Foods With High Magnesium

Which Foods Have Magnesium

Keeping in mind that ‘magnesium rich’ foods are not as rich in this element as they used to be, I’ve listed below foods with high magnesium, known to be more replete in Magnesium (Mg) than other foods.

foods with high magnesium
Kelp Beds Oregon Islands

It is not surprising that the highest amount of Mg can be found in Seaweeds.  We evolved from the sea and Mg has had a pivotal role in the evolution of life.  It existed at the beginning of life and is critical to even the lowest forms, single celled organisms.  Plants evolved to use the energy of the sun and Mg was there for it’s role in the development of chlorophyll.

For human beings and all other life forms including plants, Mg is essential for hundreds of different enzymatic processes.  This is why it is essential for so many different functions in our bodies.  It is also why there are so many diseases and conditions that can be avoided if you are Mg replete.

List of Foods High in Magnesium

I will list the best Mg rich foods in categories as follows, showing the amount of elemental Mg per portion size given:

soybeans       Beans & Pulses

     Portion Size Elemental Mg  in milligrams
Soybeans, cooked 3.5 oz 88
Black Beans 3.5 oz 70
White Beans 3.5 oz 68
Black Eyed Peas 3.5 oz 53
Mung Beans 3.5 oz 48
Chickpeas 3.5 oz 48
Kidney Beans 3.5 oz 45
Broad Beans 3.5 oz 43
Lentils 3.5 oz 36
Tofu 3.5 oz 30

Somerset-Cheddar                Dairy

     Portion Size Elemental Mg  in milligrams
Cheddar Cheese 3.5 oz 45
Eggs 1 medium 6
Semi Skimmed Milk 3.5 oz 11
Skimmed Milk 3.5 oz 11
Whole Milk 3.5 oz 10

Coconut flesh                 Fruit

     Portion Size Elemental Mg  in milligrams
Coconut flesh, dried 3.5 oz 90
Dried Figs 3.5 oz 71
Apricots 3.5 oz 62
Dates 3.5 oz 58
Avocado 3.5 oz 45
Dried Prunes 3.5 oz 40
Raisins 3.5 oz 35
Bananas 3.5 oz 33
Blackberries 3.5 oz 30
Cantaloupe Melon 3.5 oz 17

wholemeal bread slices               Grains

     Portion Size Elemental Mg  in milligrams
Wholemeal Bread 1 slice 3.5
Wheat Bran 3.5 oz 490
Wheat Germ 3.5 oz 336
Buckwheat 3.5 oz 229
Millet 3.5 oz 162
Wheat Grain 3.5 oz 160
Rye 3.5 oz 115
Brown Rice 3.5 oz 88
Barley 3.5 oz 37

BeefCutBottomSirloin    Meat & Poultrey

     Portion Size Elemental Mg  in milligrams
Beef Sirloin, cooked 3.5 oz 31
Turkey white meat, cooked 3.5 oz 27
Chicken white meat, cooked 3.5 oz 27
Lamb, cooked 3.5 oz 26
Turkey dark meat, cooked 3.5 oz 22
Chicken dark meat, cooked 3.5 oz 22
Lamb, cooked 3.5 oz 21

sesame seed        Nuts & Seeds

     Portion Size Elemental Mg  in milligrams
Sesame seeds, roasted 1 oz 101
Sunflower seeds, dry 1/4 cup 128
Almonds, dry 1/4 cup 105
Cashew nuts, dry roasted 1/4 cup 89
Brazil nuts 1/4 cup 80
Peanuts, dry roasted 1/4 cup 67
soybeans, roasted 1/4 cup 63
Walnuts, chopped 1/4 cup 63
Peanut butter 2 tbsp 50
Pecans, dry 1/4 cup 38

Galapagos Crag            Seafood

     Portion Size Elemental Mg  in milligrams
Kelp Seaweed 3.5 oz 760
Dulse Seaweed 3.5 oz 220
Shrimps, raw 3.5 oz 42
Tuna, canned, drained 3.5 oz 35
Cod 3.5 oz 32
Crab 3.5 oz 30
Halibut 3.5 oz 28
Salmon, atlantic, raw 3.5 oz 27

Collard-Greens-Bundle         Vegetables

     Portion Size Elemental Mg  in milligrams
Greens, leafy vegetables 3.5 oz 57
Garlic 3.5 oz 36
Potato with skin 3.5 oz 34
Sweet Potato 3.5 oz 31
Beets 3.5 oz 25
Celery 3.5 oz 22
Green Pepper 3.5 oz 18
Squash 3.5 oz 17
Aubergine 3.5 oz 16
Cucumber, unpeeled 3.5 oz 13
Tomatoes, tinned and drained 1/2 cup 14
Tomatoes, raw 1 medium 13
Broccoli, cooked 1/2 cup 51
Peas, cooked 1/2 cup 32
Sweet corn, cooked 1/2 cup 27
Asparagus 1/2 cup 18
Cabbage, cooked 1/2 cup 11
Cauliflower, cooked 1/2 cup 10
Green beans 1/2 cup 9
Carrots, cooked 1/2 cup 9

72DarkJohnLoo        Other Foods

     Portion Size Elemental Mg  in milligrams
Molasses 3.5 oz 258
Brewer’s Yeast 3.5 oz 231
Dark Chocolate 70% cocao 3.5 oz 146
Parsley 3.5 oz 41

Foods With High Magnesium…to finish

It is most likely that you, YES YOU, are deficient in Mg.  Check out Mg deficiency symptoms and see if you have any of the indicators mentioned in the listing.  If you decide you want to change your health for the better you can choose one of the different supplements that are available to suit you.

It is interesting to note that most foods with higher levels of Mg, are also foods that are high in fibre.  I often wonder if it’s the Mg that keeps our digestive system in good order, rather than the fibre content of our food.  I’m not sure if anyone has done any research on this but it is an intriguing question.

Remember the Ca : Mg Ratio of 1 : 1

I would like to end by saying that the most important factor of Mg deficiency is probably the balance between Mg and Ca.  If the Mg level in your body does not match the Ca level then this imbalance can start to cause problems.  Ca and Mg are equally important to us for a healthy body.  Many enzymes rely on intracellular Mg to be present as a cofactor for them to do their job but if Ca is present in excess, then the enzymatic processes will be compromised.  If you don’t have enough Mg to help keep Ca dissolved in the body, you will develop problems of calcification.  In the bones Ca on its own is like chalk, it easily breaks. Mg is the mineral which is the ‘glue’ and keeps Ca at the correct consistancy to produce healthly, strong bones.  For more information on this balance please see Ca – Mg balance.

Ches Power AuthorI would be very interested to hear your comments, particular on your own Ca – Mg balance. It is a good idea to work out how much Ca you are consuming in a day and then compare it to the Mg you have taken in.  Are you 1:1?  Probably not.  It is very difficult to keep that ratio with the fortification of Ca in many of our foods.  Check it out and come back to me, you’ll be surprised!  By the way, I always answer my comments so please get in touch.

Be in the best health your genes will allow.

Foods With High Magnesium
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Foods With High Magnesium
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