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What Is High Cholesterol?

Mercola CholesterolAre you worried about your cholesterol levels?  What is high cholesterol?  Have you had to change your diet because you’ve been advised to lower your high cholesterol?

Have you been prescribed a statin drug to lower your cholesterol? Have you been taking one of these drugs for a while now?  Do you know what this drug is and how it works in your body?  Do you have regular tests to check your liver function?  Do you suffer with any muscle aches or pains?  Have you actually got heart disease?  If the answer to the last question is no, you may want to stop taking statins. Continue reading What Is High Cholesterol?

Do Diet Sodas Make You Gain Weight?

Surely we don’t have to ask the question “Do diet sodas make you gain weight?” How often do we see an advert for a diet coke, diet pepsi, diet soda and it makes the claim ‘no sugar, no calories’ and you think, great this will help a long way towards my diet regime.  I can have as many diet drinks as I want and I won’t put on any weight.  There’s no calories in diet drinks so no calories means no weight, doesn’t it?

Think again

If your diet drink says no calories, then the sweetness that it has to have, to make it pallatable to you, will likely be artificial.  Now here’s the rub.  Are artificial sweeteners safe to consume, especially if consumed in quite high quantities?  If you are drinking diet sodas day in and day out and eating foods that have sweeteners added to them by the food manufacturers, will you have side effects? Continue reading Do Diet Sodas Make You Gain Weight?

Today – Free Samples! for UK readers

Mg cubeToday – Monday 18th free samples of Mg Chloride or Mg Citrate.  I will be giving out free samples of one of two of the best magnesium (Mg) supplement available IMHO.  I’m sorry I can only do this for UK residents because of the postage costs.

  1. Mg Chloride solution.  This supplement has the highest bio availability of all the Mgs you can buy.  If your digestive system is regular ie. no constipation then I think this is  the best supplement on the market.
  2. Mg Citrate powder.  This supplement is excellent if you have issues with constipation which is a common side effect of Mg deficiency, especially in young children and the older generation.

Continue reading Today – Free Samples! for UK readers