Flu Shot Side Effects – Update

Health Care Workers being sackedno flu vaccine

Further to my article ‘flu shot side effects’ and how the manufacturing process of the vaccine makes it ineffective. This is an update regarding employees who are being sacked for not complying with company rules about have a flu shot.

Process is 70 years old!

If you take a quick look at my previous article a few weeks ago, you will see that there has now been recent research which blows the lid off on how the flu vaccine is made and how this method impairs its evectiveness.  This ‘egg-based’ process of propagating the flu vaccine has been around for 70 years and is really old hat.  Of course, that does not matter to the vaccine manufacturers who are raking in vast amounts of dollars for a vaccine which, in some cases is sold with nasty toxins in it such as mercury.

freedom of choiceMany don’t want the flu shot

For a number of years now, many health care workers have been cajoled into an annual flu shot that they didn’t want.  This is because, if they did not comply, they would be sacked.  Many did not comply complaining it infringed their freedom of choice.

Essentia sacks 69 for non compliance

One company has taken this compliance to the limit.  Essentia Health who owns hospitals and clinics in 4 states, including Minnesota, fired 69 employees for refusing to get their flu vaccinations. Despite Minnesota state law not mandating flu vaccinations, this compliance was widened to include their health care workers in Minnesota.  Many more have been given a warning by Essentia that they will lose their jobs if they do not comply and get vaccinated.

Essentia has multiple health related outletsessentia health

The company also owns various other health related companies such as assisted and independent living facilities, fitness centres, therapy centres, long term care facilities and rehabilitation centres.  They also have medical equipment, pharmacy and supply centres.

Minnesota is a non mandated state

Those working in Minnesota were very unsettled by the new requirement especially as the state they live in does not mandate flu vaccinations for health care workers.  The fact that Essentia has gone against state law could be grounds for them to be sued for unfair dismissal?

fired!The US has no unfair dismissal law

This is a law that can be used in the UK to take a company to court if the ex employee deems they have been unfairly dismissed.  In the US however, to dismiss an employee on a legally prohibited basis ie. ‘wrongful termination’ or ‘wrongful dismissal’ is one of the most common claims, despite there being no ‘wrongful termination’ law.  Seems to me one should be put in place!

Exemption guidelines are very narrow

A medical exemption is the only way out of this compliance but the exemption guidelines are so narrow that 99% of those wanting to use it do not qualify.  Even if you have experienced neurological disorders, autoimmune problems or other serious reactions when previously having a vaccination, this will generally not be enough to warrant an exemption.  Essentia is obviously using these guidelines to deny medical exemptions to their employees.

Administrator sacked despite suffering side effectssacked

One example of this is from Scot Harvey, an administrator at the Essentia Hospital in Duluth.  When he refused a flu shot after suffering severe fatigue and other side effects from governmentally mandated vaccines during miliary service, he was refused his exemption request.  He was one of the 69 who were sacked for refusing the flu shot.

Loss of freedom

Scot Harvey, who is a registered nurse, spoke to the ‘Star Tribune’ saying that it may make it difficult for him to find work.  He did feel, however, that it was an issue of freedom of choice and said if nobody stands up to these officials, then the problem will escalate to everyone in health care having a flu shot and then everybody in any job will have to be vaccinated.

It’s your choice whether you take a toxin into your body

When speaking with Minnesota Public Radio Harvey said: “I don’t see how an employer can have the right to decide what I have to do to my body in order to keep a job”.  Another employee Paula Bullyan, a surgical technologist said that whether or not to receive the flu vaccine is “my choice, and they’re taking away my choice, to either receive or to take an injection into my body that I do not want”.

research flawedResearch used to justify mandatory flu shots is flawed

There has been research published this year that questions the scientific evidence used to press for mandatory flu shots of all those working in a hospital environment.  STAT News stated “The study… concludes that the research used to justify mandatory flu shots for health sector workers is flawed, and that the policies cannot plausibly produce the benefits that had widely been assumed”.  They added:

“Results don’t stand up to scrutiny”

“The methodology of the studies produced results that don’t stand up to scrutiny… None of the studies were conducted in hospitals; all took place in long-term care facilities.  One of the studies, from Britain, calculated that one influenza death would be averted for every eight staff members vaccinated.

But if that were correct, vaccinating the estimated 1.7 million health care workers employed in long-term care in the United States should prevent 212,500 flu deaths a year amongst residents.  There’s an obvious problem though, the paper noted.  Nowhere near that many people die from flu in the U.S. …”

Cochrane Collaboration researchcochrane

In 2010 the Cochrane Collaboration, a well respected network of researchers, published a Canadian study where they analysed scientific evidence and methods used in clinical trials.  This was following the largest flu vaccination operation in Canadian history.  They deduced that vaccination of nursing home workers had absolutely no effect on laboratory confirmed influenza cases amongst the elderly residents of those nursing homes.

No proof was found that flu shot reduced deaths

Dr Roger Thomas was the lead researcher of this study and he explained: “What troubled us is that [flu vaccinations] had no effect on laboratory-confirmed influenza.  What we were looking for is proof that influenza… is decreased. Didn’t find it. We looked for proof that pneumonia is reduced. Didn’t find it. We looked for proof deaths from pneumonia are reduced. Didn’t find it”.

new proofNo declining mortality rates with flu vaccinations

There was a study done back in 2005 which gave a warning that rather than saving lives, the flu shot could be ineffectual in preventing the flu in a significant number of elderly people.  This is the age group that has been constantly hassled to get a flu shot but according to the researchers of this study they say:  “We could not correlate increasing vaccination coverage after 1980 with declining mortality rates in any age group. Because fewer than 10% of all winter deaths were attributable to influenza in any season, we conclude that observational studies substantially overestimate vaccination benefit”.

Pregnant women targeted for flu shot

Another high risk group is perported to be pregnant women who are continually told to get a flu shot no matter what trimester they are in.  Supposedly, influenza related complications when pregnant, can increase the risk of death to mother and child.

Risk of miscarriageflu shot miscarriage

But it was found from a study published this year that pregnant women who had received the pandemic H1N1 influenza vaccine (pH1N1) and then were given another flu jab during their pregnancy, were more at risk of losing their baby through miscarriage.  This often being within 28 days of receiving the second shot.  Most miscarriages happen during the first trimester but in some cases it took place during the second trimester.

Despite research, no exemption for pregnancy

The study deduced that pregnant women who received a second pH1N1 flu shot had 8 times more risk of losing their baby than those pregnant women who did not have the vaccine.  But despite this research, those in the medical fraternity who are pregnant will most likely continue to be sacked for refusing their influenza shot.

Vaccine manufacturer’s warning

This is taken from the information leaflet of FLULAVAL’s Influenza Virus Vaccine (2013-2014 Formula) “There have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with FLULAVAL”

mandatory vaccinesA worrying trend

This mandatory trend is very disquieting in my mind.  If we slowly and insidiously lose our freedom of choice, a day will come when none of us will be able to lead the life we wish.  We will be shackled by the laws of the land, whatever they are and unable to follow our dreams.  These laws, which infringe on your freedom and allow an invasion of your body by unknown toxins, are a step too far.  Only you and I can decide what we take into our bodies.  If we feel it does us no good then we should have the freedom of choice to opt out of these medical procedures.

Do your own research!

For those that say, ‘it’s all for the public good’, do your research!  You will soon see it is only for the good of powerful and wealthy industries that have a single goal, to control and Ches Powerto profit by it.  We are being betrayed by these large consortia dealing in pharmaceutical drugs, producing our junk foods and destroying the land and the environment with poisonous herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.  The direction of our health is tightly regulated with the priority being for profits for all these industries, all at the expense of the health of the trusting public.

Spread the word!

4 thoughts on “Flu Shot Side Effects – Update

  1. Hi Chessie! This is a very interesting article on a very controversial subject. I know from year to year, the effectiveness of the influenza vaccine is highly variable and often leaves much to be desired. I know you referenced several studies in your post, which I found to be very insightful. I wasn’t aware of that recent study in PLOS one journal suggesting the flawed nature of our current vaccination practices in the health care setting. Thanks for posting the links to the studies you referenced, I found that to be very helpful.

    1. Thanks for reading the post and referenced studies Kent.  I think that the general public needs to be more au fait with the workings of the health service and the officialdom that goes with it.  We need to be educated and in control of our own health so we can make informed decisions and work with our medics about what we put into our bodies.  We need to know about pharmaceutical drugs’ side effects that could be detrimental to many of us and could possibly be making the general health of the population worse.  Perhaps worse than if those drugs were not taken!

  2. Hi Ches. You have a very rich site and a lot of information. Your story about Magnesium deficiency is my story also. As I am getting older I started to take 4 tablets daily and have a much better sleep. I have saved your site as a reference for my future health questions. See up latter. Thanks for a well-researched information.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Andrej.  I am pleased that you are supplementing with this vital mineral which will protect you against some common but lethal diseases such as heart disease, atherosclerosis and diabetes.  Spread the word!!  

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