What Is A Wealthy Affiliate?

Best Way To Create A Website For Free

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This Is Grandma’s Website

This is a diversion from the normal topic of this website, but I wanted to tell everyone who would like to have their own website, how they can do it for free and use it like I do, to help and inform others and maybe earn a little revenue too!  

Would you like to create a website for nothing, with step by step instructions on how to do it?  Would you like to use your new website to earn revenue just by talking about your interests and hobbies?  Would you like to work from home and become independent?

Would you like to become a wealthy affiliate and join us at the place where all of the above can happen for you and where this website was done by a complete novice?

ChesWAThis website was accomplished by a 60+ year old grandma who had no experience whatsoever and knew nothing about building a website.  Just come and have a look, you will be amazed and it could change you life!

Haven’t Got A Clue? Then This Is For You!

I had no clue as to what a Wealthy Affiliate consisted of.  I can understand people being reticent about going for an internet marketing and/or a website building company. My first thoughts, when I initially saw WA were, I know nothing about Internet Marketing, I haven’t got a clue about websites and how to create one.  Will I be able to understand it, will it be too hard, am I too old? The next thing that came to mind was, is this another scam, will I be wasting more money, will it be worth it, can I afford it?

It’s Free For 7 Days…and you won’t be asked for credit card details!

I did a lot of research, looking for reviews and adverse remarks about this incredible site. I could not believe that I did not find ONE single negative remark about Wealthy Affiliate. It did seem too good to be true, especially with the offer of 7 days use for free.  By the way, if you want to stay with Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to pay anything.  There are many benefits of going Premium of course, including added tutorials, videos, bootcamps and a plethora of extras, plus the expertise and wealth of knowledge of the Wealthy Affiliate Community.  The owners and creators of WA are Kyle & Carson and they encourage you to ask for their help personally if you get stuck.  These two young men set this site up back in 2005.  They have the ethos of helping everyone and anyone and that concept flows throughout the community.

Be Careful, You Could Get Hooked!

In those initial few days when I started to get to know how the Wealthy Affiliate community worked and how much it had to offer, it took just 5 days for me to realise that this was the place I wanted to be, to learn about building a website, write about things I was interested in and at the same time gain revenue from it.   The offer of the first month being discounted to $19 helped me make my decision but the main reason I jumped in was this amazing community. I have never known such a bunch of helpful, kind and encouraging members and so many of them!  I have not had to struggle when I got stuck.  I just asked the questions and the answers came flooding back, in abundance.

I’m Learning So Much!

Then I looked back to a few weeks ago and started to count up how much I’d learnt in just that short amount of time. Apart from being able to type faster, I understand websites more, I’ve learnt about keywords, I know what niches are, I’ve done my own website and put images and content on it etc. etc. and this is just the beginning.

Looking for New Horizons?

Looking for new horizons!
Looking for new horizons?  (Sara&Joachim&Mebe)

My reduced first months rate of $19 was coming to an end.  I contemplated how much all this education, information and expertise would cost me if I went elsewhere to learn it.  The yearly subscription to this wealth of knowledge is $359.  The monthly amount after the initial discounted $19, is $47.  If I went yearly, I would reduce the monthly rate down to $29.92!  It took me just a few minutes to decide to go yearly.  Having a zero percent credit card, meant that I could pay the amount off monthly through the card so the saving was a ‘no brainer’.  Just tell me where else you can attain all this knowledge for just $29.92 per month.  I decided that I needed to invest in myself and I have now been with the Wealthy Affiliate community for 6 weeks and I am having so much fun and learning more every day, it’s amazing!

This Is For Anyone And Everyone!

It’s my time, despite me being the wrong side of 60. How much would it cost to get an education in any other subject? These two young men, Kyle and Carson, have created this site through their own hard work and endeavours and in my mind, they are being very generous, sharing all their knowledge and expertise for just $359 per year. I am so grateful to have come across this community.

Is Yearly Worth It? Damn right it is!!  Remember though, you can stay with Wealthy Affiliate for nothing, you just don’t have privy to all the facilities.  I would suggest you join anyway, do your free websites and if money is a problem, stay with the community until you can afford to go forward. This is your future, invest in yourself and change your life!

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What is a Wealthy Affiliate
Article Name
What is a Wealthy Affiliate
Describes to the reader, the simplicity of doing a website such as this one, using the Wealthy Affiliate software which incorporates WordPress. This site was done by a newbie Grandma who has never done one before.

4 thoughts on “What Is A Wealthy Affiliate?

  1. I found this blog post about Wealthy Affiliate very useful and informative! I am currently a student in my third year studying graphic design and have future ambitions of setting up my own small design company. I feel that it would be a great opportunity for me to join Wealthy Affiliate to help me reach my future goals.

    1. Hi Jo and thanks for reading my post. I’m very pleased to note that you may be joining us at the Wealthy Affiliate community. You will have boundless help from over 400,000 members, many of which are making a good living with their Internet Marketing business. Many have left their jobs and taken up IM full time, leaving them free to be with their family and friends and being able to pursue their passions. Good luck to you in your endeavours and we look forward to welcoming you sometime in the future. Ches

  2. Really enjoyed reading your blog about Wealthy Affiliate. I am currently preparing to set up a small business from home so I am confident that joining Wealthy Affiliate will be a great benefit.

    1. Hi Christine and thanks for reading the blog about the WA community. Good luck with your small business and I’m sure if you do join Wealthy Affiliate, you won’t regret it. It has a wealth of information about how to set up your own site and keep it at the top of the Google rankings. Good luck to you in your new venture! Ches

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