Can Sepsis Be Cured? – Yes, but not with a drug!

Can sepsis be cured? I was watching an advert about guide dogs for the blind and two people were in the ad. One had a guide dog already and the other was hoping to get his own guide dog soon. They both had gone blind, one from a spinal infection and the other from sepsis.Sepsis symptoms

There is a treatment for sepsis and infections!

Contemplating the advert, I was wondering why it was that these two people had gone blind in the first place. Was it a case of not getting treatment quickly enough or was it a case of not being given a treatment, that is known to control and clear up sepsis and other infections quickly and effectively. What’s more, this treatment has been available since 2017 and given this protocol, it is highly likely these two people would not have gone blind.

No side effects

This treatment is known to be harmless even at high doses but still lies in obscurity as far as allopathic medicine is concerned.  But the problem with this therapy is, it’s not a drug! It consists of 2 natural vitamins and a hydrocortisone which has been proven to knock sepsis on the head, even if the patient is at death’s door. If a patient is beyond help with the drug treatment, why not try this protocol. Afterall, there’s nothing to lose, except profits for the pharmaceuticals!

Now in 2020 – BBC News

Now, just released, a comprehensive analysis report of sepsis around the world. The result? One in five deaths around the world is caused by sepsis. Researchers at the University of Washington said these ‘alarming’ figures are twice the previous estimates.


It has been over two years now since the revolutionary accidental discovery of a protocol that works and is being used successfully in a Norfolk hospital in East Virginia USA. This protocol will make sepsis a disease that can be controlled and in the majority of cases, cured. This protocol should be available to everyone around the world. It is cheap, easy to administer and has no side effects. But, the main ingredient of this new treatment has been known about for decades.

Linus PaulingHigh dose Intra Venous Vit C

The case for large dose vitamin C infusions has been lingering these past 40 plus years after two times nobel prize winner Linus Pauling first indicated it’s miraculous benefits for many diseases. He was ridiculed and vilified by allopathic medics and other closed minded medical professionals. It’s a shame that new innovations such as IVC are left by the wayside and ignored by bigotted medical professionals and slagged off by pharmaceutical industry propaganda.

How many lives would have been saved…

If this amazing natural treatment had been properly researched and recommended when first it was discovered, it would have saved millions of lives from death by septic shock and other distressing conditions like blindness. How long will it be I wonder, before this therapy becomes widespread and a recognised treatment for a plethora of deadly conditions. How many people will die and suffer needlessly before IVC administration is approved. If you were dying of sepsis, would you not want your physician to try it?

vitamin CVitamin C’s long history

Even before Linus Pauling, there is a history of IV administered Vitamin C,  which started in 1943 when Frederick Klenner M.D. cured people suffering from polio, not to mention measles. But here we are nearly 80 years on and only now is intra-venous vitamin C (IVC) on the lips of many naturopaths and medical doctors alike. But still there is prevarication and scepticism. Are pharmaceutical companies behind this dragging of feet? Just follow the money! With this treatment, there are no profits to be had because it is natural and cheap. In fact, if this treatment was the gold standard, the pharmaceuticals would be in real trouble.


Why do you think the English are called ‘limeys’. It’s because their sailors, way back when facing Napoleon, won the day because they had citric fruits and juice to stave off the dreaded ‘scurvy’. Napoleon’s sailors were sick with scurvy and despite being superior in numbers, succumbed to an undermanned British navy. All because they had a supply of citrous fruits.

James LindBack in 1747

The first study was carried out by Scottish Royal Navy surgeon James Lind in 1747. He spent 8 weeks on HMS Salisbury where there was an outbreak of scurvy. Twelve sailors with the disease were put together in the same part of the ship. Lind gave them all the same diet but split them up into pairs.  Each pair had additional rations. For example one pair had to drink half a pint of seawater each day and another pair had a quart of cider. However two of the sailors were each given one lemon and two oranges to eat each day. After nearly a week, one of them recovered and returned to duty and the other was well enough to carry on nursing the remaining ten sailors.

A Treatise

In 1753 Lind wrote a ‘treatise’ about the experiment. This treatise was effectively ignored. It was not until 1795, after Lind had died, that his discovery was adopted. Even so, other countries were very slow to use this obvious cure for scurvy. In fact, scurvy remained a serious problem during the American Civil War. How slow-witted was that!

can sepsis be curedPioneering doctors

Coming back to the present time, there are doctors not frightened to try intravenous vitamin C (IVC), despite it not being recognised by the FDA. Dr Paul Marik received a paper from a Prof. Berry Fowler from Virginia Commonweath University. Dr Marik is a critical care specialist at the Sentara Norfolk General Hospital and is an EVMS (Eastern Virginia Medical School) doctor and researcher. He followed Prof. Fowler’s protocol which includes Intra Venous Vitamin C, Thiamine (B1) and Hydrocortisone. He explains below what happened with his first patient: Click on his image and see a video of his interview.

Dr Marik’s first IVC patient

“We had a young woman who was dying from overwhelming sepsis,” Dr. Marik recalls. “She was critically ill and I knew absolutely that she was going to die. When you are faced with that situation, you ask yourself, is there anything else I can do?” He remembered the paper Prof. Fowler had sent him and treated the woman with similar doses as indicated in the research. The next day he came in and to his astonishment, the woman was recovering. She was out of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) within a couple of days. Dr Marik has now treated many patients, the majority of whom have survived despite being on death’s door.

And the nurses?

Even the nurses were skeptical about the new protocol Dr Marik prescribed at the Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. They thought it was just a fluke that patients, even with severe sepsis, were recovering rapidly. This little video with the nurses speaking of the amazing recoveries they witness whilst nursing sepsis patients, is quite uplifting! They are: Kathi Hudgins RN GICU Team Coordinator, Stephanie Swain RN GICU Nurse, Stacey Doxey RN GICU Nurse.

Dr Berry FowlerProfessor Alpha (Berry) Fowler

The originator of the paper is Professor Alpha (Berry) Fowler III, from the VCU Johnson Center for Critical Care and Pulmonary Research. He actually conducted a double blind study at his hospital.

How it worked was a patient came into the intensive care unit, dying from septic shock. The pharmacy was enrolled in the study and after a call to them from ICU, they would send bags of fluid to be administered to the patient. Neither the nurses or the pharmacy knew which of the bags were placebo and which were IVC.

A few week in…

After a few weeks into the study, the nurses started to get wise as to who had had the IVC. Some of the patients were making remarkable recoveries and the nurses came to Dr Fowler and told him that they knew who was receiving the IVC. The nurses explained “We know who’s getting the IVC because their blood pressure immediately comes up. They start waking up, they’re feeling better, they start eating right away.”

Prof. Fowler says…

This ground-breaking research indicates that ascorbic acid (vitamin C) has the potential to be an effective therapeutic agent against sepsis. Prof. Fowler states that bacterial, viral, and fungal sepsis kills more than 350,000 Americans each year?  “Think of two fully loaded 747’s crashing every day. That will give you an understanding of the number of lives lost each year.” he says.

It looks as though these death figures from Prof. Fowler need to be updated, according to the 2020 report.

Dr HunninghakeHumans can’t make vitamin C – goats can!

Dr Hunninghake, a vitamin C expert from the Riordan Clinic explains that humans, guinea pigs and some primates have lost the ability to make their own vitamin C. Giving high doses of vitamin C is simply what most animals do naturally. “They make their own vitamin C in higher doses when they’re sick. If you take the goat – the goat is the champion – it can make 10-12,000mg a day. But if it’s sick, it can make 100,000 mg (100 grams) of vitamin C per day.”

Similar doses given at the clinic

These are the equivalent doses that the Riordan clinic will give to a very sick cancer patient or someone with an infectious disease. Infusions are more convenient than taking vast amounts of tablets every hour.

Get the tissues out!

If you have time, take a look at this video explaining how vitamin C saved a man with terminal swine flu. Another example of how an infection is cured by a simple nutrient.

What is sepsis exactly?

According to the British NHS (National Health Service),

“Sepsis can be triggered by an infection in any part of the body. The most common sites of infection leading to sepsis are the lungs, urinary tract, tummy (abdomen) and pelvis.

Sepsis may develop when you’re already in hospital. For example, you’re more likely to develop sepsis if:

  • you’ve recently had surgery
  • you’ve had a urinary catheter fitted
  • you have to stay in hospital for a long time”
A crime against humanity

Vitamin C benefits have been known about for centuries but still IVC treatment is ignored by mainstream medicine. It would appear that these medicinal fraternities are as weak-minded today as they were in the American Civil War. There is no excuse for not trying a treatment that has saved others and is harmless, with no side effects. If a patient is dying anyway, what’s the problem? What is there to lose? It is a crime against humanity.

If you get sepsis

If you are unfortunate enough to contract sepsis, ask for IVC treatment. If you are a relative of someone with sepsis, suggest IVC. It is your right to insist on this life saving therapy. You could recommend they consult Dr Paul Marik’s and/or Professor (Berry) Fowler’s work. You could even forward them this article.

Natural remedies are vilified

There are many natural treatments that are vilified, ridiculed and called quackery, just because they are naturopathic, not allopathic. This stupidity and greed is costing the lives of millions. Despite the overwhelming evidence that IVC can treat and cure various complaints including sepsis, many will die needlessly, probably in the name of profits, or the lack thereof.

Ches PowerDoctors of the future, stand up and take action

Hopefully, more doctors will buck the trend and start using IVC and other natural treatments that have been found to save lives or improve quality of life. Patients deserve to be given the best treatment with the least side effects. Natural treatments invariably do just that.

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Can Sepsis Be Cured?
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Can sepsis be cured? There are doctors not frightened to try intravenous vitamin C (IVC), despite it not being recognised by the FDA.
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14 thoughts on “Can Sepsis Be Cured? – Yes, but not with a drug!

  1. You’ve really said at length about the usage of IVC to treat sepsis and various complaints. My question is that why would something that is found to cure diseases be ignored? Why are there just so many crime against humanity? There is just only one explanation. It is simply because of greed. Just as in the case of the two blind people. If they had gotten treatment, then probably, there is a good chance that they would not have gone blind.

    When drug treatment seems to be useless, then why use the alternatives? Assuming that Dr. Paul Marik did not treat the woman with similar doses as indicated in the research he got from Prof. Berry Fowler, that woman would have been dead.

    My take here is that IVC treatment should not be ignored. Just like you’ve said, there is no excuse for not trying a treatment that has saved others looking at the fact that it’s harmless and does not have any side effects. Natural remedies should not be look down.

    This is a very informative article.

    1. Hi Kell, why is it ignored? The only reason must be profits. Already Dr Marik and the other researchers are being ‘questioned’ about the validity of their research. No matter that people are leaving hospitals alive and well, that doesn’t count. What does count is that the treatment cannot be profited by because natural products cannot be patented. 

      I don’t think people realize how powerful the pharmaceutical industry is. They are in charge of the medical fraternity, they are in charge of the medical schools and what they teach. Did you know that in medical school, doctors are not taught about nutrients, vitamins and minerals? 

      Have a look at this article, which documents the rise of allopathic medicine. It gives an insight as to why we are where we are regarding our health. It is also clear why certain treatments will be vilified and called quackery. Those using naturopathic treatments will be frowned upon, relentlessly persecuted and even have their license pulled. This despite the efficacy of naturopathic protocols. ‘Follow the Money’.

  2. I had not heard of sepsis until now and it is very surprising and awesome that all of the best cures are right underneath our noses and for a low cost to boot. Have you ever been diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency and if so do you think that taking vitamin C intravenously would help you to heal your sicknesses?

    1. Hi there Jon. I do actually have a vitamin D deficiency, along with magnesium. Those of us unfortunate enough to live in areas with little sun, or work in an indoor environment, will probably be low in vitamin D. I take a vitamin D3 supplement, a spray into the mouth which gets easily absorbed. You can be checked for deficiencies. In the US I think it’s called ‘request a test’. I live in the UK so use ‘Cerascreen UK’.

      Getting a test done by your doctor can be hit and miss I’m afraid. Testing for magnesium for instance often results in a false positive. 

      As for vitamin C, taking a simple vitamin C powder (ascorbic acid powder) daily will help keep the flu, coughs and colds at bay. If you really want a supplement of vitamin C that is completely bioavailable and almost equal to IVC, you will have to pay I’m afraid. Liposomal supplements are the best but some are a little dubious so do your homework before you buy. Expect to pay a high price for real liposomal vitamins because the manufacturing process is complex and expensive. I personally take Altrient by LivOn. 

      As for IVC, this has to be done in a hospital environment. I do not know of any hospital who offers this treatment in the UK. In the US, the article gives you the hospitals that will use IVC.

      Dr. Thomas Levy is an expert in vitamiin C and you can watch his talks on you tube. 

  3. I want to thank you so much for sharing such a nice informative article with us.I had no idea about sepsis and after reading your article I got the full idea about it.I didn’t know we weren’t capable of producing Vitamin C.And this vitamin C can fight and cure many diseases.And can I share this article with all my friends?

    1. Please do share this article with your friends Shariful Islam. The more people who are educated on how they can look after their own health, the better. Knowing the ins and outs of your particular illness or disease is of prime importance. That way you can work with your medic, instead of leaving decisions regarding your health just up to him. 

      Don’t forget your GP (general practioner) only knows a little about a lot of conditions. You, on the other hand, can know all there is to know about just your problems by your own research and education. Our medics do not have the time to research and be fully aware of every disease and condition out there. 

  4. This post was an informative review on sepsis, and if it can be cured. I was somewhat familiar with sepsis but never looked into it because I don’t know anyone who has it. 

    I wasn’t sure if a human can make vitamin c to use as part of a solution to approaching sepsis.

     I think it makes sense, but are there other reasons why humans can’t make vitamin c? I’d be curious to know.

    Other than that, a great overview of the history of sepsis, along with some of the things that have been tested out. It’s something people like myself need to be more aware of. 

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi there Eric. I am surprised you don’t know anyone who has sepsis, it seems to be rife in our neck of the woods. Quite often, I think, patients’ die in hospital for a number of causes and death by sepsis is very common. Perhaps it is the case that relatives are not informed the true cause of their loved ones death.

      Us humans lost the ability to make vitamin C due to a mutation way back in our history. Not many animals are devoid of this ability but a few apes, humans and guinea pigs cannot make vitamin C. Goats, for instance, can make as much as 100 grams of vitamin C per day when their body needs it to control an infection. How often do you hear of a your pet cat a dog suffering or dying from a chest infection for instance?

  5. Thank you so much for the awesome post!! I really enjoyed reading this because it shows the importance of natural remedies. In today’s society we get so caught up in pharmaceutical stuff that we forget how important natural remedies can be.  This post shows the importance of vitamin c and what it can do to help those who are suffering with sepsis. 

    1. Hi there Jessie and thanks for your comments. It is a pity that our medical fraternity do not introduce natural alternatives to drugs. I reckon half of those in hospital could be unwell due to their vitamin/mineral/nutrient deficiencies. Using naturopathic GPs to discover what patients’ are deficient in, would keep many of us out of the doctor’s surgery and reduce the possibility of a having to go to hospital. Many of our diseases are caused by nutrient deficiencies, especially with our unwholesome modern diets.

  6. Hi Chessie

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this informative article thanks for sharing this with everyone.
    I will be returning to this website to read more of your blog posts and to engage in comments. I didn’t know much at all about Sepsis until I read this and i can safely say i’m walking a way with a much better understanding


    1. Thanks Clancy for your input and I’m glad you found the article of interest. As sepsis seems to be on the rise, it is a good idea to increase your knowledge so that you can converse with your doctor on the treatment you want if you’re unfortunate enough to come down with this horrid condition.  

      It’s a great idea to educate yourself on what diseases interest you and affect you and your family. It is a very rewarding exercise. It also gives you some peace of mind, especially when you have to consult your doctor and you know as much, if not more than he does on your specialised subjects.

      Be aware when researching. The large pharmaceuticals are expert at misleading and giving out false information about their drugs. Try to look for independent research. Follow the money! If there’s a lot of profit in it, you can be sure big pharma will push a drug for the sake of profits. Statins is a prime example! !

  7. Hi Ches,

    Very interesting article. The amount of information about the effects of vitamin C was ovewhelming. I am actually really suprised by what I read. I had no idea that we are no longer able to produce our own vitamin C and how impotant it is to our overall health – not to mention its ability to fight and cure some diseases! What a pity that it has been majorly ignored by medical professionals.

    Thanks again for all of the info!


    1. Thanks for commenting on the article Nicole. The problem with IVC and other natural therapies is that the pharmaceuticals cannot make huge profits out of them. In fact, natural solutions, of which there are many, are a real threat to the bottom line of the pharmaceutical industry. Follow the money!

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