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Flu Shot Side Effects – you won’t believe it!

We all know about flu shot side effects and they are numerous, but apart from the most serious side effect, ie. death, there is now new research done by The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) which confirms that the flu shot has another serious side effect.

flu shotFlu shot flawed

Apart from the risks, it has been shown by this research, that due to manufacturing procedures, the flu vaccine is inadequate.  This comprehensive study shows that the method used to produce the vaccine is flawed and more.  For those of you who want to read the research paper you can look at it here.  Be aware though, it’s quite heavy going.  I had to get hubbie to explain some of it to me.  He has, in the past, actually worked at The Scripps Research Institute and is quite au fait with vaccine production procedures. Continue reading Flu Shot Side Effects – you won’t believe it!