COVID 19 Treatment – Summary

COVID 19 Treatment – Summary is a shortened version of the article COVID 19 – Sepsis and the HAT Protocol. The longer version of this article is here.  Note, the original post was dated 14th March and much has changed, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the viability of this treatment protocol for seriously ill COVID 19 patients.

Prof Allen ChengFirstly, Prof Allen Chang of Monash University. He is a Professor of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology and states: “There’s much we’ve yet to learn about this new virus, but we know it often causes pneumonia, an infection of the lungs which produces pus and fluid and reduces the lungs’ ability to absorb oxygen. Of the first 99 people with severe infection, three-quarters had pneumonia involving both lungs. Around 14% appeared to have lung damage caused by the immune system, while 11% suffered from multi-organ system failure, or sepsis.”

Sepsis kills 1 in 5 throughout the world

We know that sepsis is a serious outcome for many patients, especially those who contract pneumonia, but a new protocol to deal with sepsis has been around since January 2016. Dr Paul Marik,  a critical care doctor working out of Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in East Virginia tried this protocol on one of his patients. This lady was about to die. She was not expected to live through the night. Dr Marik had read a research paper about a new treatment for sepsis. Looking down on his dying patient, he thought he would try it, after all, there was nothing to lose…

Dr Paul Marik interview

The nurses speak about the treatment

Pierre Kory MD Assoc Professor – UWisconsin, Madison

Dr Kory is the Principal Investigator for a Clinical Trial taking place now. Started in April 2019, it is due to complete in April 2020. The title of the trail is: Outcomes of Septic Shock Patients Treated With a Metabolic Resuscitation Bundle Consisting of Intravenous Hydrocortisone, Ascorbic Acid and Thiamine.

Dr Pierre KoryThe trial notes explain how ascorbic acid deficiency leads to shock and multi-organ failure and that the HAT therapy appears to be of high utility in preventing death and multi-organ failure in septic shock. IV high doses of ascorbic acid rapidly achieves not only normal levels but even supranormal levels. Also history as far back as the 1950s appreciated the importance of this vitamin. In 2006, it reared its head again only to be shot down once more, even after trials in 2014 reported the high efficacy of IV ascorbic acid. How many have died of sepsis because of the dogma, bigotry and dragging of heels of the medical industry. Dr Kory states: “I spent 15 years gaining expertise in deploying ICU therapeutics with the farcical goal of keeping ascorbic acid depleted patients alive and well – without giving them ascorbic acid?”

Dr EV Volda, Norway
Dr Volda Norway“After introducing HAT therapy to the equation, sepsis is no longer a concern of mine. If they are not <<already dead>> at arrival, the patients survive. And they survive with their health intact!”


So what is the recipe?

Here we go, the recipe for the HAT protocol:

  • IV 50mg of hydrocortisone Q6H
  • IV 1.5g of ascorbic acid Q6H
  • IV 200mg of Thiamine Q12H

Terms: IV = intravenous, mg = milligrams, g = grams, ascorbic acid = vitamin C
Q6H = every 6 hours, Q12H = every 12 hours, thiamine = vitamin B1

Why is this protocol being hidden?

This new and effective protocol is being kept quiet. In fact there are many bogus websites that are declaring that vitamin C should not be used. Why is this, when this doctor has proven already that the treatment works. Why would it not be administered? It is completely safe and it is known that vitamin C is dangerously depleted in diseases such as COVID 19. We as humans cannot make vitamin C within our bodies, unlike most other animals. Depleted vitamin C is dangerous in its own right. When you’re very sick, your vitamin C becomes exhausted. If not replenished it will kill! No animal or plant can live without vitamin C.

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10 thoughts on “COVID 19 Treatment – Summary

  1. I loved this. It really makes you contemplate how much misinformation is out there. I mean, not only websites, I’ve seen countless doctors suggesting that vitamin C you don’t need vs Covid-19. And only the minority advocate that you do actually need it. Now, I fell that what you are sharing here clearly, and, I mean clearly, proves that we do need vitamin C. It’s something that is extremely important. It’s so, so sad so many do not recognize that.

    Above all, I just really enjoyed this article, thank you!

    Cheers, and have a Great One!

    1. Thanks for your input Matiss. The misinformation is more rampant than we all realise. Pharmaceutical lobbyists are hard at work to make sure no promising or, God forbid, natural treatment, even if it has been proven to work, will be used. The standard protocol which is pharmaceutical based, is the only opotion for treatment. This despite the fact that the majority of drugs never ‘cure’, they only control often with serious side effects. 

      Ingestion of unnecessary and often dangerous drugs and treatments causes much iatrogenesis. The elderly and infirm must be so frightened. We are like lambs to the slaughter. I hope when this virus is under control, people will start looking at why there were so many deaths. Unnecessary deaths that could have been successfully treated with protocols that were known to be effective before this virus reared its ugly head.

      You can’t blame the doctors and nurses, they can only work within allowed protocols and with what they’ve been taught (or not taught). Their hands are tied and if they don’t toe the line, they will be chastised or worse. I really feel for them.

  2. How interesting?  Would this be better than injecting yourself with disinfectants like the president suggests?  Seriously though, why haven’t we heard about more about the effectiveness of Vitamin C?  Has it been determined that Sepsis is a root symptom of Covid 19? If we know we can fix Sepsis, should we be able to find a fix for Corona Virus?  Thanks for an interesting outlook.

    1. I couldn’t believe it when Trump suggested that! The problem with vitamin C is that it can’t be patented. The pharmaceuticals are only interested in patentable drugs to keep their bottom line healthy. This at the expense of the health of the population who buys those drugs. The sooner we stop the love affair with Big Pharma, the healthier and wealthier we will all become.  Sepsis is not the root problem, sepsis is often the end game of many inflammation causing diseases, including COVID19. IMHO, people are dying needlessly for the sake of a few dollars worth of ascorbic acid, hydrocortisone and vitamin B1, what a travesty; what a crime against humanity! 

  3. I am 54 years old and do very stressful jobs, I also have high blood sugar. Until now, I didn’t know that magnesium was so important to my body. I read a lot of interesting articles on your site about this. I’m sure to start using some of the magnesium-containing preparations you recommend.

    1. You know Aleksandar, the eminent Diabetes researcher Dr Jerry Nadler of the Eastern Virginia Medical School who was given the ‘top scientist’ award for 2016 says “the link between diabetes mellitus and magnesium deficiency is well known.” and “diabetes is a magnesium deficiency state”.  It’s a pity that the general medical profession seem to be devoid of this information, to the detriment of diabetics! Have a look at this post. Having high blood sugar is the beginnings of diabetes. Put a stop to it now! Diabetes can be reversed if you do the right thing! Don’t believe them when they say you can’t reverse it. Good luck with regaining your good health!

  4. I have never taken vitamins frequently because I thought they could harm you in the long term but since this Coronavirus outbreak began I stopped worrying and began taking my daily dose of multivitamins. We really need strong immune systems. This Coronavius has shown us that something unexpected can hit us at any time!

    1. Thanks for your input Horatius. By the way, vitamins, minerals and other natural nutrients are not likely to harm you. The trick is to try and find out which ones you are depleted in. Vitamin C is a nutrient that you will always need because we cannot make it ourselves. 

      Magnesium is another vital nutrient and also a necessity as a co-factor for hundreds of enzymes. It is estimated that 80% of the population have low magnesium levels, causing all kinds of unpleasant conditions. The sunshine vitamin D3 is another necessity if you don’t live in sunny climes.

      Vitamin K2 MK7 is necessary to help keep calcification at bay. It actually ushers excess Calcium out of soft tissue, back to the bones, where it belongs. 

      Calcium is a mineral not to over consume. It needs to be in equilibrium with its antagonist mineral magnesium. You are obvious thoughtful of your health. Why don’t you do some research and find out a little more about our bodies and how these nutrients are necessary to remain healthy.

  5. Vitamin C can help you if you are suffering from sepsis seriously. This Article needs to be spread far and wide to save people’s lives. I have been diagnosed with covid and I’m at home as I don’t have it that bad. I’m going to eat a lot of things with vitamin C in. It can’t do me any harm can it?

    Why is this not being shared ? Tests have been Carried out ?

    1. Hi there Lisa, I’m sorry to hear you’ve got the dreaded virus and hope you’re recovering well. If you can possible can hold of some Altrient liposomal vitamin C, this is the best supplement you can have next to IV. Unfortunately, my link on my website is no good because that source is out of stock. But you may be able to source it elsewhere. It is expensive, but while you have the virus, well worth taking for the short term. Otherwise, any vitamin C is better than none. 

      Ascorbic acid in powder form is good but you have to watch bowel tolerance as you can overdo it easily. It won’t do you any harm but it is inconvenient if you need multiple trips to the loo.  You can avoid this a lot by taking doses little and often. The liposomal vitamin C does not go through the digestive system so will not cause a laxative effect. That’s as long as it is definitely “liposomal”, there’s a lot of so called liposomal products that are not as described! Good luck and get well soon!

      Please share the post as much as you can, thanks!

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