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How to Create Your Own Free Website

change your lifeThis is what attracted me; producing my Wealthy Affiliate site, Magnesium and Health.  I use it to tell everyone about the benefits of this important nutrient.  If you want to produce your own webpage then Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be because it offers so much more than a website and you can join for free!

If I can do it, you can!

In 3 months, I learnt more than I have ever done on the subjects of computers, internet, marketing, writing blogs and articles, websites, keywords, niches, SEO, HTML code, the list goes on.  The old adage ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ is certainly not true in my case.  I am in my 60s and I have learnt more about these subjects in the last few months, than I’ve learnt in a lifetime. Continue reading How to Create Your Own Free Website

Angina Pectoris Definition

Angina pectoris definition is described as a chest pain that is caused by a diminished supply of blood to the heart because of a lesion on the walls or valves of the heart, or an obstruction by way of narrowing of the coronary arteries.  Because of this obstruction or damage, the heart receives a lower amount of oxygen than it needs to function properly.  This is known as ‘ischemia’.

Unhealthy lifestyles and the consequences of such are a factor for having angina such as:angina pectoris

  • smoking
  • heavy drinking
  • eating junk food
  • lack of exercise
  • high blood pressure
  • being overweight or obese
  • diabetes
  • all the above cause chronic stress to the body
  • the risks increase as you get older
  • Magnesium deficiency

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