What is Calcification?

Part 2

This is Part 2 of What is calcification?  If you missed Part 1, you can read it here.

To calcify or not to calcify, that is the question

The Calcium (Ca) that is in your bones and teeth is mineralised ie. calcified but the Ca in your soft tissues, muscles, organs etc., should be in a dissolved ionic form.  With enough Magnesium (Mg), Ca will be controlled and shepherded into its appropriate places within the body.  Mineralised for the bones and teeth and ionised for its vital functions in the soft tissues in particular in cell physiology and cellular processes.

What happens when Ca is calcified instead of ionised?

Coronary Calcium Scan
Cr: National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute

Take a look at this heart scan.  This is known as a coronary calcium scan.  It is an Xray which creates a detailed picture of the heart and is used to predict your future risk of heart disease.
This image proves that we already have the capacity to find out if someone has any calcification within their heart or arteries.  Calcifications are an early sign of coronary heart disease (CHD) and if this was your heart, what would you be doing about it?  This is also proof that this patient has a Mg deficiency because if he/she hadn’t, the heart would not be exhibiting calcifications.  I wonder where else in this persons body calcification has set in.  Perhaps the kidneys, the gall bladder, the carotid arteries, the bladder, the breasts, the brain?

So why aren’t we informed?

This is fundamental.  Mg deficiency will allow Ca to calcify.  This is known.  So why oh why is the public not educated about this fact.  Did the doctor who looked at this image tell the patient “you need a Mg supplement” or “you’re taking too much Ca” or “we will have to balance your Ca to Mg ratio” or did he, heaven forbid, say “don’t worry, we’ll put you on a statin drug”!  I’m betting on the latter and if he does say that then you need to check it out!

Does your doctor want to put you on statins?

I’m doing an article about statin drugs but it’s too large a subject to deal with in this post.  Suffice to say, if you’ve been put on statins and you have had no incidence of heart disease then try supplementing with Mg.  Mg is actually a natural statin and will regulate your cholesterol without any side effects.  Just a snippet about cholesterol –  50% of those who suffer from sudden heart events have normal cholesterol levels, not elevated.  This indicates that cholesterol is not the culprit and there has been much research to confirm this fact.  So why are we being prescribed drugs to lower cholesterol levels and watching adverts on tv for cholesterol lowering foods like flora margarine?

Are we too dependant on the medical profession?doctor clipart

The problem is, we depend too much on the medical profession.  To most people they are gods, not to be challenged or questioned.  But they are just human beings like everyone else and you can’t expect them to be right all the time.  They are doing the best they can with what they’ve learnt through experience and medical education which does not include prevention and wellness through naturopathy.  Rather, they are taught about sickness and management with drugs.  They will prescribe, often under pressure, to give you all kinds of drugs, touted to them by Big Pharma.  They, to be quite honest, are more interested in profits than they are your health and well-being.  You, to Big Pharma, are just a statistic and they will justify their approach to your health with words of research and long term investments.

Patients often feel like they’re being used as guinea pigs to try out the latest drug.  “If it doesn’t suit you just come back and we’ll try another one” have you heard that before from your medical practioner?  We already know what excess Ca does to the body so how guinea pigabout going back to basics and making sure each of us has the nutrients we need to function properly.  A good place to start is balancing Ca and Mg because this imbalance has serious consequences.  Get the important stuff sorted first and make sure your ticker is healthy, then you can do the finessing and concentrate more on the finer details of your health.

Take responsibility for your own health

We must take our own health into our own hands.  Only we know how we feel.  Your doctor has thousands of patients to consider and cannot expect to know everything about everyone.  His best guess is often the diagnosis and trial and error is likely and expected before the best solution for your condition is reached.  This conclusion will often stand, even in the event that another may be in your best interests.

But I’m not a doctor!research button

Do your own research about your own health.  A relative said to me “You’re not a doctor, what do you know about Mg?”  Well, actually, I know a darn sight more than most doctors because that it what I am researching on a daily basis.  Medics haven’t got the time to research everything.  My own research gave me the tools and knowledge to heal myself and that’s what I did.  All my symptoms have disappeared since taking Mg.  That’s a fact that cannot be denied.  Just because you’re not a doctor, doesn’t mean you can’t study, research and learn for yourself.

My next post – starvation of the heart

Ches Power AuthorIn my next post, I want to talk about the actual process of heart disease, the stages of the deterioration of the heart because of Mg deficiency and how Ca excess is entwined with the symptoms of the failing heart.
Ches Power


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10 thoughts on “What is Calcification?

  1. Hi Ches,
    I have been reading your Blog’s on Parkinson’s, & Calcification , which are very interesting & informative .
    as you know I have been taking Mg. K2. Vit d. on your, suggestion, for Heart failure, & pre diabetes 2, which I have completely eradicated, thanks to you, Oh I also read you updated diuretic Blog, slightly concerning reading, I am on a low dose loop diuretic,Bumetanide, so I Can see why my levels of some minerals will be deficient .but I get the water retention in my lungs, it may be a difficult one for me to come of it altogether, I am so much better now though, with the replaced minerals, dog walking , swimming , weight loss etc. I feel a different person, thank you very much.
    P.S I have a friend been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, also has Calcification, ( linked ) I think, I hope she will take it on board, the importance of these minerals. bye for now

    1. Hi Davine and thanks for your comments and input. You have to be commended to keeping up your regime of necessary supplements for your conditions. As well as that you have wholeheartedly changed your lifestyle with a good diet, plenty of exercise and a weightloss regime which has impacted on your pre diabetes 2 which has now been eradicated. Great stuff!!

      As for your diuretic drug, you are only on a small dose but it is necessary to keep the lungs clear of fluid. Even so, I think with your determination, in the not too distant future, you may be able to drop the Bumetanide altogether with the support of your MD.

      As for your friend, you can help her by encouraging her to eat healthily and avoid all processed and ‘boxed’ food. The calcifications in her body will exacerbate the Parkinson’s so the supplements you take will help her as well. Her Mg intake should be in equilibrium with her Ca intake so reducing Ca is important. This is a difficult ask because so much of our diet is fortified with extra Ca. I suspect she doesn’t cook very much if she’s on her own so relies on processed.

      It is a known fact that those with Parkinson’s have a deficiency of Mg and an abundance of Ca and Aluminium in the brain. According to research “Parkinson’s patients have low Mg concentrations in cortex, white matter, basal ganglia an brain stem” Also there was an autopsy study which showed calcium and aluminium excess in the brains of Parkinson’s victims compared to people with normal brains.

      It is interesting to note that aluminium can become a substitute for Mg in the brain, if Mg is deficient. This leaves Ca channels in the brain nerve cells wide open, allowing Ca to flood in causing certain cell death. Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disease of cell death in the brain! I would say that Mg is a vital mineral for those with Parkinson’s. K2 and D3 will help avoid more calcification and can actually reverse it according to research.

  2. You are right – most of my colleagues are pretty clueless about magnesium – not their fault as we got a week’s worht of nutrition lectures just before finals and the seats were mostly empty as everyone was revising. I soon realised once I started seeing patients that nutrition was key to solving many health problems. Magnesium is my favourite mineral for lots of reasons. Deficiency is wide spread, which is why tiredness and fatigue are so common, due to mitochondrial dysfunction. Supplements don’t work for everyone due to bowel side effects, but magnesium sprays or bath salts which allow absorption through the skin can work well. Diet should always come first, of course, but mass production means soils are often depleted so the plants that grow in them and the cattle reared on them may not supply as much as is ideal. Vitamin D and vitamin K2 can also help to prevent calcification, too. Love your site!

    1. Hi there and thanks for reading the article. I have spoken to quite a few doctors and the majority do say they have not learnt about nutrition. It’s such a shame because I think a medical doctor who is also a naturopathic practioner is the ideal combination. With such an arsenal of knowledge, much more could be done to alleviate symptoms as well as prevent diseases in the first place. Unfortunately, doctors such as yourself seem to be thin on the ground and I have known some be vilified for using a natural remedy in place of a drug. This seems to happen in the US with some being branded as quacks. Quite unforgiveable. You’re right, topical magnesium is very useful for a non laxative effect, although a magnesium deficiency often presents with constipation which was one of my many symptoms. I myself take MgCl2, up to 750mg per day depending on my diet and stress levels! My husband takes around 500mg before he starts to get the laxative effect. Yes, Ca, Vit K2 and Vit D needs to be balanced with Mg. All this information is a minefield for the general public to get their head around and the result is often imbalances such as the modern practice of taking Ca to excess. Ches

  3. Ches, this is fascinating, especially to me. I have done a little (very little compared to you) research on magnesium and have found that there are many medical conditions affected by a lack of magnesium in the body. I have actually seen its benefit in the case of fibromyalgia. I believe our diet of fast food and boxed meals plays a huge role in reduced levels of magnesium as well as many other minerals so important to our health and well being. Would you agree? I also believe that the medical community, in general, has been slow to recognize that much of what is wrong with westerners today is a direct result of what they are putting (or not putting) into their bodies in the way of food and nutrients.

    1. Hi Debby and thanks for reading the article. You are correct about the vast array of conditions that are affected by Mg deficiency. As Mg plays a vital role in the production of energy within the mitochondria, the power houses within our cells, without it we would simply die. Energy cannot be produced without it. Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME, Syndrome X etc., are all conditions heralding the onset of heart disease. Those who are suffering from Mg deficiency are actually damaging their body and cardiovascular system. Without adequate Mg, our fuel, our spark of life, our hearts will be compromised and succumb to disease and failure. It’s gratifying to know that you’re on top of this and I sincerely hope you spread the word and make sure your family is replete in Mg and not overloaded with Calcium! Good health to you always, Ches

  4. Not really a subject that I am interested in but that said it was easily understandable to me as a layperson and did make me want to read on. I like the way you have WA in the drop down menu but perhaps it needs to be somewhere else as looks a tad like a sales pitch.

    I would also like your home page to explain a little more clearly what your website is exactly as I am unclear.

    1. Hi David and thanks for taking the trouble to read the post. I’m gratified that it was understandable because that is a real problem. Trying to explain something without simplifying it to the extent that it is incorrect because of its omissions is quite difficult. I have had a comment where I was told the post was too technical which did worry me a little. I take on board your WA comment and I may move it to a lower position. All the pages on the site have the banner with the title of the site. Hopefully this is enough to let people know I’m into Magnesium and its benefits. Good health to you and yours. Ches

  5. From what I understand, Calcification is a warning sign. Something that we have to change and take action in the form of preventive measures.

    It’s amazing that you know what the range of various answers doctor provide. You know inside out about the correlating issue.

    I must say Ches, I believe in what you stated on the argument that you know much more than doctors these days.

    I don’t think doctors know all these facts you posted here.

    1. Hi there Tar and thanks for reading the article and the positive comments. I think most people know a subject that they are really passionate about, I suspect you know your subject well too. Trouble is with the medical profession, the subjects are vast in themselves. A doctor will be hard pressed to know everything about all the conditions and diseases that are out there, that’s why we have specialists. It’s a shame they don’t use naturopath specialists though but I’m afraid these dedicated medical practioners are put into the class of ‘pseudo medics’, despite the fact that most of them are MDs as well!

      Good health Tar to you and yours, Ches

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