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What Is All-Cause Mortality? | a vital element ignored

Have you heard the phrase ‘all-cause mortality’?  What is all-cause mortality and in what context is it used?  Simply put, it is about the likelihood of dying from anything, any disease, accident, act of violence, anything.

medical termsIn medical terms…

But with respect to medical terms, it means mortality from any disease, infection or medical condition. There simply is no ‘silver bullet’ which will protect you from all- cause mortality…  but there is something that comes close. Continue reading What Is All-Cause Mortality? | a vital element ignored

Early Signs – Heart Disease

Heart disease link to low magnesium levels

In this post, ‘early signs – heart disease’ I really want to drive it home to everyone, why most heart disease occurs.   If you already have heart disease, or any kind of cardiovascular condition, then you can help to alleviate it.  If you don’t have heart disease, don’t get complacent because there’s a high possibility you already have the early signs.  In fact, there’s a high possibility that most of our children have the beginnings of cardiovascular disease. Continue reading Early Signs – Heart Disease

Magnesium and Working Out

Why do muscles cramp upcramp?

Well, to put it simply, when you exercise, your muscles have to do a lot of quick-fire contraction and relaxation.  If there is too much Calcium (Ca), which is the element that causes contraction of the muscles and too little Magnesium (Mg), the element that causes relaxation of the muscles, the result will be muscle cramps and lactic acid buildup.  Without Mg the muscles can’t relax, hence you get muscle spasms or cramps where the muscle is continually contracting and that contraction cannot release into relaxation. Continue reading Magnesium and Working Out