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The Truth About Masks


After just a few hours

This image of a surgical face mask shows what happens after just a few hours. The mask becomes contaminated very quickly by various pathogens. This picture was taken from the inside of the mask, so most pathogens come from your lungs, nose and mouth.

The Minuscule virus

It is very difficult to explain the minuscule size of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungal spores, parasites; have a look at the data bar under the image. You will notice there are a number of full stops and colons. You may need your glasses if you wear them! This image represents a width 10 times smaller than the width of one of those full stops. To cover the whole area of just one (they are usually square), it would take about 100 copies of this image (ie. 10×10=100)! Now just imagine how many pathogens are on the whole of this mask, remembering this image represents just 1/100th of one full stop (which has been circled in red).


The mask and red blood cells (left) images are known as electron micrographs. They were acquired using a Scanning Electron Microscope, an instrument that can acquire images down to the size of nanometres.

Size of SARS

As for the SARS virus, each single virus is approximately 125 nanometres across.  Let’s say you have a dot or full stop the size of ½mm (millimetre) square. Check out a ruler to see the size of  ½mm. How many viruses could you get on that ½mm square dot? The answer is approximately 16,000,000 (16 million) to cover the dot with just one layer. This gives you an idea how tiny a virus is. Scientists / virologists working with dangerous viruses, will wear a hazardous material (hazmat) suit. A surgical face mask will not stop a virus, (New Danish study shows masks do not protect wearers from Covid 19).

mask mouthNegatives of wearing a mask

One of the down sides of wearing a mask is the quick accumulation of bacteria and other pathogens that collect on it. You may have noticed your mask becomes damp, an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and moulds. Exhaling the spent air from your lungs is part of your immune system. When particles from the stale air become trapped in your mask, you will be continually breathing them back into your lungs.  Over the pandemic period, bacterial pneumonia has significantly increased. Other side effects from wearing masks include bad breath, tooth decay, gum inflammation, ‘mask mouth’ and candida. (Doctor Warns that “Bacterial Pneumonias” are on the rise from mask wearing).

child in mask on planeExisting conditions

If you have an existing problem such as asthma, bronchitis, high blood pressure, lung disease etc., mask wearing can exacerbate the condition. Children also suffer side effects from mask wearing and studies have shown various problems they have suffered. These include irritability, headaches, difficulty concentrating, impaired learning, dizziness, shortness of breath, as well as damaging psychological problems. Children hardly ever suffer from the disease and an estimated 90% are already naturally immune.

Your choice

It is your choice to wear a mask or not but before you do, just check and make sure wearing a mask is not exacerbating any conditions you may have already. (Study: Bacterial pneumonia was main killer during 1918-19 Influenza Pandemic, not the virus).

Banned effective virus treatments

Did you know, there has always been effective treatments for this virus, right from early 2020? These treatments have been banned in most countries. Pharmacists are ordered not to fill  prescriptions for these drugs, despite them being prescribed for decades. Their safety and efficacy has been proven. One received the nobel prize in 2015! Why ban drugs that effectively treat the virus?  Ever heard of Uttar Pradesh? It is the largest state of India with a population of 240 million.


Best Blood Pressure Monitors – Home Use – Part 1

I am reviewing what I think are the 4 best blood pressure monitors for home use over the next week including:

I will be giving you all the pros and cons of each one, including:Kinetik bp monitor

  • the price
  • their accuracy
  • their reading time
  • value for money
  • ease of use and clarity of display
  • portability
  • comfort

I have purposely ignored all the wrist monitors purely because so many people have a problem getting an accurate reading from them.  This is probably not because of the units themselves but more to do with the ease of placing the monitor correctly on the wrist.  The cuff monitors are renowned for being generally more accurate because the cuff is placed on a larger area ie. the upper arm and this placement is not quite so critical as the wrist monitor placement. Continue reading Best Blood Pressure Monitors – Home Use – Part 1