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CDC – The Vaccine Fraud – Part 6

In the last part of this article, CDC – the vaccine fraud, I want to concentrate more on one of the most serious frauds that the CDC has been guilty of.  The fraud concerning the MMR vaccine and its connection to autism.  See Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5

The film VAXXED – trailer

The film VAXXED which was produced by Del Bigtree and directed by Dr Andrew Wakefield, is about the CDC (Center for Disease Control) whistleblower Dr William Thompson and the plight of those suffering from the adverse effects of vaccines.   Dr Thompson revealed that the CDC had committed scientific fraud and that he was ashamed to admit he was also part of that fraud.  The research done did prove a causal link between the MMR vaccine and autism but the proof was hidden and documents were destroyed by the authors of the research.

Confided in Dr Brain Hooker

Dr Thompson couldn’t face it any longer and came out first to Dr Brian Hooker, knowing that Dr Hooker had an autistic son.  After conversing with him for a long period of time, Dr Thompson was persuaded to get himself a whistleblower lawyer.  Dr Hooker and Dr Andrew Wakefield were worried for his safety.  A man is in danger if the only people who know he is a whistleblower are himself and his enemies.

Congressman Bill Posey REP.

Congressman Bill Posey was provided with 10,000 documents which Dr Thompson had secreted away whilst all other evidence of a fraud was destroyed by the other fraudulent researchers.  Bill Posey went before congress about the fraud; his speech is below.

“Please subpoena Dr William Thompson”

He ended that speech saying to Congress, “so I ask, Mr Speaker, I beg, I implore my colleagues on the appropriations committees, to please please take such action”  Dr Thompson is a government employee, he cannot appear in a regular court room and needs to be subpoenaed by Congress in order to speak and that was in 2015!

CDC blocks testimony of vaccine whistleblower

WASHINGTON, Oct. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The Director of the CDC, Thomas Frieden, has sent a letter blocking CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, from testifying in a Tennessee court case involving a 16 year old boy who claims his autism is caused by vaccine injuries.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.R F Kennedy Jnr

Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s office explained “Frieden’s denial was a disappointment but not a surprise, since the inescapable implication of Dr. Thompson’s allegation is that the agency altered the science to undermine autism cases worth potentially $1 trillion in compensation ordered by Congress.” Robert Kennedy is helping the boy and his family with their case.

What Dr Thompson is disclosing

What is Dr Thompson saying?  He is saying that the pharmaceutical industry is doing NO safety science on vaccines to ensure that they are safe and effective.  The CDC are so worried that they will find problems with the vaccines, they have stagnated and covered up data that has already proven that vaccines cause medical problems such as autism.

So a question was asked

When the health agencies including the NIH (National Institute of Health) were asked why no proper scientific safety studies were done on vaccines, the NIH said – that it would be unethical.  When an effective treatment already exists, it is unethical to create a placebo group that will receive no treatment.  So they admit they don’t do safety science because it would include a placebo group which would be unethical, supposedly because vaccines are so safe and efficacious!

VAERSHow about a Surveillance Study?

So what about a surveillance study.  How about using those that have been vaccinated against those that haven’t from past vaccination programs as was done in the African study.

We have one already!

Well here you are.  VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System brought out through the 1986 act.  In 2016 VAERS received 59,117 reports as follows:

  • 432 deaths
  • 1,091 permanent disabilities
  • 4,132 hospitalisations
  • 10,284 emergency room visits
  •           59,117 total adverse events reported in 2016
HHS (Health and Human Services) reported

HHS did a study looking at VAERS and found that fewer than 1% is being reported to the system.  Doctors are not reporting it, many don’t even know about it.  People who suffer injuries don’t know it exists and an independent study came to the same conclusion that VAERS reports currently represent only a small fraction of the serious adverse events.

So let’s extrapolate

So if only 1% of adverse events are being reported, how many events would there be if all of them were reported? Let’s work it out.

  • 43,200 deathsextrapolate
  • 109,000 permanent disabilities
  • 413,200 hospitalisations
  • 1,028,400 emergency room visits?
  •           5,911,700 total adverse events
But this isn’t science

It is possible that these figures could be close, but this isn’t science, you cannot extrapolate from 1% and accurately conclude what 100% would be.

Why is VAERS not working?

The most common reason given for not reporting is that the medical professionals haven’t got the time. Those that cannot be bothered to report such an event should be penalized.  This is the life and death of our children we’re talking about here, how about someone in the medical fraternity taking this critical situation seriously.  It beggars belief that this already set up source of surveillance on the effects of all vaccines, is not utilized to the utmost degree.

So what else can we do?

What else could we do to accurately monitor the adverse events following vaccination.  How about using… computers!!  Well someone did actually think of this as a solution.  All adverse events could be automatically recorded all over the United States.  The growing information could soon give us an idea what’s going on and our children can be protected from those vaccines that may cause problems.

HHHCA computer system was set up

That’s exactly what happened, the CDC actually thought of it!  They paid a private company $1 million to set a system up and they did just that.  The company (Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Inc.) did a sterling job and an automatic monitoring system was organized and adverse events were reported and put on a database.

Data collected from June 2006 to October 2009

They collected data from June 2006 to October 2009 on 715,000 patients and 1.4 million doses of 45 different vaccines which were given to 376,452 individuals.  Of these there were 35,570 possible adverse reactions, nearly 10% of those vaccinated, that’s one in ten.

Do you recall?

What about the constant reminders by the pharmaceutical industry, the government agencies, doctors, hospitals, medical establishments.  They all assured us that adverse reactions only happened in 1 person in 1 million. A bit different to 1 in 10!

no replySo what happened?

You’d think the CDC would be relieved that a system was finally in place to get to the bottom of the vaccine enigma and give some accurate figures of adverse effects.

CDC stonewalled the system

But no! The company doing the system complained that system performance assessments were not possible, reporting:  “Unfortunately, there was never an opportunity to perform system performance assessments because the necessary CDC contacts were no longer available and the CDC consultants responsible for receiving data were no longer responsive to our multiple requests to proceed with testing and evaluation.”  So why?  The only thing that comes to mind is they did not like what they saw.

DPT vaccine investigated by IOM (now the NAM)

The IOM (Institute of Medicine) now known as the NAM (National Academy of Medicine) is a well respected and renowned establishment and in 1991 they were asked to try and identify whether or not the DPT vaccine had caused 22 of reported adverse effects.  They studied all the literature and data available and identified that 6 of the adverse effects were likely caused by the vaccine.  They concluded that 4 of the effects were unlikely caused by the vaccine.  Of the remaining 12, they could not find any data or literature to conclude one way or the other if these 12 adverse effects were linked with the DPT vaccine. In other words, the science did not exist to accept or reject causation.  The 12 inadequately researched reactions were:

Keck Center12 adverse reactions not researched:

Aseptic meningitis, chronic neurological damage, learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder, hemolytic anaemia, juvenile diabetes, Guillain-Barre syndrome, Erythema multiforme, peripheral mononeuropathy, radiculoneuritis and other neuropathies, thrombocytopenia, thrombocytopenic purpura.

The IOM said

What did the IOM say?  They said that  “if research capacity and accomplishment in this field is not improved, future reviews of vaccine safety will be similarly handicapped.”

IOM investigated DT, MM, Hep-B & Hib vaccines

3 years later in 1994, the IOM was asked to check the DT, MM, Hep-B & Hib vaccines and the same conclusions were come to by the IOM.  Out of the 54 conditions studied, 38 of them could not be determined because there was no science to be looked at.  The science wasn’t done.  Serious conditions were not investigated so no science could be consulted. Again the IOM admonished the lack of research capacity.

A partial list of the 38 conditions with no science:Hep B dangers

Demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system, sterility, arthritis, neuropathy, residual seizure disorder, transverse myelitis, sensorineural deafness, optic neuritis, aseptic meningitis, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, SIDS.

IOM investigated Varicella, T, Hep-B, MMR

Another 7 years on in 2011, the IOM were again asked to look at 4 more vaccines, Varicella, T, Hep-B and MMR.  Now there are 155 conditions reported but out of those 155 adverse reactions a massive 134 could not be studied because of the lack of science with no way to accept or reject causation.  Where is all this research that is perported to have been done regarding vaccines.  The IOM couldn’t find any worthwhile research relating to 134 adverse reactions.

Here is a partial list of the 134 conditions:

Encephalitis, seizures, autism, transverse myelitis, multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, systemic lupus erythematosus, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune hepatiitis, stroke, SIDS, hearing loss, afebrile seizures, cerebellar antaxia, acute desseminated encephalomyelitis, neuromyelitis optica, brachial neuritis, amyotrophic laterial schlerosis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

This IOM report of over 700 pages, concluded, with regards to Autism.

causation“Causality Conclusion

Conclusion 10.6: The evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship between diphtheria toxoid-, tetanus toxoid-, or acellular pertussis-containing vaccine and autism.”



A blatant lie from the CDC website!

But here, on the CDC website it states ” Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism” and again further down the page it says “There is no link between vaccines and autism” and what’s more, they are citing the very same IOM report that clearly states that the evidence is “inadquate to accept or reject causality”.  Nowhere in that report does it ever say that ‘Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism.’  The CDC have blatantly lied on their own site and parents are believing the lie whilst their children risk damage from these vaccines.  The CDC know that the majority of doctors, medics, parents etc., will not have time to look at a 700+ page study, that’s if they could ever find it!

The Vaccine Court proves vaccine damagevaccine damages

The Vaccine Court has paid out nearly $3.756 billion to May 2017, so to say we have no idea whether or not any of these vaccines cause injury is a paradox.  What we need to know is which of the vaccines are causing these events?  Is it some of them, all of them, one of them?  We don’t know because those that are supposed to be protecting us and our children are sitting on there backsides, raking in their dollars from their vast salaries and their affiliations.  They’re doing diddly squat to protect the health of US citizens, who, by the way, are paying their wages!

Independent research?

It is only here that you will find some studies and research into vaccines that you can trust and have confidence in.  Trouble is, the FDA and the CDC ignore independent research, in favour of pharmaceutically funded and hence unreliable investigations such as the CDC’s fraudulent MMR study.

Stephanie SeneffPonder this!

MIT Professor, Stephanie Seneff, predicts that if nothing is done and the status quo continues, 1 in 2 children will have Autism by 2032 with boys being hardest hit at 80%.

I don’t know for sure what is causing this epidemic because it’s not being properly researched, but the first candidate, in my mind, is the vast amount of vaccines on the childhood schedule.  It just seems obvious to me that if an infant is given a vaccine or multi-vaccines and that child then has a reaction, there could be a link.  Because vaccines, by their very nature, alter the immune system and side effects from vaccines cause immune system failures!

Whatever the cause, we have a problemautism rates

There are many other factors that could be causing ill health in the general population, including Glyphosate, GMO foods, processed foods for instance.  One thing is sure though. If we don’t find out what’s going on with our children, by the year 2050 our society could be in turmoil.  If predictions are true and the evidence points to it being a possibility, society as we know it, will be unsustainable.  With 80% of the male population possibly being stricken with ASD!

ASD Rate for 2016 – 1 in 36 US children

“The National Health Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) released its latest prevalence rate for autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) in American children this Wednesday. Their “data brief”, which is based on information gathered in the National Health Information Survey (NHIS), reported an ASD rate for 2016 of 2.76%, or 1 in 36 American children”

Don’t blame the unvaccinated, blame the pharmaceuticals!

Blaming unvaccinated children for outbreaks of diseases is a strategy by the pharmaceuticals and their well paid minions.  Propaganda is spread to goad parents of vaccinated children to repudiate parents of unvaccinated children.  Those spreading the propaganda are the real culprits, the pharmaceuticals, who are producing unsafe, sometimes deadly and mostly ineffectual vaccines for the sake of profits.  ALL parents should come together and make their voice heard.  United we stand, divided we fall!

Ches PowerI hope you have found this 6 part article informative.  Hopefully, you can make an informed decision as to whether you want you and/or your child vaccinated and at what age and as multiple vaccines or single.  It should be your choice, make sure it is you who chooses!  For those that haven’t the time or inclination to read this 6 part article, I will do a summary in a few days.

CDC – The Vaccine Fraud – Part 5

In Part 5 of CDC – The Vaccine Fraud, we will look at fraudulent research, conflicts of interest within government agencies and the results of investigations into some of those agencies.  See Part 1, Part 2, Part 3,  Part 4 and Part 6confessing fraud

Getting to market

So how do these vaccines actually get to market?  The FDA is the agency that passes the vaccine to be put out for public use.  This is a group called VRBPAC Vaccine and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee.

VRBPAC Investigated

Back in the year 2000 the VRBPAC was investigated by the US House Government Reform Committee.  What they found was rather worrying with conflict of interest rules flouted left, right and centre.  Here’s is a little of what they reported:

  • “The overwhelming majority of members, both voting members and consultants, have substantial ties to the pharmaceutical industry”
  • “Conflicts of interest rules employed by the FDA…have been weak, enforcement has been lax and committee members with substantial ties to pharmaceutical companies have been given waivers to participate in committee proceedings…”

This means that those that make the vaccines are going to decide if and when they go torotateq the public. Let’s look at the rotavirus for instance:

  • “3 out of 5 FDA advisory committee (VRBPAC) members who voted to approve the rotavirus vaccine in December 1997 had financial ties to pharmaceutical companies that were developing different versions of the vaccine”.

3 of the 5 members that are to vote as to whether this rotavirus vaccine goes to the US public are themselves involved with the development of the vaccine. One of the members has a nearly $10 million contract for a rotavirus vaccine! One of the 5 voting members was the principal investigator for a Merck grant to develop a rotavirus vaccine!

Did it get approved?

So, what do you think, did the rotavirus vaccine get approved?  You betcha!!  Have a look at this video.

What is Rotavirus?

What is rotavirus?  This is an uncomfortable problem causing diarrhoea that lasts for no more than a few days.  In industrialised countries it is usually not a problem but 3rd world countries have more fatalities because of hygiene, dirty water and poverty.  In the US it causes on average around 37 deaths per year.  Is this enough to create a vaccine?

A serious side effect

But, the rotavirus vaccine has a serious side effect which is not often aired. This vaccine can cause intussusception meaning the intestines of the baby roll over and the baby dies unless rapid treatment is administered, usually involving an operation.  This adverse reaction is known by the manufacturer and is put on the vaccine leaflet (WHICH YOU DON’T SEE).  I quote from the vaccine information sheet which you can see if you click the image.

“Serious problems following rotavirus vaccine:rotavirus
Intussusception is a type of bowel blockage that is treated in a hospital, and could require surgery. It happens “naturally” in some babies every year in the United States, and usually there is no known reason for it.

There is also a small risk of intussusception from rotavirus vaccination, usually within a week after the 1st or 2nd vaccine dose. This additional risk is estimated to range from about 1 in 20,000 to 1 in 100,000 US infants who get rotavirus vaccine. Your doctor can give you more information.”

Which to chooseintususception

So what would you prefer?  The risk of your baby dying with this vaccine, or the risk of your baby catching rotavirus and being unwell for a few days.  There is a 1 in 2,100,000 chance of your baby dying from the disease.  Or, as stated on the vaccine leaflet, there is a 1 in 20,000 to 1 in 100,000 risk of your child getting intussusception from the rotavirus vaccine which will kill if not treated quickly.

Go natural!

If your child does contract rotavirus naturally, the immune system will be triggered and the likelihood of another infection is greatly reduced.  It could be that you would prefer the vaccine BUT this should be your choice, not mandated and you should be consulted before this vaccine is administered and told of the risks.  I bet a pound to a penny most parents, having access to clean water and hygienic conditions as is the case in the US, would turn down this vaccine.

How does a vaccine get onto the schedule?

So after the FDA puts the vaccine on the market and it’s available to the public, the CDC decides whether or not it is put onto the childhood schedule which will mandate the vaccine to millions of children (nearly 80 million in the US).  This is done by the Advisory Committee on Immunisation Practices (ACIP).  This agency votes to recommend the vaccine goes on the schedule.

Follow the money!follow the money

If the vaccine is passed to be put onto the childhood schedule, what does this mean for the manufacturer.  Well, that vaccine will yield a $1 billion product in just one year.  The HPV vaccine, if it is mandated for 9-24 year olds, will make $30 billion per year in the US alone. That’s $30,000 million folks! What do they say?  “follow the money”.

Immunity without side effects!

As soon as the ACIP votes to put a vaccine onto the childhood schedule the manufacturer of that vaccine is home and dry.  Immediately, that pharmaceutical company will not be liable, no matter what that vaccine may do to you or your child.  Even if it kills thousands of people, it makes no odds, the pharmaceutical company will no longer be answerable, they are completely and totally immune from being prosecuted.

Who pays compensation from Vaccine Court?

What about the vaccine injured victims? Who pays for the compensation given out by the Vaccine Court?  Who do you think, well of course it’s going to be you, the tax payers.  You didn’t think otherwise did you?

$0.75 per dose?vaccine court

There is a tax levied on each dose of vaccine which the manufacturer is supposed to pay of $0.75.  This goes to the Vaccine Court trust fund, less 25% which the government takes for administering the fund.  So what goes into the fund is about $0.56 per dose.  Of course, the vaccine manufacturers, being astute accountants, offset this tax and make sure it is covered by the price of the vaccine and who ends up paying for the vaccine?  You know who!

ACIP Investigated

What about the investigation into ACIP by the US Government Reform Committee?

This is what they found:

“The CDC grants blanket waivers to the ACIP members each year that allow them to deliberate on any subject, regardless of their conflicts, for the entire year”.

Try This!Conflicts of interest ignored

So the ACIP committee members, can vote to have vaccines put onto the schedule and make billions of dollars for the pharmaceuticals without worrying about their conflicts of interest.  Why are ACIP committee members not regulated?   Why are conflicts of interest ignored?  It comes across that their profits outweigh our children’s safety.  Out of all the committees, this is surely the one that should be monitored to the hilt to ensure nobody on the ACIP committee makes profits from their votes.

“Without consent of the governed”

The investigation said that ACIP reflects:

“a system where government officials make crucial decisions affecting US children without the advice and consent of the governed”.

In the 2009 HHS Office of Inspector General Investigation the following was found:

“CDC had a systemic lack of oversight of the ethics program”.

  • 97% of committee members’ conflict disclosures had omissions.
  • 58% had at least one unidentified potential conflict.
  • 32% had at least one conflict that remained unresolved.
  • The CDC continue to grant broad waivers to members with conflicts.
Vaccine makers on the committeeconflict of interest

The very people that made these vaccines were sitting on this committee and voting that every child in the US get this vaccine. The very same people who never tested the safety of these vaccines in the first place.

The CDC vaccine budget – $4.9 billion

The CDC is an agency that is supposed to protect us and it has a certain budget of around $11.50 billion to do it with.  Nearly half of this budget is spent on vaccine purchases and promotions of vaccines ($4.9 billion).  In other words the pharmaceutical industry uses the CDC as a distribution centre for vaccines.  This is the agency who is supposed to be doing our safety research.

What would happen if they did a study which uncovered that one of these vaccines they’ve purchased had a serious problem, causing seizures, autism or even death?  Do you think this will become common knowledge if it gets in the way of the CDC getting their money back?

The vaccine safety budget – $20 million

As for the safety part of this huge budget, it doesn’t even do safety science.  All it seems to do is purchase HMO information so they can have a data base to look at.  But look at the amount,  just a mere $20 million.  It may seem a lot to us but compared to $4.9 billion it’s just 0.41% (1/243th) of of the vaccine purchase budget.

Organized CrimeThe Revolving Door

Have you heard of the revolving door specifically to do with government agencies and major industries?  In politics, the “revolving door” is a movement of personnel between roles as legislators and regulators in industries affected by  legislation and regulation.  Some would say that  Exxon is running the EPA, Monsanto is running the FDA and Merck is running the CDC.  When you look at the evidence it does appear that the industry giants are controlling the US government, as well as the media, which is restricted to report only what they want us to know.

Donald Trump’s had an idea!

Not many in the UK, have much time for the new US President but he did come up with one good idea.  He suggested to get rid of the US regulatory agencies and start afresh.  In my mind, one of his better notions.  Revamp all the government agencies, which are totally corrupt and have no empathy for their citizens.  Money and power is their only ambition.

You’re on your own!

You need to know that your government is not looking out for you.  You need to take control of everything.  You need to read every food label, every drug leaflet, every vaccination information sheet.  Check independent research on every vaccine and drug that goes into your body.  Every procedure that your doctor recommends.  You need to protect yourselves and check everything because those agencies, that are supposed to be doing the job, are completely and utterly side tracked with their own power, profits and importance.   We need to go back to basics and run these agencies with dependable, honest, principled and accomplished personnel, who cannot be swayed with bribery and corruption and allow infiltration by greedy and ruthless industry executives.

CDC Director Julie Gerberding & CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald

Between 2002-2009 former CDC director Julie Gerberding oversaw numerous vaccine studies, many of which were recently deemed unreliable by the IOM (Institute of Medicine), who said the studies were useless and not even done correctly.  She backed Merck’s MMR vaccine, despite the cries of parents around the world who knew this vaccine was the beginning of their child’s regression into autism.   She was in power when the MMR study fraud was uncovered.  Then she left the CDC, but where did she go?

From CDC Director to President of Merck Vaccines

She became President of Merck Vaccines with an estimated $2.5million annual salary including massive stock options.

And Dr Brenda Fitzgerald?

What about recent CDC director Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald who was forced to resign?

Ches PowerIn the last Part of this extensive article

I want to finish with the title of this post – the CDC Vaccine Fraud.  We will learn about a whistleblower who reveals devastating fraud within the CDC.  A fraud which the CDC has covered up for many years.

CDC – The Vaccine Fraud – Part 4

CDC vaccinesIn CDC – The Vaccine Fraud – Part 4, I will continue with details of the vaccine schedule in the US as it was in 1986. This is the year the pharmaceutical industry was given immunity from prosecution for any adverse effects suffered by those receiving vaccinations.   We compare the schedule then to how it is now.  Also covered are details on the safety testing and reviewing before vaccines are licenced. See Part 1, Part 2Part 3, Part 5 and Part 6 here.

US 1986 vaccine schedule

So what’s the situation today with the childhood vaccine schedule compared with 1986? Look for yourselves – in 1986 the number of vaccine injections administered was just 11.  The percentage of children with chronic illnesses and developmental disabilities in 1986 was 12.8%.

and the US 2017 vaccine schedule?

In 2017, the number of childhood vaccine injections administered was 53, this includes multiple vaccine doses given in one injection, so doses total 72.  By 2011 the percentage of children suffering chronic illness and developmental disability had risen from 12.8% in 1986, to 54%!


Is it a coincidence?

After looking at these figures, do you honestly think it is just a coincidence that this percentage has risen in line with vaccine administration?  Or could it be something to do with corruption, fraud and profits!

How are drugs licensed

Here are a couple of examples about how a pharmaceutical drug is licensed.  Take Lipitor and Enbrel for instance.  Lipitor had a safety review period before licensure of 4.8 years and Enbrel’s period was 6.6 years.  Both drugs were tested using a placebo group.

placeboWhat is a placebo?

A placebo can be made to resemble an active medication or therapy so that it functions as a control.  The patients and the scientists involved in the study don’t know who had the drug and who had the placebo. (Double blind study).  During the study years, half the patients were given the drug and half were given the placebo, a sugar pill in the case of Lipitor and a saline injection with Enbrel.

The scientific way

At the end of the period, the health of all the patients are analysed to see who had what health problems and if the problems could be attributed to the drug or not as the case may be.  It’s an ideal way to accurately find out the effects of the drug.  That’s science for you and that is how it should be done when it comes to the safety of a pharmaceutical drug. That’s as long as all the subjects know they are part of an experiment for safety and all the researchers don’t know which patients had the placebo and which had the drug.

Vaccines monitored to a high level?

I think it’s safe to say that we are under the impression that vaccines are monitored for safety to a very high level.  Our government wants us to be safe and healthy and not be damaged by any drugs or vaccines that come onto the market.  Is that what you think?  Think again!  I started to dig deeper into how vaccines are produced, researched and passed for use on our children.

Let’s See!

HepB Safety



Here is the safety review period prior to licensure for Hep-B (Engerix) GlaxoSmitKline and Hep-B (Recombivax) Merck.  Look at it, this safety period was not years, it was DAYS!  4 days for Engerix and 5 days for Recombivax with NO PLACEBO!  So here we have a little tiny baby of just one day old and this infant, just a few pounds in weight is subjected to an injection.

Why give a Hep-B vaccine?

So what is this particular vaccine for?  This vaccine is for a sexually transmitted disease.  If you have hepatitis B during pregnancy, you can pass the virus on to your baby.  But there is a simple blood test that tells if the mother is infected with this virus.  The majority of mothers will not have it, so why subject every single baby with this vaccine and take the chance of your child ending up like this poor little infant.  By the way, he died.

HepBVaccine DamageTry and leave the hospital without it!

Big pharma must be very proud to cause such misery.  What an absolutely stupid, unnecessary, dangerous injection to give to a newborn.  It is utterly ridiculous and for those that try and get out of their baby having this jab, you will be hard pressed to get out of the maternity ward without it being administered and if you do, you will likely be reported to child protection services!  How about you contacting the police instead, for assault!

Stupid mandatory vaccine!

This injection is mandatory and part of the childhood schedule so If you don’t know about it, you won’t even know it has been administered.  Refusing it is no good because it will be given without your consent.  Be very aware and make sure you and your family knows about this mindless jab.  If you don’t know your child has been given a shot and that child gets sick, how are you supposed to establish if it has anything to do with a vaccine?

Little Ian’s story, so sad

Hep-BIan’s site will help show you how to decline this vaccination.  If you can’t stop it being administered, keep a close eye on your child in case of an adverse reaction.  Take a picture of your baby as soon as it’s born, for reference as well as the family album.  Check out all the comments on this site, you’ll be surprised!

Problems with Hep-B in China

It’s not just the US having problems with this vaccine.  In China, 17 children died after receiving the Hep-B vaccine.  8 infants died within hours and in some cases minutes after receiving the vaccine.  9 other deaths of children under 5 years, were also reported following the vaccination.

Radio Free Asia reported: “China’s pharmaceutical industry is highly lucrative but poorly regulated, resulting in a string of fatalities blamed on counterfeit or shoddy medications in recent years.”

China as bad as US
  • The Father of one of the children who died said it was “absolute rubbish” when Chinese health official claimed the deaths had nothing to do with the Hep-B vaccine.
  • A top investigative reporter known as Wang Keqin, exposed the vaccine scandal
    Wang Keqin
    Wang Keqin

    and he was subsequently forced out of his job at the China Economic Observer newspaper in February 2013.

  • Parents who dare to complain about any health problems and safety issues say they are frequently targeted for official harassment and punishment.
  • In 2011, the Beijing authorities sentenced Yang Yukui to 5 months of “re-education through labor” on charges of “provoking disputes and causing trouble.”   His only crime was to complain that his son had been in and out of hospital since receiving the BCG tuberculosis vaccination as a newborn.
  • May 4th 2016 – China was rocked last month by another public health scandal, after Chinese police announced the discovery of a criminal organization selling millions of improperly stored vaccines in 24 provinces and municipalities. The affected vaccines have a total value of 570 million yuan (U.S.$88 million) and include many of the most common inoculations, ranging from hepatitis to rabies.
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)?

When babies in the US die after a Hep-B vaccination, the deaths are automatically attributed to (SIDS). There is no official investigation as to whether Hep-B caused the baby’s sudden death.  Does anyone ask about the infant’s vaccination history? Does anyone check if there were any symptoms of vaccine adverse reaction before the child died?  The general answer is No!  This is despite the biomedical literature repeatedly indicating a connection.

US newbornsNewborn deaths highest in US!

The US has more babies die on the first day of life than all other industrialised countries put together.  Could it be anything to do with administering this unnecessary vaccine which should never go anywhere near our newborns.  What if your baby dies of a seizure on its 6th day.  According to this 5 day study, it didn’t happen because on day 6 they stopped checking recipients of Hep-B.

Big pharma won’t check, so you must!

What if your child contracts autism after 18 months.  Hard luck for you and your child because nobody is looking for adverse reactions after 5 days.  Even if you wanted to go through the process of vaccine court, which is horrendous in itself, you won’t be able to prove it was this vaccine because they stopped checking. They don’t want to find out what is happening, so they just stop looking!

You must be one step ahead!

This is why you have to be one step ahead of these government agencies.  You must be aware of every detail of your child’s development.  How many of you have children with ADHD for instance, or tics, or asthma?  Does your infant have seizures, or is he/she always crying inconsolably?  Take a little video of your child each day and have a diary to write anything unusual.  Apart from it being a lovely way to monitor their progress, it is a great reference for the future and hopefully you can look back on these videos with your child developing normally.

unlucky childIf your child is unlucky

If you are one of the unlucky parents who find there is something wrong with your child, you will have an account of each day of your child’s life and know if changes marry up with vaccines given.  If so, you will be one step ahead when you go to Vaccine Court.

The dire health of US children
  • In the US, mandated vaccines for children under 6 is 39.
  • This is double the Western world average of 18.
  • The US has the highest autism rate in the world at 1 in 36 children.
  • This is 10 times more than many other Western Countries.
  • The US ranks 34th in the world for child mortality for under 5 years.
US flagThe United States of America

We’re talking about the United States of America here… 34th!  This greatest nation is rumoured to have superlative healthcare, unrivalled medical facilities and scientific knowledge, a vibrant and healthy population and the highest level of excellence in childcare!  Looks like it is just that, a rumour!

Vaccines change the immune system.

Is it just possible that there could be some correlation with the amount of vaccines the US mandate to the amount of infant mortality rates the US suffers?  Vaccines by their nature interfere with the immune system and the US is the leading country for autoimmune diseases, particularly autism.

We need more independent research.

We need more independent research NOT RUN BY THE PHARMACEUTICALS.  But where to start that research?  How about starting with research to see if there is a connection between auto ‘immune’ diseases and vaccines that by their very nature, change the ‘immune’ system!

Squaring up to big pharma

Hasn’t anyone in the US government got the stomach to challenge these pharmaceutical companies and start taking action to get this industry under control?

Ches PowerIn Part 5, we will look at fraudulent research, conflicts of interest within government agencies and the results of investigations into some of those agencies.

CDC – The Vaccine Fraud – Part 3

In CDC – The Vaccine Fraud – Part 3, I want to talk about the vaccine court and how it works in favour of the defendant (The Government) and against you the plaintiff.  This is for US readers as the UK and Europe works in a slightly different way, not better just different!  See Part 1, Part 2Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 of this article.

vaccine courtThe 1986 Vaccine Compensation Act

The US 1986 Vaccine Compensation Act put Health and Human Services (HHS) in charge of all vaccine safety studies and the agencies involved in the vaccine program as follows:

Health & Human Services (HHS) control:
      • Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
      • Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)
      • Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
      • National Institutes of Health (NIH).

These agencies are all part of the vaccine program and have various mandates including:

  • Promoting vaccines
  • Scheduling vaccination programs
  • Defending vaccines in vaccine court
  • Making sure of vaccine safety.
Vaccine Safety

Vaccine safety is mandated by the Vaccine Compensation Act to make sure vaccines progressively get safer year on year.  There should be a task force to ensure that there are fewer adverse events with each vaccine that is passed for use in the public domain.  Where that task force is, I’m still looking!

What happens when you file a claim?

After finding a lawyer accomplished in vaccine court procedure, you file a claim in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).  This is no ordinary court.  There’s no judge, there’s no jury and the press isn’t allowed.  All filings are submitted under seal.

HHS SecretaryYou are suing the US government

When you do get injured, you do not sue the manufacturer, you sue the secretary of the HHS, who is one of the President’s cabinet, plus the agencies listed above, the FDA, CDC, HRSA and NIH.  In other words, you are suing your government who has the Department of Justice lawyers to fight its corner.  So these various agencies who are accountable to the HHS will be defending the vaccine that you are in court to sue.  How’s that for a conflict of interests!

They will say that you’re irrational, uneducated in medical matters, or words to that effect.  They will bring out their specialists and say you’re misinformed, don’t know what you’re talking about etc.. They will say the vaccine has not damaged you or your child and you cannot prove otherwise.

You have to fight without discovery

Your hands are tied because you have to fight without discovery which means you have no access to any research, any manufacturing processes, any documents about the vaccine, you can’t see any studies, letters, memos or emails which your defendant may have on the subject.  You cannot use any information relating to the vaccine or the administering of it or other cases where it may have been involved. You are going to court blind!

They will try to avoid compensating youVaccine Court

Your child may have died. Your child may be in a wheelchair for life or have autism or a neurological disease.  Whatever it is, they will do everything to stop you proving your case and apart from the immense stress you will be under, it will cost you a shedload of money.

This is the most likely outcome, if you are brave enough to go to the vaccine court but haven’t done your homework!  Despite all these obstacles, all the stress and heartache, all the time and effort, some have actually won their case, despite all odds.

Be diligent!

These parents have been astute enough to document everything that has happened to their child after a vaccination.  They have informed their medics of all adverse events and had it documented for future reference with all symptoms and times and dates they occured. Make sure it is on record at your doctors and be diligent with everything that happens to your child which you think is not normal.  Don’t forget to take a video and pictures of your healthy child before a vaccine.  If there are side effects, take another video and take plenty of pictures. This will help prove your case if you need to sue.

vaccine safetyBe aware of all known side effects

You have to do all the science to prove that the vaccine damaged your child, because they didn’t do it. Why didn’t they do it, because you would use it in the vaccine court and you would be able to beat the government and its agencies using their own science.

$3.7 billion proves vaccine damage

The fact that the US Vaccine Court has dished out over $3.7 billion in vaccine damage compensation is proof that vaccines can cause damage.  Otherwise there wouldn’t be a Vaccine Court.  This is despite the vigorous and bully tactics used by the court process to try and discredit, vilify and cast aspersions on the hapless parents.  They are just trying to gain compensation and monetary aid for them and their child’s damaged life. They deserve to be treated with respect and reverence for being those that are paying the price for the so called good of the majority.

Do right by those sacrificedCDC

If it is recognised that vaccines cause damage to some unfortunate youngsters, those children should be prioritized to be given an unlimited amount of support, monetary or otherwise to try and give some recompense to them and their parents for their injuries. They shouldn’t have to fight tooth and nail in a court to get what is morally and rightfully theirs.  What’s more, it should be the pharmaceuticals who foot all the bill because it is they who produce the vaccines and it is they who are gaining all the profits from those vaccines at the expense of the health of us and our children.

What about the UK?

I went onto the GOV.UK site and they have a Vaccine Damage Payment.  This is what it says: “If you’re severely disabled as a result of a vaccination against certain diseases, you could get a one-off tax-free payment of £120,000. This is called a Vaccine Damage Payment.”  If you don’t believe me, this is the link to the site.

You have to prove 60% disabled!
This child went blind after DTaP shot

What’s more, you need to prove at least a 60% disability to get this payment.  I don’t know about you but I find this payment an insult.  How far would this pittance of a payment go if your child is severely damaged as an infant and has to be looked after for the rest of their life.  That’s apart from the grief and torment you as parents will go through.  It is contemptible!

But to add insult to injury, a vaccine damage payment can “effect other benefits and entitlements”.  It beggars belief and I am ashamed to be British when my government treats its citizens like this and shows no remorse or moral fibre when dealing with the outcome of these terrible vaccine adverse side effects.

Why not our natural immunity?

What’s the idea of all these vaccinations anyway.  Why are we not relying on our own immune system, a system, if kept nourished and strong, that will protect us from most diseases.  When these diseases strike, our immune system gets stronger with each subsequent onslaught.  Natural immunity is by far the best way to protect us.  With manyimmunity vaccines, our immune system declines and weakens such as the African study in Part 1.  One dose of measles as a child and you will have immunity for your lifetime.

I can remember when we would have ‘measles parties’ for kids so that we all got immune from measles at a young age and did not succumb to the disease when older.  German measles was another one.  Getting girls immune from rubella was a sure fire way of preventing unwanted problems for future pregnancies.  How about chicken pox?  When a child came down with chicken pox, no one worried that their children would catch it too.  It was a childhood disease that strengthened their immune system.

Bombarded with Vaccines

Now, we are bombarded with various vaccines, many of which have a low efficacy, are of Vaccine Damagedubious toxic content and can actually weaken our immune system and allow other diseases to encroach on our immune deficient bodies.  This is particularly relavent to newborns and infants who don’t have a mature immune system until around 6 months.

So when will this end?  How many viruses and diseases will we drag out of the ether to find a vaccine for.  What about spurious conditions like ADD and ADHD which some contend have been brought into the modern world as new diseases which are in fact side effects of vaccines.  We don’t know this to be the case, but where is the research to prove it is not so!

Vaccine producers just want profits

Pharmaceutical drugs cause all kinds of problems.  We were not born with drugs in our bodies, why would we introduce them.  They hardly ever CURE a condition.  They may CONTROL it for a while until the body gives up trying to rid itself of these toxins.   What about all the other toxins and poisonous concoctions that are spewn into our atmosphere by the likes of Monsanto and other big chemical companies.  Why are we so complacent about being poisoned on a daily basis?

Ches PowerIn Part 4 of this article, we will look at the childhood schedule and how a vaccine passes its safety test, if it has one!

CDC – The Vaccine Fraud – Part 2

autism coverupIn Part 2 of CDC – the vaccine fraud, I would like to remind you just how fraudulent the pharmaceutical industry is. This is why you should be so careful and do your homework, before you ingest any of the drugs or have any procedures that the pharmaceutical industry produce and that includes vaccinations.  For Part 1 click here  and Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6.  But first some information about childhood diseases.

Childhood diseases

When I was a child, I had just the tuberculosis (BCG) vaccine and the smallpox vaccine? I’ve had the chicken pox, the measles and german measles.  I had these diseases just once when I was a child. I don’t need to be boosted to keep my anti-bodies up.  I will never get these diseases again because my immunity is strong.  I’ve never had a tetanus jab nor a diptheria or whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine.  My husband, who has actually worked with vaccines in a professional capacity, knows how they’re made and what goes into them.  He chooses not to have any vaccinations including the flu jab.  It is his choice, as it should always be yours.

Measles TruthMeasles

I have been looking at the GOV.UK website which give details of all the measles notifications and deaths in England and Wales between 1940 and 2016. The figures below show the percentage of those that died of the measles compared with the total number of those that contracted the disease:

1940 – 0.2% of those getting measles died (1 person in 478)
1950 – 0.06%                             ”                             ( 1 person in 1664)
1960 – 0.02%                             ”                             (1 person in 5141)
1970 – 0.014%                           ”                             (1 person in 7319)
1980 – 0.019%                           ”                             (1 person in 5364)
1990 – 0.0075%                        ”                              (1 person in 13302)
2000 – 0.042%                           ”                              (1 person in 2378)
2010 – ZERO                                                               (none died in 2010)
2016 – 0.06%                              ”                              (1 person in 1642)

Although 2010 was a good year with no deaths, 6 years on in 2016, the figure is back to that similar to the 1950 figure and is worse than the 1960, 1970 and 1980 figures.  The only anomoly is probably the 1940 figure which could be attributable to the war when many of the population were unhealthy and living on rations.

I do not think that giving our children the measles vaccine for all those years has really done us any favours.  Those whose child has had an adverse effect will surely agree.  Having a natural immunity from catching the disease is by far the best way and the immunity is for life with no boosting and introduction of toxins necessary.

Merck and mumps fraudMumps

Merck accused of stonewalling in mumps vaccine antitrust lawsuit.

Apart from yet another scandal about Merck’s fraudulent activity, I think this vaccine is of dubious efficacy as this lawsuit claims.

I’ve never had mumps but hubbie has.  In fact he said the whole family had it except just one of his brothers (he has 3).  He remembers his father being quite ill but the rest of the family were under the weather for around a week.

Mortality from mumps has always been very low with around 30 out of 10 million dying in 1901 with a steady decline to around 5 deaths in 1921, 3-4 in 1941 and just 1 death in 10 million in 1961.  I personally do not think this death rate warrants a vaccine.  As far as Merck is concerned it is worth it.  Profits tell them so!

Rubella (German Measles)

I had rubella when I was about 14 years old.  I wasn’t allowed out for a week once the rash appeared and it is at this time the disease is contagious.  I felt no effects from having the virus. Many people don’t even know they have it.  The problem with rubella is that it can be dangerous to an unborn child.  A fetus of less than 20 weeks is at risk of getting birth defects or the mother can suffer a miscarriage.

1 out of 3?

Out of the three, Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccines, I can only see a requirement for the Rubella vaccine.  I had Rubella at age 14 years and could easily have infected a pregnant women with the virus.  My mother though, knew that I had to be kept indoors for at least a week after the rash to ensure I was not contagious.  Perhaps being educated about it would be as effective and could avoid any infant having a serious reaction from the vaccine, that’s if it is the Rubella part of the vaccine that causes problems, we just don’t know.  No independent research to say Rubella is safe has been done.

MMR has obvious problems

The MMR vaccine has obviously got some serious problems associated with it and despite the powers that be insisting it is safe, it obviously isn’t, just ask a parent who’s child has been vaccine damaged.  Finding out why it affects some infants to the point of maiming them for life, is the most important independent scientific research necessary to be done now, for the sake of all our children.

Single vaccine is one way to go

Meanwhile, giving single vaccines could be a way forward whilst this research is being done.  If it were up to me, I would be scrapping the measles and mumps vaccine for starters, or at least making the single measles and mumps vaccine available to those who wanted it.


Just a note about tetanus.  Spores of the bacterium that cause tetanus, Clostridium tetani, are found in soil, dust, saliva and animal faeces.  Because it is everywhere, we are continually being bombarded with these spores. It lives within us and is found on the surface of the body, in the mouth, in the gastro-intestinal tract, in house dust and clothing. This continuous contact with the bacteria, gives us a natural immunity and it is usually only the really sick, immune deficient or weakened person who will succumb to it.

Tetanus deaths have been declining steadily over the 20th century with death rates recorded as just 3.5 per 1 million people in 1947 down to 1 death in 50 million in 2007. I think it is a complete waste of money, but the pharmaceutical industry would disagree. They have raked in billions in profits with this vaccine.

You are only customers to big pharma

This massive industry is only interested in you and your family as customers, customers who produce massive profits for them.  Don’t think for one moment they are worried about your health.  When they do produce a drug that kills or maims, they will put up such a fight to try and discredit the victims, you wouldn’t believe.  They have no morals.

Some facts for you

From 1991 through 2015, a total of 373 settlements were reached between the federal and state governments and pharmaceutical manufacturers, for a total of $35.7 billion. Of these, 140 were federal settlements, for $31.9 billion.  233 were state settlements, for $3.8 billion. See the whole report.


One of the most common forms of fraud by big pharma are kickbacks.  Kickbacks are rewards given to medical personnel and medical professionals to entice them to prescribe a particular pharmaceutical drug.  Examples are: cash, jewellery, free vacations, sponsored retreats, lavish gifts etc..  Because of this fraulent activity, it makes you took twice at your doctor and wonder if he/she is being rewarded to prescribe the drug you are being given.

GSK and Pfizer worst offenders

From 1991 through 2015, GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer reached the most settlements (31 each) and paid the most in financial penalties — $7.9 billion and $3.9 billion, respectively —to the federal and state governments. Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Abbott, Eli Lilly, Teva, Schering-Plough, Novartis, and AstraZeneca also paid more than $1 billion in financial penalties. Thirty-one companies entered into repeat settlements with the federal government from 1991 through 2015, with Pfizer (11), Merck (nine), GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, and Bristol-Myers Squibb (eight each) finalizing the most federal settlements.

GSK fraudGlaxo Smith Kline pleaded guilty to fraud

On 2nd July 2012, GSK pleaded guilty to criminal charges and agreed a $3 billion settlement, the largest health care fraud case in the US and the largest payment by a drug company.  Their violations included:

  • Criminal: Off-label promotion.
  • Failure to disclose safety data.
  • Civil: paying kickbacks to physicians.
  • Making false and misleading statements concerning the safety of Avandia.
  • Reporting false best prices.
  • Underpaying rebates owed under the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program
What about Vaccines?vaccine safety

I’m sure most of you have no sympathy for these drug companies who flout the law at the expense of the lives and health of all of us.  But what about vaccines.  Why is it so many trust the safety and efficacy of vaccines, despite the public having no comeback when a vaccine damages them or their child and despite there being no studies proving that any of the vaccines are safe.

They have all broken the law!

Many of the above pharmaceutical companies produce vaccines, including those that have had lawsuits brought against them to the tune of billions of dollars. Do you actually trust these companies to do their best to keep their vaccines safe and effective, especially when we are putting these dubious chemicals into our children and they have no fear of being sued if they kill or maim your child?

The top 3 vaccine producers are…

GSK, Merck and Pfizer.  Remember Merck in Part 1… “we may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live…”.  Then there’s GlaxoSmithKline the biggest perpetrator of fraud with Pfizer coming in a close second.  Why didn’t the CEOs of these fraudulent companies get a jail sentence.  The courts would rather put a mother in prison whose only crime was to refuse to have her child vaccinated.  She was just trying to protect her infant from being injected with chemicals produced by criminal companies such as these three!

Ronald Reagan 1986Immunity given to vaccine industry in 1986

When big pharma threatened to withdraw from making vaccines because of the risks of them being sued, they lobbied the government of the day to get some kind of immunity against prosecution.  In November 1986, Ronald Reagan was pressurised into signing a law which gave vaccine manufacturers carte blanche to manufacturer any vaccine they wanted without any comeback if it didn’t work or worse, if it killed or maimed.  This is when the Vaccine Court was set up in the US.

No research, no problems, no comeback!

The only comeback big pharma has is if they find dangers or problems during their research and do not disclose them. They would then be liable.  So what do you think happens now?  Well, what happens is they don’t do any safety studies, that way nothing can be found to discredit them.  No research, no problems found, no comeback on them.

100s of new vaccines being produced!

The law gives big pharma no incentive to conduct studies.  They are liability free to market to nearly 80 million US children.  This gives an enormous incentive to develop more and more vaccines.  That is exactly what is happening with hundreds of new vaccines ready to flood the market.  Do we really need them all, or are we flooding our children’s bodies with unnecessary toxins which actually weaken their immune system, making it necessary to give regular boosters.

Gates FoundationIndia severs ties with Gates Foundation

India — On February 28, 2017, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s (BMGF) support of India’s immunization program will cease to exist after the government has moved to sever ties with the billionaire’s organization.  Citing a ‘conflict of interests’, however, according to the India Times, the Gates Foundation’s “ties” with pharmaceutical companies is part of the reason they shut the gate on BMGF.

We are too trusting

We are all too trusting of this massive industry which has fallen by the wayside regarding its morals, its fraudulent activity and its callous lack of care for those that pay through the nose for its drugs and procedures often with deadly results.  You would think this industry would acknowledge that some children will be affected by their vaccines and put up a trust fund to try and compensate somewhat.  But no, they are too greedy.  They just don’t care if some of their ‘customers’ become sick or die from their drugs.  In fact, they would prefer them to become sick so they can ‘control’ that sickness for life.  Are you on a drug for life?

Ches PowerNext week in Part 3

Learn about the vaccine court and how the public is at such a disadvantage if they choose to sue.  Who do they have to sue?  The government of course!