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Blood Pressure and Magnesium Deficiency – Part 1

Explanation of Blood Pressure

Before I go any further, I want to give an explanation of blood pressure and why it’s so important.   Blood pressure is a measurement of the amount of pressure exerted on the inside of arteries.  This pressure is generated during the contraction and relaxation of the ventricles (the left and right main chambers of the heart).

 An Elegant Pump

Anatomy of the heart
Anatomy of the Heart by Tvanbr

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Best Magnesium Supplements

Magnesium and Insomnia, magnesium for heart arrhythmia, magnesium and blood pressure…



There are different ways of taking Magnesium (Mg) supplements. It would be preferable to gain all the Mg we need from our food but with modern agriculture, this is not easy.  With the incidence of pushing Calcium (Ca) and Ca fortification in many foods, it is very difficult to get a good balance of Ca and Mg in our diet. Ca is much more prevalent to the extent that it can be detrimental to our health. If too much is in our bodies without a balanced amount of Mg, Ca can migrate to parts of our body where it doesn’t belong, causing all kinds of problems.  That being the case, Mg must be kept to a level where Ca can be controlled and ATP conversion (Adenosine Triphosphate), the ‘energy currency’ inside our mitochondria which keep us moving, can be produced efficiently. Out of all the problems that can be caused from a deficiency of Mg, the Mg/Ca balance must be the most important. It is this balance within our heart and blood vessels that keeps a healthy heart and clear arteries. Ca can be a loose cannon if Mg is not around to keep it under control. Continue reading Best Magnesium Supplements

Magnesium And Health

Health Means Wealth

A Fairy StoryDollar_bills

Here’s a fairy story.   I’m a weathly distant relative of yours who’s recently died and left you in excess of one million pounds for you to do whatever you like with.   Once you get confirmation from your bank that you have had a deposit of one million pounds put into your account, you will  immediately start dreaming about what you will do with all that money, in fact you’ve probably spent it already! Continue reading Magnesium And Health

Magnesium and Hair Loss – your general health

How To Stop Hair From Thinning
19 years and not a care except someone took my drink!
19 years and not a care in the world, except someone took my drink!

I first noticed that my lovely hair was thinning when I was in my forties. Magnesium and hair loss tells of  my life coping with thinning hair.

I used to have long wavy hair and despite it being very fine, I had loads of it and I used to enjoy putting it up and having it long depending on my mood.  Being slightly wavy made it look shiny and healthy. Continue reading Magnesium and Hair Loss – your general health