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Leptospirosis Vaccine Side Effects

Jazz BanditPuppies first vaccination

I’m writing this post as a warning about your puppy and leptospirosis vaccine side effects. I’m off topic somewhat here but we had such a harrowing experience when we took our two little puppies to have their first vaccination, I wanted to warn you about this vaccine.

They were just 8 weeks old and weighed in at just 1.37kg and 1.49kg.  We were to see our usual vet who we really trust and find very gentle with all her patients.  We knew she would make our puppies’ first visit to the vet a positive one. Continue reading Leptospirosis Vaccine Side Effects

Is Fluoride In Water?

Is fluoride in water naturally?  Well, actually there are some areas in the world where the natural water supply will have a certain amount of fluoride in it.  Fluoride is often found naturally in soil and rock too.  There is usually only a trace in natural water and a trace is all we need!

fluorine-fluorideWhat is fluoride?

For those that are interested, fluorine is a really nasty element and fluoride is a derivative of it.   Fluorine is the most reactive element in the periodic table.  It is first in the halogen series at element number 9, with other halogens being chlorine (17), bromine (35), iodine (53) and astatine (85). Continue reading Is Fluoride In Water?

What Does Magnesium Do For The Body

Why should you be worried about getting enough Magnesium?  What does Magnesium do for your body?  What would happen if you didn’t have Magnesium (Mg) in your body?

Mg glassYou will be ill!

If you don’t have enough of Mg in your body, in time, you will become ill! Not you may be or you could be, you will be!  You will probably then pack yourself off to the doctor and he will prescribe a drug and you will be on the treadmill of prescription drug taking maybe for the rest of your life.  If you can remedy your condition with natural nutrients rather than drugs, it is by far the best way to go.  Putting chemicals into the body which then has to contend with coping with strange substances, just gives it an added burden. Continue reading What Does Magnesium Do For The Body

Depression in the Elderly

bereavementHave you just lost a parent?  Has your Mum or Dad recently passed away?  This is a harrowing time for all the family but particularly for the spouse left behind.  Depression in the elderly is a real problem, especially when they have lost the love of their life, someone who they have shared a life with for decades.

So much to arrange

For our family, when Dad died, Mum seemed to be very brave and strong.  She had many family members around her and we made all the arrangements for the funeral and did the paperwork for pensions, rates, cancellations of credit cards and all the paraphanalia that goes with a bereavement.  Those who have had to arrange all these details will know exactly what I mean. Continue reading Depression in the Elderly