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Peer Pressure Definition

I did a post a few weeks ago about depression in the elderly.  It is an important subject but just as important is depression in the young which seems to be increasing year on year with one youngster in 10 being on pharmaceutical drugs for psychological issues.  Peer pressure definition goes into why our kids are depressed and stressed.

kid-with-gunKids under pressure

There seems to be so much pressure on the younger generation these days.  Peer pressure for one, which seems to be of the utmost importance to any young person nowadays.  Why the kids can’t be their own person, I don’t know. It seems to be so important for them to be part of a gang or group, even if the members of that group do not have the best of manners or are often into fighting, smoking pot or worse.  This, of course, can lead to a life of crime which the other members often get caught up in. Continue reading Peer Pressure Definition

Depression in the Elderly

bereavementHave you just lost a parent?  Has your Mum or Dad recently passed away?  This is a harrowing time for all the family but particularly for the spouse left behind.  Depression in the elderly is a real problem, especially when they have lost the love of their life, someone who they have shared a life with for decades.

So much to arrange

For our family, when Dad died, Mum seemed to be very brave and strong.  She had many family members around her and we made all the arrangements for the funeral and did the paperwork for pensions, rates, cancellations of credit cards and all the paraphanalia that goes with a bereavement.  Those who have had to arrange all these details will know exactly what I mean. Continue reading Depression in the Elderly