Flu Shot Side Effects – you won’t believe it!

flu shotWe all know about flu shot side effects and they are numerous, but apart from the most serious side effect, ie. death, there is now new research done by The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) which confirms that the flu shot has another serious side effect.

Flu shot flawed

Apart from the risks, it has been shown by this research, that due to manufacturing procedures, the flu vaccine is inadequate.  This comprehensive study shows that the method used to produce the vaccine is flawed and more.  For those of you who want to read the research paper you can look at it here.  Be aware though, it’s quite heavy going.  I had to get hubbie to explain some of it to me.  He has, in the past, actually worked at The Scripps Research Institute and is quite au fait with vaccine production procedures.

scrippsScripps uncovers the truth

What he didn’t realise is that the old fashioned way of producing vaccines was still being used by the pharmaceuticals to produce the influenza vaccine.  It has taken Scripps to uncover the flaw in their procedures and make it clear why the flu vaccine is next to useless and far from predictable as to its efficacy.

What! Still using eggs?eggs and vaccines

Manufacturers have been using the egg-based vaccine production procedure for over 70 years evidently.  Does that mean these vaccines haven’t been effective for all this time?  If so, has the population of the world been dupped and cajoled into taking and risking a medical procedure that is inept and what’s worse, has killed people?

The egg-based process

Over lunch hubbie explained how the egg-based vaccine process works.  The influenza virus is injected into chicken eggs, leaving the virus to replicate within.  After the allotted time, the fluid from the eggs, now rich with the virus, is purified and used to make the vaccine.

Nicholas WuVirus mutates

The problem is, any influenza viruses produced in eggs will adapt and mutate to grow better in the environment that they are in.  As the environment is bird based, it is feasible that the adaption or mutation will be to benefit the host ie. the chicken, not the human.

Nicholas Wu uses X-ray crystallography

This was shown when one of the researchers Nicholas Wu, Ph.D., who is the first author of this study, used an imaging technique called ‘X-ray crystallography’.  It was clear using this high resolution method, that the virus mutates a key protein which will better attach to the receptors in bird cells.  As for human cells, this mutation disrupts the region on the protein that is normally recognised by our immune system.

The key won’t fit!

What this means is that a vaccine containing this mutated version of the protein, will be unable to trigger an effective immune response.  As the subtype used in this research was H3N2, one of the subtypes shown to mutate when grown in chicken eggs, it means that there is no protection against circulating strains of H3N2.

Think of a jigsawlock and key

Protein interactions are complicated because they are often twisted and bent.  This gives each protein a specific shape and an interacting protein must fit perfectly with that shape to be activated.  It’s a bit like a jigsaw.  There’s only one piece that will fit perfectly.  In other words, the mutated protein (the key) will not fit and trigger the human protein (the lock), hence no immune response.

We need to trust but…

This subject is vast, complicated and heavy going for most of us, hence the simplified explanation above.  This is partly why we need to trust our professionals to know their stuff and keep us safe.  Unfortunately, this trust is wearing thin when bombshells like this, that affects our lives and the lives of our loved ones, seem to be coming thick and fast.  We all need to take more notice and try to understand what’s going on.  I’m sorry if those in the know think I have over simplified the facts but I do want everyone who reads this to get the message about why the flu shot is flawed.

H3N3Mutation known as L194P

The specific mutation, which was shown up by this research, is called L194P and the current strain of H3N2 used in vaccines already has this specific mutation L194P.  Nicholas Wu cautioned “Vaccine producers need to look at this mutation.”

“A huge need for flu vaccine research.”

It is obvious that the current procedures for manufacturing the influenza vaccine leaves much to be desired and the researchers advise that further studies are needed to come up with a different approach for vaccine production, leaving the antiquated egg-based system behind.  Using mammalian cells would appear to be the way forward, using cell-based methodology.  Wu concludes “There’s a huge need for flu vaccine research.”

Big Pharma duplicity again

What really annoys me about this research is the pharmaceuticals must already have an idea about what Scripps has uncovered.  Even so, they have kept this inadequacy under wraps and carried on cheating the medical community and the public out of billions of dollars for something that doesn’t work.  This often at the expense of the public health.

Are you pregnant?pregnancy and flu jab

For those of you who are pregnant, you will be hounded to take a flu shot.  Don’t be bullied.  Do your own research and decide for yourself.  Don’t let a stranger decide for you and your baby and remember, the stranger is getting paid for each shot he administers. The effects of flu vaccines on pregnant women are not known, as this insert for the flu shot Flulaval says:  “Safety and effectiveness of Flulaval have not been established in pregnant women, nursing mothers or children.” If the pharmaceutical company doesn’t know, why would you want to take the risk?

Flu vaccine is mega lucrative

Personally, I think there is much defrauding of the public afoot.  The flu vaccine is mega lucrative, why would the pharmaceuticals risk losing this revenue. Women who are expecting, want to do everything they can to ensure a healthy baby but the flu vaccine has a lot of risks for very little reward.  If you look around the internet, you can find some real horror stories that have happened to trusting families who still think the pharmaceuticals are in the drug business for the good of our health.

mercury in flu shotWhat about mercury?

A study in the Human Environmental and Toxicology journal found that the multiple-strain inactivated flu vaccine that contains mercury, was the direct cause of a 4,250 percent rise in fetal deaths during the pandemic flu season of 2009.  Mercury is still being used in flu vaccines in the US.

Big Pharma is immune, shame you’re not!

Don’t forget, the pharmaceutical companies that produce vaccines, have been given immunity by the government against being sued for vaccine damage.  This gives them carte blanche to manufacture and devise any vaccination they see fit, without any comeback, even if the said vaccine/s cause harm or even death, which they do.

vaccine damageHave you been vaccine damaged in US?

Those who consider they have been vaccine damaged in the US, need to contact a specialist lawyer who will take their case to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  Most vaccine injured don’t even know about this system and nobody is rushing to tell them.  I have never seen it advertised in the doctor’s surgery, have you?

How about the UK?

It’s the same In the UK. The Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979 has had a total of 6,026 claims submitted up until 2014.  This is thought to be just the tip of the iceberg with many sufferers not even knowing how to get compensation and nobody coming forward to inform them.

Just 931 claims awarded in UKvaccine damage

Out of those claims, just 931 have been awarded.  Although, with the dismissed cases, vaccine damage had been recognised, compensation is only given if the sufferer is over 60% disabled!  If this disablement threshhold is not reached then the sufferers have to meet the full financial burden for their future themselves, without any help from governmental sources.  This despite the damage being no fault of their own but the fault of the pharmaceutical companies who manufacture substandard vaccines to be given to all and sundry.  What a travesty!  No wonder more and more are shying away from mandatory vaccinations.

In short, it is incredibly difficult to secure a payment in the UK under the Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979 and similarly arduous to win a case for vaccine damage in the US using the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

vaccine damage dogsUs and other animals

Our own natural immunity is far more efficient and usually life long.  That goes for animals too with many dogs and cats being vaccine damaged because of continual shots. Toxins such as mercury, aluminium and formaldehyde are often in them.

Titre testing (Titer in US)

Titre testing will invariably show that immunity is strong after the initial shots with yearly boosting uncalled for.  Yearly vaccinations for our pets are positively bad for their health and research is pointing towards adverse effects from these relentless shots, causing cancers and other problems.  Cats especially are suffering horrendous cancers at the injection point but nothing is being done to change the system.

To finish

Ches PowerI asked hubbie if he would ever have a flu shot.  “No!” he retorted.   It is far better to have natural immunity.  If left to it’s own devices our immune system is an amazing biological process.  Just let it do it’s job by keeping yourself fit, eating healthy food, taking a few necessary supplements and exercising regularly.  Yes there are some worthwhile vaccines out there but IMHO many of the vaccines foisted upon us are unnecessary and just money spinners for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Flu Shot Side Effects - you won't believe it!
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Flu Shot Side Effects - you won't believe it!
We all know about flu shot side effects and they are numerous, but apart from the most serious side effect, ie. death, there is now new research done by Scripps.
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18 thoughts on “Flu Shot Side Effects – you won’t believe it!

  1. Hello Ches

    I have no confidence in the pharmaceutical industry. 

    They work behind closed doors and have their interests at heart, not ours. 

    I do not get the cold vaccine anymore. I stopped receiving it 3 years ago now. I stopped it because every time I received him I had the flu during the winter and now for the past 3 years that I do not receive it anymore I did not catch it at all. I no longer trusted these vaccine manufacturers.

    1. You and me both Claude. You need to be very suspicious of any research done at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry. The flu jab is a huge money spinner for them. Unfortunately, most of the general public believes everything they say, the efficacy of the flu vaccine included. Big pharma minions, the medical community, also believe. Have a look at this post, how medicine was ambushed and why it is what it is today. 

  2. Hi Ches,

    I really enjoyed reading your article on the side effects of flu jabs. I have always been sceptical of the benefits of the flu jab due to the reasons you outline. My daughter is offered the flue jab every year as she has asthma, however we always decline and reading your article has made me even more determined to just say no. I am a firm believer in encouraging a healthy diet and lifestyle rather than relying on an injection that probably wont be of any benefit. Thanks again for a great article, Andrew

    1. Hi there Andrew and thanks for your comments. You need to be sceptical nowadays of all pharmaceutical products. Best to research them to the hilt before putting any drugs into your body. Your daughter is lucky to have parents that look at both sides of the equation. 

      Can I suggest you start supplementing her with a good quality magnesium, such as Dr Carolyn Dean’s ReMag. See Chapter 14 (page 374) of her book The Magnesium Miracle Second Edition. Suffice to say, most asthma sufferers are magnesium deficient. Magnesium helps relax the smooth muscles of the bronchial tubes. Without it, spasms occur more readily and the body has trouble relaxing. Too much Calcium can also cause problems because if magnesium and calcium are not balanced, in time, sickness will ensue. It is certainly worth a try. Dr Dean also has dietary advice for asthma sufferers at the end of the chapter. Well worth investing in her book. It has lots of useful information for all diseases affected by a magnesium deficiency and there’s plenty of them!!

      If you are in UK there is a link on my page but most of my readers are from the US and for those, Amazon.com sells the book. It’s $11.99 at the moment I think. Make sure it’s the 2017 second edition.

  3. Thank you for the awesome post!  I actually never hear this side of vaccinations much, so it is nice to see that considering I have been needing to know whether the shot is worth it or not.  I have only had maybe three flu shots my whole life, but that is partly do to time.  I was glad to see, though, that there are people who believe it’s best to not get the shot.  I usually have vitamin C packets that help boost my immune system, and I drink them every morning. 

    1. Hi Jessie and thanks for your input. It is always a good idea to research independent studies rather than rely on the pharmaceutical reports. After all, they do have an axe to grind and will be biased towards their product. The bottom line, ie.profits, is their priority, not the welfare of their ‘customers’. Vitamin C is a great supplement for the immune system. Did you know, only humans, guinea pigs and some primates, cannot produce their own vitamin C. All other animals produce vitamin C within their bodies and the production will increase when they are unwell.

  4. hi i have gone thru these e-mails hoping to see something like my experience,i have had jabs for many years but this year has been really bad late in november i had mine at 4o clock by 6oclock i was so dizzy i laid on the floor and then was sick i stayed there all night, a week later i had the same thing this time my partner called an ambulance, was 10 hours in hospital by the time all my tests were finished i walked out unaided could not find anything wrong. its early feb now and every couple of weeks i get a repeat of the same have to lay down for a couple hours i dont get no warning signs. what do you think.

    1. Hello David and I’m sorry you’ve had such a bad reaction to the flu jab. I would suggest you take as much vitamin C as you can. If you can afford it, the liposomal vitamin C is more potent. Get it from https://www.abundanceandhealth.co.uk Also buy some ascorbic acid powder from a good supplier like Healthspan or Nature’s Best. Take a look at some of Dr Thomas Levy’s videos on vitamin C. You can actually have intravenous vitamin C but most doctors know nothing about it. Take the powder to bowel tolerance, pull back and then up it slowly. I would also suggest that you start taking Magnesium (Dr Dean’s Remag if you’re in the US) as a regular supplement. This will help with your general health. You can see from this website that magnesium is vital and will protect you from all types of illnesses. Don’t have another flu jab, your body is telling you something! Hope you feel better soon. Vitamin C is a good nutrient to take regularly. I myself take 2-3grams per day along with my magnesium. Put the powder in water to drink. If you can afford it take the liposomal as well as the powder. The liposomal vitamin C will not affect the bowels.

  5. Hi there. I really found your article very interesting about the side effects of the flu injection. I didn’t actually know how the injection was produced and I’m quite shocked to find out how it works.

    I have Asthma and I’ve been advised to get the flu injection for quite a few years now. But every time I have the injection I feel terrible. It feels like a strange kind of flu after I’ve had the injection, despite being told that I will not receive an side effects every time I have it done.

    This year I refused to have the flu vaccine as I was concerned about the effects that it was having on me. I also have a mild allergy to egg so perhaps that’s why I was feeling rubbish after having it.

    1. I’m glad you’ve stopped having the yearly flu jab. The fact that you feel bad after the shot is worrying because it could be that the next shot could be the one that gives you a serious side effect that may be hard to recover from.  It’s just not worth the risk.  It’s not as though you will get a good immune reaction, the vaccine is flawed.  I asked hubbie, who has worked at Scripps and knows a lot about vaccines, if you could in fact be getting a reaction from your allergy to eggs.  He thinks it is a possibility.  The same as a nut allergy, it only takes a minuscule amount to cause a serious reaction.

      Personally, I would rather get the flu than have the flu shot.  I’ll feel bad for a few days, then I would be naturally immune, for life, from the influenza virus I contracted.  Better than a vaccine in my eyes. Thanks for your input Andrew.

      By the way, did you know that a magnesium deficiency can exacerbate or even cause asthmatic symptoms. You may benefit from a good Mg supplement. Research shows that many people with asthma and other bronchial diseases have low Mg levels. Check it out!

  6. Hi Chessie,
    Thanks for your post on this. I didn’t realise how ineffective the shot was until I read your post. Does sound a bit of a scam when you look at it now. I had some years the flu shot and other years where I’ve got without. The net result seems to have been the same. Either I’ve been lucky to avoid or have felt pretty groggy from taking the shot in the first place that it wasn’t worth it.. Thanks for the tips!


    1. Hi James and thanks for your comment.  I suspect the reason you didn’t get the flu was not because of the flu shots you had.  Many people feel really bad after taking the flu vaccine, a couple of my relatives being prime examples.  At last, I have persuaded them to leave the flu shot alone.  The older you get the worse it seems to be, with some elderly people feeling more ill than if they’d had the flu!  Then there are some unfortunates who actually succumb to the flu shot with serious side effects like guillain-barré syndrome.  It’s just not worth the risk.

  7. I am a third year nursing student and just now we are learning about vaccines… and I stand against them, even tho the school is trying to got me into thinking that these are soooo important. But I know that we can build our health and wellness with natural remedies instead of injecting this shit into us.

    Thank you million times for writing about it, it is important to get information from the other side too, since nothing in this world is only good or only bad… everything has two sides.. and in that case, the ugly side is reaaaaly ugly.


    1. Thank you for your input Melissa, it is really important to hear from professionals such as yourself as you are right there in the thick of it, so to speak.  Do nurses give vaccinations?  Your beliefs will make it very difficult for you to administer one of the vaccines that you feel could do harm.  It is interesting how the side effects of vaccines are underplayed and the so called benefits are exaggerated.  

      No doubt you have been doing your own research on the subject and perhaps you should ask some pertinent questions about the research on side effects such as those in this article.  Good luck with your nursing profession.  You should go into naturopathic medicine someday, you’re obviously passionate about natural remedies and there’s nothing better than a naturopath who has come through allopathic medicine first. 

  8. Wow. I have heard so many things about the flu shot and not in a good way.people being sick and walking backwards. I was terrified when they ask me about taking one.I always denied taking it and one day I had to for the job I’m working at, which is with children. I do believe that eating right and taken care of yourself is much better than be shoot up with God knows what.learn a lot today.ty
    Great article.

    1. Hi Marlene and I’m sorry you were coerced into having a flu shot because of your job. Mandatory vaccinations are now much cause for concern, especially for pregnant women and their new borns. If you’re still in the same job next year, hopefully you will not be forced to have the jab to keep your job. Have a look at this article which will give you the lowdown on which vaccines have the dreaded mercury in them, that is if you live in the US. If you need to have the flu jab again make sure it’s not one with mercury.

  9. I love the Magnesium and Health banner the color is fantastic. The overall content on the main page was a bit overwhelming but well broken up with the pictures. Although I would recommend to take out some pictures. I like that you have a video in the right side to explain to the customers who are in a hurry. The buttons have good placement and a good view. I did learn a lot about the flu shot and I am considering not taking it anymore so thank you. You have quite a decent amount of information on many diseases and I believe you should market this to bring in more traffic. People can come to your site directly to learn about these human conditions. Just a thought, Great job.

    1. Thank you for giving feedback on the structure of my site.  I am pleased you read the post as well as looking at the overall site and gratified that you are considering not having the flu shot this year.  You may be one of the unlucky ones that actually get the flu but at least you won’t suffer life long vaccine damage!

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