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Alternative Treatments for Epilepsy

1 in 100 people are affected by epilepsy, quite a large chunk of the population.  Although it can effect anyone of any age, diagnosis in childhood is common.  But there are alternative treatments for epilepsy, so why aren’t they being used?  I’m not going to get into the types of epilepsy here because all epilepsies induce seizures or fits.

One visible symptom

alternative treatments for epilepsy

There appears to be just the one visible symptom and that is recurring seizures. These are caused by an excess of electrical activity in the neurons of the brain.   The brain is constantly alive with electrical activity.  The amount of stimulation and suppression necessary to balance a healthy brain is controlled by switches, turned on and off by neurotransmitters.  So these neurotransmitters depend on certain nutrients for them to activate, nutrients including magnesium, calcium and zinc.  Nutrients play various roles in  supporting the response of the nerve cells to electrical stimulation. Continue reading Alternative Treatments for Epilepsy