Ches Video 11

ROUGH SEAS AHEAD – A must watch video from Aussie:

Canadian Nurse Whistleblowers Say Many People Are Dying From the Covid Vaccines, Hospitals Are Filled With the Fully Vaccinated

So you think this is not happening in UK?

This is happening in Aussie, US, Canada and the rest of the world. So you think it’s not happening here in the UK? Think again. The more you get jabbed, the sicker you will get. Please, please, please, do not have any more jabs. Don’t watch any more MSM, they have been bought and they are out to fool you, lie to you and stop you realising the evil that’s being inflicted on all of us.


The powers that be, which includes the puppet government and the super rich elites, are all using the same script with PSYOPS being used on the public to much effect. Psyops, or psychological operations, is a term used to describe the techniques of psychological manipulation used in warfare. These operations are used to deceive, confuse, disrupt and demoralise us and no matter what you think, we are the enemy and we are living with an abusive partner ie. the Government! These Psyops are aimed toward weakening our resistance and forcing us to capitulate.

We are the enemy

We are the enemy to them and we are slowly being controlled and weakened using gene therapy, lockdowns, masks, social distancing and worst of all the Vaccine Passports. These passports are just an opening to put the whole world population onto a database. Once each of us have our own digital number, we can be controlled over anything, our liberty, our possessions, our finances, property and most importantly our children. These evil elitists want the world for themselves with those left after de-population, being used as their servants and slaves.

We must stick together

The governments and the elites in charge will try to turn people against each other. Remember, no matter your colour, creed, religion, vaccinated or not vaccinated, we must be as one. This is the only way we will overcome this evil regime. They are trying to take over all of us and enslave us. But we are the 99% and when we come together we will be invincible.

These are scary times

Be brave, be strong and do not comply. Help and protect each other against this evil cabal. We have the added advantage of empathy. These psychopaths have no empathy. They cannot feel or empathise with other humans and that will be their downfall. We, on the other hand feel for our fellow humans. It is in our nature to try and help others

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