to question their doctor. We have to change our paradigms and question all drugs and all procedures. Drugs, vaccines and treatments are an invasion of our bodies. We must know what is being done to us, the side effects and the long term consequences. 

      I know very few drugs that can cure, but there are innumerable nutrients that can cure innumerable illnesses.

  15. A great detailed blog. So many people would have no idea how the medical/pharmaceutical industry’s have changed. We should all have the right to a choice of treatments. So many basic dietary deficiency’s are the cause of the increase in certain diseases, along with a lack of alternate natural remedies.

    1. Thanks for your input Leah and yes, if the general public knew what was really going on, I think they would start to change their paradigms. It is so easy to trust someone else, especially those in authority and leave all matters of health to a stranger. 

      This is asking for trouble. Deception, fraud and duplicity from the pharmaceuticals. Indoctrination, conditioning and strict protocols with the medical profession. Leading to intimidation, pressure and hoodwinking of the patient. The patient always comes off worse, in their quality of life and in their wallet. Here’s a prime example!

  16. Wow I knew this was happening as I have had personal struggles myself and. Will seek an alternative treatment over a GP. No idea how it all happens. A great article and Needs to be seen by all

  17. Hi Ches,

    Thank you for creating this absolutely brutally honest article regarding our rather sick and sad world that we live in!.

    As a health site owner, I can tell you I am limited in what language I can use due to FDA legislation that applies to herbs.

    The following words are not to be used (FDA Regulations!)
    · diagnose
    · cure
    · mitigate
    · treat
    · prevent
    · disease or any name of a known disease or illness

    I am not alllowed to say Vitamin C can help with influenza I can say it could aid with winter sniffles and colds. If I were to use the name of a known drug..I’d be allowed to to use any of the above language and that it can cure xyz disease…

    The FDA is of course heavily funded by drug companies and manufacturers…

    1. Hi there Derek and thanks for your important comments.  I feel for you and others in your field. We as a society have missed out on all the health information that could be ours if alternative medicines and treatments were legal.  

      Over the past 100 years, we have slowly become poorer in health as well as poorer in wealth.  Our health has been compromised by these stony-hearted industries and to add insult to injury, we have to pay for that bad health. Why do we put up with it? 

      If only the public could see through their lies and their fraudulent behaviour, but alas most are brainwashed. They cannot believe that the medical industry would do us harm for the sake of profits. But the truth will out and I believe it is slowly coming to a head! Videos such as The Truth About Cancer are really sweeping the world and slowly we as a society will tip the odds against the pharmaceuticals and that will be the beginning of the end of an era dominated by pharmaceutical drugs.

      As for the FDA, they are just puppets. The pharmaceuticals are entrenched in government agencies as are the chemical industries and the food industries.  

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