CDC – The Vaccine Fraud – Part 4

CDC vaccinesIn CDC – The Vaccine Fraud – Part 4, I will continue with details of the vaccine schedule in the US as it was in 1986. This is the year the pharmaceutical industry was given immunity from prosecution for any adverse effects suffered by those receiving vaccinations.   We compare the schedule then to how it is now.  Also covered are details on the safety testing and reviewing before vaccines are licenced. See Part 1, Part 2Part 3, Part 5 and Part 6 here.

US 1986 vaccine schedule

So what’s the situation today with the childhood vaccine schedule compared with 1986? Look for yourselves – in 1986 the number of vaccine injections administered was just 11.  The percentage of children with chronic illnesses and developmental disabilities in 1986 was 12.8%.

and the US 2017 vaccine schedule?

In 2017, the number of childhood vaccine injections administered was 53, this includes multiple vaccine doses given in one injection, so doses total 72.  The percentage of children suffering chronic illness and developmental disability has risen from 12.8% in 1986, to 54% in 2011!  I cannot find figures for 2019. What is it now, 8 years on from 2011?


Is it a coincidence?

After looking at these figures, do you honestly think it is just a coincidence that this percentage has risen in line with vaccine administration?  Or could it be something to do with corruption, fraud and profits!

How are drugs licensed

Here are a couple of examples about how a pharmaceutical drug is licensed.  Take Lipitor and Enbrel for instance.  Lipitor had a safety review period before licensure of 4.8 years and Enbrel’s period was 6.6 years.  Both drugs were tested using a placebo group.

placeboWhat is a placebo?

A placebo can be made to resemble an active medication or therapy so that it functions as a control.  The patients and the scientists involved in the study don’t know who had the drug and who had the placebo. (Double blind study).  During the study years, half the patients were given the drug and half were given the placebo, a sugar pill in the case of Lipitor and a saline injection with Enbrel.

The scientific way

At the end of the period, the health of all the patients are analysed to see who had what health problems and if the problems could be attributed to the drug or not as the case may be.  It’s an ideal way to accurately find out the effects of the drug.  That’s science for you and that is how it should be done when it comes to the safety of a pharmaceutical drug. That’s as long as all the subjects know they are part of an experiment for safety and all the researchers don’t know which patients had the placebo and which had the drug.

Vaccines monitored to a high level?

I think it’s safe to say that we are under the impression that vaccines are monitored for safety to a very high level.  Our government wants us to be safe and healthy and not be damaged by any drugs or vaccines that come onto the market.  Is that what you think?  Think again!  I started to dig deeper into how vaccines are produced, researched and passed for use on our children.

Let’s See!

HepB Safety

Here is the safety review period prior to licensure for Hep-B (Engerix) GlaxoSmitKline and Hep-B (Recombivax) Merck.  Look at it, this safety period was not years, it was DAYS!  4 days for Engerix and 5 days for Recombivax with NO PLACEBO!  So here we have a little tiny baby of just one day old and this infant, just a few pounds in weight is subjected to an injection.

Why give a Hep-B vaccine?

So what is this particular vaccine for?  This vaccine is for a sexually transmitted disease.  If you have hepatitis B during pregnancy, you can pass the virus on to your baby.  But there is a simple blood test that tells if the mother is infected with this virus.  The majority of mothers will not have it, so why subject every single baby with this vaccine and take the chance of your child ending up like this poor little infant.  By the way, he died.

HepBVaccine DamageTry and leave the hospital without it!

Big pharma must be very proud to cause such misery.  What an absolutely stupid, unnecessary, dangerous injection to give to a newborn.  It is utterly ridiculous and for those that try and get out of their baby having this jab, you will be hard pressed to get out of the maternity ward without it being administered and if you do, you will likely be reported to child protection services!  How about you contacting the police instead, for assault!

Stupid mandatory vaccine!

This injection is mandatory and part of the childhood schedule so If you don’t know about it, you won’t even know it has been administered.  Refusing it is no good because it will be given without your consent.  Be very aware and make sure you and your family knows about this mindless jab.  If you don’t know your child has been given a shot and that child gets sick, how are you supposed to establish if it has anything to do with a vaccine?

Little Ian’s story, so sad

Hep-BIan’s site will help show you how to decline this vaccination.  If you can’t stop it being administered, keep a close eye on your child in case of an adverse reaction.  Take a picture of your baby as soon as it’s born, for reference as well as the family album.  Check out all the comments on this site, you’ll be surprised!

Problems with Hep-B in China

It’s not just the US having problems with this vaccine.  In China, 17 children died after receiving the Hep-B vaccine.  8 infants died within hours and in some cases minutes after receiving the vaccine.  9 other deaths of children under 5 years, were also reported following the vaccination.

Radio Free Asia reported: “China’s pharmaceutical industry is highly lucrative but poorly regulated, resulting in a string of fatalities blamed on counterfeit or shoddy medications in recent years.”

China as bad as US
  • The Father of one of the children who died said it was “absolute rubbish” when Chinese health official claimed the deaths had nothing to do with the Hep-B vaccine.
  • A top investigative reporter known as Wang Keqin, exposed the vaccine scandal
    Wang Keqin
    Wang Keqin

    and he was subsequently forced out of his job at the China Economic Observer newspaper in February 2013.

  • Parents who dare to complain about any health problems and safety issues say they are frequently targeted for official harassment and punishment.
  • In 2011, the Beijing authorities sentenced Yang Yukui to 5 months of “re-education through labor” on charges of “provoking disputes and causing trouble.”   His only crime was to complain that his son had been in and out of hospital since receiving the BCG tuberculosis vaccination as a newborn.
  • May 4th 2016 – China was rocked last month by another public health scandal, after Chinese police announced the discovery of a criminal organization selling millions of improperly stored vaccines in 24 provinces and municipalities. The affected vaccines have a total value of 570 million yuan (U.S.$88 million) and include many of the most common inoculations, ranging from hepatitis to rabies.
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)?

When babies in the US die after a Hep-B vaccination, the deaths are automatically attributed to (SIDS). There is no official investigation as to whether Hep-B caused the baby’s sudden death.  Does anyone ask about the infant’s vaccination history? Does anyone check if there were any symptoms of vaccine adverse reaction before the child died?  The general answer is No!  This is despite the biomedical literature repeatedly indicating a connection.

US newbornsNewborn deaths highest in US!

The US has more babies die on the first day of life than all other industrialised countries put together.  Could it be anything to do with administering this unnecessary vaccine which should never go anywhere near our newborns.  What if your baby dies of a seizure on its 6th day.  According to this 5 day study, it didn’t happen because on day 6 they stopped checking recipients of Hep-B.

Big pharma won’t check, so you must!

What if your child contracts autism after 18 months.  Hard luck for you and your child because nobody is looking for adverse reactions after 5 days.  Even if you wanted to go through the process of vaccine court, which is horrendous in itself, you won’t be able to prove it was this vaccine because they stopped checking. They don’t want to find out what is happening, so they just stop looking!

You must be one step ahead!

This is why you have to be one step ahead of these government agencies.  You must be aware of every detail of your child’s development.  How many of you have children with ADHD for instance, or tics, or asthma?  Does your infant have seizures, or is he/she always crying inconsolably?  Take a little video of your child each day and have a diary to write anything unusual.  Apart from it being a lovely way to monitor their progress, it is a great reference for the future and hopefully you can look back on these videos with your child developing normally.

unlucky childIf your child is unlucky

If you are one of the unlucky parents who find there is something wrong with your child, you will have an account of each day of your child’s life and know if changes marry up with vaccines given.  If so, you will be one step ahead when you go to Vaccine Court.

The dire health of US children
  • In the US, mandated vaccines for children under 6 is 39.
  • This is double the Western world average of 18.
  • The US has the highest autism rate in the world at 1 in 36 children.
  • This is 10 times more than many other Western Countries.
  • The US ranks 34th in the world for child mortality for under 5 years.
US flagThe United States of America

We’re talking about the United States of America here… 34th!  This greatest nation is rumoured to have superlative healthcare, unrivalled medical facilities and scientific knowledge, a vibrant and healthy population and the highest level of excellence in childcare!  Looks like it is just that, a rumour!

Vaccines change the immune system.

Is it just possible that there could be some correlation with the amount of vaccines the US mandate to the amount of infant mortality rates the US suffers?  Vaccines by their nature interfere with the immune system and the US is the leading country for autoimmune diseases, particularly autism.

We need more independent research.

We need more independent research NOT RUN BY THE PHARMACEUTICALS.  But where to start that research?  How about starting with research to see if there is a connection between auto ‘immune’ diseases and vaccines that by their very nature, change the ‘immune’ system!

Squaring up to big pharma

Hasn’t anyone in the US government got the stomach to challenge these pharmaceutical companies and start taking action to get this industry under control?

Ches PowerIn Part 5, we will look at fraudulent research, conflicts of interest within government agencies and the results of investigations into some of those agencies.

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CDC - The Vaccine Fraud - Part 4
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CDC - The Vaccine Fraud - Part 4
In CDC - The Vaccine Fraud - Part 4, what's the health of our children like now compared to 1986, when pharmaceuticals became immune from prosecution?
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12 thoughts on “CDC – The Vaccine Fraud – Part 4

  1. Very interesting article. I find it amazing how much the number of vaccines have grown since I was a child. Although I am a proponent of being vaccinated, since there are numerous diseases that are all but extinct now that used to be a big problem in our society 50-100 years ago, it does sound like big pharma is using our kids as guinea pigs which is totally unacceptable. I have never been a fan of big pharma anyways, I believe they have entirely too much control over our lives and too much influence over our government. I hope that with more articles like these we as a society are woken up to realize the dangers that big pharma poses.

    1. Hi Travis and thanks for reading the article. It is quite incredible isn’t it, how many vaccines a child is given in the US compared to 1986. This is before the pharmaceuticals were NOT protected from litigation with respect to vaccines. Since then, vaccine production has soared, the US being the world leader of the number of vaccines given to children. 

      Unfortunately all these vaccines will not help the immune system. The immune system needs to be stimulated by natural influences that are administered to the body through breathing in or ingesting, to name the most common. This natural ‘innoculation’, stimulates and strengthens the immune system. The more it is stimulated the stronger the immunity is from the disease.

      I may just be lucky but I have never been ill with any infections except as a youngster. I had measles, german measles, chicken pox and glandular fever. As an adult I have suffered no diseases at all. The only ‘symptoms’ of disease I have had has been induced by a magnesium deficiency. Taking adequate magnesium has removed all those symptoms. I take no medications at all, just important supplements to counteract the poor quality food we as a nation have to endure because of poor farming practices. 

  2. What an eye-opener. Your post just got me thinking again about early childhood vaccinations. 

    I never knew that Hep-B vaccination can be done away with just a simple blood test. It’s so heartbreaking to accept the fact the health of innocent little souls is put to risk due to such activities. Also, it comes as a great shock that a developed country like the US can have such a poor track record in child health. 

    I am sure people who read this post will be more cautious while dealing with their infant’s vaccination. 

    Kudos to you for highlighting such a sensitive topic. It truly takes courage to post such stuff.

    1. Hi there Nick, yes I can remember my handful of vaccinations. I’m still here, fit and well. I’ve never had a flu jab because I’ve done my research and know at my age it’s next to useless. What’s more, the last time I had flu was when I was in my teens!

      It is telling isn’t it when statistics show a severely poor track record of child health that comes from the US, a supposed leader in the world of health care. 

  3. Hello Ches!

    That almost exponential rise of illnesses over the 25-year period (1986-2011) leaves us speechless. This problem of potentially harmful vaccines to infants is present not only within the US and Chinese borders, Europeans are also facing the question. Looks like there has been a veritable boom of redundant vaccines, especially that Hepatitis-B one. Pharma should be really eager for money if they are disposed to literally force fresh parents

    Poor little Ian’s story is terribly sad… not to say more. Sometimes words are useless. Facts matter and speak for themselves. The System destroyed a new life and left two parents under an everlasting pain. Kind of almost making us be afraid of becoming parents. May God rest Ian’s soul in peace and help his parents!

    Best regards, Peter

    1. Hi Peter and thanks for your comments, all of which are most important. Yes, the Hepatitis B is completely unnecessary, unless the mother is infected. In the UK, most patients are screened for infections before they are operated on and/or are pregnant. The vast majority of pregnant women are not infected, so this vaccine is an unnecessary danger for a neonate. The mother of little Ian did not have Hep B so why vaccinate the child. 

      I think the vaccine program should be completely overhauled. We are not ‘anti-vaccine’, we are anti anything that has not been thoroughly researched for safety. For those who are vaccinated and suffer serious side effects, the compensation laws should be of the highest quality with the sufferers and guardians looked after for the lifetime of the vaccine damaged. These unfortunates are suffering for the so called good of the population and should be compensated without question; they should be revered for their sacrifice not ridiculed!

  4. Hello there, thanks for putting out this article for the public, it show the level of concern we have about vaccination….. This is an important issue that cannot be overlooked thanks once again for putting out this article. It shows your firm stand against pharmaceutical fraud I hope the public will be more enlightened about things happening in the pharmaceutical industry.

    1. Hi David and thanks for your input. It is so important for the public to take care of their own health and be aware of those pharmaceutical products that can have serious side effects. We know some vaccines have been good for society but also be aware that Big Pharma obtains billions of dollars from the sale of such vaccines. Make sure you now exactly what a vaccine is for and what its side effects are. Make sure you are given the product leaflet that always comes with medication, including vaccines. Most doctors don’t bother to give it to you, insist on it and study it before you are vaccinated.

  5. I really enjoyed hearing that the author shares my concern about vaccinations and gives sound advice and evidence to support our stand against big pharma.

    I congratulate the courage of the author to write about this important issue and hope that the word gets out more and more! I found the article well written and will share it with other concerned mothers like me. Thanks for writing this.

    1. Hi Patricia and thanks for your comments on the article.  It is slowly getting to the masses about the activity of the pharmaceuticals and the government regarding vaccines.  All you can do is protect yourself with knowledge.  You never know, you may even be able to educate your doctor!

  6. Well, this certainly makes you think… I know a few people who have never been vaccinated and have been just as well as I have been throughout my life with vaccinations (knocking on wood, just to be sure).
    Although at some stage I had a flu vaccination and I have never been that sick with flu before in my life.

    1. Hi Petra and thanks for your comments.  Many of us can take these vaccines and although it is known to weaken our immune system it is usually the very young and the very old that have the most adverse reactions.  We are not against vaccines, we are against the massaged and proven fraudulent research done by the pharmaceuticals which is accepted by the FDA and CDC to gain licensure of dubious drugs and vaccines. Many of these drugs and particularly vaccines, have in no way shape or form been properly researched.  In other words, the public and most importantly our children are the guinea pigs and they suffer because the research has NOT been done.  

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