Talking to a stranger – your doctor

How many of you actually know your doctor?  You may be acquainted with him or her, but they see hundreds of patients so they are not likely to know you very well nor you them. According to a recent report from the Health Foundation, the UK has the fewest doctors per 1,000 patients in the whole of the EU.Doctors per 1000 patients

This could be why we just don’t talk with our doctors. After all, most of them are strangers and if your doctor’s surgery is similar to ours, you’re likely to see a different doctor with each visit.

Gone are the days…

Gone are the days when you could chat with your doctor in the pub as easily as you could in the surgery. To be quite honest, I can’t even remember what my doctor looks like and wouldn’t even recognise him/her in the pub!

side effectsDoctor says I have high BP

You may have been to the doctor and he’s taken your blood pressure and given you BP medication. Thing is, a Mg deficiency will stabilise your BP without side effects.  Taking a good quality Mg supplement will bring your BP down naturally. Try it first before taking pharmaceutical drugs. Get yourself a BP monitor and track your own BP.  Visiting the doctor’s office will often raise your BP, this is known as ‘White Coat Syndrome’.

Do you really need a BP pill?

Doctors seem to be very keen to dish out the BP medication and once you’re on them, it’s generally for life! This is even if your BP is just a little high. Your BP naturally goes up and down throughout the day, depending on what you’re doing, if you’ve eaten, if you’re moving, if you’re going upstairs, if you’re sleeping, if you’re exercising, if you’re stressed. Being a little high or a little low is actually natural! We can’t all be at 120/80 all the time and afterall, we’re all different.

doctor who?A well meaning stranger, your doctor

This well meaning stranger known as your doctor, will do his best to prescribe a suitable drug that the pharmaceuticals have recommended. You must remember, pharmaceutical companies are in the industry for one reason only, to make a profit for themselves and their shareholders. They will pressurize your doctor to prescribe their drug, whether it’s the best choice for you or not.

Take heed!

Consequently, your doctor may misdiagnose you, so be aware of your own symptoms and research your own conditions and diseases. If you don’t like the side effects and there will be some, ask for a drug that suits you better. Perhaps you could suggest a natural remedy for your condition…good luck with that!

Ask questions about your medication

Don’t take everything your doctor tells you as gospel, he could be wrong. Ask questions about side effects of the drug he’s prescribing. It’s up to you to check it out, it’s your body and your responsibility. Ask how the drug works. Will it affect your kidneys in the long term for instance? Here are three types of drugs commonly prescribed:

  • Blood Pressure Drugs – Many BP drugs can cause kidney disease and other seriousDiuretic side effects with long term use. Ask if you really need to be on them rather than take a nutrient that lowers BP naturally.
  • Statins – These drugs actually stifle the production of cholesterol by attacking enzyme HMG-CoA reductase needed for Mevalonate to produce cholesterol.
  • HMG-CoA is also linked with producing CoQ10 which shares the same pathway. Have you been prescribed a CoQ10 (ubiquinol) supplement whilst on statins?
  • Vitamin K2 also shares this pathway. It activates osteocalcin and matrix Gla-protein (MGP). These are very important enzymes that aid calcium out of the vascular system and ushers it into the bones.
  • Your liver needs to be checked regularly for increased liver enzymes when taking statins. How many times have you had a liver enzyme check whilst on statins?
  • PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) – like Nexium, stop the production of acid so yourNexium digestion of food to release nutrients is impaired, causing more digestive problems.
  • Patients are often misdiagnosed with acid reflux. Reflux is more often because of too little acid not too much, so being prescribed an acid inhibitor makes matters worse.

If he doesn’t want to listen or answer your questions, change your doctor, preferably to a Medical Doctor  who is also a Naturopathic Doctor.

Excess calcium is dangerous

This state of affairs is positively dangerous for our health.  Calcifications within our bodies are rife with the most dangerous being calcifications of our arteries and our hearts. Take control of your own health. Don’t leave it all up to a stranger, who has no idea what you are feeling, thinking and suffering on a daily basis.

Mg glassYour Dr is unlikely to prescribe a nutrient

Not many medics will prescribe anything that your body could be depleted in.  If you’re ill, your natural nutrients WILL be out of balance.  The trick is finding which ones you need and which ones you don’t.  Mg is always a good start as nearly all of us are depleted in this vital mineral.

Start with Mg

Ches PowerMg is necessary for every cell in our body (37.2 trillion) and controls hundreds of enzymes that need it to function. Other common depleted nutrients are vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin K2, (statin users) CoQ10, (ubiquinol) (statin users), the B complex, particularly B12. Knowing your own symptoms and conditions, enables you to do your own research on your own body or that of your child or loved one. As a result, you can converse with your Dr on equal terms and suggest or even educate him/her on the benefits of natural remedies. But don’t hold your breath!

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Talking to a stranger - your doctor
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Talking to a stranger - your doctor
How many of you actually know your doctor?  You may be acquainted, but they see hundreds of patients so they are not likely to know you.
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8 thoughts on “Talking to a stranger – your doctor

  1. Hi, Ches Linda here from Hig’s I find your articles very down to earth easy to understand and right to the point. yes we need to do our own research it is amazing the information we pick up.

    My BP has always been high. I was prescribed one of these little pills that keep your BP under control and you only need one a day. Side effects if they make you dizzy don’t drive. My lively hud depends on my driving to work every day! Side effects you feel tyred all the time so go have a rest. can’t rest have to work?

    Went back to the doctor several times and he said it was all in my head. If I went off of them than I mise well just go home and get my paperwork in order. These were his exact words. So for many years lived with HBP until I learned how to use food as my Ali and ya everybody is different. We have different tolerances you just need to find you own balance. Thanks for the work you are doing in this field always a better way

    1. Hi there Linda and thanks for your input. It is gratifying to know that, like yourself, people are researching their own health problems and seeking natural solutions successfully. The remark from your doctor was completely uncalled for and very unprofessional. You may like to have a look at this post explaining how the medical fraternity got to the state it’s in now. Most doctors and other medics have no clue of the history of pharmaceuticals

  2. Great post. 

    You are so right, yes Dr is a stranger! Many times after visiting dr. I feel that’s of no use… and I am searching for the answers myself…

    I have a low BP, I am not used to taking pills on the daily basis, but if I take one it helps a lot. I didn’t new that some of the medicament can cause kidney disses… Actually, that’s a scary fact. When we go to Dr. surely he will not convey this important information, but surely prescribe a list of other pills which you might not need at all …

    1. This is what happens. You go to the doctor, take his prescribed drug and often feel worse. You know it’s the drug and then start looking it up to see possible side effects. This is the start of the road to health. Ditching most of the drugs and looking for a natural solution to your condition. After all, we weren’t born with drugs in our body, we were born with the correct balance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. If the environment we now live in does not give us these essential nutrients and they are replaced with toxins and junk food, we will get sick, and we do!

  3. I don’t like doctors, they’ve never helped me ever so I’ve always ended up taking matters into my own hands. However, a couple of years ago my daughter fell extremely ill, it was a matter of urgency. Over the course of a couple of years we got to know our doctor very well and because she treated my daughter with utter kindness we used to send her gifts lol. I know this is the exception and it doesn’t really happen usually. You mentions that drs don’t usually supply nutrients, that’s true but my daughter was given nutrients because she was completely depleted of many, they don’t know why that’s why she’s still having tests to find the root cause.

    1. Hello Sharon May. How lucky you are to have found such a  doctor. One who is obviously au fait with natural remedies. Finding the root cause of your daughter’s condition is the trick. All diseases and conditions eminate from the cells, particularly the mitochondria. This is the key, mitrochondrial dysfunction. If these vital tiny organelles are in good fettle, you will be healthy and disease free. 

  4. I must say that I like this article and it is very educational at some point. It is very true that we don’t know our doctors in reality and I think that it is bad. My doctor offered me once one medication that he think would help me but he was wrong, after taking the pill I get allergy on my skin. I agree that in some case we should investigate more our doctor’s recipes.

    1. Hello Daniel and thanks for your input. It is a shame that we are trusting our medics less as time goes by. It is apparent that the pharmaceuticals are very experienced at persuading doctors to use their ‘new drug’ in preference to an older tested drug. How do they do that? With financial rewards and/or handouts. An example is handing out free tickets and paying for travel to get to a conference that features pharmaceutical based talks and lectures. In other words, a free holiday!

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