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Here are 9 additional links added on  20th Jan 2022:

A reminder of what we’re fighting for: Build Back Better video of Agenda 2O1

Pilot’s warning:

Toowoomba demonstration in Queensland:

Dr Mike Yeadon speaking with Del Bigtree: This video (45mins) has been added to and is a bit different (and better) than the original:

Dr Robert Malone joins Dan Wootton to discuss ‘mass psychosis’:

Reiner Fuellmich & Dr Sam White: New finding (enough to dismantle the entire vaxx industry):

Dr Mike Yeadon speaking with the Corona Committee regarding the vaccine batches/lots, over 2 hour video:

If you want to check your batch number go to:

The video (4 mins) that can convince parents not inject their children!


First downloads of barred and deleted science videos

Download these links and watch at your leisure. This will give you a massive amount of censorshipinformation from many well respected and knowledgable doctors, scientists etc., such as DrPMcC, DrMY, DrRM.

Keep the link, I will add to it

I will keep adding to the list as I find informative, truthful and real scientific data regarding the present desperate situation we are all in.

We are the 99% no matter what

Don’t forget, we are the 99% and we must all stick together as a unified force, no matter our creed, culture, colour, vaccinated, unvaccinated, religion and all our other wonderful differences.

Be kind to each other

Be kind to each other and be compassionate and empathic at all times. Never resort to insults or violence. Always listen to others and put yourself in their place, so you can better understand their position.

Here’s the list:

Del BigtreeFirstly some questions, some of you may be asking, answered by eminent scientists and doctors, courtesy of  The High Wire. Your host is the legendary Del Bigtree and all the up to date news from Jeffrey Jaxon with the Jaxon Report.

This is a great source of information fully backed up by research, studies and true science. Join for free and watch the video each Thursday at:  with info and resources from each episode on the following Monday straight to your inbox. What could be easier to keep you right up to date.

Get factsinated by The Highwire – common questions

1. Can a person with no symptoms spread covid-19? Dr Mike Yeadon

2. Why are most children & adults safe from Covid? – Dr Geert Vanden Bossche

3. Are vaccinated kids healthier than the unvaccinated? – Dr Paul Thomas Pediatrician

4. Is covid vaccine-induced myocarditis worse than myocarditis from the natural infection? Dr Peter McCullough – cardiologist

5. Does the covid-19 vaccine work better than natural immunity? – Dr Peter McCullough

6. Is natural or vaccine immunity more effective? – Dr Peter McCullough

7. Is covid more dangerous than the flu? – Dr Mike Yeadon

8. Should your teen be worried about heart inflammation after covid vaccine? – Dr Ryan Cole – Pathologist.

9. Are the spike proteins in covid vaccines safe? – Dr Ryan Cole – Pathologist

10. Do masks protect against sars-cov-2 & are they safe? – Kristen Meghan, Senior Industrial Hygienist and Tammy Clarke, Osha environmental health & safety specialist

11. Do covid mrna vaccines disrupt the innate immune system? – Dr Ryan Cole – Board Certified Pathologist.

12. Is covid a pandemic of the unvaccinated? – Dr Peter McCullough

Three must watch videosMike Yeadon

1. Spine chilling video of Dr Mike Yeadon (ex Pfizer) speaking to Dr Reiner Fuellmich and some of his team. Reiner Fuellmich has been gathering masses of evidence from scientists, doctors and medics throughout the world, in readiness for the ensuing lawsuits, some of which are already underway. The title of the video, which is over 2 hours long is: Deadly Vaccine Lot Numbers Are Evidence of Premeditated Mass Murder.  by odysee

Dr Robert Malone2. This next video is the now famous Joe Rogan interview with Dr Robert Malone. This has caused a furore amongst the media and the public alike. It is 3 plus hours long so take your time and become more informed. Joe is skilled at asking the right questions and Robert Malone was happy to answer them. It has caused him a lot of stick, unjustly so as he is only giving us the true science, something thin on the ground with our governments, Fauci, Gates, mainstream media and the rest of the elitists. 

3. Here’s one of the other Joe Rogan famous interviews with the world renowned Dr PeterMcCullough-Rogan McCullough. This one is 2¾ hours long. This well respected internist and cardiologists, also trained in epidemiology and has his own practice in Texas, so sees patients on a regular basis. Along with Dr Robert Malone, these are just two doctors who are being mercilessly vilified, censored and attacked. It is absolutely contemptible how our great doctors are being treated, especially those who are successfully treating covid patients in the home and saving their lives.










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