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I read that New York State has a law which prohibits a child going to school without being up to date with all his/her vaccinations. In effect vaccines are mandatory if you have a child living in NYS.  Upon looking further, it appears the whole of the US has these mandatory laws, which I find horrendous and a breach of civil rights.  California, Mississippi and West

Virginia have no exemptions, except medical, whereas New York and the majority of other states have religious exemptions applied.  As for those that’s left, they have personal belief and religious exemptions. These are such states as Texas, Nevada, Montana, New Mexico etc.. Have a look at the map to see the laws of your state as of 2016.

This law is throughout the US

This may sound pretty benign until you really look into what’s going on here. Even if you don’t want your child vaccinated, if you live in certain areas, you have no option.  It’s as though your child belongs to the state!  This is the LAW in the US.  As for NYS, I looked into it a little further and found that this law is all encompassing and the only exception could be your religion. If you go to this page,  you will find all the immunization laws and regulations applied to NYS.  These are probably similar for all states.

Knocking on doors?

To cap it all, a saw a video showing medics knocking on the door of a home where a child lived who had not been vaccinated.  These medics were armed with vaccination kits ready to jab the child there and then!  I’m not surprised that the door was shut in their face!  Why is it a problem anyway that a child is not vaccinated.  If vaccines work, the unvaccinated child should pose no threat to the vaccinated child!  This makes you wonder about the efficacy of vaccines.

vaccinating babyAll bases are covered!

This law covers areas from schools and child care programs, colleges, universities and other post secondary institutions, healthcare facilities and agencies, including care homes. Every vaccination has to be registered. All healthcare providers have to report all immunisations given to every person under the age of 19 years, as well as their immunisation history. This goes to the NYS Immunization Information System (NYSIIS) for any vaccines given outside the state or to the CIR (Citywide Immunization Registry).

Permission from patients to register?

Law also requires that registered pharmacists and nurses as well as health care providers, report all immunisations given to those over 19 years.  Permission must be obtained from the patient to have their vaccine details registered but if they refuse, their medic will inform the administration to the New York State Dept of Health (NYSDOD) Certified Immunizer Survey anyway.  No point in refusing then!

Be aware of bogus research
‘Even with some fraud thrown in, it didn’t work.’

I am married to a man who has dealt with and made vaccines in his professional life. He knows exactly how they are put together, what goes into them and their efficacy or not, as the case may be.  Suffice to say, he will never have a vaccination and won’t touch a flu jab with a bargepole!  His knowledge has spurred me on to look at some of the research done on vaccines.  Research done by those not affiliated in any way to the pharmaceutical industry.  These drug companies make billions of dollars out of their extensive sales of vaccines around the world.  Human nature, being such that it is, will assure you that profit is the first consideration of the pharmaceutical industry, even to the detriment of public health.

Independant vaccine research.

Studies done by bona fide researchers are numerous, despite those that say “there are no studies showing vaccines are unsafe or ineffective”.  Parents, who question their doctors about the safety of vaccines, will be told that vaccines are safe and research has not proven otherwise.  This, of course, is erroneous as hundreds of research papers are out there if you want to bother to look for them.  In fact, I’m reading a book at the moment, that has 400 research papers within it, dealing with the adverse affects of vaccines.  This book does NOT include any research funded by the pharmaceutical industry.  Be aware, research funded by the pharmaceuticals is everywhere and I can only view it with suspicion.

vaccinesImmunity to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The research done by pharmaceuticals will be as minimal as is necessary to get their product passed by the FDA.  Vaccine damage to the populous is of no worry to them as they are exempt from public prosecution. Immunity was given to them by congress in 1986 and the law was upheld by the US supreme court in 2011. This gives the industry carte blanche to produce vaccines of dubious efficacy with likely serious after effects, without them being sued when patients die or have a serious reaction from their vaccinations.

The public is unaware

The general public is mostly unaware that they have little recourse if they or their child is damaged by a vaccine.  They will be hard pressed to get any compensation and most of the time, if they do get to court through the ‘Vaccine Injury Compensation Program’, it will take years for any settlement.  The longest settlement time so far is 11 years!  Many consider it’s not worth the stress, expense and hassle.  (By the way, seeing as vaccines are supposedly so safe, why is their a vaccine injury compensation program anyway?)

infant vaccinesVaccinations increase infant mortality

As for the likelihood of your child being damaged by vaccines, studies show that vaccinations increase infant mortality. When comparing vaccine rates in 34 different developed nations, the number of vaccines received by an infant and infant mortality are connected. Those developed countries that have the highest vaccine rates for children, have the highest child mortality rates and the US is the worst at 34th!  You can find this research here.

Simultaneous vaccinations

One of the most dangerous ways of giving vaccines is simultaneous vaccinations. This has been proven with a study by Miller and Goldman.  They analysed nearly 40,000 records of infants reported to have suffered adverse effects from vaccines. Those infants vaccinated the most, were significantly more prone to be hospitalised or even die, when compared with those receiving fewer vaccinations.


The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a database where people can report adverse effects from vaccines. It is not compulsary and although doctors are supposed to use it, they are not obliged and most don’t bother because there are no penalties if they don’t.  Anyone can give a report but not many know of this database and consequently not many use it.  Research has confirmed that this kind of passive reporting is massively under reported and that only 1 in 50 events are ever declared.

multiple vaccines38,000 adverse reactions to infants

VAERS has more than half a million reports of adverse reactions to vaccines and that increases by around 30,000 reports yearly. If you multiply that by 50 you get an idea of what the true number could be. Even so, Miller and Goldman used the reports in the database, using those to do with infants. 38,000 infants were reported as having a reaction following administration of one or more vaccines.  Those advocating the mandatory vaccination schedule would probably change their mind if one of those 38,000 was their child.

Miller and Goldman prove a point

Miller and Goldman then created a program to determine how many vaccines each infant had before suffering an adverse reaction. They concentrated on those infants that were hospitalised or had died and they found those having 3 vaccines simultaneously were more likely to have a serious reaction needing hospitalisation or which caused death, than those receiving 2 vaccines simultaneously. The figures went on to those having 4 vaccines being more prone to serious reactions than those having 3 vaccines. This increase of serious reactions went up as the vaccines went up until those receiving 8 vaccines simultaneously were “off-the-charts”. The earlier the age of the child, the more likely a serious adverse reaction.

vaccine injury

CDC Immunization Schedule

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has scheduled vaccinations for convenience over safety. They advocate giving 8 vaccines at 2 months, 8 vaccines at 4 months and 8 more at 6 months. The immune system of an infant does not start to develop until about 2-3 months of age, depending on the infant. Those infants fed on formula rather than breast milk, will take longer to develop their immune system. The immune system is quite efficient by 6 months but not fully developed until 4 to 5 years.

What’s the point of giving antigens to an infant without a developed immune system and at the same time, injecting toxins into such a small body.  Why not wait until the child is older and able to tolerate such an onslaught to the immune system and why not give vaccines singly.  The research shows that those receiving single vaccines are less likely to suffer a reaction than those receiving simultaneous shots.

If you want more information on this serious subject, go to where you will find a plethora of facts and figures on vaccines and immunisation.

vaccinesDon’t be brainwashed, do your own research

Many times, people will say to me and that includes friends and relatives –  “You’re not a doctor, what do you know?”  I may not be a doctor, but I can read and I’m a reasonably intelligent woman.  I also know that my knowledge in some fields, far outstrips that of many doctors, who are not taught about subjects, such as vitamins, minerals and nutrition.  The field of immunisation is also something medics will have scant knowledge of.  They will just be going with what their pharmaceutical companies are selling and telling them.

A huge and immotive subject, close to our hearts

This is a huge subject and if you are a parent of an infant or you are soon to be, it is well worth while doing your own research regarding your child’s immunization program.  Don’t be dictated to, those that tell you it’s safe often have a vested financial interest in the vaccination program or are too nervous to buck the trend, for fear of being vilified.  Others have been hoodwinked into believing the research and studies done by the drug industry. Your child is precious, make sure you are doing the best you can to keep her/him safe.

Ches PowerCivil rights abuse

I live in the UK and one thing that would put me off living in the US is the mandatory vaccination program that is rife.  In my opinion, it is a serious abuse of civil rights.  I just hope the UK does not go the way of the US.  By the way, I wonder how doctors and other medics innoculate their own children?

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CDC Immunization Schedule
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CDC Immunization Schedule
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7 thoughts on “CDC Immunization Schedule

  1. Hi Ches,
    Wow, what a fantastic webpage!! It is chock full of excellent information and has a great balance of information, graphics, video clips and is really well laid out. The links work fine, too. By the way I totally agree with everything you say about the risks and dangers of vaccinations. And good to see your quote from Del BigTree included. I follow him on FB.
    The only thing I would change – but it’s not a big deal – is on the first image of the “States Vaccinations Exemptions” where the script goes down the right side of the map one word at a time. I would start that script under the map as it is a little hard to read.
    Did you intend to display it like that? Or perhaps that has something to do with my MacBook Pro and how it displays the page. Not sure!
    Otherwise, this is one of the best webpages I have had the opportunity, and pleasure, to review.
    Oh, I like your summary at the bottom too. I have seen such summaries posted at the top of the page but that is an individual preference.

    1. Hi Nick and thanks for the positive comments about my site and particularly about the subject of mandatory vaccinations. I’m glad you’re onboard about this breach of civil rights, obviously you’ve done your homework about this abuse.  With regards to the outlay of the page, unfortunately, whilst the webpage looks fine this end on the iMac, it sometimes comes out differently for others.  This is despite having the site mobile and ipad friendly.  I will check and see if I can tweak it.  Ches

  2. The shots are mandatory because the federal and state governments have enacted laws based upon science to stop the spread of disease. My advice to you if you do not want your child to be inoculated you should consider homeschooling your child. You are fighting a very tough battle and I wish you the best with your pursuits. But they can’t let all the kids get sick.


    1. Hi Brad and thanks for your input.  The public is much too trusting and there’s the problem.  For those parents who have had their child’s life ruined as well as their own, if they had their time again, they would not have had their infants vaccinated.  Ask your doctor if he vaccinates his children with simultaneous vaccines? Whether he will give you an honest answer is another matter.

      I have had rubella, measles, chicken pox and all the other childhood diseases which there are now vaccines for.  We used to have ‘measles parties’ so the kids had it all at once, it is the best way of immunising and the antibodies stay for life.  I don’t take any prescription drugs, I won’t have a flu jab, I eat wholesome food and take any necessary good quality supplements which I know I’m deficient in.  I am fitter than many women a third my age, some of which are already taking medication.  I maybe lucky, but I don’t think that’s the reason I am as fit as I am.  I am convinced it’s to do with all the non natural substances that are put into our bodies.  We are born pristine with all the nutrients we need to survive, then something goes horribly wrong.

      By the time the measles vaccine was introduced in the 60s, measles was a mild illness which kids got over within a week and it was also becoming rare, probably because we were better nourished and hygiene was improved. There was no necessity to introduce a vaccine for such a mild disease.  It was money driven, not health driven. The pharmaceuticals are bringing out new vaccines year on year. There are currently about 300 being developed.  It is an incredible money spinner for a massive and powerful industry, whose first thoughts are profits. The science you speak of is research done by the pharmaceutical industry, which must be viewed with suspicion going by their record.


  3. Yes, the US agencies are a paid off lot .
    The FDA (Food and Drug Admin) regulates the $25 billion vaccine industry, and many FDA employees who approve certain drugs and vaccines eventually end up working for the pharmaceutical companies in a revolving door type system.
    What are the more harmful compounds in vaccines that could be causing these incidents with the children?

  4. Yes, the US agencies are a paid off lot .
    The FDA (Food and Drug Admin) regulates the $25 billion vaccine industry, and many FDA employees who approve certain drugs and vaccines eventually end up working for the pharmaceutical companies in a revolving door type system.
    What are the more harmful compounds in vaccines that could be causing these incidents with the children?

    1. Hi there James and thanks for reading the article.  There are many toxins in vaccines but I suppose the three worst ones are mercury, aluminium and formaldehyde, although mercury has supposedly been omitted from childhood vaccines. But infants are given flu vaccines and they mostly have mercury (thimerosal) as a preservative. The problem is overloading the immune system of an infant, a system that is by no way mature enough to cope with the onslaught of multi vaccines.  It would be safer to give vaccines singly to a more mature immune system, I would say no younger than 6 months.  

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