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Calcium Supplements = Heart Disease

calcium supplementsCalcium supplements are usually not necessary and can be positively dangerous.  I spoke of the dangers of too much Calcium (Ca) in this post, but I want to give you an idea of where Ca can land up in our bodies.  If it is NOT laid down in our bones as most of it should be, this is what can happen.  The following images give an idea of the effects of a Ca overload on your heart and the rest of your body.  99% of Ca should be in your bones with just 1% in your cells, soft tissue and bloodstream. This first image is a three dimensional CTA data set showing calcifications in coronary arteries. Continue reading Calcium Supplements = Heart Disease

Vitamin D Activation – a little known fact

Vitamin D activation is necessary for the stored form of vitamin D to become available to the body.  Did you know that the vitamin D within you is stored in its inactive form.  Until it is activated, it cannot be properly utilized.   This means you could have plenty of vitamin D in its inactivated form but unless you have good reserves of a certain nutrient, the vitamin will stay inactivated and unavailable.

Are you replete?vitamin D activation

You may think that you’ve had plenty of sunshine, eaten plenty of vitamin D rich foods and must be replete.  If your doctor tests you for vitamin D deficiency your levels will show good because the test picks up on the inactive form. Continue reading Vitamin D Activation – a little known fact

How To Sleep Well – Mg is the answer!

One of the side effects of losing a loved one can be lack of sleep.  How to sleep well started to evade me when my late husband died in 2006,   I seemed to be awake day and night and nothing I did or took helped.

Mg how to sleep wellHow to sleep well with Magnesium

When you are under stress, you actually use up more of your nutrients and there is one nutrient in particular, which will stop you sleeping if it is depleted.  That nutrient is the amazing mineral we all know as Magnesium (Mg). Continue reading How To Sleep Well – Mg is the answer!