Here we go again – are we being “pinkwashed?”

Here we go againHere we go again. Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). Are you going to get involved with helping the pharmaceutical industry with its brainwashing techniques? Are you going to give money to this already obscenely rich industry? How about getting involved with the FREE TO WATCH 9 videos on the Truth about Cancer! instead! You will be amazed what you will learn from this free series.

Chemo started 80 years ago!

Before you go headlong into what you think is a worthy cause, just stop and think for a moment. How long has the “cure” for breast cancer been in the pipeline. 10 years, 20 years, 30 years? More importantly, what strides have the pharmaceutical industry made since chemo was first introduced in the 1940s. Now, some 80 years later, this destructive carcinogenic treatment is still the “gold” standard.  This despite billions of dollars being donated to the cause, by you!

Here we go againWho’s doing all the work?

Who’s doing all the charitable work and gaining massive funds for the pharmaceuticals to research a cure? You are! Who has experienced the loss of loved ones or has gone through this horrid disease, you have. But what are the pharmaceuticals doing? They are amassing scandalous profits from your cancer, your suffering and your money. Don’t wait for them, they will never come up with the cure. You’re suffering is making them too much profit. A cure would stop the billions of dollars these callous companies make.

Follow the money!

What’s going on here, why hasn’t the cure for cancer by allopathic medicine been accomplished yet. After all, we know how and why it happens. Other non standard treatments are showing success. Is the pharmaceutical industry dragging its heels on their cure? Has it anything to do with the fact that cancer is a billion dollar industry for them?

Have a look at this 5 minute video by Dr Peter Glidden about the failure of chemotherapy.

The Truth About Cancer

Before you consider going on a march, donating to the “cause,” or buying a pink-ribbon-bedecked product this month, consider the true origins of the year’s most widespread brainwashing event. For information on the real causes and solutions for cancer watch the Truth about Cancer video series starting 9th October 2018. It promises to be the much needed antidote to the propaganda that has spread as viciously as cancer itself and whats more it’s FREE TO WATCH, all 9 episodes.

Traditional Cancer Treatments 

Traditional medicine may have its place but it should be just one of an arsenal of treatments. We are all different, we need treatments that are non toxic and tailor made for each of our body’s needs. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy is a one fits all procedure. A few people survive its onslaught ie. an average of 3%. If those cancer patients also had the advantage of other treatments, even if it’s alongside traditional, then their survival rates would soar.

the truth about cancerI wonder…

But what would be the statistics if all known treatments for cancer were allowed to be used. The Truth about Cancer videos will show you all the treatments that are out there. You will hear from various medical professionals, some of which are using non-standard treatments and having great  success. Much more success than chemo and radio and with no side effects. You will hear from cancer survivors and their stories.

Get yourself educated on cancer

Don’t miss this opportunity to know the truth and get yourself educated. Once you see this series, you will know how to look after yourself if you are unlucky enough to Ches Powercontract cancer and you will learn how to beat cancer. How to keep your immune system strong during your treatment. Eating the right healthy foods (not sugar as suggested by CRUK). Keeping your body moving and exercising regularly. Keeping your mind active and learning how to cope with the disease mentally. Sign in and save your free seat, what can you lose? It starts on October 9th, don’t miss it! Each episode airs for 24 hours so no matter where you are in the world, you will be able to watch it.

Spread the word!

Here we go again - are we being "pinkwashed?"
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Here we go again - are we being "pinkwashed?"
Here we go again. Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) is here. Are you going to give money to this obscenely rich industry? Are you being pinkwashed?
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33 thoughts on “Here we go again – are we being “pinkwashed?”

  1. Hi Ches,

    Thanks for sharing this article, and also for your health campaign to educate us on cancer and opening our mindset on the systemic therapy which doesn’t work all the time. At the end of the day, the big parma companies are the one reaping the profits from the one battling this kind of genetic disease. 

    I’ll definitely share this article to my relatives and friends, it will tremendously change their perception about battling cancer.


    1. Hi there Glenda and thanks for your comment. Make sure you book your place at The Truth about Cancer. It starts airing tonight and each episode will be available to you for 24 hours, no matter where you are in the world. Share the link with your family and friends. There is now hope for cancer sufferers and this video series tell you why.

  2. Wow!  This is kind of a sensitive topic but necessary.  Thank you for posting it.  My grandma died of lung cancer.  She took chemo.  I was pretty young and hadn’t even heard about chemo yet.  She died soon after having it.  And over the years, I’ve learned more.  But, not enough to stop giving to the fund when it comes around.  I didn’t know – well, I didn’t think about how they are robbing from us to fund their nonresearch techniques.  It’s very sad that it’s been around for so long and no improvements have been made. 

    Although, I’ve thought a lot about cancer over the years.  I try to keep myself healthy and eat the right foods – things that help to stave off cancer. 

    Is it possible to watch those videos on out own time, or do we have to be there for them?  Just curious cuz I kind of get a little busy throughout the day.  But, I would love to know more!

    I bookmarked your site.  We all need that extra knowledge and whatever can keep us healthier and happier longer is perfect.  

    Thank you for the article!  It does bring on some disturbing emotions, but it’s good to get this out there more and more.  So thank you, I really do appreciate this stuff!

    1. Hi Kaeyoes and thanks for your input. We need to spread the word so we can make an informed decision on the treatment we want. Not take the word of the pharmaceuticals and the doctors, who are controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. Follow the money!

      All you have to do is to pick the time that suits you for where you are in the world. The series starts to air tonight. I  am in the UK and it won’t be available to me until 5am, but then I have 24 hours from then to view it. I think I’m 8 hours different from the source in the US.

      You are half way there if you eat healthy so keep it up. But if you are unlucky to contract cancer, you will now know what to do and who will help you. Make sure you book your place now at The Truth about Cancer after all, what have you got to lose, all 9 episodes are FREE to watch. Share the link with all your family and friends!

  3. Wow! Thanks you for writing such an eye opening article. The video is very informative and disturbing at the same time knowing what is really going on behind the scenes.Cancer is so prevalent and modern medicine offers “cures” but is really about pharmaceutical companies taking advantage of the sick. I thank you for promoting this information to inform the public and I really hope this information is a trigger that leads to the growing movement for change.  I’ve registered for the video’s = thank you!!– John

    1. Great stuff John! You’re another one that will learn the truth. You needn’t fear cancer, you can do something about it and this video series will give you all the options. Each episode is aired for 24 hours so anyone from anywhere in the world can view it. All 9 episodes are free to watch. 

      Please share the link with your family and friends. Let’s get as many people as we can educated about what’s going on and what can be done to treat this dreadful disease.

  4. Wow! I never looked at cancer from this point of view. My grandmother died of cancer and my wife’s paternal grandparents both died of cancer as well. I will admit that I have donated to the cause but never really thought about it. Why haven’t they found a cure yet? The money they’re getting from donations has to be plenty to at least be closer to the cure but why haven’t we heard anything of the progress being made? 

    1. Hi there Victor, the answer to your question will be revealed if you watch the FREE 9 video series of The Truth about Cancer. Go save your place and tell your friends and family about it too. It starts tonight and each episode will be aired for 24 hours, so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, you can watch it, FOR FREE.

  5. Hello Ches, 

     I have never looked at this issue at that angle and this revelation is really disturbing. Cancer is such a menace to our society and people entrusted to deal with it are doing this? It’s the high time that these big players start showing real progress in developing a cure for it though it seems no one is fighting for us.

    Thanks for the very informative post. It has really opened my eyes.

    1. Hi there Larry and thanks for your input. Please, please watch these important videos. You will learn so much and know that if you are unfortunate enough to contract this disease, you will have the tools to beat it. Share the link The Truth about Cancer with all your friends and relatives. 

      The more people who watch it, the more power we have to beat the pharmaceuticals and this disease using alternative treatments. We must be allowed to have the treatment that we think is best for us. All methods of killing cancer must be available to the general public. We mustn’t be bullied into having just the standard carcinogenic treatment if there is something out there that suits us better and has a positive outcome. If chemo is a better choice then alternative treatments can be given alongside the chemo to help keep our immune system healthy. 

      We must stop the pharmaceuticals, doctors and cancer charities such as CRUK giving out duff information such as ‘Eat plenty of cakes, biscuits and sugar to keep your weight up’. Sugar actually feeds the disease. This is absolutely the worst information to give to a person with cancer. We must educate ourselves so we can make an informed choice!

  6. What a powerful article and one that speaks so much truth. 

    There is growing view around the world that these pharmaceutical companies know how to cure Cancer but they will not own up as its all bout the money! 

    These videos are a must to view so the views of many can grow in awareness. 

    If chemotherapy has been around for 80 years how come the procedures and technologies have not advance considering most other technologies have advanced and improved since the their inventions?

    1. Exactly my view Darren. Why hasn’t allopathic medicine advanced. Despite the pharmaceuticals trying to vilify alternative treatments, they are working. The pharmaceuticals are one of the most powerful consortiums in the world. Their lobbyists are ruthless and unrelenting. 

      We must stand up and be counted. Please make sure that all your friends and relatives share this link The Truth about Cancer After all, it’s FREE to watch all 9 episodes. They will be aired starting tonight. Each episode will be on line for 24 hours, then the next episode will take over. Be sure you gain your place and receive all the links to your email. This amazing series is absolutely free.

  7. This article is very compelling!

    My father died of lung cancer. He opted not to have chemo, since the disease was at the advanced stages. However, his doctors kept pushing and pushing for him to have chemotherapy. 

    When he was given only 8 weeks to live, I asked his doctor, how long would chemo rounds prolong his life. He said 8 weeks!! So, we saw no point in this. 

    My dad enjoyed a reasonable quality of life up until the last couple of days before he died. 

    I am so glad we didn’t put him through all the chemo side effects and the trauma of the treatment.

    I am not a doctor, but see sick people not getting better on chemo. It’s a scary scenario, because I also don’t see many proven alternatives either. 

    Thank you for bringing this subject to our attention!

    1. Hi Alenka, it seems to be the same for most of us. Our relatives get the dreaded disease and they are coerced into having chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. My husband’s Father was the same as your Dad. He suffered from the side effects of the chemo until he died. Before chemo, he was quite happy and well, just had a bit of shortness of breath. Once he was on the chemo he spent all his time going backwards and forwards to the hospital and coming home and going to bed because he felt so rough. Then once he started feeling a little better, he was off again for some more chemo. 

      There is a better way and if you watch for free The Truth about Cancer, you will understand more of what’s going on. It starts today and can be seen throughout the world. Each epidose is aired for 24 hours. Go claim your free seat and you will be sent emails explaining about the different subjects each episode deals with. Please share the link with all relatives and friends. We must get ourselves educated and not be sucked into something that could actually shorten our lives and cause further cancers. There are alternatives out there, learn about them!

  8. Wow, quite an eye-opening article really, on quite a touchy subject. 

    When I was a young teenager, between the years of 12 to 14, my mother got breast cancer twice. When it returned she had the full operation to make sure it wouldn’t resurface again (I forget the term for this op – but I think it was a mastectomy). 

    Anyway, I feel she would be extremely interested in reading this point of view, she doesn’t get carried away with the fund raising  etc, but she is obviously still interested in the subject. 

    So you really do believe that there is a selection of treatments out there that could act as a ‘cure’? 

    Where on your site can I locate these videos on the truth about cancer?

    1. Hi there Chris and thanks for commenting. I’m sorry your Mum has had to go through this ordeal. I’m sure she will be interested in the 9 videos. Just click on the links on the article. But I’ve linked it again here to make it easier. The Truth about Cancer is a must watch and it’s FREE, all 9 episodes. Share the link and make sure as many people as possible watch this ground breaking video series.

  9. Wow! What a powerful article you have written here. The video is extremely informative and upsetting at the same time knowing what is going on behind the scenes.

    Modern medicine is rife with pharmaceutical companies taking advantage of the sick. I thank you for promoting this information to inform the public and I truly hope this information is a spark that leads to a movement for change.

    – Jay

    Tower Bridge Consultants LLC

    1. Thanks Jay for your comment.  Yes, it is extremely upsetting when you think how people are being used to make huge profits at the expense of their fear and misery. It does make me so mad.

      You are right, we need to be informed so that the public takes a stand and leads a movement for change. I hope you will watch the Truth about Cancer starting tomorrow and spread the word.

  10. Thank you for this article on this subject matter..  To be honest I really do not like talking about this because I am normally the one saying what you are saying.

    It is refreshing to finally hear from someone that is on the same page.  

    This reminds me of a video I saw last year.  It was a young man calling Cancer Research and asking them if they knew about the cure for cancer and the customer service person at Cancer Research just read back a pitch to him, stating cancer research are working really hard to find a cure and are very close to finding one.

    Then the young man started to explain the Alkaline diet and the fact that the cancer can not live in an alkaline body.

    So back to you article.  Nuff said


    1. I know where you’re coming from Jennifer. CRUK (Cancer Research UK) has a similar MO when the public questions its lack of a cure after 3/4 of a century. I have an article on just this subject if you’re interested. It’s Part 2 of an article on CRUK. I hope you’re going to watch the video series on The Truth about Cancer. It’s 9 videos, all free to watch. One each day from tomorrow the 9th. Each episode airs for 24 hours, so no matter where you are in the world, you can watch it during the day or night. Don’t miss it!

  11. Hi Ches, very informative article.  I shall watch the series that’s coming up too.  I am sceptical about Big Pharma also, and although I’m not sure about breast cancer treatments, I have knowledge on others which can be quite specific and targeted (prostate and leukaemias).

    I didn’t know about the people behind breast cancer awareness month though, so thanks for informing us about that.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Michelle, I’m so pleased you’re going to watch the free cancer videos starting tomorrow. I quite agree that some cancers such as leukaemia and prostate can have a more positive effect with chemo. But remembering that chemotherapy is a carcinogen, it does seem very strange to treat a cancer with a cancer causing product. If one chooses to go with this treatment then it could be advantageous to also use other natural treatments side by side to keep the immune system strong and aid recovery.

      It beggars belief when medical professionals advise patients to eat plenty of sweets, cakes and pastries. Much research has proven the adverse affects sugar has on the body and cancer is known to thrive on sugar.

      As for breast cancer treatments, take a look at this article about Breast Cancer Screening. Mammography appears not to be such a good idea after all and could be just another money spinner for the pharmaceuticals.

  12. Hey ches,

    I really appreciate your post about  myths about Cancer and are we being “pinkwashed?”  It is well known fact that allpathy is not the answer for cancer and doctors are promoting allopathy just mere for their own profits. As you mentioned its now a billion dollar industry.

    very interesting to know that Chemo started way back in 1940 and still it get promoted even when it is 97% time failed.  It’s really a horrible state.

    You rightly mentioned that each one needs a tailor made treatments and other non medical treatments are giving more better results.  Can you name some of them?

    Thanks for sharing a great informative and educative post.

    1. Thanks for your comments Shubhangi. As for some examples of cancer treatments that have worked, the Truth about Cancer videos go through all the treatments, for example, to name a few points:

      1.   Rigvir – a cancer seeking virus that kills cancer cells. (episode 3 of Truth about Cancer)
      2.   High dose IntraVenous vitamin C. (episode 4)
      3.   Cancer treatment in Mexico treating cancer naturally (episode 4)
      4.   Eliminating all sugar. Sugar doesn’t just cause cancer, it feeds it (episode 4)
      5.   Pulsating Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy – Near/far infrared sauna (episode 4)
      6.  Thermography (episode 5)
      7.   Bio-Oxidative Therapy (episode 5)
      8.   Enzymes and micronutrients (episode 8)
      9.   Antineoplastons (episode 8)
      10. Dr Stanislaw Burzynski’s centres – Arize Chris Onuekwusi speaks of his cure (episode 8)

      There are also so many ways you can avoid cancer. It is a disease of the environment and what is inhaled, ingested and consumed will have a bearing on your likelihood of contracting it. Paradigms could be the answer. We do what our parents do and eat what our parents eat, so their habits get instilled into us. We then pass on those habits good and bad, to our offspring. Book your place at The Truth about Cancer

  13. I have no issue that awareness is being created for topics like this as it is important. But sometimes it all feels a little bit too forced and I wonder too myself “are we just sheeps?”.

    No doubt I will be seeing a lot of my friends on Facebook sharing those Pink Ribbon photos and stuff like that. It just feels like a lot of blah blah blah. And in the end it’s the big pharmaceutical companies that are all the ones that take profits from our footwork and charity.

    Thanks for sharing this indepth article; I found it very useful!

    1. Hi Jurgen and thanks for your important comments. It is difficult to suggest that those suffering the effects of cancer are being duped, but that is what seems to be happening.  Profits are the name of the game, with the individual being treated with their toxic carcinogens, never considered in the equation. 

      Taking a look at the free to watch forthcoming video series The Truth about Cancer. This is one way of discovering the real truth about what’s going on. 

      There are medical professionals out there who do really care. They have experienced the pain of losing loved ones to cancer and they just want to help others. Unfortunately, this is not the modus operandi of the pharmaceuticals who are in direct control of the medical industry. Follow the money!

  14. This post has a lot to give to start to understand about cancer.I think it is very important information here, I really get on the point to have more a deep interest about the pharmacist, treatments and how we can take more about our health. In my family someone has cancer and he start with radiotherapy first and then hormonal injections, after that, nothing of this works, now he is with chemo for four months, it is really hard to see all this kind of methods with him, and in some point see that it is taking more time to cure and keep having the hope that everything will be alright with him. Of course there is so many kind of cancer and each one has special treatments. The information that you share here has been for good, this is really an important subject to understand and see our opcions.


    1. Hi Emmanuel and thanks for your 2 comments. In response to your relative who is undergoing traditional treatment for cancer, perhaps he would be interested in looking at The Truth about Cancer videos that are starting tomorrow 9th October. 

      All 9 episodes are free to watch and if you’re interested in how you can beat this disease, you mustn’t miss this video series. Go save your place and tell your relative about it too! What’s more, spread the word by sharing the link with friends and family.

  15. This is a very interesting article, since you “kick” against the big pharma business legs. It is so true that they always say there is a cure incoming, but they release something small and ask so much money for it, and in the end it didn’t work, only you end up losing lots of money and a loved one (my experience).

    Do you think there will be a real cure someday?

  16. Wow wow wow.  I never actually thought I would every come across a post so honest on this subject.  It is like you have read my mind.  It is just an opinion of mine of course, but I truly believe they already know how to cure cancer or are at least closer than they make out.  

    Like you say this is a multi billion dollar industry and make so much  money.  

    I have a friend who suffered with lung cancer and he has managed to come out the otherside, but it was a very long road and its still not over for him.

    Thanks for such an honest article

    1. David, I think many people are becoming uncomfortable with the fact that this so called ‘cure’ is taking a long time. Meanwhile big pharma is reaping the rewards for the suffering of others. They are corrupt you only have to look at their MO when dealing with drug sales. ALL the major pharmaceutical companies have been fined for fraudulent behaviour. Remember the Vioxx tragedy, 60,000 killed by this drug which Merck knew was dangerous. 60,000 is the same number as those killed in the Vietnam war!

      We cannot trust the pharmaceuticals and they control the medical industry! Please make sure you watch The Truth about Cancer airing tomorrow 9th October and tell your friend, it could help him recover. 

  17. After reading your post, I am much more alert as to where I send my money or what I help fund. I knew that there were talks of various projects out there that aim to help combat cancer using different methods, but I didn’t realize how scandalous it was for the pharmaceutical companies who get the funding. I am definitely signing up for the Truth about Cancer video starting 9th October 2018 series. I below that the more knowledge we gain about the truth behind fighting cancer, the better off we are!

    1. Hi there Craven and you don’t know how pleased I am that you are going to watch this amazing series of videos. I am reassured that one more person is going to know the truth and have a good chance of beating cancer if ever they are unfortunate enough to contract it. Do me a favour, send this link to friends and family so they can watch it for free too. Thank you for your valuable comment and good health to you and yours always.

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