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Obesity in Children and Mg deficiency = insulin resistance

obesity in childrenI came across a research paper dating back to 2005. It was about the relationship between obesity in children, magnesium deficiency and insulin resistance. Insulin resistance (IR) precedes the development of type 2 diabetes (T2D). A condition you do not want your child to acquire, especially at such an early age. Continue reading Obesity in Children and Mg deficiency = insulin resistance

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

SIDS preventionSudden Infant Death Syndrome often known by the acronym SIDS must be one of the most devastating events that can happen to a family.  Parents immediately start to put blame on themselves, questioning their behaviour and wondering what they could have done differently.  This is an understandable reaction to this tragedy but with support of family and friends, a parent will hopefully come to realize that nothing could have been done and it’s not their fault. Continue reading Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

CDC Immunization Schedule

I read that New York State has a law which prohibits a child going to school without being up to date with all his/her vaccinations. In effect vaccines are mandatory if you have a child living in NYS.  Upon looking further, it appears the whole of the US has these mandatory laws, which I find horrendous and a breach of civil rights.  California, Mississippi and West

Continue reading CDC Immunization Schedule

Child behavior checklist!

Here is a child behavior checklist to help you parent your kids.  I know when I was a child, my parents would say.  “Kids of today, they’re so different to when we were growing up”.  They were right of course BUT, we weren’t rude, disrespectful, bad-mannered and insolent like some of the youngsters today.  So why is this?

disrespectfulWhy are kids so disagreeable sometimes?

Many of you will say it’s because of the age we live in.  Kids grow up quicker and they’re more knowing.  But is that an excuse for them to be so disagreeable and offensive sometimes?  Well, let’s take a look as to why this may be happening. Continue reading Child behavior checklist!

Peer Pressure Definition

I did a post a few weeks ago about depression in the elderly.  It is an important subject but just as important is depression in the young which seems to be increasing year on year with one youngster in 10 being on pharmaceutical drugs for psychological issues.  Peer pressure definition goes into why our kids are depressed and stressed.

kid-with-gunKids under pressure

There seems to be so much pressure on the younger generation these days.  Peer pressure for one, which seems to be of the utmost importance to any young person nowadays.  Why the kids can’t be their own person, I don’t know. It seems to be so important for them to be part of a gang or group, even if the members of that group do not have the best of manners or are often into fighting, smoking pot or worse.  This, of course, can lead to a life of crime which the other members often get caught up in. Continue reading Peer Pressure Definition