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Signs of Kidney Problems

1 in 3Those with the first signs of kidney problems will nearly always have a magnesium deficiency.  But if you do suffer from kidney disease, the medical profession will tell you that you must NOT take magnesium.  It is paradoxical that a disease that can be caused by a Mg deficiency cannot be treated with Mg!  This doesn’t make sense to me, unless you have complete kidney failure.  If your kidneys are working then I don’t know why Mg, under guidance, should not be administered. Continue reading Signs of Kidney Problems

What’s White Coat Hypertension?


The first time I came across the question – what’s white coat hypertension, I was in the doctors waiting to have my blood pressure taken.  I had recently moved to a new area and the doctor’s surgery had a policy of giving all new patients a check up to make sure you were healthy and didn’t need to go straight onto a drug!  I’m sorry if I sound cynical but I do feel sometimes, that drugs are pushed onto us when a natural treatment would be more effective, have no side effects and prove to be much cheaper. Continue reading What’s White Coat Hypertension?

The Function of Mitochondria

If you did biology at school you may remember being told about mitochondria.  The function of mitochondria is vital to our health and mitochondrial dysfunction heralds the onset of serious health problems.

mitochondrionWhat are mitochondria exactly

Here is a diagram of one mitochrondrion and as you can see, there’s a lot going on inside this tiny ‘organelle’.  They  reside in our cells (except red blood cells) in their hundreds and often thousands .  A liver cell, for example, can have upwards of 2000 mitrochondria. Continue reading The Function of Mitochondria