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Natural Remedies – Migraines

migrain drugsHome Remedies – Migraine Headaches

Most people prefer to try and find a natural remedy for their ailments.  Natural or home remedies for migraine headaches are often overlooked in favour of using a drug.  This is because most people are so desperate to find relief for this notoriously debilitating condition that they seek the help of a doctor of medic. Continue reading Natural Remedies – Migraines

Magnesium and Working Out

Why do muscles cramp upcramp?

Well, to put it simply, when you exercise, your muscles have to do a lot of quick-fire contraction and relaxation.  If there is too much Calcium (Ca), which is the element that causes contraction of the muscles and too little Magnesium (Mg), the element that causes relaxation of the muscles, the result will be muscle cramps and lactic acid buildup.  Without Mg the muscles can’t relax, hence you get muscle spasms or cramps where the muscle is continually contracting and that contraction cannot release into relaxation. Continue reading Magnesium and Working Out