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Magnesium and Hair Loss

How To Stop Hair From Thinning

19 years and not a care except someone took my drink!
19 years and not a care in the world, except someone took my drink!

I first noticed that my lovely hair was thinning when I was in my forties. I used to have long wavy hair and despite it being very fine, I had loads of it and I used to enjoy putting it up and having it long depending on my mood.  Being slightly wavy made it look shiny and healthy.

Then I hit forty and things started to go downhill with my hair.  I didn’t know why and wasn’t too concerned at the time, because my hair still looked nice, especially when well styled.  It was at that time I decided to get some advice from my hairdresser.  He told me to have it cut as older women always look better with short hair and cutting it would make it look thicker as well.  Taking exception to the ‘older women’ bit I did go with his advice and had my hair cut short.  It did actually make me look younger and many commented on how short hair suited me. Continue reading Magnesium and Hair Loss