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Narcolepsy cure?

rescue dogI was watching a program last night on UK television called “Rescue Dog to Super Dog”.  It was a show where abandoned dogs were being paired up with people who need help with their disabilities or health conditions.  One of the recipients of a trained rescue dog had a condition called ‘narcolepsy’.  I do not know anyone who has this problem but remember suffering with one of the symptoms in the past, known as ‘sleep paralysis’. Continue reading Narcolepsy cure?

Type A and B Personality Traits

Are you type A or B?

This is an article about type A and B personality traits and how being one or the other can affect your health! There are other personality types but I want to concentrate mainly on type A.

Let’s see if you’re type A

police arrest
Chicago Police Arrest.  I suspect all the people in this picture are pumping adrenaline! Cr: Grendel Khan

Do you have what you might call a strong personality?  Are you driven by ambition with plenty of get-up-and-go?  Do you get impatient and irritable if things don’t go your way?  Are you competitive with a Continue reading Type A and B Personality Traits