Type 2 Diabetes and Treatments

Who Can Get Diabetes

This is such a huge subject, I want to concentrate on the more common type of Diabetes which is Type II – adult onset diabetes. This description of ‘adult onset’ may soon have to be changed as more children and teenagers are succumbing to this disease, mainly because of their unhealthy diet and sugar overload due to soft drinks, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and other damaging choices.

Is Sugar The Culprit?

Refined and raw sugar crystals, scanning electron micrograph (SEM). (c)Power&Syred
Refined and raw sugar crystals, scanning electron micrograph (SEM). (c)Power&Syred

We all need a certain amount of sugar in our diet as it is necessary for energy but an overload of sugar in the diet can cause Magnesium (Mg) deficiency.  The problem is, our refined sugar does not come from eating the sugar cane or the sugar beet.  Sugar is processed and ‘purified’ so that when we consume it, it is a concentration of its original form. Hence far too much is then taken into the body.  Nutrients that were in that plant have been removed. Metallic nutrients such as Mg, Cobalt (Co), Chromium (Cr), Manganese (Mn), Copper (Cu) and Zinc (Zn) are all lost; these minerals are essential to life.  The body then has to use its reserves of vitamins and minerals to process the concentration of sugar so that it is digested.

Acidity and Abnormal Sugars

Insufficient metabolism of sugar can cause a rise in acidity in cells which results in the formation of toxic by-products and abnormal sugars which can migrate to the brain, nervous system and red blood cells. This is detrimental to cell respiration and will induce degenerative disease.  To try and neutralise this excessive acidity, the body will take from the alkaline mineral reserves of Mg, Calcium (Ca) and Potassium (K). This can lead to depletion of Ca and Mg from the bones and teeth which will result in decay, softening of the bone and osteoporosis.

Without Mg, Diabetes Is Inevitable!

Diabetic Macular Edema
Diabetic Macular Edema of the Eye

Without Mg to control secretion and functionality of insulin, diabetes is inevitable. Mg deficiency is common in diabetics and in many of the complications of diabetes such as obesity, heart disease, hypertension (blood pressure) eye damage and peripheral vascular disease (PVD).  When treatment of diabetes includes Mg, these problems can be prevented and if already present, can be minimised.

Why Aren’t Diabetics Given Mg?

Unfortunately, it is very rare that medics will encourage the use of vitamins and minerals and if they do, Mg hardly ever gets a mention.  This to me is incredulous.  It has been proven that Mg is absolutely necessary for a healthy body and those who are depleted will surely suffer the effects of that depletion, including diabetes.   If you are a diabetic and you do not keep your Mg levels up to their optimum level, you will likely suffer with the side effects that diabetes causes.  You will then probably be given a drug/s to eleviate your symptoms and control them.  If the symptoms are not treated before long-term damage occurs, then the symptoms may be irreparable.  Why Mg is not given when diabetes is first diagnosed, is beyond me.  It naturally does what the drug/s you will be given do, but without the side effects.

A Natural Treatment

Line Dancing - good exercise
Line Dancing – good exercise

Know this, Mg is a natural mineral that the body needs to function properly.  It is an element that is necessary for a multitude of other nutrients to work efficiently.  Out of all the vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a healthy body, Mg IMHO is at the top of the list.  This is because Mg is a cofactor for so many enzymatic processes. Mg keeps Ca under control and enables relaxation of the muscles after Ca contracts them (that includes the Heart).  Mg helps to keep Ca in check and stops it marauding the body and causing calcification like kidney stones and atherosclerosis.

If you are a diabetic or you have symptoms to suggest you may be heading that way, do yourself a big favour and start supplementing with Mg.  You will not believe the benefits Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 16.31.38that this amazing mineral can give you.  Even if you haven’t got any symptoms of any disease and you consider yourself as fit as a fiddle, this element will ensure you stay that way.  Taking Mg will also give you the energy to get out of that chair and do some exercise, it doesn’t have to be too strenuous, start slowly and work up to exercising for up to 30 minutes 3 times a week. With your new exercise regime and eating a healthy diet including green veggies, nuts, seeds, fish, beans etc., you will be revitalised and your life will be transformed.  When this miracle happens to you, tell us your story so we can put it on the site and share this valuable information with other diabetics.

Mg Chloride supplement is my personal preference.  It can be taken orally as a solution in water, or used topically, or both.  I will be doing a post on all the different supplements of Magnesium shortly.

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Be in the best health your genes will allow.

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Type 2 Diabetes and Treatments
Article Name
Type 2 Diabetes and Treatments
Information for the reader on why type 2 diabetes is contracted, what causes it and how it can be treated with Magnesium without the side effects that drugs can cause.

12 thoughts on “Type 2 Diabetes and Treatments

  1. This is a great write up on Magnesium. I’ve been taking Magnesium for many years now. If I forget I can feel it in my muscles almost immediately. I wasn’t aware how important Mg really was until I happened upon your site.
    Great site! I will definitely be back to share this info with a friend of mine who is diabetic. Thank you!

    1. Hi there Meherbani and thanks for reading the post on type 2 diabetes. I am really gratified that the importance of magnesium is slowly getting through and people such as yourself can make a real difference to others by passing on the info. Keeping your magnesium replete will help to protect you against all kinds of conditions, not least cardiovascular diseases and stroke. I sincerely hope your friend will benefit from this knowledge and her diabetes symptoms will start to diminish. Good health to you always. Ches

  2. A lot of my family members suffer from diabetes, so this article is definitely helpful to know. My family members who do don’t take magnesium in capsule form but try to tak ethe power version as there are a lot of unrefined ingredients in the tablets that they have tried. Also, you are right about the processed sugary foods, they dont help at all.

    1. Hi Jazzy and thanks for reading the article on type 2 diabetes. I’m sorry that this disease inflicts so many of your family members but it can be controlled, especially with the help of magnesium and a sensible diet. IMHO magnesium chloride is the best supplement there is as it is completely bioavailable unlike many of the cheaper supplements like magnesium oxide. I have a link here and it is also on my site. You can actually make it up yourself if you want using high quality food grade magnesium chloride crystals. Let me know if you want to do this and I will give you details. Ches

  3. Wow! Super informative article! I had no idea Magnesium played such a role in Diabetes! I agree with you in that it is a shame that it is not highlighted by doctors, they always seem to jump to meds. I take a chelated form of Magnesium, does that make a difference? Also have you heard of any sleep benefits from Magnesium? Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Abrielle and thank you for reading the blog. I think doctors are a little pressurized to prescribe drugs by Big Pharma and those that actually use naturopathy are somewhat frowned upon. Chelated Mg is not the best absorbed because by definition it is being locked up and not readily so bioavailable. If you go to Best Magnesium Supplements this will give you the lowdown on all Mg compounds. Mg Chloride is the most bioavailable and has a SCV (stability constant value) of zero. The lower the number the more absorbed. Mg Citrate, which is a gently laxative, has an SCV of 2.8. Anything under 3 is best. Magnesium will definitely help you sleep. It does relax the muscles and calms the mind, I used to be an insomniac, not any more!

      Good health to you always, Ches

  4. Hi Chessie ,
    I just want to thank you for explaining to me how important magnesium is . As I told already -I am taking it daily and I love the feeling of energy I get .I am spreading the word .
    Big thank you

    1. Hi Nadia and thanks for the comment. It is really gratifying when people realise and gain the benefit this wonderful mineral gives to their health and well-being. I’m so pleased you’re spreading the word. Ches

  5. You say we need sugar in our diet, but is this really true? Our bodies create glucose out of food, even if there isn’t any actual sugar in the food. Are you sure you didn’t mean to say that we need sugar in our bloodstream, but we don’t need to consume it directly through our diet?

    Of course, fruit has sugar in it, but the difference there is that it comes with lots of water, fiber, vitamins and minerals. But even so, people are now saying that too much fruit can overload our bodies with too much fructose.

    1. Hi Marcus and thanks for reading the post. Yes, you have to have glucose in your body and it comes from consuming sugar by way of our food. Trouble is, sugar is added by food manufacturers so it’s difficult not to eat it. There are hundreds of different sugars but our body uses mainly glucose.

      You are correct about the overload of fructose because it cannot be turned into glucose and so ends up in the liver, often in large quantities. Excessive fructose consumption may contribute to the developoment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

  6. Hi there Chessie,

    My mom is recently diagnosed with diabetes and all the symptoms that you described, she has them. She’s a big fan of consuming processed and sweet food even when I was a kid.

    Before she was a diabetic, she was already showing symptoms of tooth decay and osteoporosis. I thought it was part of aging at that point of time and didn’t know that the cause could be due to the lack of magnesium.

    Thanks to your article, I have become more aware of it. Question – I am still in my 30’s and I don’t have a sweet tooth like my mom. Should I be taking any magnesium supplement as well?

    Thanks for your advice.

    1. Hi Cathy and thank you for reading my post. I’m sorry to hear your mom’s got diabetes but the good news is she can do something about it, to stop it progressing. She probably knows she shouldn’t be eating processed food but if she could cut down on them and start taking magnesium, she will surely feel the benefits and within a short space of time.

      As far as your health is concerned, if you have a quick check of the kinds of foods you consume you can get an idea if you’re getting mg in your diet. Those who eat plenty of fish and seafood, nuts, seeds, whole grains and green leafy veggie will at least be getting some magnesium. I always advocate that you take this element anyway, purely because you need it daily as much as you need water! You will be astounded as to how much your energy will increase, same for your mom. Check out my diseases menu, it shows you just what this amazing mineral can do. Best of health to you, Ches

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