Drugs! Are you on a diuretic? – Summary of alternative treatments

IFHow to treat oedema

In Part 3 of Drugs! Are you on a diuretic, I will summarize what you can do about your oedema instead of taking these drugs. It’s a win, win situation because what you read here will also help with other conditions such as diabetes and obesity. If you take these tips on board, you will be on your way to a healthier, happier and slimmer you.  Read on and enjoy your new way of living!  By the way, you can read Part 1 here and Part 2 and Part 4.

 1.   Intermittent Fasting

This method of eating is really effective, healthy and easy and can kick that oedema to the kerb in no time flat and help lose weight to boot.  If you have type 2 diabetes you will definitely notice a difference.  Some of you may think it sounds difficult, but we have tried this way of eating and we’re hooked, it’s really easy.  It’s called ‘intermittent fasting’.  All you do is make sure you only eat during a certain time of the day.  For example you can make sure you eat reasonably early in the evening and then don’t eat anything after a certain time, which will include all night and a part of the next morning.

Dr KendberryA new way of eating

Dr Ken Berry says “Intermittent Fasting is the Newest Diet, that is actually thousands of years old! It is easy, free and fool-proof. You already fast when you are asleep, all you have to do in slowly increase your Fasting Window, and decrease your Feeding Window, and you will start to see results. It is the Cheapest Diet Ever!”

There are many ways to do intermittent fasting and I will leave it up to you to research for yourself what suits you best.  But for me and hubbie, we simply stop eating at 8pm.  Then we don’t eat again until late lunchtime, that’s it!  So our window of eating is between 1:30pm – 8pm, just 6.5 hours.  This means we have a period of around 17.5 hours when we don’t eat.  We drink plenty of water (with Mg Chloride in), tea and the odd coffee.  It sounds hard, but we found it really easy and it has been proven to reduce oedema and help control conditions such as diabetes as there is no insulin spiking during the fasting hours.  Although we were not overweight to start with, we have both lost weight without trying and I never get any bloating or oedema in the ankles and feet when travelling, like I used to.

fasting drinksStart Slow

You can start slowly, say stop eating at 9pm and don’t start again until say 10am, that’s a fast of 13 hours, it’s not difficult honestly and you will reduce your oedema and you will lose weight.  Increase your fasting period week by week until you have a major part of the day without food.  You don’t have to restrict what you eat as long as it’s not junk food, bad fats, diet sodas etc., you know what’s good for you and what isn’t I’m sure.  If you get hungry have a cup of tea or coffee or drink some water.

What we do

Once you get into the swing of it, you can adjust the fasting to suit your lifestyle.  If you have a dinner date for instance, enjoy it and carry on with your fasting regime the next day.  We generally eat this way on a daily basis, but we won’t go without.  When we have a wedding to go to or a night out on the town, we forget the fast and enjoy ourselves.  But we always return to it the next day.  You will find that if you do have a ‘blowout’, fasting the next day is easy to do and quite often food is not top of your list!


You will find your digestion will improve and when you do have a night out and eat stuff you usually don’t, you may find your stomach will complain and old digestive problems may return temporarily, such as heartburn and bloating.  This is a good time to realize which foods do actually upset you, so you can learn from the experience.

This way of eating has actually naturally reduced my bread intake and if we go out to eat and I have a lot of bread, my stomach lets me know it doesn’t like it.  This has taught me to lay off the wheat a little and reduce it as much as possible. My digestion is perfect now and I had so many problems with it a few years back.  Mind you, I put a lot of that down to a Mg deficiency which I don’t have now.

nutsThis way of eating teaches you a lot about your own body and how different foods have different effects on you.  I have come to love good foods like brocolli, nuts and berries.  I now don’t want to eat bread and cakes but I do eat chocolate every evening, it is the last food I have at 8pm.  I try and eat the darker variety but occassionally have a few squares of milk chocolate.  I also indulge in a small glass of wine whilst I’m preparing dinner.

2.   Always eat the good stuff

When you do eat, make sure its the good stuff.  Don’t eat junk and don’t drink diet coke or other aspartame laced drinks.  Avoid aspartame, it is definitely bad for you and it WILL NOT help you lose weight, quite the opposite.  In fact, did you know that Coca Cola, Pepsi and, Dr Pepper are being sued.  The complainants say the word ‘diet’ on the cans and the advertising is misleading and has led to them putting on weight.  “Marketing these brands as “diet” is false, misleading and unlawful” the suits claim.

Cook your own foods from scratch if you can.  Grow your own foods if you have the space, it is very rewarding eating your own produce.  With just a little space you can grow a few smaller foods such as garlic.  Herbs are always nice to have in your garden and they smell great too!

3.   Don’t worry about cholesterolavocado oil

It’s a myth that cholesterol will kill you.  But it will definitely kill you if don’t have enough! Just eat healthy fats such as avocado, organic coconut oil and grass fed butter.  Those people with low cholesterol levels are more likely to suffer with dementias, brain fog and other brain problems.  Around 25% of the body’s cholesterol is in the brain, it is vital for the body and the myelin sheaths which insulate the nerves.  Independent research reveals the ‘cholesterol myth’ and it’s worth looking at this research for yourself.

Forget your cholesterol, just make sure what you eat is good quality unprocessed foods and include those often vilified eggs, they’re great but make sure they are at least free range if not organic.  Eat raw nuts especially almonds, pistachios, walnuts and cashews.  Don’t eat too much fruit but avocados, berries, apples and grapefruit are especially good for you.

brocolliThe super veggie is broccoli from the cruciferous family.  Cruciferous veggies are the best!  Eat grass fed meat if possible and definitely avoid meat from intensively farmed animals and farmed fish.  I know the best foods are the dearest but try and eat as much fresh organic food as you can afford and make an effort to do your own cooking.  That way you will know exactly what goes into your meals.

4.   A sign of aging

An imblance of Mg and Ca is a sign of aging and if you want to keep supple and avoid heart disease, depression, insomnia, arthritis, rheumatics and general aching and stiffness as you age, you best take notice of Mg.  This wonder mineral is absolutely vital for all animals and plants alike.  If you are continually depleted, you WILL slowly get sick.  A continual Mg deficiency will shorten your lifespan.

Ca:Mg ratioTo avoid an imbalance, make sure your intake of Mg’s sister mineral Ca is not excessive.  Don’t take Ca antacids such as ‘Tums’.  These antacids allow you to consume 3000mg of Ca each day.  No way will you be able to balance that with 3000mg of Mg, and that doesn’t include your normal daily consumption of Ca which is fortified in many foods by the food manufacturers.  Excess Ca is dangerous!

5.   100 years old!We all get old

Yes, we all get old, but better to be sound of mind and body and live our lives to the fullest into our 80s and 90s.  Perhaps you may even get to 100 like the lovely lady in this picture, she looks great!

6.   The Miracle of Magnesium

This site is all about Mg with occassional diversion to other natural health subjects which I’m passionate about.  I started this webpage because I found out about this amazing mineral and it cured me of all my ills and conditions within just a few weeks.  I am now a fit and healthy woman in her ‘golden’ years.  When I look around me and see people much younger than myself, struggling to walk and obviously in discomfort, I am saddened.

All you need

I just want everyone to learn about their own bodies and how vitamins, minerals and nutrients, gained from good food and a few supplements, are all that’s needed to keep our bodies in tiptop condition.  Some nutrients, however, are a little more important to your health than others and Mg is one of them. This added to regular exercise is all you need.

Drugs will only slowly degrade your body, deplete your Mg and other nutrients untilMg for bones you succumb.  It will be put down to genetics and/or old age. Your bones will suffer and Ca will be allowed to run riot in your soft tissue causing calcifications where it settles.  You will become stiff, achey, depressed and will slowly lose your quality of life.  Just have a think for a moment and wonder…  How many pharmaceutical drugs do you know that actually cure a condition?

Get off diuretics if you are able to and try the above natural alternatives.  Get your doctor on your side, but please make sure your medic is on board about natural alternatives.  Naturopathic doctors who are also MDs are more au fait and may be the way forward.

Ches PowerQuestions?

Because there are so many questions about diuretics, I will do a 4th post on diuretics, with actual questions from patients and their loved ones.  You may have a similar question about this class of drugs that could be answered in this last post.

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Drugs! Are you on a diuretic? - Summary of alternative treatments
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Drugs! Are you on a diuretic? - Summary of alternative treatments
Part 3 of Drugs! Are you on a diuretic, will summarize what can be done about oedema instead of taking diuretics. It's a win, win situation...
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12 thoughts on “Drugs! Are you on a diuretic? – Summary of alternative treatments

  1. Pills pills pills. I am definitely not a fan of pills. I believe there are healthy and natural ways to treat ailments as pills just gives a temporary solution and in some cases even have side effects. Take for example intermittent fasting. This is a natural way to loose some of that weight which does not have side effects but why would people still result to taking pills just to loose weight. I just don’t understand.

    1. Yes Jay, we weren’t born needing to take pills to keep healthy. What makes us think they will do us any good rather than eating a nourishing healthy diet that contains all the vitamins and minerals necessary to keep us in good fettle.  Humans are not meant to eat day in day out. It is normal for animals to deal with feast and famine. It gives the body a rest from digestion and helps to rejuvinate. 

      I’m sorry to say that we are lulled into thinking that prescription drugs are what we need to control a disease or condition, rather than natural nutrients. There are exceptions of course but generally…follow the money!

  2. Interesting article and as much as oedema may be challenging you have outlined the way to good health I have a Sister who is diabetic and I will sure pass the information which I know will help a lot.  I am also interested in seeing if I can take mg and how much ca should one take?

    I didn’t know that aging is a sign of un imbalance in mg and ca? How Can I be sure that both are balanced? Do I need to take some tests? Or I just incorporate them in day to day living? 

    Hope to have some answers I did enjoy the article very informative health wise Thank you 

    1. Hi there Cinderella and thanks for your input. Type 2 diabetes IS reversible so get your sister to read a book called “The Diabetes Code” by Dr. Jason Fung. I haven’t got diabetes but did try the intermittent faster regime to see what it was like. That was 2 years ago!  I lost weight, despite being in the BMI good weight range. I don’t crave all the rubbish food I used to. I am not on any prescription drugs, neither is my husband who follows the same diet. We eat as much organic produce as we can afford. 

      Have a look at this post about Magnesium. Make sure your Mg and Ca levels are as equal as possible. This is difficult because Ca is fortified in much of our modern diet. As we age, our Ca goes up and our Mg goes down. This gives a Mg deficiency by default. Our modern rubbish diet does not help as there is little Mg in our food nowadays. You can take a test for Mg deficiency but unfortunately it is out of the ark and positively useless in giving you an accurate figure of your Mg levels.This post will explain why 

  3. Thanks for this insightful writeup, I learnt some helpful tips. From my little knowledge on diuretics, though some consider it safe but they do have some side effects, such as increased urination and mineral loss. Diuretics can also affect blood potassium levels. Glad to see alternatives for it. I have some friends that will appreciate this.


    1. Hi Jordan, you’re right about the Potassium (K) levels. Thanks for your input and I’m gratified you’re passing on the information. Yes, for older people the increased urination, which can cause dehydration, is a side effect that can be dangerous. It would appear that as we age, we don’t seem to have the same desire to drink water as we did when we were younger. Dehydration is common in the elderly. Makes me wonder if it is drug induced, particularly diuretics which is a drug commonly prescribed for the older generation?  

  4. Intermittent fasting is great and I used to do it quite a lot. I used to not eat anything until after school and then do a workout a big out. I did actually end up eating much less than I would before because fasting causes your stomach to shrink.

    Have you tried this before?
    I love your point about eating healthy fats as well!

    1. Thanks for your input Josh and no, I’d never tried this way of eating before but I’m pleased we tried it because I think we will be sticking to this lifestyle for good.  Losing weight without really trying is a bonus.  You’re right about the stomach shrinking because I have now noticed I don’t want as much food as before.  I don’t get hungry and I don’t get cravings for junk food.  I WANT to eat good food because if I don’t my stomach lets me know!

  5. Hi Ches,
    I appreciate what you said about cholesterol. If someone has high blood levels, they probably have out of control inflammation. If you get the inflammation down, blood levels will lower.
    The reason is that cholesterol is a part of the healing process. It is sent in response to some systemic damage, but because inflammation is out of control, healing is never complete, and so it creates a cycle.
    And if you don’t have cholesterol in your diet, ,your body will just make more to compensate-unless it’s being inhibited with medications which pose a whole new level of threat…
    Sadly, because it’s commonly believed that dietary cholesterol is bad, we may pass up on some very healthy foods (such as eggs) that can help with the underlying problem by reducing inflammation and promoting the completion of the healing cycle.
    Would you agree?

    1. Hi there Paul and I certainly do agree.  Inflammation is the root of all ills and that root lays within the mitochondria where disfunction will be all too evident when inflammation abounds.  As for cholesterol, it is classed as the ‘bad guy’ with this erroneous fact put about by those who gain the most, the pharmaceuticals who have made a killing with their Statin Drugs, the side effects of which are not worth the risks of taking them. 

      Better to take a Mg supplement. Mg is known to control the enzyme HMG CoA reductase.  This is the enzyme that statin drugs poison.  No wonder cholesterol levels plummet when on these drugs.  No wonder people are losing their memory, suffering iatrogenic muscle damage called rhabdomyolysis, acquiring diabetes and/or liver damage.  If you’re on these drugs you MUST at least be checked regularly for raised liver enzymes. Signs of diabetes and muscle disease must also be monitored.  

      As a side note –  a study has shown the best memory function in the elderly was observed in those with the highest levels of cholesterol.  Thanks for your comments and input.

  6. This is spot on! Totally agree with what you say regarding medication. More often than not, drugs just maintain or manage a problem – they rarely ever cure it! I have a dear relative who suffers from a leg oedema so I will definitely send this article on to them. I use magnesium supplements myself and I wouldn’t be without them, they make a big difference. Thanks so much for sharing all this helpful information.

    1. Thanks for reading the article Oliver and giving us your input.  I sincerely hope your relative can benefit from changing their life style and taking a new path for their health.  I am also gratified to learn that you benefit from magnesium supplementation.  Great stuff!!

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