Cloth Masks – they don’t protect from ANY virus

cloth masksThe miniscule virus

Most people have no idea how minute a virus is. For your information the SARS-CoV-2 virus is around 125nm (nanometres) which is the normal size of other corona viruses. *Microscopical analysis was done on the surface morphology and filtering efficiency of cloth masks. Cloth masks are common and mostly used by the public. Most medical staff use blue surgical masks. N95 masks are worn to a lesser extent. None of them are effective against viruses.

Micrometres versus Nanometres

As the cloth mask is more prevalent, we will concentrate on this mask. The first thing we have to realise is the size of the pores of the soft material that make up these masks. The pore size of cloth masks range from around 80 – 500μm (micrometres or microns)*. There is a huge difference between micrometres and nanometres. A micrometre is one thousandth of a millimetre (mm), but a nanometre is one millionth of a millimetre. SARS-CoV-2 is only 125 nanometres. Using the research figures above for pore sizes, this equates to 640-4000 times smaller than the pore size of the average cloth mask. I’ve used the smaller pore size of 80μm for my calculations.

pore size of cloth masksA London Underground tunnel

Just imagine you are standing in a tunnel in the London underground. These tunnels are around 7 metres in diameter. Now imagine the 7 metre diameter of the tunnel represents one pore of a cloth mask.  If we scaled a SARS-CoV-2 virus to the same level as the 7 metre tunnel, how big would the virus be in comparison?  Just 10.9mm (millimetres) in diameter actually. I can’t think of anything of that size but a UK 5p coin is 18mm in diameter and a US dime is a similar size of 17.90mm in diameter, just to give you an idea. Think how many 5p coins or dimes you could fit into that tunnel! 

US dime5p pieceRocket science?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that a 5p coin or a dime would have no problem going through a 7 metre diameter London underground tunnel. Even so, our illustrious scientific advisors consider the cloth face masks will keep viruses at bay. What do you think?

mask pores
Image taken from research paper showing the pores of various different masks*
The Math/s

For those interested in the math/s:   1.25 x 10-7   x    7 x 10÷ 8.0 x 10-5   =  0.0109m = 10.9mm

Washing expands the pore size

Apart from the large sized pores in comparison with the virus, those pores will expand each time the cloth mask is washed.  I recently saw Nicola Sturgeon remove her face mask and put it on a dining table in a pub she was visiting. No doubt, she would be putting it back on again, which she shouldn’t do according to the WHO. If it is a reuseable mask, then she should wash it before putting it back on.

cloth masksIll fitting masks

A mask needs to be tightly fitted to be effective at all, so when the wearer moves, no gaps appear around the mask. Touching the mask is a No No and a touched mask should be replaced with a new or clean one. I have seen people with masks on, touching them all the time, probably because they are so damned uncomfortable. It is normal to see people with their masks not covering their nose, or even their masks being worn on their chin. What’s the point! Also, a high quantity of the air we breath in and out will go around the sides or top and bottom of the mask.

cloth masksMasks in the hospital environment

Generally, masks are only worn by surgeons and nurses during operations. This is to stop hair, food or other particles dropping and contaminating the wound. Otherwise, masks are not normally worn by doctors and nurses during their general duties around the hospital. It is common knowledge that masks may stop some bacteria but not viruses. In this picture one of the staff is not wearing a mask at all. Why hasn’t she been thrown out of the operating theatre?

Studies – references below 

A study with 212 healthcare workers showed that a third of them developed a headache and 60% of those had to take painkillers. A second study of 159 young health workers found that 81% developed a headache after wearing a mask and it affected their work. The result of these studies is thought to be due to an excess of carbon dioxide accumulating in the blood and a reduction of oxygen in the blood.

Dr Russell BlaylockDr Russell Blaylock

Dr Russell Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeon, confirmed the above. According to him, wearing a face mask can produce problems such as headaches to hypercapnia (excess carbon dioxide) and lower blood oxygen. He also said that when a person has TB, for instance, they are the ones who need to wear a face mask, not the entire community of the non-infected.

Another study looked at 17 separate studies and concluded that none of them established a conclusive relationship between the use of masks and protection against influenza infection.

53 surgeons participating in a study, also showed that the longer a mask was worn, the greater the risk of a drop in blood oxygen levels. It is also noted that wearing masks for a long period of time and on a daily basis will reduce immunity and lead to more susceptibility to infections. 

cloth masksIn the car?

Many people are using face masks whilst driving their car. This can be especially dangerous for a lone driver who would have no help if adversely affected. Why are drivers on their own in a car, wearing a mask anyway? It doesn’t make any sense!

Oxygen levels, hypoxia and hypoxaemia 

Your body needs the oxygen that it gets when you breath normally. If it is impaired in any way, the body has to redress the reduction of oxygen intake. This will lead to stress on the body and express itself in a number of ways. The most dangerous, especially for the elderly, is sudden unconsciousness, leading to falling, sometimes called Syncope. Then there’s Hypoxia, which means lack of oxygen which can then lead to Hypoxaemia, a lack of oxygen in the blood.

Older people suffer the most, as always!

What’s worse is that it appears the elderly are those most encouraged to wear these masks. The elderly’s immune systems are already weakened. What with the lengthy isolation they have endured and are still enduring and the lack of fresh air, apart from the loneliness. Their immune systems have been worsened over all these months. This makes them more vulnerable to any infections.

Apart from being terrified by the constant and relentless media hype they see on the TV. the elderly are now being presssured to sign DNR (do not resuscitate) forms. It has already been noticed that the older generation are being refused treatment. One of my relatives who has vascular Parkinson’s could not get his medication (17 tablets) during the whole 3 month lockdown! He is 65 years old. How about an “Old Lives Matter” campaign!

Sir Tom MooreSir Tom raised £33 million.

We all know how stalwart the older generation is, take Sir Tom Moore for instance who has raised over £30 million marking his 100th year.

Over these last 6 months the elderly have been treated abominably. Many of them are depressed and fearful and who can blame them. Now we are putting masks on them to make their lives even more miserable. If they can’t breath properly, they will not complain, they will just put up with it and there will be deaths because of it. They want to do their best for the rest of us. Shame we aren’t reciprocating! I have seen many old people lifting their mask up and take in deep breaths of air before replacing it, what a travesty!

What a catastrophe – don’t blame the virus!

Governments and their advisors should be utterly ashamed of themselves. They have handled this so called pandemic reprehensibly. Why didn’t they look after the elderly and vulnerable initially, leaving the younger and fitter to carry on as normal. This approach would have kept the stability and economy of the country in tact. Their stupidity has ruined the economy, infringed on our lifestyles and our freedoms.  Education has fallen apart and everyone’s life and liberty has been seriously affected, mostly to their detriment.


But most indefensible is that their failures have killed the elderly and vulnerable. Nearly half of the deaths in the UK have been from care homes. It is strange that these care home death figures have been mirrored in many countries around the world! How can these worldwide governments ALL get it so wrong?

But now, stress levels are off the scale with a new epidemic of depression, suicide and domestic abuse. These added deaths are all brought on by this fiasco. Don’t blame the virus, blame the dimwits in charge!

Who is benefitting?

It is worth looking at those large industries who are gaining from this debacle. The first one that comes to mind is the pharmaceutical industry with products and medical supplies such as personal protective equipment (PPE), surgical gowns, nitrile gloves and face masks! Not to mention prescription drugs. Looking forward, the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine program will be absolutely mind blowingly lucrative for this industry, especially if it is mandatory worldwide!

Show me the science!

So why is it our so called ‘scientific advisors’ do not acknowledge this fact about masks. It is rather worrying that they do not seem to appreciate the obvious drawbacks to wearing them, especially for the older generation and those with breathing problems. Diseases such as COPD, Asthma, Heart Failure and other conditions which affect breathing and lung capacity, will obviously be exacerbated by using a face mask.

Science Advisors and affiliations

Could it be that these so called scientists are being swayed by their affiliations. Patrick Vallance for instance has affiliations to GSK who he worked for from 2006 – 2018.  Chris Whitty is affiliated to Bill Gates who awarded him $40 million for his research.  Neil Ferguson of Imperial college, who engineered the total lockdown fiasco, is affiliated to Bill Gates who heavily finances Imperial College. Don’t take my word for it , look for yourself! Bill Gates is now the main financial contributor to the WHO which may be why they have changed tack over masks. They said in April, healthy people should not wear masks, now they’ve changed their mind!

Lord Sumption QCLord Sumption

Former Supreme Court Justice Jonathan Sumption, QC  pointed out that since there is a danger to wearing a mask, new legislation could violate our human rights and civil liberties, a contravention of Article 2 of the Human Rights Act.

`I hope,’ he said, `that UK citizens will unite in civil disobedience to the unlawful, unjustified and disproportionate violation of our human rights and refuse either to wear a mask or to pay the fixed penalty notice for not doing so. If enough of us take a stand against the further encroachment on our civil liberties, we can look forward to hundreds of thousands of court cases in which the Crown tries to prove the scientific validity of wearing masks to combat a virus that has been circulating in the UK for five months.’   (Now 7 months!)

Mask wearing is stressful for the body!

It is obvious that face masks make breathing more difficult and everyone, especially those  with a breathing problem, will find mask wearing extremely taxing and stressful.  Carbon dioxide trapped in the mask can be continuously breathed back into the lungs. If someone is infected with the virus then more virus particles can be taken in each time the mask wearer breathes in and out more frequently and more deeply. This will produce a bigger burden of virus than if the mask had not been worn at all.

2 children die wearing face masks   

There is no doubt that face masks can be dangerous for the younger generation too. Two boys in China wearing face masks whilst running, collapsed and died. Is it possible that the masks reduced their oxygen intake to such an extent that it stressed their hearts and caused a fatal heart attack?

cloth masksSurgical masks packet warning:

Here is a warning on a 50 pack of surgical face masks. Why on earth are we wearing them? What’s the point? For what reason is the Government mandating the wearing of a mask that does nothing but cause stress and misery and can be dangerous?



* microscopic study of surface morphology and filtering efficiency of face masks (The use of masks and respirators to prevent transmission of influenza: a systematic review of the scientific evidence). Taken off line (This is a wayback machine copy)

The Science and Law of Refusing to Wear Masks: Texts and Arguments in Support of Civil Disobedience

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Cloth Masks - they don't protect from ANY virus
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Cloth Masks - they don't protect from ANY virus
Covid virus is just 125nm. 1 nanometre is 1 millionth of a millimetre. Pores in cloth masks are 80-500μm (microns). 1 micron is 1 thousandth of a mm.
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30 thoughts on “Cloth Masks – they don’t protect from ANY virus

  1. Because the particles travel on much larger saliva particles. The mask is a physical barrier from disease carrying saliva bubbles.

    1. The saliva particles are still minute and can easily pass through a cloth mask. I do, however, take exception to mandatory mask wearing which is very harmful to those who have respiratory problems and/or heart problems. Sick people are being intimidated by the signs saying ‘masks must be worn’ etc.. OK if you’re fit and just like wearing a mask. However, there are still deleterious affects from mask wearing that most people don’t realise. The masks quickly become contaminated. Pathogens that cannot be seen, collect on a mask on the inside and the outside. Continually adjusting, taking on and off, putting in pockets, holding, wearing with a beard, wearing on the head, putting on the dash of the car, stuffing in handbags and then wearing continually throughout the day, is a problem. Any kind of mask gets dirty in a very short space of time. By the way, there has been no research which unequivocally says that mask wearing is of any benefit or stops viral infections. These research papers are now difficult to find; they have been taken off the web! The most famous one done by the Dental Industry in 2016.
      This image shows the extent of contamination with pathogens after just one day of wearing a surgical mask. Magnification is x8,000. The field of view represents 1/20th of a mm or 0.05mm. How much more bacterial and other pathogens were on the WHOLE of this mask! These pathogens are continually being breathed back into the lungs. You’re safer not to wear one at all, unless you’re going to be very, very diligent and change your mask each time you touch it or take it off. Nobody I know does that! 1 day old surgical mask

  2. Thanks for a grate article,

    I do have a question though if I may regarding your analogy of the fruit fly and pig pen fence?
    The 5p versus the 7 meter underground tunnel?

    Are these accurate analogies of size or just rough examples to make a visual point?

    I have felt since this pandemic started that the government have been making this up as they go! However I don’t understand why they haven’t followed sicence (as that’s the new black now) in how useless these mask’s are? other than the fact they have hands in the cookie jars of the production companies who make these, Gimmick items, Toys, Potentially Dangerous mandatory items for us all to ware!

    lets just hope the world WAKES UP SOON!

    1. Hi Darren and thanks for reading the article and your comments. As for your question, the fruit fly through the sheep fence is just to give a rough idea. Most people just cannot visualize how small the virus is, so I need to give a few examples to cover how different people visualize the information.

      As for the 5p and the 7 metre tunnel, it is accurate but in fact the virus size in comparison with the tunnel is just 10.9mm. I chose the coins because most people know their sizes and the point is made more easily.

      It is rather sinister how the real science is being called fake and the fake science is made out to be the real science. Out of interest and to cheer everyone up, I have just found the banned ‘white coat summit’ video proving that COVID-19 is curable. This should stop everyone being so fearful of something that is easy to treat.

      This information may also put the mockers on those that insist a vaccine is the only way forward. With this treatment now confirmed by many doctors, a vaccine is not necessary and most of us over time will become immune to the virus. In fact many do not seem to suffer any symptoms at all, in spite of testing positive!

  3. Crikey well this should set a few hairs running. Clearly you know your stuff and it is back to scientific research. There are some useful metaphors here in helping understand the space needed for a bit of the virus to penetrate. Very clever writing. 

    However are you saying the science industry who are the government advisors are not telling the truth about every type of mask? What would you propose as an alternative or is it just the 2 metre rule or more and that is the thing that will help.

    There are so many conflicting messages at the moment and of course I am never sure if this sort of thing hinders or helps. What I do know however is that truth wins out in the end. Debate is good and you provide that 100%.

    1. Hi there Phil and thanks for your input. Yes, I am saying government advisors are not telling the truth, not only about masks! The alternative is to go about your life just as you would if the flu virus was about. If you come down with the flu, you stay home don’t you? This is all you have to do with this virus. Social distancing is not natural for the human race, we are a gregarious species. The stupid rules are getting to a lot of the population and filling them with fear and trepidation. So why is this happening ask yourself?

      Your best bet, if you are unsure, is to start doing your own research. You could start with the affiliations that these advisors have, many to pharmaceuticals or the hubris Bill Gates. Who controls the WHO and why do they keep changing their minds about important issues such as face masks. Who is pulling the strings, go find the truth!

  4. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this awesome article I know it would definitely be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.the question I have been asking my self for some weeks now is if the cloth mask is safer to prevent one from getting the covid 19 virus into the system, and I think I have gotten my answer thanks once more for sharing.

    1. Hi there Isme and I hope you can share this article with friends and family and let them know why the mask does not work, and that goes for the surgical mask and the N95 mask too. You are better off breathing normally. 

      Please do your own research. A good start is to look at the official DEATH figures as apposed to the infection figures. You will see deaths are going down dramatically despite infections going up in some places, but that’s a good thing! Once the majority have been infected, the virus will peter out. 

      Many people have had the virus without even knowing it! Many people are asymptomatic. Recently we had 79 infections in a Hereford food factory, UK. Not one of those people had symptoms. If they hadn’t been tested, we and they wouldn’t have known they had it! 

  5. Wow! Well researched post about the face masks. I came across your post at the right time. I don’t wear a cloth mask, though. I wear a surgical mask, and my frequency of getting common cold has come down. 

    Here where I live, the COVID-19 has come down drastically because of the surgical mask, washing hands, and social distancing are adhered strictly by the people.

    Therefore, your post proves the facts about the cloth mask. In my opinion, a surgical mask will be a better choice, and other ill effects have to be coped up until the end of the pandemic.


    1. Hi Prabakaran and thanks for your comment. I did actually say in my article that all masks were ineffective and that includes surgical masks unfortunately. We are at the moment taking micrographs on our scanning electron microscope which prove that the holes or pores in surgical masks are as open as those in cloth masks. We will be publishing our findings within the next few days.

      The research references at the bottom of my article also include surgical masks as being ineffective. Sorry to disappoint but cloth masks, surgical masks and N95 masks have all been researched and found to be unable to protect from viruses entering the wearer’s or exiting the wearer’s respiratory system.

  6. I am a retired nurse and I can confirm what you said about cloth masks. I am enraged about the misinformation coming from the government as well from so called “Health experts”, which if they are. true experts, should know better instead they lie.
    I am in Canada and I am sadden how easy people can be manipulated.
    Furthermore fear is also a good mechanism to achieve whatever wants to be achieved with this current situation the whole world is in.
    Thank you for your eye opening article. 🙂

    1. Hi Sylvia and it is so refreshing to have a comment from someone who knows their science. There is only one reason to insist on these ridiculous rules and that is compliance by the population. Unfortnately, all the health experts and scientists are in the employ of pharmaceutical companies. Did you know that Glaxo Smith Kline have a large development at St Barnard Castle UK and are finishing their new development to make millions of vaccines. Did you also see the news report about the UK government advisor who flouted the lockdown rules and went hundreds of miles to St Barnard Castle… to test his eyesight?
      Anyway, You must do your level best to re-educate the people around you. I know it’s difficult, many of our friends and family think we’re nuts! But they are slowly seeing sense. The inconsistancies of the rules are breathtaking. At the moment, if you go to a restaurant and have a sitdown meal, you needn’t wear a mask. But if you go to that same restaurant and order a takeaway, it is compulsary to wear a mask. This despite the fact that all the waiters and staff do not have to wear masks.
      Our hairdressers have not been able to use their hair dryers. We suggested that perhaps, in that case, all the air conditioning units better be turned off. Also desktop computers with fans needed to be switched off and all other fans that can move the air.
      There are 2 major possibilities for this debacle 1. Our governments are ridiculously stupid or 2. There is something else going on. Of course, it could be both!
      By the way, the hair dryer rule has now been disbanded.

    1. Hi Natalie, I would suggest not to wear one at all! There is no scientific proof that masks are effective, that being the case, we are better off not wearing them, apart from them being unsocial and a compliance measure.
      The miniscule size of the virus allows it to be breathed in and out at will as you breath because the pores of masks are so huge compared to the virus size. To reiterate – the holes or pores of masks range from 80 – 500 microns depending on the mask and how it moves on your face. (We have confirmed these figures using our own scanning electron microscope). The virus is 125 nanometres. A micron is 1 thousanth of a millimetre but a nanometer is 1 millionth of a millimetre. A good analogy would be a fruit fly (the virus) flying through sheep wire (the pore). Also, masks get so contaminated throughout the day with other pathogens and bacteria, they could be a health hazard in their own right! The one thing that will not contaminate them is this virus!

  7. Wow, what a lengthened show of medical research! I knew there was always something terrible about these musks, because seriously the viruses are so minuet to the extend that we cannot detect them with our naked eyes. So why wont they penetrate through the holes of a musk clearly noticed. But about doctors masks , are they safe for blocking these viruses?

    1. Hi Paul, no is the short answer to your question. The majority of nurses and medics use the surgical or N95 masks. I think it gives people a false sense of security to wear a mask but in effect, they are not able to stop viruses, bacteria perhaps, but not a virus. You also cannot detect a virus with a normal optical microscope. A special transmission electron microscope is necessary to record the virus; it is so small at just 125 nanometres. A nanometre is 1 millionth of a millimetre!

  8. very interesting topic given the current world pandemic, and I agree! cloth masks are useless, my parents got some and I told them that it’s futile and won’t actually protect them from covid but they didn’t listen. I guess i’ll show them this post and see if that makes a difference! 

    1. Thanks Lucas for your input. It is so difficult to convince people, even if the evidence is solid. You can’t have more solid evidence than a microscopic image of a face mask related to the size of the virus. Most people can’t grasp the science but I’m gratified to know you obviously can! Please try and spread your knowledge; the more people that understand what’s going on, the more likely we will be able to stop this fiasco!

  9. This is an extremely important article and if i have your permission, i would like to share it with my friends and family. No one here seems to understand that if you wear a mask (made of cloth that too) you are NOT immune to the virus. Also, the virus can infiltrate through the eyes as well! If anyone wears just a mask and thinks they are safe, they really need help. And this article explains it in a very simple way. I know people who still dont believe the covid 19 is a real pandemic just because they havent seen anyone die from it with their own eyes. And on the other end of the spectrum, i know people who wear masks at home too. They all need to be properly informed! 

    Than you so much for this much needed information! 

    1. Hello Abdul and thanks for your valuable comment. It is good to know that you are au fait with the mask fiasco, also the fact that the virus enters through the eyes. You’re right, people do need help and it is up to us and those in the know to try and explain to them the science. The hierarchy do not want the people to be educated, especially in scientific matters. Once the population knows what’s going on, they will likely baulk at the somewhat silly rules we have to put up with. These rules are actually encroaching on our civil liberties. We all have a right to breath. Restricting our breathing is a breach of human rights. Please use your influence to inform your friends and family. As for this virus, it is just another virus which we will have to contend with, just like we do with all the other  viruses. 

  10. Hello! I have been saying that carbon dioxide is made when a person takes in oxygen, and that it is very dangerous for us. Not to say the least that putting on any mask for an extended amount of time, can lower the oxygen in our bodies. 

    I also feel as if the government do not listen to the professionals, the body count will continue to rise and that is a scary thought indeed. 

    Is it true that if you can not blow out a match while a mask is on, then it is a good mask to use?

    Thank you for the article!

    1. Hi Brendaliz and thanks for your input. I would suggest that if you can blow out a match with your mask on, it’s probably next to useless. If your breath can get through the mask to blow out a match, contaminants can also get through. Have another read of the comparison between the size of the pores or holes in the soft material compared with a virus.

  11. Hi there,

    I had no idea that masks don’t protect from any virus. Why wear a mask then? Where I live, if police catch you without a mask, we must pay a fine of $150. Why does the government require to wear a mask if it doesn’t protect from viruses? 

    I mean the whole world must wear a mask to protect themself and it seems to work so far. However, I always touch my mask because it’s uncomfortable and, to be honest, I didn’t think it would be dangerous to wear a mask while driving. I need to pay attention to those details. Thanks a lot for this excellent post!

    1. Hi Daniella and thanks for reading the article. Now you know that the mask will not keep viruses out you may understand how those in charge can fool you with unscientific information. Knowing the science, it doesn’t make sense to wear a mask, it will not protect us from a virus, any virus. Viruses are so tiny and the cloth mask’s construction has so many holes in it which you can only see when you look through a high powered microscope. The mask may protect you from large bacterium but not from a virus. As I tried to explain in my article, it’s as easy for a virus to get through a mask as it is for a 5p piece or dime can get through a 7 metre tunnel.

      I’m afraid the powers that be have got everyone terrified because the population is not knowledgeable about scientific facts and can be fooled easily with erroneous information or propaganda This is something that we all need to get our heads around so we can ask questions and know when those in charge are lying to us. It is a lie that a cloth mask will stop a virus!

  12. Hi!

    I have to be honest, I had no idea that we shouldn’t wear a mask in the car! Usually when I go out with family because of any medical appointment we all use a mask! Thanks to you, I will make sure my family knows this info so that we can all be safe in the car.

    Thanks for such amazing information!

    1. Hi Juan and thanks for your comment. What I did say is, if you are driving a car and on your own, it’s not much point having a mask on. In fact it’s the perfect time to leave the mask off. If you are with family members in a car, who live in the same household, there again no need for a mask. 

  13. Hi,

    Thanks for a very useful article that deals with an issue of mammoth proportions at the moment. Thanks for the great lengths to which you went to explain the issue of sizes, thus enabling all who cannot think microscopically, to be in the picture. And thanks for the deep research you put in before writing this wonderful piece.

    The risk of hypoxemia and hypercapnia is very real when

    1. the masks are worn for too long OR

    2. the masks are worn under conditions of physical exertion such as playing (as with the mentioned kids), exercising and doing heavy work.

    But proponents of the masks and authorities such as WHO, have at the same time as advising the wearing of masks, now also started a campaign to alert the Public about the above.

    What is your opinion on the issue of THREE-LAYERED masks? Don’t these cause a closing down of the pores?


    1. Hi there Teboho and thanks for reading the article and your valuable comment. So many are now realising that the cloth masks most of the public wear, are no good against any virus not just SARS-CoV-2. Boris Johnson has now changed his mind about wearing masks in shops. He now says they will be mandatory.

      The British people are taking notice of those speaking out against government tactics throughout this fiasco. Our government has caused the deaths of many people so far and ruined many lives all because of their inept conduct. Many more are likely to die from the consequences of their actions as apposed to the virus itself. 

      As for your theory about triple layered masks, just think of 3 x 7 metre tunnels overlaid. The gaps may be less but the virus is still smaller than a 5p piece or a dime in comparison to the 7 metre tunnels. Also it is impossible to accurately line up three layers that are constantly on the move when being worn.  

  14. I keep having the same conversation over and over with people on whether cloth masks are even effective! And I totally agree with you, they aren’t!! Do some people just have to feel good about themselves by wearing something prentending they are effectively contributing to lessening the virus?

    Personally, I would have no issue wearing a mask if it were actually effective. But wearing one just to wear one is counter productive and annoying.

    1. I quite agree with you AA. It’s such a pity that people are happy to be ordered about by their government and complying with ridiculous antics for a virus which is no more than another influenza. 

      Yes, if the mask did actually repel viruses I would be happy to wear one, as long as I was in an area which was flooded with a deadly virus. Thing is, this virus is no more deadly than the other viruses we have to contend with on a yearly basis. 

      I’m really worried though, about the effect all this mask wearing and isolation has on the older generation. 

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