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Deadly Lot Numbers!

Why are some people getting vax reactions and some not. Here is the answer to this question from our own Dr Mike Yeadon. He explains to Reiner Fuellmich and some of his team what’s going on after researching the VAERS system.

These Data Prove It!

Data within VAERS proves that certain lot numbers of the vaccine companies are lethal while others seem to be less harmful. There is no other explanation for these data. This is premeditated mass murder which is hidden within the VAERS system. The only explanation is that the batches or lots of these injections harbour different ingredients from batch to batch. It would also prove that the vaccine companies are collaborating and working together.

Anecdotal Evidence?

I can remember seeing a video last year of a very sick man telling his story of how he got the ‘wrong’ vaccine. He had an appointment to receive his shot and after receiving it, the medic blurted out that she’s given him the wrong vaccine. She said the man in front, who had gone missing, should have had his and he should have had the placebo. It wasn’t long after returning home that he became seriously ill…

Here’s the video

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