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Children’s Health Defense Video

Brought to you by Robert F Kennedy Jnr et al, the famous Children’s Health Defense information website produces yet another great video from two world renowned and
much loved and revered physicians.

These brave professionals speak the truth about the real science which has been torn apart through fraudulent, deadly and treacherous chicanery. The tyrannical globalist leaders, many from Non Government Organisations such as the WEF, have never been voted into their positions by us the people.

Watch this 1+ hour video about Flu and RSV protocols plus other information, brought to you by Dr Pierre Kory and Dr Paul Marik. Their famous and amazing site, FLCCC Alliance, gives a wealth of information on how to treat all Covid related diseases including side effects.  Also includedKory & Marik is information on how to treat Flu and/or RSV. This video covers a number of talking points around the current C0V1D situation which you won’t want to miss!–paul-marik/?


This video is a must watch, if you want the truth. It involves Funeral Director John O’Looney; such a brave man who will do anything to get the truth out to the people. Please highlight the address below to get the video, or click on the image.

Start at minute 1:50 to miss advert. Part 1 goes up to minute 25:51, then an advert with Part 2 starting at minute 26:53. The video is 58 minutes long.
Please note: the 2nd half of this video is really upsetting and gruesome in places. Be aware, it is the truth and some will not want to see it, especially if it affects them personally. 

Here’s another interview with our favourite UK scientist. I’ve put it on this site because I know it will be taken off faceb00k immediately. Listen to this amazing man who has no axe to grind but just wants to inform you of the truth. Yes, the truth hurts but at least you know what to do for your future and for the future of your children and grandchildren.

Mike Yeadon

Be aware of all medics and medical practitioners. You don’t know who they’re working for or what they will do to keep their jobs. The majority have been bought or coerced into staying with the ‘official’ narrative; a narrative riddled with pseudo science and propaganda. A narrative which could affect your future well being and health.
We have all been betrayed. The trust we used to have in our medical community has all but been lost. Those who have suffered because of the last nearly 3 years of a diabolical agenda, have had to endure the crimes against humanity thrust upon them. But it will not stop unless we all stand up and say NO, WE’VE HAD ENOUGH!
The start of this video made me cry as it did Dr Paul Marik, a caring and amazing physician who cannot contain his feelings for the injustices done to those who have been vaccine injured. Please watch, your heart will go out to all those poor victims of the evil gene therapy jab.Dr Paul Marik
Mike Yeadon20+ minute video explaining the difference between the lot numbers. Stay with it and watch again if you’re not into science data. It will become clear to you that these jabs are not good for your health and are completely unpredictable.
UK Funeral Director’s shocking video:
Here is another John O’Looney video done in April 2022, with the same messages and information.
John O'Looney
Have you seen this video? ll

Most people have seen the original Vaxxed film, but have you seen Vaxxed 2. Highlight the above address or click the image to watch this 1hour :45min video.

Grand Jury Video Day 5 – Financial Destructions

TechnocracyThis video is nearly 4.5 hours long, I have yet to see all of it. Even so, the author of the book ‘Technocracy’ Patrick Wood is the first speaker at minute 6:15 and I must say, he lays everything out, clear and concisely for all to understand. I have just downloaded his book Technocracy to my Audible app.

The Fraudulent FDA

At minute 40:57 – 43:26 there is a video of FDA Executive Officer Christopher Cole being interviewed (secret camera). This is a must watch and gives an insight into the fraudulent workings of the FDA and other government agencies.

I’ve heard of selling your body, but this is ridiculous!

Another clip at 1hr:17:19 – 1hr:19:40 describes what is in store for us in the near future! This is why they’re getting us used to being regularly injected. It is called ‘IOB’ which stands for the Internet of Bodies.

‘Build Back Better’ – our future

This is our future, where we will be changed with gene therapies and inserts into our brains and bodies so the globalists will always know what we are doing. It is also called ‘transhumanism’. We will be hooked up to the internet so they can monitor what we’re thinking, our moods and what we are saying. All our bodily functions will be monitored. They’ll know who we are with, what we are doing, where we’re going, what we are eating and everything else you can think of that you wouldn’t want the whole world to know about.

You will own nothing by 2030, including your body!

In other words, our bodies will no longer belong to us. We will belong to the globalists and we will probably be patented as well! Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it. Well listen carefully to this short clip. If you’re not terrified by it, you must be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome! Worse still, if you’re not terrified for your children and grandchildren you must be brain dead!

So who will own your house in 2030

By the way, what will you be leaving to your kids if you won’t own anything by the year 2030? Hubbie and I have a bungalow but according to Klaus Schwab and the globalists, by 2030 we won’t own it! It will be owned by the world government! Well that’s something to look forward to… Perhaps you should give your kids their inheritance now before you don’t have any to give them! Problem is, they won’t own it for long either will they!

The Kill Switch?

What worries me greatly about this future technology is that I don’t trust these globalists. They will be in charge of changing my genes or my brain processes or my health (for better or worse) and I won’t have a clue as to what they are changing. I suppose, once I’ve got past my sell by date, they will just inject me with a kill drug! After all, Klaus Schwab calls those who do not, in his mind, contribute to society ‘useless eaters’. So once we reach a certain age or we can’t keep up with the work delegated to us, will we be despatched? Seeing as these globalists have no empathy towards us THE PEOPLE the answer to my last question is probably YES!

We are ‘livestock’

I did hear a rumour that those youngsters at private school who are the children of  globalists, call the people walking on the sidewalk below their windows ‘livestock!’

Talking about livestock, do you have a pet?

Sorry, pets aren’t allowed in the new world order. They too are useless eaters. If you remember, North Korea told pet owners to kill their pets for food, or they would do it for them! This was at the beginning of the plandemic. And for those who are fed up with their kids, don’t worry, they will probably be taken out of your care from an early age to be reprogrammed!

Grand Jury Video Day 4 – Injections –

If you don’t have time to watch all of this lengthy video, check out 1hr:35 BMJ (British Medical Journal) whistleblower during Deanna McLeod’s testimony.

Sucharit BhakdiAlso 1hr:40 Prof Dr Sucharit Bhakdi. Dr Bhakdi has published over 300 research articles in the fields of Immunology, Bacteriology, Virology and Parasitology.  He was named chair of Medical Microbiology at the University of Mainz in 1990 where he remained until his retirement in 2012.  He trained at Bonn University in Germany, was a post doctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics in Freiburg, and more… His exasperation and frustration over these crimes is clearly shown in this video.

At 2 hrs, Dr Mike Yeadon (Ex Pfizer Vice President) puts his case forward and warns us of the dire consequences of doing nothing.

Mike YeadonThe 2nd part of this video, the last 2 speakers, gives us all an understanding as to why so many of us are caught up in the propaganda, believing all that is given out by the media and our governments. It is similar to an abusive relationship or more seriously, the Stockholm Syndrome, which many of us are suffering from.

Grand Jury Video Day 3 – PCR test

This is day 3 of the Grand Jury criminal investigation dealing with the PCR test.

Source:  Please make sure you also watch days 1 and 2, the links of which can be found on the grand jury site. Day 4 will be next Saturday 19th February, 2022.

You, the people decide, after watching all the evidence, if indictments should proceed against those responsible for these Crimes Against Humanity. Please download the video so you can watch it at your leisure; it is 5 hours long!

A group of international lawyers and a judge are conducting a criminal investigation modelled after the United States Grand Jury proceedings in order to present to the public all available evidence of COVID-19 Crimes Against Humanity to date against “leaders, organizers, instigators and accomplices” who aided, abetted or actively participated in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic. This investigation is of the people, by the people and for the people, so YOU can be part of the jury.

Through showing a complete picture of what we are facing, including the geopolitical and historical backdrop – the proceeding is meant to create awareness about:

The factual collapse of the current, hijacked system and its institutions, and, as a consequence
The necessity for the people themselves retaking their sovereignty, and
The necessity to first stop this plandemic´s measures by refusing to comply, and
The necessity to jump-start their own new system of health care, education, economics and judiciary, so that democracy and the rule of law on the basis of our constitutions will be reestablished.

You MUST watch this video to save your children

The video is at the bottom of this article, please, please watch it. It will change your view of injecting your precious children. Remember, you can’t unring the bell!

COVID Vaccines Cause ‘Irreparable’ Damage to Kids’ Brains, Heart, Other Organs

Why are healthy athletes collapsing?

Perhaps you’ve seen this video before but for those who haven’t, be aware that it is very upsetting. But we must know what’s going on. Keeping these side effects and deaths out of the mainstream media does more harm than good.

We must know why we need to protect our young athletes from these dangerous injections. The results for some can be devastating but hopefully when people realise that this is actually happening to so many families,  it could make difference to your choice of whether to take this jab or not.


Here are 9 of the worst lies that are driving the destruction of our economy and loss of our freedoms. As well as this we are isolated from our loved ones in hospitals and care homes, where they have no advocates to comfort and look out for them. We are living with continual fear and anxiety and being coerced into having unnecessary, untested and unsafe injections.

To add insult to injury we have the threat of permanent mandates and other enforced tyrannical policies. What is also unconscionable is that those who have been damaged by these injections are completely ignored and even vilified, with no medical or financial aid.

This linked video is the basis of this article, you may have already seen it but please watch it again.

And Now the 9 Lies

PCR test1: The PCR test is accurate – Not true. This test is manipulated to give the result the operator wants, using the cycle threshold. Anything over 25 cycles will produce high false positive results. This drives up false Covid-19 cases and increases fear. The majority of tests were and still are, being used at cycle thresholds of over 35 cycles. Dr Kary Mullis, inventor and Nobel prize winner of PCR (polymerase chain reaction) stated it could NOT be used as a diagnostic tool and cannot detect a viral load. Dr Mullis was awarded the Nobel prize for the PCR. Unfortunately he died shortly before the pandemic started. He would have been a fierce dissenter of using this test diagnostically.

2: There are no safe and effective treatments – Not true. This virus is easy to treat with existing drugs, proven to be very safe and very effective over the years. The two most renowned are Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin (IVM) which are both now banned in the UK! This means many have died unnecessarily because of a lack of effective home treatments and in many cases, with no treatments at all!

Nobel prize winnersThese safe drugs have been administered to humans for decades, so why are they banned? Ivermectin has been available for human consumption since 1987 and its 2 inventors were awarded the Nobel prize for it. MSM spread the lie that Ivermectin was just a horse wormer to put us off using it. Hydroxychloroquine is an immunomodulatory drug that has been in use for 60 years to treat malaria and autoimmune diseases like systemic lupus and inflammatory arthritis.

3: A lethal virus – This is to induce fear. This virus is very easy to treat! It is similar to a seasonal influenza with 99.97% of people recovering from it. So why are we in an ‘emergency’ situation with such a small percentage of deaths from this virus? More people die in car accidents! Another anomaly is the disappearance of influenza. It’s been absent now for two successive winters. Is it possible it has been mislabeled as Covid to bump up the figures?

By the way, if there is an effective treatment for the virus, the EUA (emergency use authorisation) for these unapproved injections would be unlawful. This is why affective treatments are being banned. If you check the link, you will see one of the conditions for executing an EUA is: there is no adequate, approved, and available alternative to the product for diagnosing, preventing, or treating such serious or life-threatening disease or condition”

4: Asymptomatic (healthy people), can transmit the virus – Not true. People without symptoms will not have a viral load enough to infect others. Those with virus in their airways will know about it and will be at home feeling ill. The asymptomatic lie is to keep you terrified and wary of your friends and neighbours and even bring families into conflict.

5: Masks work – Not true. Masks are pointless because healthy people don’t spread disease. Seeing masks around us every day, reinforces the fear. It is purely a psy-ops tactic to keep everyone terrified. Fear ruins critical thinking and aids social control. Politicians admit that the policy of mask wearing is not about infection, but about a constant reminder to reduce socialisation, increase isolation and maintain a state of fear. People will then easily comply with draconian measures of restrictions, injections and mandates.

6: Lockdowns required to stop transmission – Not true and again, if you’re ill and have symptoms, you will know it and stay at home. Not trusting the public to use common sense and stay home if they feel unwell is an insult to our intelligence. If we come down with flu, (or Covid) we stay at home.

Apart from that, those out and about will be aware of those who appear to be unwell and steer clear of them. This is just a matter of self preservation which we all have in abundance. The main places people become infected are hospitals, care homes and sometimes in the domestic home. This is mainly a disease of institutions. The first ‘lockdown’ didn’t work, so why continue with them? Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. So how many ‘lockdowns’ have we had up ‘till now?

7: No one has immunity because it’s a novel virus – Not true! There are a number of research papers testing those exposed to SARS in 2003. In one, the donated blood of 23 people who had recovered from SARS in 2003, was shown to have long lasting robust T cell immunity that reacted to the N (nucleocapsid) protein of SARS-CoV-2, after 17 years!  Also found were SARS-CoV-2 specific T cells in individuals with no history of SARS, Covid-19 or any contact with individuals who had SARS and/or Covid-19 (n=37).

Anyone previously infected with any of the other corona viruses have possible T cell immunity for all corona viruses including SARS-CoV-2. There are 7 human corona viruses including 4 of the common cold. The hierarchy know this science. Real scientists have known it for years. It is in my immunology text book! (See Chapter 1 of Basic Immunology).

8: Variants of concern: Viruses mutate, it’s normal. Remember lie No. 7 and T cell immunity between SARS of 2003 and SARS-Cov-2. These two viruses have a genomic difference of around 20%. Even so, the body still recognised SARS-CoV-2 as being a relation of the original SARS.

With variants, the difference between one variant and another of the same virus has, to date, never been more than 0.3%. In other words, our clever bodies will recognise all variants of the same virus. So if you’ve been infected with the virus, any variants from that virus will be detected by your body and will initiate an immune response. Government advisors such as Whitty and Vallance, know this basic scientific information, so why are they lying?

1918 flu virus
The Virus detective / Dr. John Hultin

9: Vaccine immunity is superior to natural immunity. This is an unconscionable lie and goes against all known immunological science. Natural immunity is robust and long lasting. 17 years at least according to the research (see lie 7). But research back in 2008 was done on survivors of the 1918 Spanish flu. The researchers collected blood samples from 32 survivors age 91-101 years. This was possible after the virus was resurrected from bodies killed in the outbreak and preserved in the permanently frozen soil of Alaska.

Researchers were able to isolate B cells, the immune cells that incite antibodies. Their tests showed an immune response for the 1918 flu. (Ref: 1918 Flu Antibodies Resurrected From Elderly Survivors – Science Daily (August 18, 2008). Why is the hierarchy spreading this lie? Why are those who have recovered from Covid, still coerced into having the injections? These survivors are more at risk of having ADE (Antibody-dependent Enhancement) also known as Pathogenic Priming or a Cytokine Storm. This induces a dysfunction causing systemic inflammation which can result in multi organ failure and death. This is why a vaccine for corona viruses has never been produced before, because of the dangers and deaths in animal studies.


We are the 99%, vaccinated or unvaccinated, we must stand together, take back our freedoms, protect our children and grandchildren and stop this tyranny. Do Not Comply.

And Finally

A lawsuit has been instigated and anyone wishing to put their case forward regarding side effects from coerced injections, loss of loved ones from such effects, loss of companies from and/or employment from shutdowns, being illegally fined for exercising your human rights, loss of employment because of mandates etc.. Hammersmith Police Dept. has issued a crime No. 6029679/21. This lawsuit has also been taken to The Hague (ICC) under the number OTP-CR-473/21. If you have information to assist the police enquiry or wish to state your case, please contact Lois Bayliss of Broad Yorkshire Law :

Here are 9 additional links added on  20th Jan 2022:

A reminder of what we’re fighting for: Build Back Better video of Agenda 2O1

Pilot’s warning:

Toowoomba demonstration in Queensland:

Dr Mike Yeadon speaking with Del Bigtree: This video (45mins) has been added to and is a bit different (and better) than the original:

Dr Robert Malone joins Dan Wootton to discuss ‘mass psychosis’:

Reiner Fuellmich & Dr Sam White: New finding (enough to dismantle the entire vaxx industry):

Dr Mike Yeadon speaking with the Corona Committee regarding the vaccine batches/lots, over 2 hour video:

If you want to check your batch number go to:

The video (4 mins) that can convince parents not inject their children!


First downloads of barred and deleted science videos

Download these links and watch at your leisure. This will give you a massive amount of censorshipinformation from many well respected and knowledgable doctors, scientists etc., such as DrPMcC, DrMY, DrRM.

Keep the link, I will add to it

I will keep adding to the list as I find informative, truthful and real scientific data regarding the present desperate situation we are all in.

We are the 99% no matter what

Don’t forget, we are the 99% and we must all stick together as a unified force, no matter our creed, culture, colour, vaccinated, unvaccinated, religion and all our other wonderful differences.

Be kind to each other

Be kind to each other and be compassionate and empathic at all times. Never resort to insults or violence. Always listen to others and put yourself in their place, so you can better understand their position.

Here’s the list:

Del BigtreeFirstly some questions, some of you may be asking, answered by eminent scientists and doctors, courtesy of  The High Wire. Your host is the legendary Del Bigtree and all the up to date news from Jeffrey Jaxon with the Jaxon Report.

This is a great source of information fully backed up by research, studies and true science. Join for free and watch the video each Thursday at:  with info and resources from each episode on the following Monday straight to your inbox. What could be easier to keep you right up to date.

Get factsinated by The Highwire – common questions

1. Can a person with no symptoms spread covid-19? Dr Mike Yeadon

2. Why are most children & adults safe from Covid? – Dr Geert Vanden Bossche

3. Are vaccinated kids healthier than the unvaccinated? – Dr Paul Thomas Pediatrician

4. Is covid vaccine-induced myocarditis worse than myocarditis from the natural infection? Dr Peter McCullough – cardiologist

5. Does the covid-19 vaccine work better than natural immunity? – Dr Peter McCullough

6. Is natural or vaccine immunity more effective? – Dr Peter McCullough

7. Is covid more dangerous than the flu? – Dr Mike Yeadon

8. Should your teen be worried about heart inflammation after covid vaccine? – Dr Ryan Cole – Pathologist.

9. Are the spike proteins in covid vaccines safe? – Dr Ryan Cole – Pathologist

10. Do masks protect against sars-cov-2 & are they safe? – Kristen Meghan, Senior Industrial Hygienist and Tammy Clarke, Osha environmental health & safety specialist

11. Do covid mrna vaccines disrupt the innate immune system? – Dr Ryan Cole – Board Certified Pathologist.

12. Is covid a pandemic of the unvaccinated? – Dr Peter McCullough

Three must watch videosMike Yeadon

1. Spine chilling video of Dr Mike Yeadon (ex Pfizer) speaking to Dr Reiner Fuellmich and some of his team. Reiner Fuellmich has been gathering masses of evidence from scientists, doctors and medics throughout the world, in readiness for the ensuing lawsuits, some of which are already underway. The title of the video, which is over 2 hours long is: Deadly Vaccine Lot Numbers Are Evidence of Premeditated Mass Murder.  by odysee

Dr Robert Malone2. This next video is the now famous Joe Rogan interview with Dr Robert Malone. This has caused a furore amongst the media and the public alike. It is 3 plus hours long so take your time and become more informed. Joe is skilled at asking the right questions and Robert Malone was happy to answer them. It has caused him a lot of stick, unjustly so as he is only giving us the true science, something thin on the ground with our governments, Fauci, Gates, mainstream media and the rest of the elitists. 

3. Here’s one of the other Joe Rogan famous interviews with the world renowned Dr PeterMcCullough-Rogan McCullough. This one is 2¾ hours long. This well respected internist and cardiologists, also trained in epidemiology and has his own practice in Texas, so sees patients on a regular basis. Along with Dr Robert Malone, these are just two doctors who are being mercilessly vilified, censored and attacked. It is absolutely contemptible how our great doctors are being treated, especially those who are successfully treating covid patients in the home and saving their lives.










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