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Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma – evidence against Monsanto revealed!

Harvesting with RoundupThis is a follow up of last weeks post about Monsanto’s toxic herbicide Roundup. In this article, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, the evidence given to the court by the plaintiff Mr Johnson, in the case against Monsanto is damning.  These submissions proved how Monsanto has committed fraud, having no regard for the damage to health that its toxins cause. This court case was particularly with respect to Roundup and glyphosate, just one of many killer toxins this odious chemical company has produced.

Historic Case

This is a historic case against one of the most unpopular chemical companies in the world. Their product Roundup has been looked at with suspicion for decades. Only now has it come to light to the public, how this fraudulent and immoral company practices business.

The Story

Dewayne ‘Lee’ Johnson worked as a groundsman for a school in Northern California. He is 46 years old, married and a father of two. Whilst working for the Benicia school in California between 2012 to 2015, he estimated to have sprayed 150 gallons of Roundup 20 – 40 times each year.

Mr Johnson contacted MonsantoMonsantoLetter re Johnson

Mr Johnson phoned Monsanto and spoke with Patricia Biehl, a product support specialist for Monsanto. He explained to her where he worked and how he was using a large tank sprayer. He had become soaked with the herbicide. He also informed her that his doctor said he now had skin cancer.

Patricia Biehl wrote a memo to Daniel Goldstein (see above), explaining the situation with Mr Johnson. Mr Goldstein replied to her saying he would contact Mr Johnson but he never did.

non-hodgkin lymphomaDiagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2014

In 2014 he was diagnosed with a deadly form of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma known as Mycosis Fungoides. In 2016 he filed a lawsuit after he became too ill to work. He accused Monsanto of concealing the dangers of using Roundup.

Mr Johnson’s back shows the extent of his condition and what Roundup had done to him. These lesions cover his entire body. This poison must be banned!

3 month court case began June 2018

The court case began on 18th June 2018. The presiding judge was Superior Court Judge Suzanne Ramos Bolanos. This was a detailed and complex case and if you want to study the case history and look at all the documents and evidence just click here.

Judge BolanosJudge Bolanos orders Monsanto to pay $289 million damages

The case ended on the 10th August 2018 with Judge Bolanos ruling in Mr Johnson’s favour to the tune of $289 million damages to be paid by Monsanto. This diminishes Monsanto’s reserve fund set up for the Bayer takeover. This fund was to cover any litigation liability. The fund amount of $277 million has now been wiped out and more, from just one court case! There are thousands to follow!

Monsanto acted with malice or oppression

According to the ruling, it was declared that Monsanto “acted with malice or oppression” and was responsible for “negligent failure” because of the lack of information to consumers about the carcinogenicity of Roundup which contains the deadly toxin Glyphosate.

Wisner and KennedyBrent Wisner/Robert F Kennedy Jr

Brent Wisner was the lead trial counsel for Johnson. Robert F Kennedy Jr has been an environmental lawyer for 3 decades and joined Wisner as co-councel. He spoke out about Monsanto’s “antidemocratic and antihumanistic” approach and this is what he has to say about Monsanto: “We really were up against an industry that has employed all of the techniques pioneered by the tobacco industry.”

GMO childrenTobacco industry horror

“Over 60 years, Big Tobacco killed 1 out of every 5 of its customers who used its products as directed, was able to avoid any kind of regulatory interference, because it pioneered these techniques of ghostwriting science, compromising science, corrupting public officials, capturing the agencies that are supposed to protect Americans from pollution, and Monsanto really was part of the group that pioneered those techniques — and also of using *ad hominem attacks.

(*Ad hominem attacks explanation:
Ad Hominem (Abusive) argumentum ad hominem
Also known as:  personal abuse, personal attacks, abusive fallacy, damning the source, name calling, refutation by caricature, against the person, against the man.
Description: Attacking the person making the argument, rather than the argument itself, when the attack on the person is completely irrelevant to the argument the person is making.
Take it as a compliment! An ad hominem attack usually means the attacker has no answer to your argument. Hence he resorts to abusive personal attacks. When others verbally attack you, take it as a compliment to the quality of your argument.  It is usually a sign of desperation on their part.)

Agent OrangeDDT and agent orange…

“Monsanto is the same company that was making DDT and masterminded and orchestrated the attack on Rachael Carson … [they] tried to personally destroy her, as she died of cancer. On agent orange, it led the fight to deny rights and deny compensation to tens of thousands of American veterans who had been exposed in Vietnam to this terrible chemical.”

…and PCBs

“I’ve been suing one of Monsanto’s chemicals for 35 years, PCBs, which Monsanto is the only producer of. It contaminated the Hudson River. In more recent years, I’ve brought a series of lawsuits against Monsanto because of the PCBs put into caulking in American schools. Half the schools built between 1950 and 1977 have calking in their windows filled with PCBs.”

PCBs Hudson RiverMentality of a corrupt corporate culture

“Monsanto knew PCB was carcinogenic and an endocrine disruptor and children should never be exposed to it. And it knew PCB was about to be heavily regulated if it got banned. So, it ordered all of its sales forces to … [get rid of it by selling] it for caulking for schools. This is the mentality of a very corrupt corporate culture.”

‘you cannot say that Roundup is not a carcinogen’

Monsanto’s toxicologist Donna Farmer appeared on a well known US TV program called “The Doctors” in 2016. There, she proclaimed to all the world how Roundup was safe. She also said she was “speaking as a Mom”.

Donna FarmerHere is what she said in a Monsanto internal memo: “The terms glyphosate and Roundup cannot be used interchangeably nor can you use “Roundup” for all glyphosate-based herbicides any more. For example you cannot say that Roundup is not a carcinogen… we have not done the necessary testing on the formulation to make that statement.”
– Donna Farmer, Lead Toxicologist, Monsanto Company

Monsanto’s immoral ‘modus operandi’

Throughout the history of this notorious chemical company, its modus operandi has always been profits first. As the company has grown, at the expense of the health of the populous, they have become known as the most contemptible and immoral company on the planet. Those working for and with this company, must be on substantial salaries. How else can they justify the lies and fraudulent practices their employers use routinely. How do they sleep at night knowing of the misery and carnage their company’s products have caused, is causing and will cause in the future.

Brent Wisner's teamMonsanto untouchable? not now!

Brent Wisner and his team, did a fine job with their amazing talent in creating an extensive chronicle of how Monsanto had, thus far, literally got away with murder. They produced all the evidence necessary to support the narrative. They were able to back up the evidence with copies of documents clearly showing Monsanto’s inability to prove that Roundup was a non carcinogenic. Much of their evidence though, was deemed inadmissable by Judge Bolanos. Other Judges, however, will no doubt have different viewpoints as a multitude of cases against Monsanto (now Bayer) inundate the court system.

Thousands of lawsuits await!

Now the floodgates are open. There are literally thousands of lawsuits against Monsanto waiting in the wings. These are all to do with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. What about all the other illnesses and diseases this company has let loose on the planet with its toxic substances. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of the end of this company of ill repute, but what about Bayer? How principled are they? Are they as immoral as Monsanto?

Bayer/Monsanto take over

Bayer, who has purchased Monsanto, will now have to deal with its dreadful legacy. The first thing that will probably happen is the name Monsanto will be dropped. Trouble is, Bayer’s name isn’t any better.  They will really have to do something radical to win the public trust. But I don’t hold out much hope. The fact they have taken on such an evil company, has stirred up a hornet’s nest. The public is now becoming more aware about what goes on with these companies and many haven’t forgotten the crimes committed against humanity in the past by companies such as Bayer.

Fritz Ter MeerBayer’s dark past.

Taken from “War History Online”:

After the end of World War I, chemical companies in Germany, including Bayer, merged to form IG Farben. They produced everything from pharmaceuticals to manufacturing chemicals to explosives.

Bayer, became involved in conducting medical experiments on concentration-camp inmates, particularly in Auschwitz. In one such experiment, Bayer was found to have paid RM 170 per person for the use of 150 female inmates of Auschwitz. Later, follow-up messages indicated all prisoners had died, and Bayer required to buy a further shipment.

An Auschwitz resident testimonial states there was a large ward where all tuberculous patients were kept. Bayer sent unmarked medicines to this ward. These were injected into the test subjects, causing them all to die.

The Allies broke up IG Farben. But Bayer reappeared “inheriting” many of IG Farben’s assets.  Fritz ter Meer was an IG Farben board member from 1926 to 1945. He directed operations at the IG Farben plant at Auschwitz. He was sentenced to seven years in prison during the IG Farben Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. He was elected Bayer’s supervisory board head in 1956.

Fritz ter Meer (4 July 1884 – 27 October 1967) German chemist, Nazi Party member and war criminal. From 1925 to 1945 Fritz ter Meer was on the board of IG Farben AG, involved in the planning of Monowitz concentration camp, a satellite camp of KZ Auschwitz. Fritz ter Meer was sentenced to seven years in prison in the Nuremberg Trials in 1948. After he was released early for good behaviour in 1951, he became supervisory board chairman (Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender) of Bayer AG.

When asked the question, during the Nuremburg trials as to whether he had considered the tests on humans in Auschwitz to be justified, he replied: “They were prisoners thus no particular harm was inflicted.”

In his Memory?

Ches PowerIn his memory, his employer Bayer, set up the Fritz-ter-Meer-Stiftung, now called the Bayer Science & Education Foundation, which promotes chemistry students through scholarships. IMHO, remembering a Nazi Party member and a war criminal, is an insult to those who suffered and died at the hands of this man. Memorializing him is tantamount to applauding his evil past! Is this still the mindset of Bayer today?

Glyphosate and cancer – Monsanto found guilty!

cheeriosThis article Glyphosate and cancer tells about a toxin that is taking over the world. A poison that is causing cancers and other serious conditions worldwide. Glyphosate is being found in the food we eat and more importantly the food our children eat.


Do you eat cereals for breakfast? How many kids go to school on ‘wholesome’ porridge oats. Do your children like Cheerios. Well, now your can include glyphosate as one of the ingredients, along with the risk of getting cancer and other diseases.

Quaker foods contaminated

Foods that have been found to be contaminated by glyphosate include Nature Valley granola bars, Quaker steel cut oats, Quaker dinosaur eggs instant oatmeal and ‘back to nature’ classic granola.

roundup Children’s food affected

We are giving our children food that is positively poisonous to them. We’re not content with overdosing them on vaccines, now we’re lacing their favourite breakfast cereals with glyphosate. How is it that these companies can get away with putting dangerous toxins into our food. They are poisoning our children!

Glyphosate and cancer – Monsanto found guilty!

Well the writing’s on the wall for Monsanto (now Bayer), because this August 2018, they were found guilty of causing Dewayne “Lee” Johnson’s terminal Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. He was exposed to heavy doses of Roundup whilst working as a groundskeeper at a school in Northern California.

Plaintiff awarded $289 million

Mr Johnson is not expected to live more than a few months. The jury awarded him $289 million in damages. Of course, Monsanto will appeal, which will likely mean that MrHarvesting with Roundup Johnson will not see any of the money awarded to him. What a disgrace! This just shows how immoral Monsanto is. The evidence brought to court by the plaintiff was extensive and incontrovertible. The company was shown to have acted with malice aforethought.

Monsanto fabricated evidence

Monsanto knew that Roundup was toxic and could cause cancers. But these facts were hidden from the public. They were found to have fabricated fraudulent evidence that Roundup was not dangerous. They also concealed research showing Roundup caused harm.

5,000 court cases waiting to be heard

There is another case waiting in the wings against Monsanto. Again, this is to do with Roundup causing Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. This case is scheduled for October this year. Then another 5,000 additional plaintiffs are waiting to have their cases heard. All believe that Roundup has caused their Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Harvesting with RoundupMost used agro chemical of all time

Roundup, which is a glyphosate based herbicide, is the most used agrochemical of all time. An incredible 1.8 million tons of the stuff has been put on American soil since 1974.

EWG doing independent tests

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) were charged with doing independent laboratory testing to determine just how much glyphosate was found in US foods. This should obviously be the job of the FDA. They have reported ‘a fair amount’ of residues but their findings have not been made public. The FDA is an agency set up to protect US citizens.

FDA approvedFDA derelict in their duty

They are derelict in their duty to the public they are supposed to safeguard. Instead of doing their duty, they kowtow to large companies like Monsanto. Because of the FDA’s weaknesses and fraudulent practices, the public suffer intolerable diseases and conditions that could be avoided. Allowing glyphosate to be marketed and not pulling Roundup and banning it, must be one of their worst failures. They know, like Monsanto, that this toxin causes serious damage to health. They, like Monsanto, are guilty of malice aforethought.

43 out 45 oat foods tested positive

The testing done by the EWG found that 43 out of 45 foods made with oats tested positive for glyphosate. Out of those 43, 31 were found to have glyphosate levels in excess of safe levels for children.

Organic foods

doritosTesting was also done on some 16 organic foods. It was found that 5 of those tested contained glyphosate. The levels were however, lower than the EWG’s benchmark of 160 parts per billion (ppb).

Kids foods

Other tests conducted in 2016 found glyphosate residues in popular snacks such as Doritos, Oreos and Stacy’s pita chips. It would be a mammoth undertaking to test all foods, but that is what needs to be done to bring the food companies to task. They must insist that the ingredients they use for their products, are free of dangerous pesticides such as Roundup. We the public can vote with our feet by not purchasing these poisoned foods.

EPA says 1-2 year olds more at risk

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that 1-2 year olds will likely have the highest glyphosate exposure. This level is twice the level of California’s ‘no significant risk’ level, but 230 times more than the EWG’s guideline health level.

OreosQuaker admits using glyphosate preharvest

Despite cries of ‘foul’ by the likes of Quaker, they do admit that glyphosate is commonly used preharvest. But they do say: “Glyphosate is commonly used by farmers across the industry who apply it preharvest. Once the oats are transported to us, we put them through our rigorous process that thoroughly cleanses them (dehulled, cleaned,roasted and flaked). Any levels of glyphosate that may remain are significantly below any limits and well within compliance of the safety standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the European Commission as safe for human consumption.”

One sample of Quaker oats was 1,300 ppb

However the testing done by the EWG revealed a different story. One sample of Quaker oats had a glyphosate level of 1,300 ppb and another had 1,100 ppb. Other foods preharvested with glyphosate include:

  • CanolaHarvesting with roundup
  • Non-GE corn
  • Flax
  • Lentils
  • Millet
  • Peas
  • Potatoes
  • Rye and buckwheatlentils
  • Non-GE soybeans
  • Sugar beet
  • Sunflowers
  • Triticale
General Mills being sued

A law suit was filed against General Mills of Florida just a few days after Mr Johnson won his case against Monsanto. The plaintiff Mounira Doss says that General Mills had a duty to disclose the presence of glyphosate in Cheerios cereal products, but failed to do so. (The Cheerios Glyphosate Weedkiller Class Action Lawsuit is Mounira Doss v. General Mills, Case No. 0:18-cv-61924, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.)

formula with glyphosatePediaSure Enteral Formula

PediaSure Enteral Formula, is a nutrional drink for infants and children via feeding tubes. When tested, it was found that 30% of samples contained glyphosate levels of over 75 ppb. Levels of just 0.1 ppb have been shown to destroy the gut bacteria of chickens.

Roundup-ready wheat!

So why is there so much glyphosate in the food supply? Well, it’s not just the GMO foods that are being treated with Roundup. Roundup-ready soy, wheat and corn are designed to withstand the lethal effects of the chemical. Knowing this, the public may tend to choose non-GMO foods but that is not the answer.

wheat intoleranceWhat about wheat intolerance?

The massive Celiac disease increase directly correlates to the increase in Roundup use over the years. Just a coincidence, or are you intolerant to poison, not gluten!

Glyphosate applied just before harvest

The problem is, glyphosate is sprayed onto foods just before harvest. In other words, the chemical is being used as a desiccant and preharvest treatment to speed up the drying and ripening times. This makes it easier to harvest and means more profits.  Again, follow the money! Dessication improves profits because farmers are penalised if crops contain moisture.  The more moisture content, the lower the price given. Money is the reason why glyphosate is being found in nearly all foods tested, to the detriment of public health.

Ches PowerGlyphosate contamination is everywhere

Other areas where glyphosate is found is in the water supply, the air we breath, in the rain. It’s been found in breast milk and urine. Vaccines have found to contain it including Tdap, pneumococcal, influenza and MMR. Most worrying, glyphosate has been found in the vaccine given to babies within 24 hours of birth, the contraversial hepatitis B vaccine. Refuse this vaccine, it is a money spinner for pharmaceuticals and is an unnecessary risk for baby.

Can Sepsis Be Cured? – Yes, but not with a drug!

Can sepsis be cured? I was watching an advert about guide dogs for the blind and two people were in the ad. One had a guide dog already and the other was hoping to get his own guide dog soon. They both had gone blind, one from a spinal infection and the other from sepsis.

There is a treatment for sepsis and infections!

Contemplating the advert, I was wondering why it was that these two people had gone blind in the first place. Was it a case of not getting treatment quickly enough or was it a case of not being given a treatment, that is known to control and clear up sepsis and other infections quickly and effectively. Given this treatment it is highly likely these two people would not have gone blind.

No side effects

This treatment is known to be harmless even at high doses but still lies in obscurity as far as allopathic medicine is concerned. It does not interfere with other treatments and in most cases enhances therapies such as chemo. But the problem with this therapy is, it’s not a drug! It is a natural vitamin which has been proven to help and sometimes cure certain dreadful diseases and conditions, including cancer.

Linus PaulingHigh dose IVC

The case for large dose vitamin C infusions has been lingering these past 40 plus years after two times nobel prize winner Linus Pauling first indicated it’s miraculous benefits for many diseases. He was ridiculed and vilified by allopathic medics and other closed minded medical professionals. It’s a shame that new innovations such as IVC are left by the wayside and ignored by bigotted medical professionals and slagged off by pharmaceutical industry propaganda.

How many lives would have been saved…

If this amazing natural treatment had been properly researched and recommended when first it was discovered, we would have saved millions of lives from death by septic shock and other distressing conditions like blindness. How long will it be I wonder, before this therapy becomes widespread and a recognised treatment for a plethora of deadly conditions. How many people will die and suffer needlessly before IVC administration is approved. If you were dying of sepsis, would you not want your physician to try it?

vitamin CVitamin C’s long history

Even before Linus Pauling, there is a history of IV administered Vitamin C,  which started in 1943 when Frederick Klenner M.D. cured people suffering from polio, not to mention measles. But here we are 70 years on and only now is intra-venous vitamin C (IVC) on the lips of many naturopaths and medical doctors alike. But still there is prevarication and scepticism. Are pharmaceutical companies behind this dragging of feet? Just follow the money! With this treatment, there are no profits to be had because it is natural and cheap. In fact, if this treatment was the gold standard, the pharmaceuticals would be in real trouble.


Why do you think the English are called ‘limeys’. It’s because their sailors, way back when facing Napoleon, won the day because they had citric fruits and juice to stave off the dreaded ‘scurvy’. Napoleon’s sailors were sick with scurvy and despite being superior in numbers, succumbed to an undermanned British navy. All because they had a supply of citrous fruits.

James LindBack in 1747

The first study was carried out by Scottish Royal Navy surgeon James Lind in 1747. He spent 8 weeks on HMS Salisbury where there was an outbreak of scurvy. Twelve sailors with the disease were put together in the same part of the ship. Lind gave them all the same diet but split them up into pairs.  Each pair had additional rations. For example one pair had to drink half a pint of seawater each day and another pair had a quart of cider. However two of the sailors were each given one lemon and two oranges to eat each day. After nearly a week, one of them recovered and returned to duty and the other was well enough to carry on nursing the remaining ten sailors.

A Treatise

In 1753 Lind wrote a ‘treatise’ about the experiment. This treatise was effectively ignored. It was not until 1795, after Lind had died, that his discovery was adopted. Even so, other countries were very slow to use this obvious cure for scurvy. In fact, scurvy remained a serious problem during the American Civil War. How slow-witted was that!

can sepsis be curedPioneering doctors

Coming back to the present time, there are doctors not frightened to try intravenous vitamin C (IVC), despite it not being recognised by the FDA. Dr Paul Marik received a paper from a Prof. Berry Fowler from Virginia Commonweath University. Dr Marik is a critical care specialist at the Sentara Norfolk General Hospital and is an EVMS (Eastern Virginia Medical School) doctor and researcher.

Dr Marik’s first IVC patient

“We had a young woman who was dying from overwhelming sepsis,” Dr. Marik recalls. “She was critically ill and I knew absolutely that she was going to die. When you are faced with that situation, you ask yourself, is there anything else I can do?” He remembered the paper Prof. Fowler had sent him and treated the woman with similar doses as indicated in the research. The next day he came in and to his astonishment, the woman was recovering. She was out of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) within a couple of days. Dr Marik has now treated many patients, the majority of whom have survived despite being on death’s door.

Dr Berry FowlerProfessor Alpha (Berry) Fowler

The originator of the paper is Professor Alpha (Berry) Fowler III, from the VCU Johnson Center for Critical Care and Pulmonary Research. He actually conducted a double blind study at his hospital.

How it worked was a patient came into the intensive care unit, dying from septic shock. The pharmacy was enrolled in the study and after a call to them from ICU, they would send bags of fluid to be administered to the patient. Neither the nurses or the pharmacy knew which of the bags were placebo and which were IVC.

A few week in…

After a few weeks into the study, the nurses started to get wise as to who had had the IVC. Some of the patients were making remarkable recoveries and the nurses came to Dr Fowler and told him that they knew who was receiving the IVC. The nurses explained “We know who’s getting the IVC because their blood pressure immediately comes up. They start waking up, they’re feeling better, they start eating right away.”

Prof. Fowler says…

This ground-breaking research indicates that ascorbic acid (vitamin C) has the potential to be an effective therapeutic agent against sepsis. Prof. Fowler states that bacterial, viral, and fungal sepsis kills more than 350,000 Americans each year?  “Think of two fully loaded 747’s crashing every day. That will give you an understanding of the number of lives lost each year.” he says.

Dr HunninghakeHumans can’t make vitamin C – goats can!

Dr Hunninghake, a vitamin C expert from the Riordan Clinic explains that humans, guinea pigs and some primates have lost the ability to make their own vitamin C. Giving high doses of vitamin C is simply what most animals do naturally. “They make their own vitamin C in higher doses when they’re sick. If you take the goat – the goat is the champion – it can make 10-12,000 a day. But if it’s sick, it can make 100,000 milligrams (100 grams) of vitamin C a day.”

Similar doses given at the clinic

These are the equivalent doses that the Riordan clinic will give to a very sick cancer patient or someone with an infectious disease. Infusions are more convenient than taking vast amounts of tablets every hour.

Get the tissues out!

If you have time, take a look at this video explaining how vitamin C saved a man with terminal swine flu. Another example of how an infection is cured by a simple nutrient.

What is sepsis exactly?

According to the British NHS (National Health Service),

“Sepsis can be triggered by an infection in any part of the body. The most common sites of infection leading to sepsis are the lungs, urinary tract, tummy (abdomen) and pelvis.

Sepsis may develop when you’re already in hospital. For example, you’re more likely to develop sepsis if:

  • you’ve recently had surgery
  • you’ve had a urinary catheter fitted
  • you have to stay in hospital for a long time”
A crime against humanity

Vitamin C benefits have been known about for centuries but still IVC treatment is ignored by mainstream medicine. It would appear that these medicinal fraternities are as weak-minded today as they were in the American Civil War. There is no excuse for not trying a treatment that has saved others and is harmless, with no side effects. If a patient is dying anyway, what’s the problem? What is there to lose? It is a crime against humanity.

If you get sepsis

If you are unfortunate enough to contract sepsis, ask for IVC treatment. If you are a relative of someone with sepsis, suggest IVC. It is your right to insist on this life saving therapy. You could recommend they consult Dr Paul Marik’s and Professor (Berry) Fowler’s work.

Natural remedies are vilified

There are many natural treatments that are vilified, ridiculed and called quackery, just because they are naturopathic, not allopathic. This stupidity and greed is costing the lives of millions. Despite the overwhelming evidence that IVC can treat and cure various complaints including sepsis, many will die needlessly, probably in the name of profits, or the lack thereof.

Ches PowerDoctors of the future, stand up and take action

Hopefully, more doctors will buck the trend and start using IVC and other natural treatments that have been found to save lives or improve quality of life. Patients deserve to be given the best treatment with the least side effects. Natural treatments invariably do just that.

Obesity in Children and Mg deficiency = insulin resistance

obesity in childrenI came across a research paper dating back to 2005. It was about the relationship between obesity in children, magnesium deficiency and insulin resistance. Insulin resistance (IR) precedes the development of type 2 diabetes (T2D). A condition you do not want your child to acquire, especially at such an early age. Continue reading Obesity in Children and Mg deficiency = insulin resistance

Breast Cancer Screening – are mammograms safe?

breast cancer screeningDo you regularly have breast cancer screening – are the mammograms you have safe? Have you been told, before the procedure, about the side effects of mammograms? Have you been told how effective at reducing breast cancer mammograms are?  The fact is, mammograms do more harm than good!

Not what conventional medicine says.

But that’s not what conventional medicine tells you. Mammograms are said to reduce the risk of dying from breast cancer by an incredible 20%! But how has that figure been derived?

Let’s work it out!

This 20% actually amounts to just 1 woman in 1,000 who gets regular mammograms over a lifetime. But for every 1,000 women who don’t have mammograms, 5 of them will die of breast cancer. This means that of those who do get the procedure, 4 will die anyway. So how do they get to 20%? Well, the difference between the two groups. The 5 that will die without mammograms versus the 4 that will die with mammograms, is 20%!  Doh!!

Here’s a video to make is clearer:

Manipulated figures

This is how figures are manipulated to be in favour of the treatment or drug. In this case, it amounts to 1 woman in 1,000 being saved by regular mammograms. But wait a minute, what about the side effects.

What about the false positives?

Going back to our 1,000 women, half of these will receive a false positive. In other words, although they don’t have cancer, they will go through the torment and horror of thinking they do have it.

…and biopsiesbreast cancer screening

64 of these terrified women will have biopsies which in themselves carry high risks of adverse effects. 10 of these women will go on to have cancer treatment for a disease they haven’t got!

The majority of medical professionals will tell you there is little risk of ‘seeding’ of cancer cells from a breast biopsy. But have a look at the bar chart from research done in 2014. Also another research paper concludes that breast biopsies can cause metastases.

…and unnecessary treatment?

This will include disfiguring surgery and toxic chemo and/or radiation. These three methods of diagnosing and treating cancer are all extremely risky and carcinogenic in their own right. Dying from the treatment of a disease you didn’t have in the first place, is a crime to say the least. If you don’t die, these treatments can make you sick and cause metastases.

10 healthy women out of 1,000 are treated erroneously!

This means 10 women out of 1,000 have cancer treatment when they have nothing wrong with them. Apart from that, they may even contract cancer from the toxic and carcinogenic treatment they have erroneously received and could die from these unwarranted procedures.

Dr Karsten Juhl Jorgensenbreast cancer screening

Dr. Karsten Juhl Jorgensen, deputy director of the Nordic Cochrane Center:

“Some types of screening are a good idea … But breast cancer has a biology that doesn’t lend itself to screening.

Healthy women get a breast cancer diagnosis, and this has serious psychological consequences and well-known physical harms from unnecessary treatment. We’re really doing more harm than good.”

$4 billion on false-positive mammograms

A study published in “Health Affairs” in 2015 stated that a massive $4 billion was spent each year on false-positive mammograms. These would lead to breast cancer overdiagnosis amongst women from the ages of 40 through to 59. What a waste of money but more importantly, how does this affect those women who are misdiagnosed.

breast cancer screeningFran Visco

Fran Visco, President of the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) told Newsweek “getting unnecessary treatment for harmless tumours can jeopardize health. Something that women are rarely informed about.” She also cited that breast cancer activist Carolina Hinestrosa, a vice president at the coalition, died at age 50 from soft-tissue sarcoma, a tumor caused by radiation used to treat an early breast cancer.  Visco continued “Women should understand these risks. Instead, women often hear only about mammograms’ benefits. Women have been inundated with the early-detection message for decades.”

Mammograms are X-rays

There is no real way of telling whether the regular mammogram that women are receiving is actually causing cancer. We all know that X-ray radiation has risks and women are having regular doses of it.

Women are so trusting!

Women need to stop trusting their doctors or oncologists until they have researched their own disease first. Why are we putting our bodies in the hands of people that don’t even know us. Medical professionals are constantly being advised and cajoled by the pharmaceuticals, whose only interest is profits. Doctors are forever short of time, with only a few minutes available to assess our condition before moving onto the next number.

calcium scanCheck your diet for Calcium

Mammography invariably find small anomolies such as scattered calcifications, which can take years to form.

Protect yourself by not taking calcium (Ca) supplements. We get enough Ca from our diet.  Too much Ca or too little magnesium (Mg) will give you the same symptoms. These two vital minerals have to be in equilibrium to work optimally. With our modern diet, Ca is in abundance and Mg is scarce, hence many health problems, such as this image showing the arteries of the heart being blocked by calcifications.

Don’t panic!

If you do have cancer, don’t panic! it has probably been forming for years. You have time to do your own research and be educated enough to make an informed decision as to what treatment you want. Always look at natural alternatives; they will have no side effects but are often more affective than toxic treatments. Chemo and radiation therapy can have affects on your body far into the future. If in doubt, it is your prerogative to get a second opinion on your diagnosis.

Harvard Medical School

According to the Harvard Medical School: “The radiation you get from x-ray, CT, and nuclear imaging is ionizing radiation — high-energy wavelengths or particles that penetrate tissue to reveal the body’s internal organs and structures. Ionizing radiation can damage DNA, and although your cells repair most of the damage, they sometimes do the job imperfectly, leaving small areas of “misrepair.” The result is DNA mutations that may contribute to cancer years down the road.”

Benign Calcificationsbreast cancer screening

In this image a fibroadenoma (arrows) is present with dense, coarse calcifications (double arrows). These types of calcifications are distinctive and when seen, whether alone or in a mass, a biopsy is not needed.

car accident calcificationThe next image shows the result of a car accident which has produced large calcifications due to trauma. No treatment was necessary.

Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS)

An estimated 33% of new diagnoses which are obtained through a mammogram, are classified as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). This applies to abnormal growth of cells in the milk ducts. These lesions are small at around 1cm in diameter. They can appear as a malignant growth under the microscope but they have not invaded any surrounding tissue.

DCIS diagnosis at epidemic proportions

As a consequence DCIS is appraised as a stage zero breast cancer. Some would argue that it needs to be considered as a non-cancerous condition. If it weren’t for the use of X-ray diagnostics, this would not even be discovered. In fact, in the 1980s, when more emphasis was put on breast cancer awareness, the diagnosis of DCIS began to increase to our present day epidemic proportions.

ACSAccording to the ACS

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), this year (2017) will see an estimated quarter million new breast cancer cases diagnosed in the U.S.  It is also estimated that around 41,000 women will die from breast cancer.

When in doubt, cut it out!

An additional estimated 63,000 women will be diagnosed with DCIS.  Most of these patients will undergo the exact same treatment as those with invasive breast cancer. The reason for this is because doctors typically recommend treating DCIS in order to prevent it from becoming invasive. In other words, a mentality of “when in doubt, cut it out” tends to predominate. However, when you consider the risks of serious harm — including death — from the treatment itself, is this really the wisest strategy?


“Other experts note that DCIS carries such low risk that it should be considered merely a risk factor for cancer. Researchers are conducting studies to measure whether it’s safe to scale back treatment of DCIS … In the meantime, [patients] and their doctors must make difficult choices without knowing for sure whether it’s the right thing to do.”

Other considerations with diagnosis
popcorn calcification
Benign ‘popcorn’ calcification

As we get older, most women get calcifications within the breast tissue. This can be seen by a mammogram X-ray. These calcifications are mostly harmless.

2 main types of breast calcifications:

  1. Macrocalcifications – randomly dispersed large white dots. These are found in around half of women over the age of  50, and about 10% of women under age 50. They are considered noncancerous and need no further treatment.
  2. Microcalcifications – these look like white specks on a
    Benign fibroadenoma

    mammogram that often appear is clusters. This is not likely to be cancer, but your doctor may want another mammograph or a biopsy to double check. Some doctors can be eager to do something, just in case.

But this is your body and it is your prerogative to make an informed decision. Biopsies, especially with the breast tissue, have their own risks. See the bar chart above.

If it were me, I would definitely be wary of having any treatment for a ‘just in case’ scenario. But that’s just my personal opinion. Don’t forget, benign calcifications usually get worse as we age, but you can do something about that!

Vitamin K2

We shouldn’t just accept these Ca deposits. They are a warning that we have excess Ca in our bodies and their is a solution.  There is a little known molecule known as vitamin K2. This vitamin is necessary to activate MGP (matrix gla protein), the Gla is short for glutamic acid. If you are deficient in K2, MGP will not do its job of ushering excess Ca out of the soft tissue and into the bones.  Osteocalcin, which resides in the bone, then keeps Ca there where it belongs.

A great combination
calcified elbow
calcified elbow

MGP and osteocalcin are both vitamin K2 dependent and neither can function without it. Mg, MGP, K2 and osteocalcin are a great combination to reduce calcification of your tissues. 99% of Ca should reside in the bones. The sunshine vitamin D3 will also help this process, but be careful not to overdose on D3 supplements. Sunshine is best, if you can get it!

A bonus!

These nutrients help with calcifications all over the body, including the heart, arteries, kidney stones, periferal artery disease, heel spurs etc. Reduce your calcification burden with a good quality supplement of Mg and K2. Get your Ca from diet only. Don’t take Ca supplements, we are already overloaded with fortified Ca foods. Get as much natural sunshine as you can. Keep your health protected for now and in the future.

Ches PowerIncidently

Vitamin D3 (which is actually a hormone), needs Mg to activate it as it is stored in the body in its inactive form. Another reason to keep your Mg levels up. Without it, your D3 levels can appear low when in fact is is just inactivated.