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Early Signs – Heart Disease

Heart disease link to low magnesium levels

In this post, ‘early signs – heart disease’ I really want to drive it home to everyone, why most heart disease occurs.   If you already have heart disease, or any kind of cardiovascular condition, then you can help to alleviate it.  If you don’t have heart disease, don’t get complacent because there’s a high possibility you already have the early signs.  In fact, there’s a high possibility that most of our children have the beginnings of cardiovascular disease. Continue reading Early Signs – Heart Disease

The Dangers of Smoking In The Car

smoke in carDo you smoke in the car?

The dangers of smoking in the car is probably not even considered by smokers.  We all know how unhealthy it is to smoke and we all know the risks we take when we do.  But what about putting other people’s lives at risk?  How about the effect it has on your children, your family and your friends?  Is this thought not enough to make you want to quit? Continue reading The Dangers of Smoking In The Car