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Questioning COVID deaths – are the numbers inflated?

covid-19I’m Skeptical!

I don’t know about you, but I am questioning COVID deaths and becoming very skeptical about the official COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) death rate for the UK. According to Statista, UK deaths, up to 24th June, reached 42,927. This equates to 645 per 1 million deaths, given that the UK population is 66.49 million.

6 people per 10,000 have died so far

Another way of putting it is 0.064% of the total population. In other words, less than 1 person (0.6) per thousand or 6 people per 10,000 have supposedly died of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic. This equates to around 1/14th of a yearly total all cause mortality death rate for the UK. Of course, we haven’t had a full year of figures for 2020, so we must take that into account.

Comparison figures before COVID.

To compare these figures to previous deaths before COVID, I checked Statista’s other entries for previous years. First I looked for total deaths for the UK. I found a range of years between 2000 and 2018 on Statista’s site. The highest number was for 2018 at 616,000 all cause mortality and the lowest number was for 2011 at 552,000 all cause mortality.

Statistic: Death rate per 1,000 resident population in the United Kingdom from 2000 to 2018 | Statista

Lung disease death rates for UK 2012

I looked for all figures relating to lung disease deaths in the UK.  At random I chose year 2012. There was a convenient pie chart for this year which gave information on all lung disease deaths including:

  • Lung Cancer – 35,419 deaths – 31%
  • COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) – 29,776 deaths – 26.1%
  • Pneumonia – 28,952 deaths – 25.3%
  • Other lung diseases – 19,847 – 17.6%

So for 2012 the total death rate in the UK for anything relating to lungs was 113,994. If we surmise that this year COVID deaths will be double the rate thus far of 42,927, we could estimate a deathrate for 2020 of  <100,000 for COVID. But what will the death rate be for all other lung diseases?

lung disease deaths UK

The British Lung Foundation

According to the British Lung Foundation  someone dies of lung disease in the UK every 5 minutes. That equates to 105,120 deaths per year. Also 10,000 people are diagnosed with lung disease every week.

Now I have looked everywhere to try and find information on death rates for lung diseases for 2019 through to 2020. Seeing as we have a continual running commentary of the COVID-19 deaths, I don’t know why I can’t get information on other diseases, specifically lung type diseases and communicable influenzas.

Are all lung diseases being lumped together?

This leads me to think that maybe some lung disease deaths are getting mixed in with COVID-19 deaths. After all, some of the symptoms are similar and 1 death every 5 minutes for lung disease is a high figure that should be noticed and recorded. Is it possible that some that died WITH covid, may have died OF another lung disease such as Lung Cancer, Pneumonia or COPD. Another strong possibility is patients may have died because they were at the end of their life because of another diseases or old age. After all, most deaths are among the elderly.

Patients not getting treatment!

Or it could be that those with other lung diseases are not receiving their treatment because they are fearful to go to the doctor’s surgery or to hospital. Who can blame them, many have contracted COVID whilst in hospital.

In the US doctors are asking questions

In the US, Drs. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi of Accelerated Urgent Care held a press conference. Their goal was to encourage policymakers to reopen the economy. This was promptly banned from YouTube! Why?

Dr Erikson, whilst being interviewed said “When I’m writing up my death report I’m being pressured to add Covid, Why is that? Why are we being pressured to add Covid?…

Are hospitals in the US being paid for COVID deaths? Do they get extra funding if a patient dies after being on a ventilator? It appears YES is the answer!

What about Post Mortems

On the 20th May, according to the Independent newspaper, post mortems are few and far between. If that’s the case, how can anyone be really sure of cause of death?

“Only a few dozen medical post-mortem examinations have been carried out since the start of the outbreak meaning there is a shortage of tissue samples for scientists hoping to unravel how the virus affects the body or study the wider epidemiology of its spread among groups in society.

The Royal College of Pathologists has said it is “absolutely vital” that more medical or so-called ‘consented post-mortems’ are carried out now the country is through the worst of the pandemic.”

Are numbers being manipulated?

You may think that the powers that be would not even think of doing such a thing as manipulating the public by expanding the COVID death rate. But then, I remembered an article I wrote on influenza. The media deliberately wrote the information in such a way as to mislead and frighten patients to have their flu jabs. Here is the news article from the Daily Mail:flu headline

If you look carefully at this item of news, it is completely misleading. In fact it is a poorly written piece of journalism. Notice how the headline grabs your attention “Death rates soar due to vicious strain of flu…” The media know people don’t tend to read everything, they pick out the ‘best’ bits, it’s human nature.  Before reading further you are already expecting the death rate to be due to the flu, when in fact the death rate is the total for all cause mortality, not just the flu.

confusedAre you confused?

Are you thoroughly confused? Statistics are renowned to be unreliable. You can present them in so many ways. The general public are so trusting and therefore malleable.  In fact, any figure can be presented to suit governments, powerful tycoons, the pharmaceutical industry, the mass media or any other large establishment. The purpose? To control!

Are you compliant?

The population is compliant because of fear. Fear of death from COVID, fear of lockdowns, social distancing, limited movement, obligatory facemasks and anything else that is brought into law to make our lives miserable. Because of compliance we are already putting up with: loss of employment, loss of income, loss of savings, loss of home, loss of self respect, loss of health, loss of education and most importantly, loss of freedom. Apart from all of the above, many of us are depressed and in low  spirits, not surprising. Our normal lives have been taken away from us all because of the capricious behaviour of our governments.

Are you free to choose?
vaccinating baby
I don’t trust you!

If we comply with everything that so called experts and advisors such as Neil Ferguson and Dominic Cummings throw at us, we can look forward to some miserable times, culminating in a loss of freedom. Except, of course, for governments, rich and powerful tycoons, the pharmaceutical industry, the media mouthpieces and other large powerful establishments. Animal Farm comes to mind. This child’s face says it all!

Why aren’t we asking questions?

Compliance through fear, I call it! Perhaps we should start asking more questions such as: Why, if COVID-19 was downgraded on 19th March from a HCID (High Consequence Infectious Disease) and classed as just another influenza virus, we were all put under house arrest 4 days later on the 23rd March? Lockdown wasn’t enforced for other influenzas.

We are being led by the nose to a future of misery. Oh yes, I forgot. Salvation comes in the form of mandatory stuffings* which have not been properly tested for efficacy or safety.  For some of us, this stuff* will increase our misery as Gates has approximated on air that ~700,000 of us will have serious effects from the COVID stuff!*
*See video below to explain stuff.

Dr Vernon Coleman

Have a look at this video by the ‘the old man in a chair’. He is eloquent, knowledgeable and a retired medical doctor. His humour helps, as he speaks out about an extremely serious subject, COVID and our future freedom. He has had many videos banned from youtube, but this video is still available. The stuffing police haven’t caught on yet!

Instructions for doctors during COVID

This has been taken from the site, strangely from the HM Passport Office?

Medical practitioners are required to certify causes of death “to the best of their knowledge and belief”. Without diagnostic proof, if appropriate and to avoid delay, medical practitioners can circle ‘2’ in the MCCD (“information from post-mortem may be available later”) or tick Box B on the reverse of the MCCD for ante-mortem investigations. For example, if before death the patient had symptoms typical of COVID- 19 infection, but the test result has not been received, it would be satisfactory to give ‘COVID-19’ as the cause of death, tick Box B and then share the test result when it becomes available. In the circumstances of there being no swab, it is satisfactory to apply clinical judgement.

To Finish – The Daily Express – 3rd March 2020
“…THE CORONAVIRUS which is rapidly spreading across the globe should be the least of our concerns when compared to the flu, scientists have warned…

COVID-19 is not a HCID – according to GOV.UK

covid-19 is not a HCIDDefinition of HCID

In the UK, a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) is defined according to the following criteria:

  • acute infectious disease
  • typically has a high case-fatality rate
  • may not have effective prophylaxis or treatment
  • often difficult to recognise and detect rapidly
  • ability to spread in the community and within healthcare settings
  • requires an enhanced individual, population and system response to ensure it is managed effectively, efficiently and safely
So what would you think?

If you looked at this list of criteria and applied it to COVID-19, what would you think?  You would probably surmise that COVID-19 fitted this description perfectly. After all, this is what the media has been feeding us over these lockdown months. But is it true?

Status of COVID-19 on 19th March 2020

This is the status of COVID-19 according to the British Government website At GOV.UK on 19th March:

As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK.

The 4 nations public health HCID group made an interim recommendation in January 2020 to classify COVID-19 as an HCID. This was based on consideration of the UK HCID criteria about the virus and the disease with information available during the early stages of the outbreak. Now that more is known about COVID-19, the public health bodies in the UK have reviewed the most up to date information about COVID-19 against the UK HCID criteria. They have determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall), and there is now greater clinical awareness and a specific and sensitive laboratory test, the availability of which continues to increase.

The ACDP say…

The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) is also of the opinion that COVID-19 should no longer be classified as an HCID.

COVID-19 is not a HCID4 days later…

4 days later on the 23rd March 2020, the UK was put into lockdown. What happened between the 19th and 23rd?

  • Many have lost their jobs
  • Many will have difficulty getting other employment.
  • Suicide rates have soared.
  • Domestic violence has escalated.
  • Schools have been closed and student exams cancelled.
  • The economy has been devastated.
  • Many restaurants, pubs and cafes will never recover.
  • Service industries left in ruins
  • Holiday industry badly affected
  • Mental health problems escalated, especially in the younger generation
  • The most vulnerable are dying unnecessarily
Sweden never locked down

Businesses, restaurants, pubs and bars, primary schools and their borders were never closed down. Masks were never mandated and yet Sweden claims that 99.998% of all their citizens under 60 years survived. Their hospitals were never put under pressure. The only action Sweden took was to keep events to no larger than 50 people.

Sweden’s death rates

Although lower than Spain and Italy, Sweden is classed at the higher end of reported death rates. But Sweden’s anti lockdown plans have helped keep the population reasonably relaxed about the virus. Images of Sweden show people enjoying themselves and having a good time in restaurants and outside cafes. Chatting with friends and family and having a reasonably normal life. Unlike the UK and other countries where much of the population seems anxious, fearful and confined, unable to see loved ones.

This graph gives an idea of the daily death rates in Sweden. There appeared to be a spike around 23rd April, but the trend is definitely downwards, with 12 new deaths for 18th June.

Sweden covid deaths

Sweden stuck to their guns
Sweden’s model is more likely to instigate herd immunity faster and a more rapid economic recovery. Their action will also produce fewer deaths from the collateral damage of a lockdown.
What about our future

The damage caused by the UKs procedure will have consequences for years. Sweden, on the other hand, has left their population free to live their lives, the only Western country to buck the trend. Although their economy is obviously suffering, they may get away with a quicker recovery. Also, as they will not be coming out of lockdown, they will surely not suffer another spike?

The media feeds fear!

Sweden looked at history and other past pandemics and took stock. As for the UK, never has a population been so systematically frightened and panicked by the media and our governments, to the extent that many are now terrified to even seek medical help for fear of catching this disease in hospital or at the doctor’s surgery.

COVID-19 is not a HCIDDetailing deaths will not calm the population

Reporting deaths in detail on national news is not helpful in my opinion. It only serves to stress out the viewers and cause alarm, anxiety, tension and unecessary suffering. Those living in nursing homes and their relatives, must be frightened to death!

Ethnic minorities

Then there is the problem with ethnic minorities being more likely to succumb to the virus. They offered no help at all to those brave ethnic NHS workers. They should have been given priority PPEs, regular tests and advice on how to keep themselves safe. Just taking some simple supplements would have helped their immune system cope with any infection.

Nursing homes scandal
In the UK, nursing homes were mostly ignored and worse, used as a staging post for those coming out of hospital with the disease. This caused an epidemic of deaths of the hapless elderly residents, an utter disgrace. A more rational model would be to lockdown the nursing homes with their carers, do regular testing and heavily compensate carers for their inconvenience. Then let the younger generation keep the economy going. The economy need not have been so adversely affected and the healthy population would still have their jobs without suffering the enormous hardships that has been foisted upon them, their children and their loved ones.
According to The Telegraph**

On March 25, just a day after Britain shut down, economist Professor Philip Thomas, of Bristol University, made a grim prediction.

If the country remained in lockdown for longer than two months, he warned, any lives saved would be wiped out by those lost from the impact of the inevitable recession.

Britain hit that timeline more than a fortnight ago, but restrictions largely remain in place and there is growing alarm among economists that the cure has become far deadlier than the disease.

COVID-19 is not a HCIDWe have to live with  all diseases

In my humble opinion, we should start living our lives with this disease, as we do with other flu-type viruses and life threatening medical conditions. Dying from the consequences of human interference as well as the disease, seems to be a ludicrous master plan!

Protect the vulnerable

Why not concentrate all our efforts on protecting the vulnerable such as this homeless mother and child. Those of us who are young and strong with no medical conditions, can cope on our own if left to work and carry on with our lives. Bringing the economy back, gives us the means to safeguard our sick and elderly. Giving our NHS nurses and our nursing home carers a decent living wage would be a big step forward.

As a guide…

To keep things in perspective:

  • As of 19th June 2020,  456,458 have died worldwide from COVID-19 according to Statista

According to the World Health Organisation, for the year 2016, there were nearly 60 million deaths worldwide. Here were the top killers.

  • The biggest killer worldwide is still Ischaemic heart disease at 9 million.
  • Stroke is next killing 6 million.
  • 3 million people died worldwide of respiratory infections due to communicable diseases, such as Corona viruses.
  • 3 million died in the same year of COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).
  • 2 million deaths were due to dementias.
  • Lung cancer (along with trachea and bronchus cancers) caused 1.7 million deaths.
  • Diabetes killed 1.6 million people.
  • Road injuries killed 1.4 million people in 2016, about three-quarters (74%) of whom were men and boys.
COVID-19 is not a HCIDPART TWO –  Protect yourself and your family

Pharmaceutical drugs are the only methods recognised by the medical fraternity. If it’s not patentable, then the drug companies aren’t interested. Consequently, many of our vulnerable citizens are falling short of being healthy, purely because of their lack of proper nutrients. Doctors and nurses are not taught about what our bodies need to keep healthy. If it’s not drug related, it’s not in the curriculum. Medics are generally hog-tied, it’s not their fault! If they do try to use non standard protocols, they are reprimanded. What is little known is that pharmaceutical drugs often deplete nutrients which if not repleted cause untold problems.

Treatment protocols

If a treatment for COVID-19 is not deemed to be an established medical protocol, it is thrown out as quackery without even a second glance. The pharmaceuticals are to blame for this response. This despite these treatments being far superior and saving lives to boot!

Diabetes codeProtect yourself with simple nutrients

I give below some important nutrients that will help keep you healthy. In particular they will help with immune function, inflammation, calcification, heart and respiratory health and digestive health. With regards to digestive health, avoid taking any PPI medications which will affect your digestion and absorption of your nutrients. For those with diabetes type 2, have a look at this information to help control this debilitating disease. It is reversible and those that say otherwise are wrong!

Vitamin C Vitamin C

A most import nutrient is vitamin C otherwise known as ascorbic acid. If you are low in vitamin C, you will easily succumb to inflammation and it’s inflammation that is a major symptom of this virus. Fruit is good yes, with kiwi being one of the highest in vitamin C. But you do need to supplement as well. You can buy this vitamin at any health food shop in powder form, so you can adjust it to suit your body. High doses can cause the laxative effect so take as much as you can tolerate. For those with funds, Liposomal is best, next to intravenous (IV), but the problem for most is the expense.

Vitamin D3Vitamin D3

Particularly for those of us who are of ethnic origin, a vital vitamin to take is vitamin D3. This is particularly important for people with darker skin. Vitamin D3 is known as the sunshine vitamin because it’s the sun on your skin which activates absorption of this vital nutrient. (Vitamin D is actually a hormone).

If you live in sunny climes then getting out in the sun for a good 15 minutes a day for lighter skinned people and more if you are olive skinned or darker. Those with very dark skin can and need to stay in the sun for much longer periods of time.  For those living in cooler regions or in areas with little sun, a supplement is essential. One of the reasons ethnic minorities are so susceptible to COVID-19 is their lack of this essential hormone. Also magnesium levels have to be replete for D3 to be activated.

Magnesium Magnesium

As well as vitamin D3, you must be replete in Magnesium (Mg). It is estimated that 80% of the population is low in Mg. This is mainly because of how our food is produced, with soils being devoid of many of our basic nutrients of which Mg is of the most vital. Mg is necessary to activate the stored form of vitamin D in your body. Without it your vitamin D will remain inactive. Also, Mg will help asthmatic symptoms. Mg is essential for producing our energy in our mitochrondria. Mg is vital for good heart health. Mg is necessary for hundreds of bodily functions to be activated. A Mg deficiency will be expressed by a plethora of unpleasant conditions.

Ca without Mg is positively dangerous! These two antagonistic minerals need to be in equal measures to work at their optimum. Ca without enough Mg is a recipe for disaster, see below.

Vitamin K2MK7Vitamin K2MK7

Vitamin K2MK7 is one of those vital vitamins that remain mostly unknown by the general public and, of course, the medical fraternity. This vitamin is important to ensure your excess Calcium (Ca) which is often deposited into your soft tissue, such as arteries, valves of the heart, kidneys etc., does not settle in these areas and cause untold damage. We are plied with Ca excessively. It is put into many foods and added to most indigestion tablets to a dangerous degree. It is unlikely that any of us needs even more Ca. We are already overun with it, hence the calcifications deposited in our bodies.

Zinc Other nutrients

The above I consider to be of the utmost importance but of course there are many other vitamins and minerals that many of us are deficient in. Do your own research and get to know your health and the state of it. Don’t leave it up to a stranger who is under the thumb of the pharmaceutical industry. It doesn’t takeThiamin long to realise which nutrients could help your particular problems. Taking nutrients that the body needs to do its job and keep you fit, is the best treatment. After all, we were born with these in our body. We weren’t born with pharmaceutical drugs! Natural first, drugs if there is no alternative.

Eat Well, ditch the junk!

Lastly, try and eat more healthily. This is a good time to cook your own food. Recipes that will have just the ingredients you put in, not a whole lot of GRAS (generally regarded as safe) ingredients which the food manufacturers fill our processed foods with. GRAS ingredients are a cheap way of filling your food with unsuitable and sometimes harmful contents along with sugar, processed salt and artificial sweeteners. When an ingredient is labelled GRAS, it means it has not been safety tested, so it’s a loopehole for food manufacturers. Also, try and buy as much organic as you can afford.

Our body craves nutrients

If we all had the correct nutrients our bodies crave for, the hospitals would be half empty. Many deficiencies of nutrients, vitamins and minerals are the cause of medical conditions. For instance, “diabetes is a magnesium deficiency state”.  A famous phrase from Diabetes researcher Dr Jerry Nadler of the Eastern Virginia Medical School who was given the ‘top scientist’ award for 2016.

COVID-19 protocol that works!

“I believe we’ve cracked the COVID-19 code.” — Dr. Paul Marik

With the help of the now renowned Dr Paul Marik and other critical care specialists, a COVID-19 protocol that works, is being used NOW to treat patients at major hospitals across the US. These hospitals are getting an exceptionally high success rate.

Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Working Group (FLCCC)

The critical care physicians have been working together and now formed an alliance which they call the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Working Group (FLCCC). These talented medical specialists have developed a highly effective treatment protocol known as MATH+.

Have a look at this video:
Dr Marik’s sepsis protocol finessed

Using Dr Marik’s sepsis protocol as a basis, they are now finessing the treatment to cover all aspects of the unusual symptoms caused by COVID-19. More than 100 hospitalised patients have been treated with this new protocol and as of the middle of April, just 2 have died. Both these patients had advanced chronic medical conditions and were in their 80s.

Vitamin C, Hydrocortisone, Heparin +

Still keeping the ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and hydrocortisone (methylprednisolone), additional treatments have been added. Because of the coagulation problems suffered by many patients, heparin has been included along with optional uses of thiamine, zinc and vitamin D. These treatments need to be administered within 6 hours of admission into hospital, along with high-flow nasal oxygen.

The MATH+ protocol addresses the three major problems of a COVID-19 infection ie. hyperinflammation, hypercoagulation and hypoxia. Here is the detail as taken from their website:

COVID-19 Early Intervention protocol

The most important strategy of this protocol is that it is administered early before the major problems of this disease get too serious. It is suggested that those admitted to hospital start treatment as soon as possible or before they go to ICU. In fact early treatment may even limit ICU necessity. If someone has presented in the emergency room there is already a strong possibility that the patient is seriously ill. Starting treatment immediately gives that patient the best chance of recovery.

Taken from the the critical care group’s website  here is a list of all the specialist medics involved in this COVID-19 protocol known at MATH+

  • Endowed Professor of Medicine
  • Chief, Div. of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
  • Eastern Virginia Medical School Norfolk, Virginia
Dr Gianfranco MeduriG. UMBERTO MEDURI, M.D.
  • Professor of Medicine
  • Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine
  • Univ. of Tennessee Health Science Center Memphis, Tennessee
  • Memphis V.A. Medical Center
  • Medical Director, Trauma & Life Support Center
  • Critical Care Service Chief
  • Associate Professor of Medicine Univ. of Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health
  • Assoc. Prof., Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine at Seton Hall
  • Dept. of Nephrology & Critical Care / Community Medical Center
  • Dept. of Nephrology, Jersey Shore University Medical Center
  • Neptune, New Jersey
  • Professor of Acute & Continuing Care
  • The University of Texas Health Science Center
  • Chief of Staff & Chief of Critical Care
  • United Memorial Medical Center, Houston, Texas


  • Senior Consultant Anesthesiologist
  • Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesia
  • Volda, Norway



  • Associate Specialist
  • Emergency Department
  • Princess Elizabeth Hospital
  • States of Guernsey


  • Medical Director, Center for Balanced Health
  • Voluntary Attending Physician, Lenox Hill Hosp. New York, New York


  • Board Certified: Emergency Med., Pain Med., Addiction Med.
  • President, Pharmacology Policy Institute
  • Clinical Faculty, Pain Fellowship Program,
    Univ. of California, San Francisco (UCSF) School of Medicine
  • Founder & Medical Director, Recovery Without Walls
    Mill Valley, California
  • Pulmonologist & Med. Dir., Lung Center of America
  • Clinical Instructor, Wright State University School of Medicine,
  • Dayton, Ohio


The FLCCC website asks the question:

“The components of MATH+ are off-patent, inexpensive, and globally available. So if we know that  MATH+ works, produces few side effects, and saves lives that would otherwise be lost, why isn’t it being used throughout the world?”

Here is the answer!

To learn more please visit the FLCCC website at   and get yourself informed on how this virus can be beaten, throughout the world!

Why is this treatment not in every hospital?

Why have we not heard about this successful treatment? Why is it not all over the news? The pharmaceutical lobbyists have been working hard at making sure this kind of good news about COVID-19 doesn’t reach the public. A lucrative COVID-19 vaccine is the only way the pharmaceuticals want this pandemic to go.

Follow the money!

This cheap unpatentable treatment COVID-19 protocol that works, could put the dampeners on a vaccine. If the public know there is a successful treatment which makes this disease less serious and more controllable, many may dismiss the vaccine as not being necessary. Especially as it has been confirmed by Bill Gates that there will probably be many deaths from the vaccine. Using this protocol could seriously affect the massive profits that Big Pharma hope to make with the fast tracked non safety tested COVID-19 vaccine.

COVID 19 Treatment – Summary

COVID 19 Treatment – Summary is a shortened version of the article COVID 19 – Sepsis and the HAT Protocol. The longer version of this article is here.  Note, the original post was dated 14th March and much has changed, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the viability of this treatment protocol for seriously ill COVID 19 patients.

Prof Allen ChengFirstly, Prof Allen Chang of Monash University. He is a Professor of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology and states: “There’s much we’ve yet to learn about this new virus, but we know it often causes pneumonia, an infection of the lungs which produces pus and fluid and reduces the lungs’ ability to absorb oxygen. Of the first 99 people with severe infection, three-quarters had pneumonia involving both lungs. Around 14% appeared to have lung damage caused by the immune system, while 11% suffered from multi-organ system failure, or sepsis.” Continue reading COVID 19 Treatment – Summary

COVID 19 – Sepsis and the HAT Protocol.

elderly relativesFamilies are worried about their older relatives succumbing to the COVID 19 virus. I want to talk about Covid 19, Sepsis and the HAT Protocol. You need to read this and keep it as a reference, just in case

Those of us who are fit and healthy are not too concerned about being hit by this new virus, but we do worry about our older relatives and how they would cope if they contracted this disease. Continue reading COVID 19 – Sepsis and the HAT Protocol.