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What Is A Wealthy Affiliate?

Best Way To Create A Website For Free

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This Is Grandma’s Website

This is a diversion from the normal topic of this website, but I wanted to tell everyone who would like to have their own website, how they can do it for free and use it like I do, to help and inform others and maybe earn a little revenue too!  

Would you like to create a website for nothing, with step by step instructions on how to do it?  Would you like to use your new website to earn revenue just by talking about your interests and hobbies?  Would you like to work from home and become independent?

Would you like to become a wealthy affiliate and join us at the place where all of the above can happen for you and where this website was done by a complete novice?

ChesWAThis website was accomplished by a 60+ year old grandma who had no experience whatsoever and knew nothing about building a website.  Just come and have a look, you will be amazed and it could change you life! Continue reading What Is A Wealthy Affiliate?

Type 2 Diabetes and Treatments

Who Can Get Diabetes

This is such a huge subject, I want to concentrate on the more common type of Diabetes which is Type II – adult onset diabetes. This description of ‘adult onset’ may soon have to be changed as more children and teenagers are succumbing to this disease, mainly because of their unhealthy diet and sugar overload due to soft drinks, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and other damaging choices.

Is Sugar The Culprit?

Refined and raw sugar crystals, scanning electron micrograph (SEM). (c)Power&Syred
Refined and raw sugar crystals, scanning electron micrograph (SEM). (c)Power&Syred

We all need a certain amount of sugar in our diet as it is necessary for energy but an overload of sugar in the diet can cause Magnesium (Mg) deficiency.  The problem is, our refined sugar does not come from eating the sugar cane or the sugar beet.  Sugar is processed and ‘purified’ so that when we consume it, it is a concentration of its original form. Hence far too much is then taken into the body.  Nutrients that were in that plant have been removed. Metallic nutrients such as Mg, Cobalt (Co), Chromium (Cr), Manganese (Mn), Copper (Cu) and Zinc (Zn) are all lost; these minerals are essential to life.  The body then has to use its reserves of vitamins and minerals to process the concentration of sugar so that it is digested. Continue reading Type 2 Diabetes and Treatments