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Please note:  I am not a doctor or medic and have not been trained in the medical profession or as a dietician.  The information given in this website is from my personal experiences and from the experiences of others and from my research into the subject of Magnesium deficiency.

The information presented in this website is not given with the intention of diagnosing or treating any disease or condition.  The information is for educational purposes only.  I take no responsibility for anyone using this information and do not guarantee the effectiveness of any recommendations given.

The information within this website is based on individual experiences and in some cases from research from outside sources.  Much of the information has not been evaluated by the FDA or NICE or other governmental agencies.

For those concerned by their medical condition or symptoms, medical advice should be sought immediately.  After that medical advice, it is then up to the individual to assess their health needs and make the decision whether to use supplements, vitamins and minerals or change their diet to address nutritional deficiencies.

Using supplements and a change of diet is often a slow process so don’t delay if you are suffering a serious condition or illness. A life threatening condition must be addressed IMMEDIATELY by obtaining help from your doctor or emergency services.  If you feel unwell or have serious symptoms, seek immediate help from your professional care provider.

Ches PowerYou are free to seek alternative kinds of assistance if you feel that prescribed drugs or processes are not helping you or that you would benefit from additional treatment by way of natural means. You have the choice to seek the assistance of a naturopath if you wish to control your diet and health in a natural way.

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