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Are you pregnant?  If so I want you to read this article on pregnancy health info., because it could actually save your life.  That does sound a little dramatic in this day and age but there is a condition that is induced by pregnancy that can be a danger to both mother and child.

Going through a pregnancy should be a stirring, emotional and moving experience.  For your body to cope with the extra burden and stress which it has to deal with, you need to be in the best of health.  An expectant mum should be glowing, happy and excited about her forthcoming event.  She is bringing new life into the world and that is a momentous occassion.  If you do all the right things ie.  eat healthily (no junk food), don’t smoke, don’t drink sodas, don’t drink alcohol, don’t take drugs, exercise gently but regularly, you should go through your pregnancy with no problems and produce a healthy child.

Forewarned is forearmed!

foetusHowever, there is a condition that can cause problems in your pregnancy and you know what they say ‘forewarned is forearmed’.   Knowing the symptoms, will allow you to monitor your health and hopefully ensure you do not get ‘Preeclampsia’ which is sometimes known as ‘Pregnancy Induced Hypertension’ or ‘Gestational Hypertension’.  Being aware of this condition is half the battle.  Knowing what you can do to radically reduce the possibility of getting this condition will keep you healthy, happy and relaxed throughout your pregnancy.

But first a story…

But first, I want to tell you a story about a middle aged man, who through his own endeavours and the help of a naturopathic doctor, found the natural treatment for his conditions.  This same treatment is known by some medical professionals but most would prefer to give out drugs rather than prescribe a harmless but vital mineral which alleviates many conditions, including hypertension, with no side effects.  This story relates to you and your pregnancy as well as all those who suffer with hypertension, so read on…

In his late forties, Alan started to get niggling health problems.  Now Alan first thought he had indigestion with the chest pains he was getting.  But sometimes these pains would keep him awake at night.  He was concerned enough to see a cardiologist who diagnosed anginasmall blockages in his arteries which were causing the chest pain (angina).  The cardiologist also informed Alan that surgery would not be necessary just yet but in time he would have to be operated on.  He also had slightly elevated cholesterol.  His blood pressure was a touch high but could be attributed, Alan thought, to his stressful occupation. He had also lapsed somewhat on his exercise regime which he thought may have made matters worse and brought on his back pain which he had suffered from for quite a while.  The cardiologist gave him a prescription for his cholesterol and some nitroglycerine to take when he had a spell of chest pain.

A second opinion

Alan was not about to take this problem sitting down and decided to get a second opinion from an eminent naturopath.  She advised him to research into heart disease and magnesium (Mg) as she suspected the cause of his problem was a Mg deficiency.  He found that the probability of having an arterial blockage was quite low with the first onset of angina but that it could be due to a mineral deficiency, most likely Mg, which could cause magnesium symbolan electrical imbalance within the heart.  Amazingly, half of the incidents of sudden death from heart attack can occur with no evidence of arterial blockage, clots or other heart abnormalities.  Mg is a natural antispasmodic so a serious lack of it can cause spasms within the arteries of the heart causing many sudden deaths including ‘Sudden Cardiac Death‘ syndrome.  Many athletes are at risk of succumbing to this condition because of the amount of stress put on their body during exercise, training and competing.  This stress can suddenly deplete the Mg in the body to critical levels causing dangerous cardiac muscle spasms.

When Alan also found out that Mg deficiency would induce muscle pain and expecially back pain, he really got interested.  His back pain was getting worse and he had already been suffering with it for 5 months or so.  In fact, the back pain came along before the chest pain.  Alan was quite buoyant about his research and armed with all this added information about the benefits of Mg, he went back to his cardiologist.

He waited patiently for the doctor and meanwhile the nurse took his blood pressure which was elevated.  Alan had a blood pressure machine at home and his readings were always close to normal.  As with many patients ‘white coat syndrome‘ is very common and in Alan’s case was probably the answer to his elevated reading.  Even so, after the nurse informed the cardiologist about the higher than normal readings, he swept into the room and said that Alan would have to be put on blood pressure medication.  Alan, armed with his research, suggested that he could be Mg deficient and how about trying a Mg treatment first.  The cardiologist visibly cooled and you won’t believe what he said!

blood pressure testHe stated that Mg was used to control hypertension in pregnant women, because it produced no side effects, but that there were plenty of effective drugs for everyone else.

I don’t know about you, but I find this statement incredulous.  This is a cardiologist who is confirming that Mg is a safe and effective natural treatment for blood pressure but is only prescribed during pregnancy.  Thank heavens at least some patients are getting benefit from this vital mineral even if it is only around 4% of the population at any given time.  Alan stated that he would prefer not to have any side effects either and with that the cardiologist gathered up his files and on the way out of the room told Alan to come back when he was ready to take the prescribed medications for his heart disease!

A normal reaction?

It’s not surprising that Alan was quite upset and obviously annoyed about the whole scenario and went back to the naturopath.  It particularly irked him that the cardiologist would not even entertain the possibility that Alan may have a Mg deficiency.  Unfortunately, this kind of reaction from a medical professional is quite normal.  Why is this?  Well I think there could be a number of reasons:drs and drugs

  1. They do not know about Mg and other deficiencies.
  2. They have not been taught about natural nutrients and preventative measures.
  3. They are predisposed to prescribing drugs perhaps due to external pressures.
  4. They are stricken by dogma with a reluctance to change the status quo.
  5. Prescribing a drug is more luctrative to them and Big Pharma.
  6. The ethos is to keep conditions controlled, not cured.  A cure would be bad for business!

Needless to say, under the guidance of the naturopath, Alan was able to manage his condition by eating Mg rich foods and taking a Mg supplement.  After 3 months he was almost back to normal.  He took into account his stressfull occupation which meant he would deplete Mg easily.  He added more Mg to his regime if he was going to be under stress, if he was doing strenuous exercise or if he was coping with a stressful situation.  Stress is one of the highest depleters of Mg and we all need to calm down and chill out to reduce our excretion of this wonder mineral.  If you cannot avoid stress, up your dose by around 200mg per day.

newbornMg is not only safe, it’s vital!

I wanted you to read this story because if there’s one thing that stops people taking a Mg supplement, especially when they’re pregnant, it’s the fear that it is not safe or may harm the unborn child.  Misinformation has been spread about Mg being unsafe and that you can get Mg poisoning.  This is absolute rubbish and the above slip of the tongue from a cardiologist confirms the fact.  Mg is a natural alkaline mineral that is absolutely vital for your good health.  Put simply, if you didn’t have Mg in your body, you would be dead!  If you don’t have enough Mg, you will be unwell and if you do not replete your Mg, you will start to suffer all kinds of conditions as your Mg levels slowly drop to critical levels.

Magnesium – vital in pregnancy – vital for everyone

Some of these conditions are life threatening, not least cardiovascular diseases which include hypertension, stroke, heart disease and atherosclerosis.  Mg deficiency compromises the integrity of your cardiovascular system from the cellular level up.   For those who are pregnant this mineral is vital.  Once you start increasing your Mg levels, you will feel the difference.  Pregnancy is renowned for making you tired and lacking in energy but you will notice your energy levels rise and your mood will be calmer.  You will sleep better and you will feel less stressed and more able to cope with everyday challenges.  If you’re not pregnant – ditto!!

If you want to avoid pregnancy induced hypertension or toxaemia known as preeclampsia, start taking a good quality Mg supplement now. Those I recommend are shown on the side bar of this website. This will protect you and your unborn child against the ravages of this condition which can cause all kinds of complications for you and your baby.  Remember this is a vitally necessary nutrient that all life needs and most of us are deplete in.  The reasons?  Our modern diet, junk food, how our foods are produced, our soils which are depleted of nutrients and minerals and not least our stressful lives, stress being the biggest depleter of Mg because of the ‘fight-flight’ response that stress influences.

Ches Power AuthorIn Part 2, I will go further into the symptoms of preeclampsia and eclampsia and the problems it can cause for you and your child.   If your baby is born deficient in Mg, you are setting him/her up for illness in early life.  A prime example is epilepsy!  Do your research, find out for yourself!  You can then monitor your pregnancy and at the slightest sign of anything untowards, you will know to consult your medic.  Always keep up with your pre-natal and post-natal checkups.  Be sure to read Part 2 next week.


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Pregnancy Health Info. - Part 1 of 2
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Pregnancy Health Info. - Part 1 of 2
Are you pregnant? If so I want you to read this article on pregnancy health info., because it could actually save your life. That does sound a little dramatic in this day and age but there is a condition that is induced by pregnancy that can be a danger to both mother and child.
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10 thoughts on “Pregnancy Health Info – Part 1of 2

  1. Hi Ches,
    If i am currently trying to get pregnant should I be taking a magnesium supplement now, even though i have never had problems with hypertension, pregnancy induced or otherwise. Are there benefits to the growing baby in utero with maternal magnesium? Can you take it at the same time as folic acid?
    Thanks, Kris

    1. Hi Kris and thanks for the reading the article. Everyone needs magnesium (Mg) but the problem is most of us are deficient because of our modern practices in agriculture, food processes (junk food) and stressful living. Therefore, a Mg supplement can only be of benefit to you, especially if you have a tendancy to consume calcium (Ca) rich foods which include milk products and Ca supplements. B vitamins and folic acid are all dependant on an adequate supply of Mg. If you want a healthy pregnancy which is protected against preeclampsia and eclampsia, take Mg. It is one of those minerals that deplete easily but are not replenished well. Mg is necessary for every cell in your body and once you are pregnant it is needed more. Mg will also protect your unborn child against premature birth complications from eclampsia such as low birth weight, premature birth and cerebral palsy. Most RDA recommendations for Mg are higher for pregnant mothers.

      Part 2 of this article will be published on Wednesday. Have a look at Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms. and see if you have any of the conditions mentioned. I suspect you may have one or two at least. Good luck with your forthcoming pregnancy. Ches

  2. Ches – an excellent article and in particular great use of the case study. Very beneficial for us “old folks” as I’m 71 and take a supplement called “Phyto-Therapy Liquid Calcium with Magnesium – 1000 mg” that seems to be working well.

    I think that Mg reduces inflammation and I’ve come to see inflammation as the root of all evils in the body. When you have inflammation the symptoms show up at the weakest points and that differs per person.

    1. Hi Michael and thanks for your comments. You are so right on the inflammation. There’s an eminent researcher and doctor Dr Mildred Seelig, you may have heard of her. She dedicated much of her life to researching Mg and her famous quote was “Most modern heart disease is caused by magnesium deficiency”. I’m really pleased you are using a Mg supplement and I wish the message would get through to others but it’s a slow process. It’s good you’re spreading the word. By the way, how much Ca is in your supplement no more than 50% I hope! You may find this post interesting Good health to you and yours, Ches

  3. Awesome part 1! I look forward to part 2. I personally eat foods rich in magnesium everyday. After hard workout, I apply magnesium oil on my body and found it has really helped in alleviating sore muscles. I also feel I recover faster and feel fresher the day after.

    I think this mineral is definitely looked over and not paid enough attention to. Thank you for bringing this topic to the forefront!

    1. Hi there Wing and thanks for reading the post and making your comments. It is so gratifying to know that some people are actually aware of the benefits of Mg and making sure they get their daily quota. Mg oil is great for sore muscles and for those that don’t like taking pills or supplements by mouth. You are absolutely right about recovery time. I have found that despite my age, I never seem to have after effects after exercise nowadays. It used to be a different story before I started on the Mg. Magnesium and Working Out is an article that may be of interest to you as you obviously work out. Good health to you and yours, Ches

  4. Given my sex and age i was a little uncomfortable at first but was happy to keep on reading a very interesting story where a male is involved, you insight into the behaviour by some medical practitioners is well noted. I am well aware of the lack of health education today. i was looking for examples of natural foods that are rich in Mg but i did not see any, but did notice the banners for supplements.Perhaps i may have overlooked something, A very informative article for both men and women, pregnant or not. I have advanced my own education, thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Courtney and thanks for sticking with the post despite your sex! Here is a link for Foods With High Magnesium and for all Mg supplements available Best Magnesium Supplements To Take. I’m so pleased you have been enlightened about Mg. How about taking action! Even if you try it for a week or so, I’m sure you will feel the difference and don’t forget, the older we are the more deficient we become because we don’t absorb our nutrients so well as when we were younger. I’m nearing 70 and it has certainly changed my life! I take 600mg of Mg Chloride solution throughout the day diluted in water. My husband takes 500mg. Topically applied Mg Chloride is also available for those who don’t like taking medicine and pills. Thanks for the comments and good health to you and your family. Ches

  5. Hey Ches, very interesting article, I knew magnesium was a very important element in everyday life, but I really had no idea it was absolutely vital when it comes to a pregnancy.
    It seems to me very silly that some people question Magnesium supplements during pregnancy, as it seems quite obvious to me that there wasn’t any harm it could do, especially because it’s an element that is naturally part of our body.
    I had a great time reading your article, thank you for sharing these ideas 🙂

    1. Hi Ashley and thanks for your positive comments. I’m glad you a more au fait with the merits of Mg. Good health to you and yours. Ches

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