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I did a post a few weeks ago about depression in the elderly.  It is an important subject but just as important is depression in the young which seems to be increasing year on year with one youngster in 10 being on pharmaceutical drugs for psychological issues.  Peer pressure definition goes into why our kids are depressed and stressed.

kid-with-gunKids under pressure

There seems to be so much pressure on the younger generation these days.  Peer pressure for one, which seems to be of the utmost importance to any young person nowadays.  Why the kids can’t be their own person, I don’t know. It seems to be so important for them to be part of a gang or group, even if the members of that group do not have the best of manners or are often into fighting, smoking pot or worse.  This, of course, can lead to a life of crime which the other members often get caught up in.

try-itThose on the brink

Those kids that have parents or other relatives that are either incarcerated or have been, can inexplicably take the same path.  If you’ve every watched the US show  ’Troubled Teens: Jail Shock’ you will see what I mean.  These kids, often as young as 9 or 10, are on the brink of going to jail or being detained because of their attitude and criminal actions.  Many seem to smoke weed and/or drink to excess and nearly all of them are angry, disrespectful to those that love them most, as well as attacking and abusing their teachers and having no regard for those in authority.

It starts at an early age

I don’t know how this downward spiral starts with the youngsters of today but it certainly can start at a very early age.  Many toddlers display disruptive behaviour which then turn into more serious conditions.  By the age of 9 or 10 some can be uncontrollable and the desperate parents have to ask for help.  Quite often drugs are administered at an alarming rate with 10 million US children and young adults on anti-depressents.  5 million are on a stimulant medication such as Ritalin because of psychiatric complaints.

temper tantrumHave you had problems with your child?

I think there are many factors that have changed the young lives of our children today and I would like to list them here.  If you disagree, or have something to say, I’d be pleased to hear your views.  Especially if you have had first hand experience of your child having a so called psychological disorder:

How it was – the media

Being an oldie, I can remember when the media, especially television, was entertainment that was great for anyone in the family to watch.  We would all sit around the ‘box’ and be amused or enthralled by various situation comedies or nature programs.  News was edited not to include anything that would upset or frighten the kids.

child watching tvAnd now

Now, anything goes on the TV and that includes pornographic material that is on before the 9pm watershed.  Not that it matters because most youngsters have TVs in their bedroom and can watch what they like, when they like, that’s apart from their laptops, smart phones and tablets.  Other acceptable programs can and will include excessive violence including rape, torture, murder and all the savagery that goes with it.  Why do we allow our youngsters to be subjected to this material?  It is often shocking to adults let alone a youngster.  Remember the James Bulger case?  The two boys who killed James were evidently watching a video the night before called Chuckie!

How it was – dating

Call me old fashioned but I can remember a time when a boy would ask a girl on a date and he would come around the house to call on the girl so mum and dad knew who she would be out with that evening.  This was common practice.

peer pressureAnd now

One night stands are common place even with young teenagers.  There seems to be little respect from either sex with young girls being put on the pill just in case.  It is accepted now that youngsters will experiment with sex at earlier ages than ever before.  Why is this?  Well, just look at the media.  Teenage romps and school sexual politics are all over the TV.  Take the program ‘The Joy of Teen Sex’.  Ok, all kids need to know about sex etc., but it seems to be foisted upon them and I fear they are pressurized into dabbling in sex before they’re ready.  It’s as though if you haven’t had sex by the time you’re 16, there must be something wrong with you.

How it was – Education

Education was something that was taken seriously by most kids.  We struggled hard to gain our grades and certificates.  In the UK the old fashioned GCE certificate was respected and taken notice of by prospective employers.  We wanted to do well and please our parents.

chemistry examAnd now

Upsetting, swearing and disrespecting parents now seems to be a national sport!  The watered down GCSE seems to hold no regard as being evidence of education with many youngsters still struggling to read and write.  Those that really want to learn have difficulty because many subjects are not taught in our schools, because of a lack of qualified teachers.  It is appalling that our future generation is not as educated in the core subjects like maths, science and physics as we were in our day.  Education should have improved for our kids, not gone backwards.  Our educational system seems to have lost the plot! My husband was asked to give lessons to a friend’s 15 year old for her GCSE.  Why?  Because none of her teachers were qualified to teach the subjects of Chemistry and Biology.  Neither is my husband but he was her best bet.  The pressures put on those kids taking exams, the subjects of which have not even been taught properly, is disgraceful!

wooden trainHow it was – Christmas

The media was really quite well regulated or perhaps it just hadn’t got going yet.  Even so, toys, games, tv, video and the suchlike did not have the subject matter that we have today.  Christmas, for instance, was about the family getting together and having a great time.  Childrens’ presents, although simple in comparison to today, were cherished and looked after.  They could be handed down to siblings because they were well made and stood the test of time.  A child would be happy with a stocking with all the usual edible goodies and a small toy.  They would have at most 2 presents from their parents and a few from surrounding relatives.

christmas listAnd now

Everything is a must have and they must have it all NOW!  Parents feel obliged to do their best to buy everything their child wants.  It is sometimes obscene what presents some kids get for Xmas.  I’m not a religious person but I thought Xmas was about family and friends and being charitable, goodwill to all men etc..  Kids now have the knack of wearing their parents down until they submit to buying stuff that they can ill afford.  Why are some children so selfish and materialistic?  Well, you can blame us the parents.  We have allowed them to become that way.

How is was – Fashion

Children in my day were not obsessed with clothing.  Their parents would buy their clothes until such time they left school and went to work.  They could then buy what they could afford for themselves.  Fashion was something for the older person say in their 20s or 30s.

body imageAnd now

Now a child of 3 has got to be in fashion!  Putting on makeup and making yourself look older than you really are is common nowadays.  Young girls feel pressured into looking like the popstars they idolize.  Breast implants are now being given to girls as young as 18 years!  Girls are eating badly to keep thin.  Boys are also worried about body image and can have low self esteem because of it.  Celebrities such as Rihanna, Harry Styles of One Direction, Cheryl Cole, Justin Bieber and David Beckham influence our kids.  These idols are having implants, face-lifts, botox and other unnatural substances put into their bodies and our kids are copying them.  God help us!

All these pressures!

With all these pressures, it’s no wonder so many of our children have depression.  Academic and social pressures abound.  Comparing and competing with their airbrushed and plastic celebrities as well as dealing with the pressures of schooling and family life is leading them down a path of misery.  Bullying is another problem, with kids not fitting in being sent to task and ridiculed by their counterparts.

childs watchPlayboy and pole dancing!

Children’s products like pencil cases and girls’ watches have playboy emblems on them.  Pole dancing is described as a good exercise regime for young girls.  Our children are missing out on their childhood.  It is all so unnatural and it’s no wonder they are suffering from all kinds of depression, anxiety and psychological conditions.

Forced to grow up fast

Kids today are being forced to grow up too fast.  They are forced to make decisions about their actions which they shouldn’t be making when they’re not yet cooked!  The media is the main culprit.  I blame games like X-BOX where blood and gore is so realistic, our youngsters are becoming desensitized to violence.  They are lacking in empathy.  If they saw a horrific accident on the street, I wonder how many young people would NOT find it shocking because of all the savagery, cruelty and barbarity they’ve seen on these so called games.

x box violenceIt’s not their fault!

It’s not their fault, it’s ours.  We are not strong enough to stop it.  If the public shows distaste and voted with their feet, the media would have to toe the line and fall in with what we really want for our kids.  I know what we do want for them is not what they’re getting today.  They are reacting to the life foisted upon them with depression, anxiety, aggression, misery, discontent and disrespect of their parents, elders and those in authority.

Not all kids though

I know this is a generalization and you’re probably saying, my child’s not like this!  But many are and the amount of youngsters on drugs for psychological problems is quite frankly alarming!

The number of children and adolescents in the US, between the ages of 0-17 years taking psychiatric drugs such as anti-anxiety drugs, antidepressants, ADHD drugs and antipsychotics is a staggering 17,922,134 of those 2,134,230 are administered to 0-5 year olds.¹

healthy foodYou can do something

If your child is suffering from any  debilitating conditions like depression or ADHD, you can help by making sure they are eating properly, by getting all the nutrition they need and not supplying junk foods and sodas.  If they are having problems then they will be deficient in important minerals and vitamins.  Magnesium (Mg) is of the utmost importance and supplementing their diet with this vital mineral will definitely help lighten their mood, calm their anxiety and lift their depression.

The relaxation mineral.

In the early 20th century, Mg was in abundance.  It was estimated that we consumed around 500mg of Mg per day.  Our soils were replete in all necessary nutrients.  Now Mg is thin on the ground, literally.  Bad farming practices, pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers have stripped Mg, this most vital of elements, from our soils.  Mg is the relaxation mineral and its antagonist partner calcium (Ca) is the tension mineral.  Many of the psychological conditions will be exacerbated or even induced with an imbalance of these two minerals.  It is now the norm for us to take in overdoses of Ca. The food manufacturers make sure we have an abundance of this mineral by fortifying many foods.  Ca is advocated by medics Ca:Mg ratioand TV adverts to be the best mineral for children for strong bones and teeth and for the elderly to alleviate osteoporosis. This is a dangerous concept if it has not got its partner Mg to keep it in control.

Mg controls Ca

Mg ensures that Ca is kept out of our cells and is laid down in our bones and teeth.  If Ca is allowed to stay in the cell, the cell will die.  Without Mg, Ca can migrate to any part of the body where it doesn’t belong.  On its own, It will also induce tension in the brain and in the body.  Think of muscle spasms, kidney stones, tremors, migraines, arterial plaque, bone spurs, osteoporosis.  Mg is needed in every one of our 37.2 trillion cells.  Without enough of it we will be sick in body and mind, guaranteed!

kick out junkDon’t have junk food or sodas in the house

Our youngsters have enough to contend with.  Keeping their diet healthy and nourishing and steering them away from the junk and the sodas is something parents can do to help alleviate conditions their child may suffer from.  Don’t keep any junk in the house.  At least then you know you’re doing your best to keep them healthy.  Start this regime early and you may actually protect your child from future problems.  Don’t forget, Mg can help, big time!Ches Power Author

  1. SOURCE: IMS, Vector One: National (VONA) and Total Patient Tracker (TPT) Database, Year 2013, Extracted April 2014.

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20 thoughts on “Peer Pressure Definition

  1. Hello! I love this website! I think more people should know about it. It is very informative and makes complete sense now. I love all the colorful content and pictures you’ve posted up. It is clear that you really know your stuff and that I should probably increase Mg in my diet. 🙂 Thank you for this awesome website!

    1. Thanks Vanessa for your kind comments about my website. Did you read the article about Peer Pressure. It would be perfect if you could comment on that post. Ches

  2. Ches, your site has so much good information. I’m looking at your Peer Pressure Definition page right now, you have covered this important topic very well. My older son had depression (among other mental issues) and it manifested kind of late for him, in high school, and we didn’t know what was going on with him, and we didn’t deal with it well, which sent him in a worse spiral as you can imagine. He was definitely peer pressured into stuff when he was in high school that we have since been finding out about. Anyway do you know if there are any side-effects for older teens or early 20-year olds for the Mg treatment?

    Thanks for the great info on your site – will help lots of people like me no doubt.

    1. Hi Randy and thanks for reading the article. I’m sorry to learn that your son had depression but at least you now know what happened and why he became depressed. Some really decent kids are often peer pressured into stuff they wouldn’t ordinarily do. Looks like you son was one of those.

      As for Mg, it is an entirely natural and harmless mineral that is absolutely vital for mitochondrial health. The mitochondria, which reside in our 37.2 trillion cells, are where our energy is produced by way of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), our energy currency. ATP cannot be produced without Mg (Mg-ATP). Nearly all depression sufferers are Mg deficient. Even if your son (and probably you and your family) were not Mg deficient, taking the supplement will be utilized by the body where necessary. Any not used is discarded and excreted naturally.

      I myself take 600mg of Mg Chloride which I put into a litre of water and drink throughout the day. I have been taking this supplement now for over a year and my health has returned to how it was when I was in my 40s. I’m now coming up to 70.

      There are 4 contro-indications for Mg. 1. Kidney disease or kidney failure. The kidneys cannot excrete anything including any excess Mg. 2. Myasthenia gravis. Intravenous administration could accentuate muscle relaxation. (Not really applicable because this is a medical procedure and your doctor would know if you had this condition). 3. Bowel obstruction, nothing can be eliminated including any excess Mg and 4. Excessively low heart rate. Mg will reduce some peoples heart rate (for the better). If you have bradycardia which is an excessively low heart rate, Mg could lower it further but this is just supposition. As a point of interest, my heart rate has always been quite low (56bpm) but Mg has not changed it at all. What it has done is eliminated my arrhythmia. As with high blood pressure, Mg will not necessarily lower a heart rate to below what is natural for you. Mg also lowers blood pressure but it will not take it lower than is normal for your body, unlike drugs which have to be monitored constantly. Ches

  3. I remember a show on Dr. Phil about disruptive behavior starting at a tender age and when you mentioned it too it worried me because I have a nephew who has grown to be a kleptomaniac. It started for him when he was just three!
    To think that proper nutrition could have helped (but I doubt it). I think pressure had more to do with it. When the little guy was just one, his mom 9my step sister) left him with her mom who has a history of being neglectful.

    So, young he learned to steal to survive and even after coming to leave with us where he had plenty, he never lost the habit.

    Pressure, whether from peers or other environmental sources can change people forever.

    1. Hi Denise, I also have a relative who’s child has aquired the habit of taking stuff. These kids will learn behaviour from others around them and it would appear that’s what has happened with your nephew. Paradigms are hard to shift when learnt at an informative age. Hopefully, as he gets older, he will realize that the behaviour could have dire consequences, not least incarceration! Thanks for your input. Ches

  4. Hi Chessie,

    This is interesting read as I am a young star and the comparison between back then and now makes me realize how different things have become, even though I was never the in the past.

    There is a conspiracy about the dumbing down of American citizens so that they can easily be controlled. Basically, they believe the government does not want a person who can think and question their authority.
    Which can explain all the junk being fed to children through television and schooling.

    Thank you for your advise. I will remember when I have my own kids. 🙂

    1. Hi there Sbongiseni and thank you for your comment. Many people do believe there is a conspiracy afoot. Whatever it is, it’s not good for us and not good for our children, the future population. We must start to control the media, big pharma, big agra and food manufacturers. The population as a whole seems to be stereotyped, like a load of ‘sheeples’. We believe everything we hear from those in power who are supposed to keep us safe and keep us healthy, this is a huge mistake; they are so driven by power and money. Ches

  5. Hi Chessie,

    Wow, what an awesome resource! I have 7 children and my beliefs are in line with the information on your site. Prevention is the best medicine, especially in these times.

    I home school my kids to avoid a lot of the pressures associated with school. Although it helps, there is still pressure everywhere.

    I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to put together such an informative and helpful site!



    1. Hi Joy and thanks for reading the article. Home schooling seems like a good alternative to me and you’re much more under control. Many of the problems our kids have eminate from the school environment which is unfortunate. I’m sure those parents who take responsibility for their children’s upbringing and keep an eye on the pressures they will obviously endure, will bring up children who will be well balanced and an asset to society. Ches

  6. I have seen and been affected by peer pressure through my whole life and even now at 40 I still see it frequently. I believe that peer pressure is born from the need to feel accepted and if you can get other people to do what you are doing then you can feel okay about whatever it is that you are doing.

    So for example if you want to drink alcoholic beverages, you will often pressure others into it along with you so that you are not alone. You want to feel like you are part of a group as we are social beings.

    There is a fix to this problem though and it is called parenting. Being a parent is not about being a friend to your children as it is about being the right role model for them. You need to show them positive attention so that they learn to get your attention in positive ways. If you don’t watch out!

    In the end though we all have chosen to walk the life we are and to face the challenges within it. The most important thing is to learn to be accountable for your actions so that you can learn from your mistakes and continue down a more positive path.

    1. Thank you James for your important input on this post. Hooray to that! The fix indeed is called parenting. So many parents do try to be their child’s best friend, instead of being the adult and role model for that child. Children like to be disciplined, it makes them feel safe and secure. They know their parent is watching over them and leading them down the right path. If you leave a child to his own devices, trouble will ensue. Children haven’t got the sense or knowledge to know what’s best for them, not until they’re older and have a background of understanding, fairness, sound advice, guidance and love from their parents or guardians. Ches

  7. I have a two year old girl (who has only JUST turned two) and she is already showing signs of demanding to wear certain things and have ‘pretty’ things and I will admit this became a thing after she watched the Disney movie ‘Frozen’. I kept her pretty much screen free from the ages of 0-2, but since she has turned 2 I have relaxed a bit. But I can see absolutely first hand how influential these movies can be, and just TV in general. On the one hand she learns things from shows like Playschool, but on the other hand I am questioning even the value of things like Sesame Street due to the fast moving images. I can see how they are trying to be educational, but I think it actually goes too fast for Toddlers to be able to follow.

    I whole heartedly agree it is the parents to blame, but also think there is a vicious cycle going on. Parents are often exhausted due to life pressures, and get disengaged as to what their kids are up to. Why are the parents so exhausted? Sometimes just trying to keep up with the financial pressures that they are having, which can also result from a certain lack in their own education about certain topics.

    It is scary to look ahead and wonder how I am going to steer my daughter in the right direction. I worry about her future education, I worry about her confidence and how I can help her to be as confident in herself as possible as well as feeling like she has real self worth.

    I have completely disegaged from the media myself (other than watching kids shows with my daughter) and I know that compared to so many people who constantly have the TV on, I am considered weird. So, perhaps that at least gives my daughter a head start on her mental health in that she won’t be as bombarded as other kids have been from age 0. However, I know that the older she gets, the more complex it is going to get in terms of screens. Kids have to have ipads to go to primary school these days. That is crazy in my opinion!

    1. Hi Liz and thanks for responding to the post. Well that’s proof itsn’t it. If you noticed this from your little girl after watching frozen, it’s obvious she has been influenced by the media. It’s difficult to know just how much tv a child should be allowed to watch. When so many kids have ipads and iphones, controlling what they see is nigh on impossible.

      I quite agree about the stress parents are under, that’s why depression and anxiety problems have increased in the adult population.

      I’m sure you’re child will be fine, because you are aware and so many parents seem to be ignorant of what’s going on or perhaps putting their head in the sand. One parent families also have a hard time and try to compensate for the lack of a parent and may let things slide because of it.

      You certainly aren’t weird, more like responsible and mindful. You’re right though, the older your daughter gets the more difficult it will be to keep problems at bay. I didn’t know about ipads, how mental is that! Ches

  8. Great post! You are so right about all the terrible stuff kids have to grow up with today. I really agree about the video games and media, they are so full of violence and gore, no wonder kids have to be drugged to cope. You are right about the staggering numbers of kids on prescription drugs. It’s so sad.

    1. Thanks for your input Abrielle, hopefully parents will start to realize that drugs are not the answer to all our woes. Having a healthy diet and lifestyle and making sure we take in all nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for our bodies to function optimally, is the answer IMHO. As for the media, we as a society accept the crap and actually buy this stuff, so it’s our fault and we’re doing it to our own kids! Ches

  9. fantastic article. well detailed. i completely agree with your article.
    i am currently experiencing these teenage issues. my daughter is nearly 10. she is now showing opinions and saying things that points clearly to peer pressure. things like what she should wear. how she should sort out her hair. and most recently what i should buy and how many because her friends have it and have adviced her what is best. due to peer pressure she would listen to them and not be happy if her parents say otherwise. not only that she is witnessing some bad words and actions from other students that are questioning her actions to which we are having to justify against. we are parents of high moral and she is witnessing immoral stuff at school. me and her mother see this as another challenge we have to tackle in the appropriate, moral and correct way.
    i tell you something. whilst some peer pressure are not to do with bad behaviour, there are others that are, and you can only blame the parents for the behaviour of their children

    1. Hi there Arif and thanks for reading my somewhat long article. I’m sorry that you’re having some difficulty with peer pressure and your daughter. The only comfort is that it seems to be a problem most of us with youngsters are having to cope with. I can tell that you are responsible parents and you obviously care very much about your daughter’s well being. This will surely be recognised by her in the long run and she will no doubt turn out to be a useful member of society when grown. Many children do not have parents with high moral standards and these are the children most in danger of blighting their lives. Like you, I agree that much of the bad behaviour problems stem from the parents. Ches

  10. Great insight of factors that contribute to today’s kids issues. My recollection of yesterday, and I am up there in years, is how smoking was advertised as glamorous and perfectly healthy….look where that got us. I recently watched a video of a young black father giving his young daughter her morning affirmations: “I am strong”, “I am beautiful”, “No body is better than me” If all parents did this, peer pressure would not be an issue. Personally I believe it all begins with poverty. Poor parents raising poor children. Parents that have nothing raising kids that do not have anything. If parents could be proud and strong they would be better prepared to produce strong, proud children.

    1. I entirely agree with you Erin, paradigms have much to do with the upbringing of children and those paradigms can be passed on through generations. Affirmations are a good idea but should not be necessary. Nowadays material wealth seems to be more important than health. But you cannot gain wealth without having good mental and physical health. Ches

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