Losing Freedoms – What Freedoms Are You Losing?

losing freedomsFirst of All – Turn Off Mainstream Media

Turn off Mainstream Media, sit down and ask yourself. What is going on? We’re losing everything. Here is my list of losses, perhaps you can add to them from your perspective: By the way, I’m not forgetting the loss of loved ones who have passed during this period.

We have lost: 

1. The freedom to see our friends and family 

losing child freedoms2. Children’s education 

3. Children’s love of life 

4. Children’s excitement for their future

5. Children’s mental well being  

losing livelihoods6. Jobs 

7. Livelihoods

8. The NHS

9. Health

10. Celebrations of birthdays and other events, family gatherings

losing wedding11. Weddings

12. Funerals and closure

13. Sports

14. Outside hobbies

15. Parties

16 Going to Bars

losing eating out17. Going to Restaurants

18. Going to the cinema

19. Going shopping with friends/family

20. Our facial expressions

losing family gatherings21. Our Smiles

22. Hugs and kisses 

23. Holidays

24. The Gym

25. All kinds of meetings ie. churches, hobbies, clubs, indoor sports 

26. Audience TV programmes, Zooming just doesn’t cut it!

Turning to suicide

losing young lives
teenager takes her own life over covid isolation – said her world was closing in

Some of us have lost our minds and the will to live, turning to suicide. Some of us are dying from lack of NHS care. Some of us are dying alone in our homes. Some of us are trapped and held in a care home, to die without the comfort of their family and friends. Children are especially at risk.

losing to elististsNot all of us are losing!

Have all of us lost everything? What about the government, what about SAGE! What about MSM celebrities such as Gary Lineker who gets £2 million per year. Will he give up his pay to help those who are losing?

losing to propagandaCelebrities

Celebrities on TV who are sitting in a warm studio with large amounts of money going into their bank account regularly. Celebrities who are continually pushing the one sided narrative. Those employed by BBC, ITV and other MSM, all warm and enjoying good salaries. Journalism is dead!

Do those in the warm think of those in the cold?

losing ownership of property
Prince Charles, an advocate of the Great Reset and member of the WEF

Do they think about those in the cold, I mean really think, to such a degree they want to change things? The majority of us are in the cold. A small elitist minority are in the warm! Things will deteriorate for us, unless we stand up for our rights and freedoms. Those in the warm will stay warm and those in the cold will stay cold.

Is this the new normal?losing smiles

If this is the new normal, I want nothing to do with it. How about you? Will you stand up for those in the cold? Are you cosy and warm and not affected by these Draconian measures, because you’re part of them?

A one side narrative

A one sided narrative is not scientific, dogma and rituals set in. A reluctance to look at the other side and debate the situation, is too risky for the heirarchy. It may show them to be unsympathetic at best and downright criminal at worst! Or are they just stupid, dealing in nonsense and peddling non scientific based policies. The epitomy of stupidity? How about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. The first lockdown didn’t work. What makes governments think more lockdowns will produce a different result?

losing mental healthMy dog barks at people in masks!

I’ve come to the conclusion that my dog is more intelligent than the policy makers! He barks at people in masks! Why is that? Because he cannot see their expression and that makes him nervous. How do you think children feel about masks. Their parents’ faces are covered hiding their expressions and the child gets frightened, nervous and isolated. This is damaging the mental health of our children!! Suicides are on the rise. The latest I heard was of a 12 year old girl whose last words were…”what’s the point”

By the way, I have here in front of me, over 20 studies concluding that masks do not protect from viral infection. Some I had to find on the ‘wayback machine’ because they had been removed. I cannot find any studies that prove masks protect you from being infected by a virus. I also have my own post which explains how small a virus is in respect to surgical and cloth masks. There are many problems with wearing a mask, not least one of hygiene. No matter how careful you are, your mask will amass hoards of bacteria and pathagens throughout the day. The video above is magnified X16,000 at the end shot. The size of the end shot represents 0.025mm (1/40th of a mm) across. Think how much contamination is on the whole of the mask!

About the virus and your mask.

virus and blood cell
Accurate representation of the difference between the size of a blood cell (7 μm) and the virus (125nm)

Just a quick reminder about sizes. A micron (μm) is 1 thousandth of a mm but a nanometre (nm) is 1 millionth of a mm. Just looking at a ruler and seeing the size of a mm puts the virus into perspective. The SARS-CoV-2 virus is 125nm. So do you really think your surgical or cloth mask will stop this minuscule virus? The mask may stop large droplets of saliva which may have virus in, but all that does is make it worse by aerosolising the droplet as it gets forced through the mask pores as you breath in and out! What is the  main form of transmission of the virus? Aerosol transmission! If you don’t wear a mask, large droplets will either fall to the ground, or be caught by your hand holding handerchief or tissue. Much safer than aerosolising with your mask!

Are masks causing a rise in bacterial Pneumonia

Apart from accumulation from the outside environment, your stale air is expelled to rid the lungs of unwanted microorganisms, many of which will be gathered on the inside of your mask.  These unwanted microorganisms will be taken back into the lungs. Again, they will be expelled into your mask and again you will breath them back in! This can produce numerous infections, particularly bacterial pneumonia, very dangerous, particularly for the elderly and infirm.

Dr James MeehanDr. James Meehan, MD warned that mask wearing has..

“well-known risks that have been well-studied and they’re not being discussed in the risk analysis. I’m seeing patients that have facial rashes, fungal infections, bacterial infections. Reports coming from my colleagues, all over the world, are suggesting that the bacterial pneumonias are on the rise.

ivor cumminsGet educated about what’s going on!

If you want to learn more about being in the cold, do your own research and keep away from the brainwashing of main stream media. Don’t get taken in by their lies. Lies like – masks, lockdowns and 2 metre distancing decreases transmission of the virus. Check out the real science from real scientists, such as The Great Barrington Declaration where over 53,000 worldwide renowned scientists, medics and professionals disagree with the policies that are causing such terrible collateral damage. Ivor Cummins has some great videos about C.19, here’s his latest with a nice Irish lilt!

The UK and SAGE

Policies are encouraged by SAGE in UK, where most of the 323 members are psychologists and mathematicians producing ‘models’ that obviously are inaccurate and not close to real events. Prof Neil Ferguson has a history of over exaggerating future predictions. In fact he quit as a government adviser after flouting the rules by receiving visits from his lover at his home. Interesting to note that he is still on the SAGE committee in 2 seats.

Real Scientists are thin on the ground in SAGE

Clinical immunologists, virologists, professors and research scientists, vaccinology experts and independents are thin on the ground. Thus it is unlikely that there is debate to make sure both side of the medical equations are covered, including collateral damage which seems to be ignored completely. Keeping dogma and protocol that deosn’t work is the height of stupidity and lacking perception. SAGE seems to be devoid of common sense!

build back betterWhat is The Great Reset?

Look up ‘the great reset’, ‘the 4th industrial revolution’ and ‘build back better’. They are all on the same page, ready to change your lives to more cold. The hub of this ‘new normal’ is the WEF (World Economic Forum). Check out their vision for the future and more importantly, check out who the members of this massive consortium are.

Spread the word!

8 thoughts on “Losing Freedoms – What Freedoms Are You Losing?

  1. So happy to have found your blog ! I’ve been on the Eastern Virginia Medical School’s Ivermectin Protocol ( yes, their doctors and nurses take it) for a couple of months and am walking around Brooklyn like a normal free person. Your link to the Magnesium Citrate is broken…what citrate product are you now using? thank you , Phil

    1. Hello again Philip, and great you’re on the Ivermectin protocol and swanning around without a care in the world! By the way, take a look at this post about Magnesium Chloride and how to do your own. Much cheaper than purchasing and it’s so simple once you have the food grade Mg Chloride powder. It’s also 100% bioavailable and does not have a laxative effects like other Mg salts. Good luck and good health to you and yours always.

  2. My MgCl2.6H20 arrived today and so I have made up my solution and taken my first drink with a dose. I paid £6.60 for 1 Kg of it. I checked the daily recommended dose and see it is 300mg per day. Being cautious I am starting off at half that just in case I get any adverse reaction. I will increase it after a few days. One mistake I made was to put the crystals into 250mls of water – forgetting that the solution is then more than 250mls! Still it is a lesson learnt and it means it is a bit weaker than it should be.

    Thanks again for a great website

    1. Good luck with your Mg. After you have taken it for a few days, you will probably be able to up the dose. I take 600mg per day. That’s a common mistake putting the crystals into the water first. Anyway, your right, it won’t make too much difference. In fact the bitter taste may be less with a weaker dose. If you can’t stand the taste, use a little elderflower cordial in your glass of water, it does wonders!

  3. Nice to hear from you. You have inspired me to try magnesium chloride which I have ordered up from Amazon. I hope the lockdown does not last as long as you fear. I still believe our leaders here in the UK are trying to do their best, though they are fearful of getting it wrong after the second wave came along. I am an optimist – even though I don’t like injections and I know there is a small risk, I will have the vaccine. To me its balancing the risks of getting the disease with getting a bad reaction to the vaccine. You say covid is easy to treat, but some people have a very bad reaction to the virus, due to underlying health conditions (possibly undiagnosed) and do not respond to treatments. Maybe magnesium deficiency plays a part.

    As for the World Economic Forum; whatever they might like to do, I don’t think they will achieve it. There are far too many things preventing it. I cannot imagine Prince Charles owning nothing, or any of the elite. They sound like they have re-invented the ideal of Communism, and we know that that didn’t work. Take care and stay positive!

    1. Hi Derek, I’m very gratified to know that you will try Mg. I’m sure once you start you will carry on with this amazing mineral. I love your positive attitude. The most important reason to have this vaccine is that you have been able to come to your decision after informed consent. So many people just do not know the background of this vaccine and do not know exactly what a mRNA vaccine does.
      I think the collatoral damage caused by the policies to deal with this pandemic is much worse than the deaths that Covid has caused. The scaremongering to make the public comply is unprecedented, with so many people young and old absolutely terrified. This is unforgiveable and quite unnecessary. To bring out a vaccine for a disease that has a deathrate of 0.02% for the majority of the population is duplicitous. Admittedly this figure goes up slightly if you are old or infirm or have comorbidities.
      I wonder how different the deathrate would have been if we had just treated this coronovirus like all the others, like the original SARS of 2003 and the MERS of 2013?
      Anyway, we may have to agree to differ on some of these points but it is good to debate a topic rather than have all against the narrative banned and censored. I sincerely hope you are right about the WEF. I do not think though that any of the elitists including Prince Charles intend to give up their wealth. That intention will only apply to the general population.

  4. What a fascinating blog you have. I stumbled on it while looking for a cure for a pulled muscle, or maybe a muscle spasm. I will certainly try magnesium. I share much of your concerns on the loss of liberty, though I have some sympathy with our political leaders in dealing with an unprecedented situation in covid. I hope they will lift the restrictions as soon as possible and not be over-cautious. The Great Reset is based on a response to the climate change fear, and that I submit has been greatly exaggerated

    1. Hi Derek and thanks for your important input. To a certain extent, I do agree with you about our political leaders, but I cannot forgive that there are now a number of treatments for this virus, in fact it’s easy to treat. These treatments are being ignored in favour of the vaccine. I always say ‘follow the money’ and this seems to apply with this virus. It would appear that these restrictions are staying for the foreseeable future. In the UK there will be no letup until Easter at least. The World Economic Forum which is the centre of the Great Reset, the 4th Industrial Revelution and Build Back Better, is an organisation which wants to change the world. For their benefit, not for the normal person. When you see statements such as “In 2030 you will own nothing and you will be happy” coming out of this forum, I get really nervous!

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