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Carotid Artery Symptoms

carotid plaque
plaque taken from carotid artery

Carotid artery symptoms explains why carotid artery disease occurs. A family member has carotid artery disease.  Recently he had to have  two operations, one on each side of his neck.  The operations had to be done a few months apart, with the worst affected artery being done first. Continue reading Carotid Artery Symptoms


fake researchNot all research is equal

I do a lot of research before writing my articles and there’s one thing I really have to watch out for.  Modern research is very suspect and you have to be really careful that the studies you are citing do not have a conflict of interest associated with them.  Making sure the research is from a bona fide research establishment which has not been ‘hired’ by a pharma company is imperative.  It is claimed that 50% of research and studies now are bogus or manipulated to favour the drug or procedure in question.  Often bigGSK pharma put their research out to study groups, doctors and researchers, who are paid enormous amounts of money to produce results that favour the drug or procedure being studied, to the detriment of the end user, YOU! Continue reading Prostate!

Do You Trust Your Doctor? – Part Two

This is part 2 of “Do you trust your doctor”.  You can see Part 1 here.

I'm a doctorThe arrogance of some doctors

Those of the older generation generally regard their doctor as being someone of extreme importance, someone to look up to and be admired.  This gives some doctors a sense of of superiority that they carry with them as they practice their ever diminishing skills.  I sincerely think that doctors of the past used their skills as physicians much more and were more deserving of their high status.  Whereas modern doctors seem to be hampered by dogma and directives from all quarters. Continue reading Do You Trust Your Doctor? – Part Two

Do You Trust Your Doctor?

trust me!“Do you trust your doctor” talks about what’s happening to our medical profession.  There is this niggling feeling that something is going on which restricts our doctors from being the doctor they were when first they took the oath.  It’s as though they’re shackled in some way, unable to use their skills as physicians but only able to dish out prescription drugs.  Are they being controlled? Continue reading Do You Trust Your Doctor?