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This is a page I’m dedicating to people who have had experience of a real benefit and a change of life for the better, from taking magnesium supplements and/or eating magnesium rich foods. I’m going to start with my own story of how I came to learn about
the miracle of magnesium.

1.   Ches’s Mg Miracle

As I stated in my ‘about Ches’ page, I’ve been reasonably healthy all my life but gradually my health started to deteriorate, it was quite insidious at first but gradually I began to realise that my quality of life was beginning to suffer.

Looking at the clock
Insomniacs are always looking at the clock

The most distressing problem I had and I’d had it for years, was insomnia.  Ok, some may say, so what, you don’t sleep too well some nights. With me though, I didn’t sleep hardly at all any night. I would go to bed at about 11:00pm, absolutely worn out and by midnight, I

had given up trying to sleep and I’d get up, make a hot drink (not caffeinated) and then watch TV or work on the computer. I’d be up all night, wide awake, until dawn. I would then quietly go back to bed, trying not to wake my husband and maybe sleep for an hour or two. When it was time to get up, I would be exhausted and certainly not ready for the day ahead.  I was irritable and bad tempered and thoroughly miserable . This went on for years.  I’d tried every home remedy I could think of but I was determined not to take drugs. Drugs would not be a cure, just a stopgap.  I wanted something that was natural.

Meanwhile, I was also suffering with back spasms.  Anyone who suffers with muscle spasms will know how painful and debilitating it is.  If I had a bad attack, I would be incapacitated for days, sometimes crawling about on the floor because it was too painful to stand up.  After a few days and many painkillers later, the pain would abate for a while, then I’d have another attack and go back to square one.  On my best days I had to be careful not to do too much which involved using my back. Gardening for more than a few minutes was a no no, too much and I’d really suffer the next day.  This along with my insomnia was making me very depressed and I was always very tearful and the most trivial problem would send me into a flood of tears.

During this horrible period, I suffered many other ailments one of which was constipation. Now this may be funny to some people, probably those who don’t suffer with it, but this affliction can be really depressing and draining.  As well as this, I suffered from spurious facial twitches or tics.  They weren’t visible to others but the continuous movement around my eyes, drove me to distraction.  Another problem I had was sciatica.  This was on top of the muscle spasms and was sometimes so severe, my right leg would give way and I’d have to hold onto someone or something to stop me falling. One time I did actually fall in the shower. My mental acuity started to decline with brain fog, bad memory, anxiety,

Women are at greater risk for depression than men.

depression and stress, not to mention pains in my lower left leg.  I hadn’t got a clue what was causing them but it felt like I was being stabbed.  I forgot to mention, I used to have some serious headaches, sometimes they would last for days.  All these various ailments and afflictions added up to something that was blighting my life.

So what happened, well, one day whilst looking around the internet for a solution to my insomnia, I came across this article about Magnesium Deficiency.  It was written by a Dr Carolyn Dean.  She’s a Medical Doctor as well as a Naturopathic Doctor.  Apart from other natural remedies, she’s been researching and advocating Magnesium for many years and what she doesn’t know about Mg is not worth knowing.  I read her article with interest and spotted a correlation between my problems and the symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency.

That was the start of my life changing from thoroughly miserable, depressed, stressed out, worn out, in pain, always angry, always irritable, always anxious and thinking is this it, am I going to be like this for the rest of my life, getting worse as I get older.

I started researching Mg and could not believe how important this magical mineral is for a healthy body and mind, not just for humans but for all animals and all plants in fact for all life!  I am now taking a Mg supplement daily and I will do so for the rest of my life.  I feel like a different person, I have NONE of the problems I had before taking this miracle mineral and my life has changed completely.  An added bonus to all my ailment disappearing is that my skin has improved no end and my thinning hair, was starting to improve and thickened.   Throw away those creams and potions ladies, you don’t need them for good looking skin, just keep your Mg levels up!

If you want to stay healthy, even into the autumn years of your life, you can enjoy feeling fit and well with Mg. You can dramatically reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure (hypertension) and so many more ailments and illnesses. Your chances of staying disease free as you grow older will increase substantially if you have good Mg levels in your body at all times and you will find many of the ailments you’re suffering now will abate. If your life is stressful from looking after a loved one or having problems in your life which are out of your control, Mg will keep you calm and focussed and able to cope with what life throws at you.

With me, all my stresses and ailments have not only abated, they have disappeared altogether.  I feel great and I want you to feel great too! That’s why I started this webpage.

2.   Andrew’s Glaucoma

Andrew’s father and grandfather both went blind with the horrible disease known as Glaucoma.  There’s no cure for glaucoma and once your eye pressure level reaches 21mm of mercury, then you will be deemed as having glaucoma and you will be prescribed special eye drops which have to be administered for the rest of your life.  If you don’t take the medication, you will go blind and will be in pain during the process.  Glaucoma has been called ‘the silent thief of sight’ and is the 2nd leading cause of blindness after cataracts. Andrew has been having tests to check his eye pressure level since he was 40 years old. This test is free for anyone over the age of 40 years if you have the disease in the family. Otherwise it is free for anyone over 60 years.glaucoma

When first tested at age 40 years, Andrew’s eye pressure was 19mm of mercury which is the high end of normal, the range being 12-21.  Once you reach 21mm you will be put on medication. Over the following 22 years and up until last year’s test Andrew’s pressure has been stable but for the last 9 years it has been 20mm of mercury, just 1mm away from officially having the disease. His optician has told him he WILL get the disease and it’s only a matter of time.

Andrew, having a scientific background, decided to have a look around the internet for some white papers to see what research had been done on Glaucoma.  After a lot of research, he discovered that Mg has been found to be very important for eye health and that there was evidence that it could reduce the onset of cataracts and also the likelihood of glaucoma.  Andrew already knew that Mg was a necessary as well as harmless mineral for all life and promptly started taking Mg Chloride as a supplement.  He knew that Mg Chloride was one of the better bio-available forms of getting elemental Mg into the body.

Last week, Andrew had to go for another eye test for glaucoma.  He had been taking 400 mg of Mg Chloride per day for around 3 months before the eye test was due.  His results stunned him, 18mm of mercury, a significant drop after 9 years of being at 20mm.

Blood clot from plaque buildup
Blood clot in the brain

Andrew has 3 brothers, two of which have had serious strokes and one brother has had a quadruple by-pass.  This brother has recently also been operated on for blocked carotid arteries, one 95% blocked and the other 75% blocked.  The worst artery has been operated on, but he has to have the other artery done in 3 months time.  Andrew is rightly concerned that his health could go the same way as his brothers.  This is the other reason he will be taking Mg for the rest of his life; he wants to give himself the best chance of being free from heart disease, atherosclerosis and stroke, as he ages.

3.   Sam’s Deficiency Symptoms

I had a recent comment from a lady called Sam.  She has been taking Magnesium Citrate and Magnesium Chloride for nearly 6 months now and this is what she had to say:

“Thank you for all your information, I have been taking Magnesium regularly now for 6 months. The main things that I have noticed are improved energy levels and no more trouble with sleeping which used to be a real problem.Magnesium and Insomnia

I also used to have lower back pain which has totally disappeared and also my teeth never ache like they used to.

I am that pleased, I have told a lot of my friends who are now also taking Magnesium also and reaping the benefits.

Thanks again, Sam”

These stories are so gratifying for me, just to know that Sam’s quality of life has improved so much that she had to tell her friends who can see how much healthier and happier Sam is.  This has convinced them that the supplement will also improve their health and well-being too.

As a postscript to Sam’s story, her mum-in-law has fibromyalgia and Sam has been trying to convince her that a magnesium supplement will help her symptoms.  Mum-in-law was very reticent, worrying about not being prescribed it by the doctor.  (Very few doctors know about nutrients and natural remedies, they are only taught about diseases and the drugs to control them).  Anyway, Sam gave her a little bottle of magnesium citrate powder and told her to sprinkle some on her porridge and/or other thick food (it is a little gritty and does not dissolve in water well).  A few days went by and mum-in-law came round with the empty bottle and asked Sam if she could re-fill it!  After another week or so, she came round again, this time with a bigger bottle!  Sam is so pleased she is at last taking the magnesium regularly.  Mum-in-law will not discuss though, what it is doing for her but obviously she feels better for it and has asked Sam to tell her where she gets it from so she can order her own.  One day, I hope she will tell us how her fibromyalgia has improved.

You will find that some of the older generation are very anxious about taking any  medication that has not been prescribed by a doctor.  The medical profession has sometimes an unfortunate habit of calling magnesium a drug.  It is NOT a drug, it is an absolutely essential nutrient for the well being of all living things and that includes plants.  Without it you will be unwell and suffer the consquences if your magnesium deficiency is not controlled.

4.   Dr Rick Malter MD

I found this wonderful site of an well known doctor in Arizona. His name is Dr Rick Malter and he claims that magnesium saved his life he says –

“Magnesium Saved my Life!”  – Rick Malter, Ph.D.The Malter Institute

“35 years ago, I was showing signs of severe hypoglycemia and total exhaustion. In 1980, I was fortunate that a friend and colleague of mine, Ken Candelaria, Ph.D., was very well informed about the cardiovascular health risks associated with severe magnesium deficiency.   Among the major health risks associated with magnesium deficiency are sudden massive fatal heart attacks, serious glucose regulation problems leading to diabetes, and cancer.

Dr. Candelaria strongly recommended that I get a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) test.  The results of this simple lab test clearly showed that I had a very severe magnesium deficiency that put me at an extreme high risk for a fatal heart attack.  I have no doubt that detecting my severe magnesium deficiency with a hair HTMA saved my life and put me on the road back to restoring my health, energy, and vitality.   This led me to study nutrition and hair tissue mineral analysis in depth which was a natural addition to my psychology and counseling practice.”


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2 thoughts on “Magnesium Miracles

    1. Hi there Pam, the short answer is yes, the reasons why, is a longer answer. Basically, think on this. Mg is the mineral of relaxation, calmness, ease, looseness. It’s antagonist partner mineral is calcium. Ca is the mineral of tension, tightness, rigidity and excitation. If you relate that to your body and your nervous system it becomes clear that these two minerals need to be in equal balance. Unfortunately, we have an abundance of Ca in our food and in Ca supplements, which everyone seems to take. Our food is fortified with Ca by the food companies. We are awash with Ca! Mg on the other hand, is depleted in our soils, in our diet and is hardly ever fortified by the food companies. The majority of the population is deficient in Mg to some degree. For those seriously deficient, life will be difficult. They will be nervy, anxious, tight. Their muscles will twitch and cramp. Their digestive system will be prone to constipation and IBS type conditions. Headaches are common, panic attacks, backaches, muscle aches, insomnia. The list is endless because each one of our 37.4 trillion cells needs Mg. But perhaps the most important problem will be progressive deterioration of health. Heart disease and other life threatening conditions. If it is not addressed it WILL shorten your life and your later years will be uncomfortable to say the least.
      We are lacking in many vitamins and minerals in this day and age but Mg is a key nutrient that we MUST have to stay healthy. Once replete in this king of minerals, you can start looking at the other nutrients that you may need to take to improve your health. Other key nutrients are: vitamin K2 (MK7), vitamin D3 (if you’re short on sunshine) vitamin C, ubiquinol. Krill oil is also very useful. Don’t stress over cholesterol, we all need it, especially for our nerves. Statins are the biggest con the pharmaceutical industry has produced.

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