CDC – The Vaccine Fraud – Part 2

autism coverupIn Part 2 of CDC – the vaccine fraud, I would like to remind you just how fraudulent the pharmaceutical industry is. This is why you should be so careful and do your homework, before you ingest any of the drugs or have any procedures that the pharmaceutical industry produce and that includes vaccinations.  For Part 1 click here  and Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6.  But first some information about childhood diseases.

Childhood diseases

When I was a child, I had just the tuberculosis (BCG) vaccine and the smallpox vaccine? I’ve had the chicken pox, the measles and german measles.  I had these diseases just once when I was a child. I don’t need to be boosted to keep my anti-bodies up.  I will never get these diseases again because my immunity is strong.  I’ve never had a tetanus jab nor a diptheria or whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine.  My husband, who has actually worked with vaccines in a professional capacity, knows how they’re made and what goes into them.  He chooses not to have any vaccinations including the flu jab.  It is his choice, as it should always be yours.

Measles TruthMeasles

I have been looking at the GOV.UK website which give details of all the measles notifications and deaths in England and Wales between 1940 and 2016. The figures below show the percentage of those that died of the measles compared with the total number of those that contracted the disease:

1940 – 0.2% of those getting measles died (1 person in 478)
1950 – 0.06%                             ”                             ( 1 person in 1664)
1960 – 0.02%                             ”                             (1 person in 5141)
1970 – 0.014%                           ”                             (1 person in 7319)
1980 – 0.019%                           ”                             (1 person in 5364)
1990 – 0.0075%                        ”                              (1 person in 13302)
2000 – 0.042%                           ”                              (1 person in 2378)
2010 – ZERO                                                               (none died in 2010)
2016 – 0.06%                              ”                              (1 person in 1642)

Although 2010 was a good year with no deaths, 6 years on in 2016, the figure is back to that similar to the 1950 figure and is worse than the 1960, 1970 and 1980 figures.  The only anomoly is probably the 1940 figure which could be attributable to the war when many of the population were unhealthy and living on rations.

I do not think that giving our children the measles vaccine for all those years has really done us any favours.  Those whose child has had an adverse effect will surely agree.  Having a natural immunity from catching the disease is by far the best way and the immunity is for life with no boosting and introduction of toxins necessary.

Merck and mumps fraudMumps

Merck accused of stonewalling in mumps vaccine antitrust lawsuit.

Apart from yet another scandal about Merck’s fraudulent activity, I think this vaccine is of dubious efficacy as this lawsuit claims.

I’ve never had mumps but hubbie has.  In fact he said the whole family had it except just one of his brothers (he has 3).  He remembers his father being quite ill but the rest of the family were under the weather for around a week.

Mortality from mumps has always been very low with around 30 out of 10 million dying in 1901 with a steady decline to around 5 deaths in 1921, 3-4 in 1941 and just 1 death in 10 million in 1961.  I personally do not think this death rate warrants a vaccine.  As far as Merck is concerned it is worth it.  Profits tell them so!

Rubella (German Measles)

I had rubella when I was about 14 years old.  I wasn’t allowed out for a week once the rash appeared and it is at this time the disease is contagious.  I felt no effects from having the virus. Many people don’t even know they have it.  The problem with rubella is that it can be dangerous to an unborn child.  A fetus of less than 20 weeks is at risk of getting birth defects or the mother can suffer a miscarriage.

1 out of 3?

Out of the three, Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccines, I can only see a requirement for the Rubella vaccine.  I had Rubella at age 14 years and could easily have infected a pregnant women with the virus.  My mother though, knew that I had to be kept indoors for at least a week after the rash to ensure I was not contagious.  Perhaps being educated about it would be as effective and could avoid any infant having a serious reaction from the vaccine, that’s if it is the Rubella part of the vaccine that causes problems, we just don’t know.  No independent research to say Rubella is safe has been done.

MMR has obvious problems

The MMR vaccine has obviously got some serious problems associated with it and despite the powers that be insisting it is safe, it obviously isn’t, just ask a parent who’s child has been vaccine damaged.  Finding out why it affects some infants to the point of maiming them for life, is the most important independent scientific research necessary to be done now, for the sake of all our children.

Single vaccine is one way to go

Meanwhile, giving single vaccines could be a way forward whilst this research is being done.  If it were up to me, I would be scrapping the measles and mumps vaccine for starters, or at least making the single measles and mumps vaccine available to those who wanted it.


Just a note about tetanus.  Spores of the bacterium that cause tetanus, Clostridium tetani, are found in soil, dust, saliva and animal faeces.  Because it is everywhere, we are continually being bombarded with these spores. It lives within us and is found on the surface of the body, in the mouth, in the gastro-intestinal tract, in house dust and clothing. This continuous contact with the bacteria, gives us a natural immunity and it is usually only the really sick, immune deficient or weakened person who will succumb to it.

Tetanus deaths have been declining steadily over the 20th century with death rates recorded as just 3.5 per 1 million people in 1947 down to 1 death in 50 million in 2007. I think it is a complete waste of money, but the pharmaceutical industry would disagree. They have raked in billions in profits with this vaccine.

You are only customers to big pharma

This massive industry is only interested in you and your family as customers, customers who produce massive profits for them.  Don’t think for one moment they are worried about your health.  When they do produce a drug that kills or maims, they will put up such a fight to try and discredit the victims, you wouldn’t believe.  They have no morals.

Some facts for you

From 1991 through 2015, a total of 373 settlements were reached between the federal and state governments and pharmaceutical manufacturers, for a total of $35.7 billion. Of these, 140 were federal settlements, for $31.9 billion.  233 were state settlements, for $3.8 billion. See the whole report.


One of the most common forms of fraud by big pharma are kickbacks.  Kickbacks are rewards given to medical personnel and medical professionals to entice them to prescribe a particular pharmaceutical drug.  Examples are: cash, jewellery, free vacations, sponsored retreats, lavish gifts etc..  Because of this fraulent activity, it makes you took twice at your doctor and wonder if he/she is being rewarded to prescribe the drug you are being given.

GSK and Pfizer worst offenders

From 1991 through 2015, GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer reached the most settlements (31 each) and paid the most in financial penalties — $7.9 billion and $3.9 billion, respectively —to the federal and state governments. Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Abbott, Eli Lilly, Teva, Schering-Plough, Novartis, and AstraZeneca also paid more than $1 billion in financial penalties. Thirty-one companies entered into repeat settlements with the federal government from 1991 through 2015, with Pfizer (11), Merck (nine), GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, and Bristol-Myers Squibb (eight each) finalizing the most federal settlements.

GSK fraudGlaxo Smith Kline pleaded guilty to fraud

On 2nd July 2012, GSK pleaded guilty to criminal charges and agreed a $3 billion settlement, the largest health care fraud case in the US and the largest payment by a drug company.  Their violations included:

  • Criminal: Off-label promotion.
  • Failure to disclose safety data.
  • Civil: paying kickbacks to physicians.
  • Making false and misleading statements concerning the safety of Avandia.
  • Reporting false best prices.
  • Underpaying rebates owed under the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program
What about Vaccines?vaccine safety

I’m sure most of you have no sympathy for these drug companies who flout the law at the expense of the lives and health of all of us.  But what about vaccines.  Why is it so many trust the safety and efficacy of vaccines, despite the public having no comeback when a vaccine damages them or their child and despite there being no studies proving that any of the vaccines are safe.

They have all broken the law!

Many of the above pharmaceutical companies produce vaccines, including those that have had lawsuits brought against them to the tune of billions of dollars. Do you actually trust these companies to do their best to keep their vaccines safe and effective, especially when we are putting these dubious chemicals into our children and they have no fear of being sued if they kill or maim your child?

The top 3 vaccine producers are…

GSK, Merck and Pfizer.  Remember Merck in Part 1… “we may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live…”.  Then there’s GlaxoSmithKline the biggest perpetrator of fraud with Pfizer coming in a close second.  Why didn’t the CEOs of these fraudulent companies get a jail sentence.  The courts would rather put a mother in prison whose only crime was to refuse to have her child vaccinated.  She was just trying to protect her infant from being injected with chemicals produced by criminal companies such as these three!

Ronald Reagan 1986Immunity given to vaccine industry in 1986

When big pharma threatened to withdraw from making vaccines because of the risks of them being sued, they lobbied the government of the day to get some kind of immunity against prosecution.  In November 1986, Ronald Reagan was pressurised into signing a law which gave vaccine manufacturers carte blanche to manufacturer any vaccine they wanted without any comeback if it didn’t work or worse, if it killed or maimed.  This is when the Vaccine Court was set up in the US.

No research, no problems, no comeback!

The only comeback big pharma has is if they find dangers or problems during their research and do not disclose them. They would then be liable.  So what do you think happens now?  Well, what happens is they don’t do any safety studies, that way nothing can be found to discredit them.  No research, no problems found, no comeback on them.

100s of new vaccines being produced!

The law gives big pharma no incentive to conduct studies.  They are liability free to market to nearly 80 million US children.  This gives an enormous incentive to develop more and more vaccines.  That is exactly what is happening with hundreds of new vaccines ready to flood the market.  Do we really need them all, or are we flooding our children’s bodies with unnecessary toxins which actually weaken their immune system, making it necessary to give regular boosters.

Gates FoundationIndia severs ties with Gates Foundation

India — On February 28, 2017, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s (BMGF) support of India’s immunization program will cease to exist after the government has moved to sever ties with the billionaire’s organization.  Citing a ‘conflict of interests’, however, according to the India Times, the Gates Foundation’s “ties” with pharmaceutical companies is part of the reason they shut the gate on BMGF.

We are too trusting

We are all too trusting of this massive industry which has fallen by the wayside regarding its morals, its fraudulent activity and its callous lack of care for those that pay through the nose for its drugs and procedures often with deadly results.  You would think this industry would acknowledge that some children will be affected by their vaccines and put up a trust fund to try and compensate somewhat.  But no, they are too greedy.  They just don’t care if some of their ‘customers’ become sick or die from their drugs.  In fact, they would prefer them to become sick so they can ‘control’ that sickness for life.  Are you on a drug for life?

Ches PowerNext week in Part 3

Learn about the vaccine court and how the public is at such a disadvantage if they choose to sue.  Who do they have to sue?  The government of course!

Spread the word!

CDC - The Vaccine Fraud - Part 2
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CDC - The Vaccine Fraud - Part 2
I would like to remind you just how fraudulent the pharmaceutical industry is. This is why you should be so careful and do your homework...
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18 thoughts on “CDC – The Vaccine Fraud – Part 2

  1. Hi Ches! This is a very interesting article. And I have been reading long discussions concerning if vaccine are a fraud or not. In my book it’s a very complex scenario. If we don’t put vaccine and an epidemic illness spreads. I know we’re not safe with vaccines nor we are without them. What alternatives do we have?

    1. Hi Henry and thanks for your comments. Yes, it is complex and that’s where the public come to grief. They trust their medics to be knowledgable about the vaccines they are injecting into their children. The truth is, they only know what the pharmaceuticals have told them. As the pharmaceuticals are renowned for their fraudulent practices when researching and producing medications, how is it we trust them?

      The alternative is to do independent research. Research which the pharmaceuticals have no control over. This way, we may get the truth about which vaccines are safe and which are not. As for the MMR vaccine, it has been suggested that administering the 3 vaccines separately results in less side effects. So why are these vaccines still being administered together? Can it be to do with pharmaceutical profits, surely not!

  2. Hi Chessie. And when I was a child I only had a few vaccines. Instead, I did some of the childhood diseases that have immunized me for life. And now I have a very good immune system. I do not understand that vaccination is mandatory. Why governments do so. I like to think I’m above financial interests. But it’s not like that. I particularly appreciate your post. The world must know the truth.

    1. Hello Carmen and thanks for your input. The older generation only had a few necessary vaccines and of course they saved many lives. Now though, the pharmaceuticals are looking to make new vaccines for the most spurious of diseases. Are they trying to save lives? I think not, they are just thinking of their bottom line!

      It is obvious that some vaccines are a boon to the health of the population. Others, on the other hand, need much more research to find out why some recipients of some vaccines have such terrible side effects.

  3. I never knew about all these information. As a mother myself, I was always taught that giving basic vaccinations to our babies are definitely a must. We were often told by doctors and medical practitioners that it is necessary to keep our babies safe from killer diseases. Now if you are a mother, you will feel threaten for your child. It was always embedded in us that it’s our responsibility to have our child vaccinated.Of course, who would have told us about these information? Doctors wouldn’t, even health centers who provided free vaccination so that the government would have a good image among the masses.  I can’t wait to know m  ore information about the hulabaloos of vaccination. Thanks for sharing!

    1. This is the problem MissusB, we are told about vaccinations and what to give to our children, but we trust our medics and there lies the issue. Medics are told what to do and which protocols to follow. If they stray from those protocols, they can be in trouble. They are told that side effects from vaccines are unheard of. They are instructed to persuade parents that any side effects are normal. If parents baulk and refuse a vaccine, your doctor will likely strike you off their patient list.

      These bullying tactics work well. Parents are cajoled into doing as they are told. Those parents who have a vaccine damaged child, regret listening to their medic and are riddled with guilt. It just is not fair that some children suffer the consequences of the huge array of vaccines mandated today. Many of them get no support and if they try and get compensation, their struggle only adds stress to their already unbearable situation. These unfortunates are the collateral damage of the vaccine program. Surely it is only just and moral to give them all the help they need to cope with their blighted lives.

  4. Hi Ches, I have heard a lot of rumors on this subject but never read into it. It was such an eye-opening piece you’ve wrote and incredible that the government signed off on such an agreement to defend the pharmaceutical industry from any vaccine they would want to produce and ‘test on us’. It’s ridiculous and I will definitely follow more of this information from now on. But the question remains. What can we do?? 

    1. Thanks Ananda for reading the article, don’t forget to have a look at the follow ups. For those who are pressed for time, take a look at the last post. It gives a summary. 

      What can we do? Keep learning, you can then make your decisions about which medications you want to ingest or have injected into you and your family. Remember to look at studies that have been independently researched and not done by the pharmaceuticals. Fraudulent research is everywhere and mostly are perpetrated by those affiliated to the pharmaceutical industry.

  5. This whole vaccination debacle is very confusing for me. I gave my daughter all her vaccines because that’s what it told to you and if she didn’t have them all the preschools wouldn’t accept her. She still got chickenpox and mumps though, so I am not sure why she had those vaccines.

    The one vaccine I don’t go without though is the flue vaccine. I know some say it is bad, but when I don’t have it I get terrible flue and it keeps me out of work which I can’t afford as I run my own business. If I do have it though, I don’t get sick, so this to me is well worth the effort and side effects if any.

    1. Yes Michel, vaccines are confusing for everyone. Parents don’t know what to do for the best. What I do know though is it should be your decision as to whether you vaccinate yourself or your child. But…we must do our own research so that we can make informed decisions based on the knowledge we have gained. You can be assured that your knowledge, after doing your research, will be as full or more so, than the knowledge of your doctor. They are taught that all vaccines are safe and any side effects reported are just coincidences. Doctors must follow protocol or they will be reprimanded. Who lays down this protocol? The pharmaceuticals. Who gets the most profits from these vaccines? The pharmaceuticals. 

      It is your choice to have the flu vaccine, as it should be. Obviously, for you it works. For others though, it can cause many side effects. We have to know our own bodies and be informed of all side effects so that we can moniter our own health and the health of our children after a vaccination. 

  6. The pharmaceutical industry has raked in tons of money by preying on the most basic of human instincts – fear. It’s messed up that anti-vaccination groups and individuals are being labelled as close-minded, simply for not wanting to adversely affect their children’s wellbeing. It’s scary that the companies producing these vaccines are operating under immunity and the law can’t get to them if the vaccines they produce are harmful to kids. It’s high time we begin to pay more attention to the dangers posed by vaccination and decide if it’s worth the troubles after all. 

    1. Hi there Amanda, yes I don’t think many people know that the vaccine manufacturers have immunity from litigation. If someone is damaged by a vaccine, their journey to try and obtain compensation is a long and arduous one. They are usually ridiculed as being uneducated and ignorant of vaccines and how they work. This is why it is so important for us all to gain knowledge about vaccines and how some can damage the body and minds of certain recipients. 

      Because the pharmaceuticals are only liable if they do not submit any adverse effects during research, they just don’t bother to do any research. They don’t have to. They can produce a new vaccine and have it on the market in no time. This is the most frightening thing about the ever growing vaccine program. 

  7. We put ourselves and our kids lives on the lines with vaccinations we know nothing about. We just trust that they know what they are talking about. So when real information such as this becomes known, it’s very frustrating to imagine there are people out there only concerned with their wallet and not necessarily purely out for our health needs. The system pretty much funnels you into getting most of the vaccines with school entrance requirements. Sadly, our kid’s bodies many times are too young to handle what they are given. If anything, delay vaccines for as long as possible and spread them out over time. Another sad point- The mom who doesn’t do vaccines questions herself because if her child were to somehow get one of these diseases and end up with complications, she’d likely be prosecuted for not giving them the shot.

    1. Hi Jen and thanks for reading the article and putting forward your comments.  Everything you say is true and it is a real dilemma for parents to know what to do for the best for their children. We are trusting the medical fraternity to be moral and professional but unfortunately our doctors are running scared and under the thumb of the pharmaceuticals.  In fact it would seem that we’re all under the thumb of the pharmaceuticals, including the FDA, the CDC, the media…  

      Doctors can’t think for themselves, they must stick to protocol or suffer the consequences.  This leaves them hogtied and although they know that they are not always giving the best treatment for the person in front of them, they have no option. The only way to cope mentally is to thoroughly believe all they have been taught in medical school and buckle under.  As for that parent who doesn’t do vaccines, there are more problems with some vaccines than there ever was with the diseases those vaccines are supposed to eliminate.  The trick is picking out the vaccines that could be of benefit and throwing out those that are known to cause harm. Some childhood diseases are best left to nature giving us a natural immunity. 

  8. Hi! I love your site! I have bookmarked it and will return to it for sure in the years to come! I believe this niche is so very much needed and Chessie you are helping so many people with all this information too!

    I just wondered if there are more affiliate offers for you to review that would be of help to your readers, though.

    Also, are you on YOUTUBE yet? I would love to be a subscriber to your channel if you do!

    I do believe that the Vaccine Fraud has got to get more out there for people’s lives to be protected too! I applaud you for that effort on your site too!

    I am loving my journey on WA too! And love exploring all those that are actually ‘doing’ something to improve other people’s lives, too!

    Hope this helped you!

    1. Thank you so much Diane for your positive and encouraging comments.  I know I should do more reviews, but I keep finding such important information when doing my research, I don’t seem to have time to work on making the site pay for itself.  We are on YouTube but under a different website.  Hubbie has a scanning electron microscope and the images and videos he has taken are on our site at but again I seem to be too busy to get that site out there.  This vaccines article has really taken up my time recently.  There will be at least 3 more parts to it because there is so much to tell and that’s just the tip of this ugly iceberg!  

      WA is a great platform with much to explore which leaves even less time for you to do your own thing!  Thanks again and please spread the word to friends and family about doing their own research and knowing exactly what is being put into their body by way of injections and drugs.  

      Check all information leaflets for all your drugs and make sure you’re not suffering a side effect without knowing it.  Obtain an information leaflet for the vaccines your child will be given.  Your doctor won’t give you one.  Here is an example from the UK  and here is an example from the US (CDC)  As you can see the UK leaflet is much more comprehensive whereas the US leaflet is more like an advertisement.  I can’t see any ingredients but at least it gives information about the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program!

  9. Ches: You have done a great job writing this web page on vaccine fraud. I have finally found someone who thinks like I do about the big drug companies. Throw in the useless FDA too! As long as the FDA, the pharmaceutical companies and doctors sleep in the same bed we are going to have serious diseases. There is big money to be made with people having all these illnesses. And like you said in your article, some vaccines either don’t work or are dangerous. I agree we must be very selective in the vaccines we allow. THEY MUST WORK AND NOT MAKE PEOPLE SICK! You have provided some great content that is very informative. Keep up the good work and good luck with your website.

    1. Hi there Mick and thanks for reading the post.  I think you will be surprised just how many people do think the same way as us, including some doctors who are too afraid to speak their minds and buck the trend.  If they don’t tow the line and keep to protocol, they will likely lose their licence and be “sought out and destroyed where they live”.  This is what happened to UK’s Dr Andrew Wakefield, who has done nothing wrong except express a concern for the safety of vaccines.  His research has been dismissed as fraudulent by none other than serial fraudsters!  

      Thank you so much for your kind words about my site.  I am doing my best to bring these concerns to the public domain but it would seem that even an ordinary person like myself will have to watch out with certain well known pro-vaccine individuals trying to catch me out.  I’m so glad I’m not a doctor!

      What is so upsetting to me is the way the general public is brainwashed and lied to on a regular basis, with so many being so trusting of the government and their agencies such as the FDA, the CDC, HHS, but most of all the pharmaceuticals and their puppets.  

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