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Ionic MgI came across some customer reviews about Magnesium Chloride solution, this one being “Ionic Magnesium Drops” sold by Good State.  I don’t think it really matters which Mg Chloride liquid you take, they are all comparable and Mg Chloride is the most bioavailable Mg supplement having a ‘stability constant value’ (SCV) of zero (the lower the value the better).  As prices go “Ionic Magnesium” is one of the cheapest.


Now for those of you who are wimps when taking pills and potions, this solution is not the best tasting.  But it can easily be disguised with a little cordial or juice, whichever suits you.  You must always take a dose of the solution in a glass of water, at least 250ml.  A dose is 1/2 teaspoon or 2.5ml.   Don’t take it neat, you’ll be sorry!  I must say, it’s usually the boys who complain about the taste, us girls usually just get on with it!

I thought it a good idea to put these reviews into a post so you could see for yourselves what this supplement is doing for those who are using it regularly.  So don’t take my word for it, just read these reviews.  The thumbnails give you an idea of what exactly this supplement is doing for each purchaser.  All are verified purchases and rated 5 out of 5 from Amazon UK, so you can easily check them out.

So here we go with the reviews:

Up and at 'em

good sleep

Glenys Reynolds:  Everyone should take this – it’s actually changed my sleep and my energy levels. I jump out of bed in the mornings now!   Kevin Boyle: Helps me get a real good nights sleep.  I would recommend this product.


stress jaw pain

Charlotte:  I get quite stressed sometimes and it causes very bad jaw pain. I dont take this every day but when im feeling stressed and having jaw pain I take this and it makes the pain go within an hour or so.  I have now encouraged 3 other people to take magnesium for various issues.  If you feel you have any issues that could benefit from magnesium supplements… Take it



Warrior H:  I damaged my muscle and could not walk without support forback pain 3 months. After finishing my first bottle of liquid ionic mineral magnesium, my mobility returned, my husband suffered from back pain, he also has noticed a difference after starting a course of this supplement. Will highly recommend it as a health supplement.



Oberon & Titania:  Ionic liquid magnesium – recommended for many health reasons – helps for migraines – recommend



good sleepconstipation

Janet:  This has helped me sleep more soundly and stopped frequent bouts of constipation! It has also relieved painfull night time legs. So win win!!


restless legsDavid Brand:  It appears to have cured the problem it was bought for therefore what else is there to say?



Graham Nuttall:  I have a condition called lavitar ani syndromepelvic pain where the pelvic muscle is in permanent spasm, I was recommended to take magnesium to relax the muscle, I tried the tablet form and they eased the condition by 80% but they also irritated the bowel, so I bought this liquid form and my life has been transformed, I take half capful morn and night in a little juice, if you suffer any form of pelvic tension then try this.


good sleep

Doris:  My sleep has improved a lot. I was deficient due to thyroid issues and feeling much better.



picture-44W P MATTHEWS:  Excellent, fast working source of magnesium. Ifibromyalgia use it for fybromyalgia problems and heart palpitations with brilliant results. I wouldn’t choose another brand  Lizzie Watson:  Have just started this, but great so far. Started on 2.5ml in my everyday juice.  Will updated review as I go:)


Ionic MgPQ:  Ordinarily I do not review things that I purchase online (or offline for that matter) as I usually just do my research, buy what is required and then use as desired but I simply must take time out today to tap the keys for this little piece:  Why I hear thee scream?  Simple, this stuff is so amazing and the company even more so.  As you already know, Mg is needed for loads of things in the body and has a massive effect for those that take it. Only issue is all Mgs are not the same as some are more equal than others. The stuff you get in multivitamins is usually the poorly absorbed type which you are better off taking nothing stress - anxiousat all instead of as it leaches more minerals whilst the body is trying to process it. This stuff right here however is top of the pops.  It’s a liquid, its ionic and its made from a highly bioavailable form of Magnesium – put these three together and you’ve got a happy camper, no scratch that a cognizant squadron as I’ve put many people on to this wonder supplement and helped them to change their lives, especially in these stress laden times. The most obvious effect you get from this is super duper amazinglygood sleep deep refreshing sleep with some Dolby Surround, THX, 3D dreams – seriously, its worth taking just for the night time entertainment and the way you spring out of bed in the AM.  Now onto the company, the real reason I write this great nights sleepreview. I had to get in touch with them for a bit of customer support and I was pleasantly surprised with speed, attentiveness and attention todetail they offered which in this modern day and age is pretty much unheard of.  Top notch, I tip my glass of Mg in your direction and hope you continue to prosper for eons to come.


emcd62:  I ordered a few bottles a few months ago. I used to get serious leg cramps, & I crampmean very bad. My right leg calf muscle would lock, turn to stone, then it was absolute agony for around a minute until the muscle would turn to jelly. Got so bad I was unable to walk for days afterwards. That’s when I had to find an answer as my Doctor said it was dehydration or stress, neither of which it could calmbe as I drink at least 6 glasses of water, plus other drinks per day. I have very little stress either. Anyway, after taking this, I’ve had zero cramps. Zero. I used to get them weekly. My wife’s been on the magnesium too now to help her thru the menopause. Her moods have improved immensely, she’s no longer tired out, just feels more balanced. This is one supplement I’ll never stop taking, it works.


fibromyalgiaMarjorie Haughton:  Good State Ionic Magnesium is easy to take and has no laxative effect, unlike magnesium citrate, so is ideal to take at any time of day.  Ann b:  Brilliant can’t live without this magnesium really helps with fibro symptoms A+++++


with orangeKaren W:  The most effective form of magnesium and easy to take in a little fresh juice. I find apple and mango masks the taste beautifully. Reasonably priced compared to other sellers of this product. Tablets can be much cheaper but are not easily absorbed so I really noticed the difference when I switched to ionic liquid. I definitely recommend this product and I wouldn’t be without a bottle in my fridge now.


arthritisgood sleepPurespirit7:  Okay, were hooked! We were taking Magnesium Citrate, which was good but decided to go one better with this Ionic Magnesium. Worth every penny. 96 servings in one bottle but we doubled up for the first bottle. Within two weeks we noticed the difference. Mum’s chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis began to improve…especially the lower back pain. Also, she sleeps so much better and longer now. I personally have noticed I am more relaxed and less tense. Within one hour, I can feel my muscles relaxing. I feel calmer and have less discomfort from back paincalman old back injury after a fall backwards. We won’t go back to the (albeit good) tablets. We’re going to try the ionic minerals next, especially after reading an article by a top Canadian Doctor – health guru that claims most chronic health problems are linked to long term mineral deficiencies!


Graeme:  Cured my restless leg syndrome.restless legs  Rhea W:  Wonderfully good .. never be without it!  Guy Penhall:  Great way to add magnesium with no tablets just add to smoothies  Anne Twig:  Easy to take form of magnesium.


fatigueIzzlefan:  This is a great product, so far, I have recommended it tocramp several people, all who are benefitting too! After chemo, I am repairing myself and knew by my symptoms of fatigue, muscle cramping/twitching, poor sleep and an over sensitivity to sound (none of which I had previously had) that I’m likely very magnesium deficient…I started at half dose for a few days and didsound twitchingfeel deep tiredness, aching etc. symtoms I have previously experienced during de-toxes…I built up to full dose, my sleep returned, my muscles are improving and I feel much more myself, with a lot of energy most days…it is truly amazing…this particular product is effective because it is angstrom sized, the same size as natural magnesium found in veg etc. This is more accessable for our bodies’ cellsrelaxed and is absorbed directly into the cells, bypassing the digestive system and therefore preventing stomach upsets if you need to take a higher dose, like me…yes, it tastes metallic…because it is a mineral! Just add it to water or juice, it’s no big deal!


stress - anxiouspicture-44images-15


Steven Lane: As an alternative health care provider, I images-16have tried many forms of magnesium with patients. This tops them all. It’s easily absorbed and gives results for all kinds of conditions eg. anxiety, heart issues, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, Hypertension). I thoroughly recommend it.


constipationstress - anxiousimages-2Mrs. S. L. Green:  Has cured my daughter of her chronic constipation which NHS medicine could not address, within two months of starting and has a remarkable effect easing her severe hypersensitivity anxieties. Is improving my energy levels quickly and helping with my anxieties regarding my M.E and theenergy customer service is first rate with the guy falling over himself to provide facts and offer advice. We are living in much happier world than before we started taking the ionic magnesium. My daughter is also now able to attend school regularly and her consultant was keen to note the make and price of this product.


picture-44Jack:  I bought this liquid form of magnesium, having started with the chelated tablet form. The tablets definitely made a difference, but the liquid is even better, although more expensive. I have to have 2 x 5ml spoonfuls a day – once in the morning and once in the late afternoon – to bring me to the levels I need to stop my heart flutters, without the laxative effect of tablets. So in fact, I only get 24 days worth of magnesium, whichbetter skin does end up expensive, but the liquid form seems to be much better absorbed and is having even greater effects on my whole body, balancing hormones, increased energy, more motivation, energyhardly noticeable premenstrual symptoms, better skin, and so on and so on. I will certainly continue to use it as I think it really works – all thanks to Dr Carolyn Dean – “the Magnesium Miracle” – read it and understand the difference Magnesium can make to our health.


Other conditions improved or cured that were mentioned in the reviews but no room for them all:

Thyroid problems
back pain
Low back pain
Shoulder-Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain
heart problems
Heart problems









mental fatigue
Mental fatigue
joint pain
Joint pain






Ches Power AuthorI would be very pleased to read your comments about your own experiences with these symptoms and other conditions which may be helped with magnesium.  Good health to you always.


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21 thoughts on “Ionic Magnesium Drops

  1. I’ve had the most dreadful leg troubles for the past couple of years. Started with a weird feeling in one leg…not exactly a cramp, but my leg would twitch so I’d try to straighten it out whereupon it got worse and my leg would then want to go up. It just did it, couldn’t stop it and it would go on for at least 2 hrs. Then it would stop and the other leg would pick up the baton! I did find a cream which stopped it.
    Lately I started with the awful normal cramps…always at night. When I got up in the morning, both legs would do a rigour mortis thing and I would stagger a few steps before being able to walk properly.
    My knees were stiff and have been unable to kneel down for this past few months. I used to sit cross legged on the floor…oh, dear once down, I struggled to get up!
    I felt like a beached whale!
    This is a long post and I’m sorry…just needed to say it all. Went to a spa and was so looking forward to a nice soak in the bath (we haven’t got one).
    Imagine my horror when I had difficulty getting in it, even worse , how was I going to get out?
    Been on this magnesium for a few days, leg cramps gone. Knelt down yesterday to clean and actually got up again…Good Lord! Hoping the heart flips will go soon but the mobility is so good…after the first dose, the following day I got out of bed without doing the robocop thing! YES! xxxx

    1. Hi Bridie, So pleased it’s obviously doing you good. Keep it up; you will probably always need to supplement with this essential mineral. Hubbie and I take it religiously daily, adjusting it with what we eat, our stress levels and how much excercise we’ve had. Heart arrhythmia is common with a Mg deficiency. Up your dose until it gets better. An overdose of Mg will cause loose stools, so if this happends just cut back a little. Take it slow. Your body will get used to it over time and then you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it! Good luck and good health!

  2. Ches,
    Help! my husband is PEG fed I purchased some Ionic Magnesium in the form of drops – dose said 10 drops a day with food – he gets liquid food that claims to contain Mg however he displays symptoms of Mg shortage – so first go today he used 5 drops but was sick shortly afterwards and his throat was “on fire”. How much should I start him on then and how much water?
    A trifle confused

    1. Hi Margi, You must not take the drops neat. They have to be put into water; they are much too strong without being diluted, that’s why your husband was sick and his throat was uncomfortable. Have a look at this article which will show you haw to make your own solution but… you may be better off obtaining and using the powder form of this supplement rather than the solution.

      Half teaspoon of food quality magnesium chloride powder put into a glass of water, will give you 300mg of elemental magnesium. Don’t take it all at once, sip throughout the day. If he dislikes the taste, which is common, put a little cordial in it such as Elderflower cordial (no aspartame). This completely masks the taste and is quite a nice drink! My husband prefers the solution but I prefer just to use the powder into elderflower laced water. It is easier to take away with you and much quicker to administer. Get back to me if you have any further problems.

    2. I think it says on the label about 500mls water…well I wasn’t going to drink a pint of that, so I split the dose to a quarter of a tsp. in 250 mls water twice a day. I put a little squirt of lemon juice in there because not fond of water on it’s own!
      Personally I haven’t detected a horrible taste, which is a bonus.
      Hope this helps xxx

  3. Hi Ches, my daughter in Law left me a bottle of My Vida origins ionic Magnesium 400mg , I am already taking magnesium sleep to help me sleep and I had never seen these ionic drops before, I was wondering should I take these instead or even take them with my other magnesium? also my daughter has just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and has a lot of joint pain and dose not sleep well, would these drops help her? Angela

    1. Hi again Angela, don’t waste any Mg. Whatever the bioavailability any Mg is better than none. Some are more bioavailable than others which my post I put in my last comment, will tell you about. Also some Mg salts can have a laxative effect ie Mg Oxide which is the cheapest. The trick with taking Mg is to make sure you spread your doses throughout the day and to use a Mg salt that it highly bioavailable like Mg Chloride. Mg is not at all dangerous and I would rather take too much than too little. For those with sensitive tummies, a Mg lotion for the skin is useful to top up your daily dose. The Mg Chloride molecule is so small that it goes into the skin easily. My last reply to you answers most of these questions.
      But lastly, do your own research. I would start with buying the book The Magnesium Miracle (2nd Edition) by Dr Carolyn Dean, an expert on all things Mg and more. She is an MD (Medical Dr) and an ND (Naturopathic Dr). She does sell ReMag a top Mg supplement (using Mg Chloride) and a skin lotion. But, both are very expensive. In my post, I do explain how to buy the Mg Chloride salts (food quality) and make up your own, which is so much cheaper.

  4. Wow, I had no idea that magnesium could do so much for your health! It’s not something I have regularly because, I’ll admit, the taste is horrible! The first time I tried it, I instantly felt sick and knew i absolutely couldn’t finish all of it. I think I did take too much of a dosage though. Reading about all these benefits makes me want to try it again in a smaller amount.

    1. Hi there and thanks for reading the blog. Yes, you probably took too much at once. It’s best to start very slowly with any supplement (and drug for that matter). Take just a half dose in a glass of water spiked with a little cordial of your choice, my husband uses ribena, (no aspartame please). You do actually get used to the taste after a while. It’s well worth it though. Your health is of the utmost importance and you just can’t be healthy unless you are replete in Magnesium. Always split doses throughout the day. Good health to you, Ches

  5. I just wanted to say that you got an interesting post here regarding Mg (Magnesium) intake for health. I have been a long time sufferer of a form of arthritis called gout and would like to know your opinion if this would either prevent or possibly (hopefully) cure it as I have been experiencing episodes flare ups for over 10 years.

    I have read your post where you stated at the end, “Other conditions improved or cured that were mentioned in the reviews but no room for them all:” and wanted to know if my condition would fit in “those other conditions”. I look forward to your reply and take care.


    1. Hi there Armand and thanks for reading the post. Your problem with gout will certainly be improved if not cured with a good quality Magnesium (Mg) supplement, you are bound to be Mg deficient if you suffer with this condition. I would also recommend that you soak in a bath of ‘epsom salts’ (magnesium sulphate) whenever possible as Mg sulphate will enter the body through the skin. If you haven’t got time for a bath, try a foot soak in the evening before bed. You could also try other topically applied Mg supplement like a Mg Chloride spray. Your best bet though is to take the supplement orally as per my post ie ‘ionic magnesium’ which is Mg Chloride. Dr Carolyn Dean does one too called ‘ReMag’. IMHO Mg Chloride liquid is the best, it is 100% bioavailable and it’s what I take. I take 600mg per day. Always spread your doses throughout the day. Don’t use Mg oxide it is poorly absorbed and will go straight through you. Mg citrate powder is good if you need help going to the loo. It is quite gentle and very controllable.

      As for your diet, please make sure you do NOT consume too much Calcium (Ca). We all get plenty of Ca in our diet but never enough Mg. The food manufacturers are always fortifying foods with Ca including some orange juices and most cereals. You need a 1:1 balance of Mg and Ca. Do NOT take antacids that have Ca in them like ‘Tums’ for instance. Do not take any dairy before bed ie. milk, cheese, cream etc.. this will only make sleeping difficult. Do NOT take Ca supplements which are often advised by medics for those who have arthritic type conditions.

      I would suggest that what you have is too much Ca in the blood and too little Mg to control that Ca. Without enough Mg to keep Ca dissolved in the blood, excess Ca is allowed to migrate around the body and calcify causing all kinds of problems.

      Do something for me. Go to google images and put into the search ‘calcification gout’ and just have a look at the images that come up. This is what’s wrong with you. You can do something about it! Ches

  6. The magnesium supplement is amazing. Do you think that we can put away our multivitamin and solely taking magnesium instead. I think I want to try it on my finger joints problem. Right now I am taking calcium only when I feel pain. I will search more information on magnesium. Thank you for sharing to us about this amazing supplement.

    1. Hi Juraida. Please don’t take any more Calcium (Ca), you are probably already overloaded with it. Magnesium (Mg) will help stop your pain. Multivitamins are fine but again, you will probably have an abundance of Ca in Multivits with very little Mg. It’s the 1 to 1 balance of Mg and Ca which is the trick. Please go to What is the Best Calcium Supplement for Women? This will explain why too much calcium is so dangerous. Take the Mg first, then when you feel better, you can think about what else you can do to keep yourself healthy. Mg first then finesse your nutrients at your leisure as it is Mg that is the key and the start to being healthy for life. Ches

  7. Wow..this supplement will surely be on my list of things to try. I have read plenty on magnesium and how it is one of our most important but lacking minerals. I have read it is mostly because our soil is depleted of enough magnesium today. This article was a reminder to me that I need to get back on it! This seems like a great product with all the great reviews. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading the post Rachel and I’m so pleased you’re thinking about trying a liquid Mg Chloride supplement. You will certainly feel the difference even within a day or two. We are nearly all depleted in this vital mineral mostly because we all consume too much Calcium. Mg and Ca should be in equal proportions within our bodies and this is difficult to achieve in this modern day what with all the Ca fortification in our foods and the fact that, as your so rightly say, Mg is depleted because of agricultural practices. Those damned Ca Carbonate antacids are a real problem as are the PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) which reduce our stomach acid and stop absorption of Mg and other nutrients. Ches

  8. Wow..this supplement will surely be on my list of things to try. I have read plenty on magnesium and how it is one of our most important but lacking minerals. I have read it is mostly because our soil is depleted of enough magnesium today. This article was a reminder to me that I need to get back on it! This seems like a great product with all the great reviews. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Wow!! This is truly the wonder drug.Its amazing, what such an element can do.

    I love the fact that it is in a liquid form.For me, It’s a route of administration that I prefer.Call me crazy, I think that the liquid dosage firms tend to work faster..

    I just hope that I can get this product delivered to my country.Going to give it a shot and let you know how it goes.


    1. Thanks for your comments Roopesh and we will be very interested as to how you get on. Make sure you start slow and build up your daily doses over a week or two until you’re taking at least 300-450mg per day. You will know if you need more. (I take 600mg per day and that stops all my Mg deficiency symptoms.) Magnesium Chloride liquid is 100% bioavailable and that’s what makes it such a good quality supplement. Good luck and keep us informed of your progress! Ches

  10. Thank you for our post on Ionic Magnesium Drops. i have never heard of them before. I especially paid attention to the part about back pain. I have knee pain and wonder if this would fix that? I saw your link to, thank you. I clicked on it and will probably order. Thanks again!!!

    1. Thanks for reading the review Steve. Yes, it will help your knee pain. You can also use Ionic Magnesium topically if you wish. I did a days gardening a few days back, most of it being digging and lifting. Next day my back was really painful so I upped my dose of Mg and got hubby to rub some into the offending area. The relief was almost immediate and as I sit here writing to you, my back pain has gone! I have not used any pain killers! Ches

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