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Best Blood Pressure Monitors – Home Use – Part 1

I am reviewing what I think are the 4 best blood pressure monitors for home use over the next week including:

I will be giving you all the pros and cons of each one, including:Kinetik bp monitor

  • the price
  • their accuracy
  • their reading time
  • value for money
  • ease of use and clarity of display
  • portability
  • comfort

I have purposely ignored all the wrist monitors purely because so many people have a problem getting an accurate reading from them.  This is probably not because of the units themselves but more to do with the ease of placing the monitor correctly on the wrist.  The cuff monitors are renowned for being generally more accurate because the cuff is placed on a larger area ie. the upper arm and this placement is not quite so critical as the wrist monitor placement. Continue reading Best Blood Pressure Monitors – Home Use – Part 1