CDC – The Vaccine Fraud

Robert De NiroHow many of you have been told by your government, your doctor, the FDA, the CDC, that vaccines are safe and effective?  Of course, the pharmaceutical industry are always touting the safety and efficacy of their products, but that’s to be expected, they’re all about making profits, which is at the top of their priority list. Click here for Part 2, Part 3Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.

Until October 3rd 2019, you can see the film VAXXED

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Where is the science to prove vaccines are safe?

All the authorities that deal with our health as well as the media, news agencies and certain eminent medical professionals, keep telling us that our extensive vaccine program is safe for our children.  Famous people such as Penn and Teller (magicians)
have been paid to tell you, in no uncertain terms, with swearing included, to get your children vaccinated.  Ironic that they are in the business of deceiving and tricking the public!

Perhaps Penn & Teller did the research?

Perhaps Penn and Teller have been privy to research that proves vaccines are safe and efficacious.  I for one would like to see this research and so would a multitude of other people, especially those whose child has been vaccine damaged.  There has been some research done by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) but it turned out to be fraudulent but we’ll get to that later.

Bully tactics by Merck

In an Australian court case regarding the killer drug Vioxx made by Merck, those doctors who criticised the drug were put on a Merck ‘hit list’  containing doctors names labelled “neutralise”, “neutralised” or “discredit” next to them.  An internal memo was also uncovered saying that any doctor who questioned the safety of Vioxx would have to be dealt with.  The email had these chilling words “we may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live…”   These are the bully tactics that force so many doctors to keep quiet and toe the line, when they see evidence to support an unsafe drug or vaccine.

Good doctors are being hunted

US children have 72 doses of vaccines given to them by the age of 18, and this is likely to go up year on year. Those airing their views about the safety of some of these vaccines, have been ridiculed, vilified, hunted down and struck off the medical register.  These medical professionals are not anti-science, they are not anti-vaccines, they just want research done to prove one way or the other the safety and efficacy of each vaccine that is produced.  Not to be awkward or contrary but to safeguard the health of our children, now and in the future.  These are the medical professionals who put the safety of children first, unlike the pharmaceuticals and government agencies.

I can show you the evidence

I can show you evidence that over 400 peer-reviewed scientific studies and research have been done by independent researchers which put into doubt the safety and efficacy of some vaccines.  These studies have no affiliations to the pharmaceutical industry.

evidenceWhere is their evidence?

Where is the research from the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA, the CDC and other governmental agencies to say to the contrary?  Independent researchers have done their job, how about the pharmaceuticals and the government doing theirs!

Woe betide you if you buck the trend

In many states of the US, it is the law that you must be vaccinated.  Your child can’t go to school unless they have all their vaccinations up to date.  Parents who do not want their child vaccinated have medics knocking at their door with vaccine kits.  Doctors are likely to strike you off their register if you don’t keep your vaccine schedule up to date. What does that say to you?  Does it say that vaccines must be absolutely safe and effective? Otherwise our government would not make vaccinations compulsory, right?  Well lets look at an example:

guinea bissauThe African Study

A study was done and accepted in January 2017.  The lead researcher, Dr Peter Aaby was involved in a vaccination program 30 years previously, in Guinea-Bissau in Africa.  Because of how the program was set up, around half of the children between 3 – 5 months were not vaccinated with the DTP (Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis). Dr Aaby thought this would be a good opportunity to do a retrospective study to find out how those infants who had the DTP vaccine had faired against those infants of 3 – 5 months who did not have the vaccine.

Conclusion of that study

The results were unexpected and shocking and I give below the conclusions of that study. You can find the full study here:

“DTP was associated with a 5-fold higher mortality than being unvaccinated. No prospective study has shown beneficial survival effects of DTP. Unfortunately, DTP is the most widely used vaccine, and the proportion who receives DTP3 is used globally as an indicator of the performance of national vaccination programs.

It should be of concern that the effect of routine vaccinations on all-cause mortality was not tested in randomized trials. All currently available evidence suggests that DTP vaccine may kill more children from other causes than it saves from diphtheria, tetanus or pertussis. Though a vaccine protects children against the target disease it may simultaneously increase susceptibility to unrelated infections.”

In appendix A of this study, the researchers brought into doubt the validity of the follow up  figures where those children who had not had their vaccination recorded, were classed as being “unvaccinated”.  This put a bias on the mortality rates between the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups, with the unvaccinated group appearing to have a higher mortality rate.  In other words, the data had been manipulated and massaged to make the DTP vaccine appear more effective. This is from Appendix A: “Such procedures give a misleading high mortality rate in the unvaccinated group, and the comparison of DTP-vaccinated survivors and “unvaccinated” children will therefore give a beneficial estimate for DTP”.

who's watchingWho’s watching over our children?

Who’s watching over our children as they go through their lives injected with 16 different vaccines in 72 doses. Our children are being surveilled, aren’t they?  What’s happening today with the US vaccination program? Do we have any surveillance programs monitoring any adverse effects from all these vaccinations?  Could what happened in Africa 30 years ago, be happening right now to our kids.  Is there a system in place to make sure that our children are safe from the effects of all the vaccines mandated in the US today?

Can we trust them?

Do you think our authorities are watching the mandatory program to monitor it’s safety?   Is each child put on a database detailing any adverse reactions they’ve had as they go through the mandatory childhood vaccine schedule?  Are you confident that the FDA, the CDC and other agencies are doing all they can to keep our children safe from vaccine damage?  Are you confident in the research being done to prove the efficacy and safety of all these vaccines?

Prof. Wakefield was trying to do his job!Dr Wakefield

Prof. Wakefield wasn’t confident and look what happened to him.  Remember the Merck email “we may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live…” This is what happened to this talented medical professional.  He was sought out and destroyed where he lived in the UK.  But it has all backfired for big pharma.  Prof. Wakefield is now a household name in the medical industry.  His story has rocked the world of vaccines and many ordinary people are beginning to realise that they have been duped, deceived, hoodwinked, misled and who are suffering?  Our beautiful children, our precious future.

Are any of the 16 vaccines causing a similar effect like the MMR vaccine for example?

Only in 2017 did we find out that for the last 30 years we’ve been poisoning children around the world with a DTP vaccine.  How many other vaccines may be causing a similar effect that we don’t realise?  What about the MMR vaccine?

Safety research should be done by the pharmaceutical industry and then thoroughly checked and verified by our health agencies.  But why should big pharma do any research?  They are immune to being sued because of a law passed by Ronald Reagan in 1986. This gives big pharma protection against legal action once their vaccines reach the childhood vaccination schedule.  Who judges which vaccines should be put on this schedule? That question will be answered later and it is unbelievable!
side effect

What you’re not told

This image shows some of the side effects put into vaccine inserts which you never see.  Have you ever been given one of the vaccine inserts when your child is having their vaccinations? One of the conditions that stand out, which the industry and its followers says is not caused by vaccines, is autism!  Why is this even mentioned, when it is perported not to be a problem?

If you knew, what would you do?

Why are these possible side effects, admitted by the pharmaceutical industry, not relayed to you before your child is vaccinated.  If this list was shown to you, would you question the risk of vaccinating your child?  What if it is your child that comes down with one of these distressing illnesses?  A side effect that could maim your infant.  A side effect that you will have to fight tooth and nail to get compensation for and if you lose the case, apart from the stress, you will be footing the bill for your child’s care for all their life.  A side effect that in no way shape or form would be a fault of yours or your innocent child.

Ches PowerIn Part 2

In Part 2 of this article, we will look further into the corruption and fraud that has taken place in the name of drugs and vaccines.

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CDC - The Vaccine Fraud
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CDC - The Vaccine Fraud
How many of you have been told by your government, your doctor, the FDA, the CDC, that vaccines are safe and effective? They are lying to you!
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27 thoughts on “CDC – The Vaccine Fraud

  1. Over here in the UK at the moment, there is a lot in the news linking doubt on vaccines to measles etc returning and showing it’s ugly head – I have no idea what to believe at the end of the day as there seems to be pros to both sides of the argument (and scientific proof on both sides as well!). 

    Have you always thought that vaccines are not what they seem, or have you changed your mind on them due to events over the last decade or so?

    1. Hi Chris, I think there’s no doubt that vaccines have saved many lives in the past but I firmly believe that generally benign diseases like measles are much better contracted naturally so the immune system can do what it does naturally and kick in to defend the body against further infection. A regularly challenged immune system is a strong and healthy immune system. 

      What really got me thinking was the number of friends and family that seem to have children coming down with all kinds of problems. If you look back in history, autism was an exceptionally rare condition but now, most people know of someone’s child who has got ASD. 1 in 40 children are now autistic in the USA. 1 in 100 children in the UK. 1 in 27 in Hong Kong and 1 in 38 in South Korea.  Trouble is, these numbers are rising year on year. Estimations of autism by 2032 for the US are horrendous. Autism also affects boys much more than girls. An MIT researcher is estimating that by 2032, 1 child in 2 will suffer from ASD in the US.

      But there are other prime candidates for autism, such as the chemical toxin known as Glyphosate found in the pesticide ‘Roundup’.  A terminal sufferer was awarded $289 million dollars after suing Monsanto (now Bayer) the manufacturers of this deadly toxin. Many cancer sufferers are now waiting in the wings to have their say in court. If you have this pesticide in your garage, get rid of it now.  But Glyphosate is another horror story…

  2. It is terrible what is happening now with vaccines. And all for the money of the pharmaceutical industry, which is extremely strong and has bought governments to force parents to vaccinate their children. When I was a child, there were a minimum number of vaccines. Otherwise the body was used to fighting the disease alone. It’s good to know everything about vaccines, including adverse reactions and unwanted consequences. Good post.

    All the best to you

    1. Hi Carmen and thanks for you input. I too had minimal vaccines during childhood. I got measles, chicken pox and rubella as a child. Consequently I am fully immune to these diseases for life without the necessity for boosters. It is good for the immune system to be naturally challenged, it keeps it strong. Don’t forget to watch the VAXXED film linked near the top of this post. It will be taken down soon.

  3. The title of the post “CDC – Tha Vaccine Fraud” caught my eye, as I have been suspect for years about vaccines and how they are pushed on us all. Knowing the information that you have provided and having watched the film you linked to, I can say that I am more convinced than ever that we are being put in danger by the big pharma companies.

    Their interests are in profit only, and without proper oversight, they can push more and more drugs on the population and make even more, consequences be damned. That is not right, and thanks for revealing this in such an effective manner in your article. 

    Do you have intentions of taking this further or how can we all best help fight this do you think? I sure want to help get the word out…

    1. Hi Dave and thanks for your comments. I think many people are getting nervous about the amount of vaccines that are coming onto the market, many to be mandatory, especially in the US. Our immune systems need to be activated regularly by natural bacteria and viruses to keep them strong and healthy. The unnatural way of trying to innitiate an immune response by injection straight into the blood stream is not how our bodies work. Some bodies cannot take it.

      Some vaccines have been life-savers but now, money has taken over with the pharmaceuticals making vaccines for the most spurious of diseases, many of which are not even life threatening. There are hundreds of vaccines in the pipeline ready for big pharma to bring to market, God help our kids.

      If you want to get involved you can actually have a look at the official site of vaccine information known as The National Vaccine Information Centre at  This will give you much information about what’s going on in the vaccine industry and what you can do to help. Barbara Lowe Fisher is the founder and knows all there is to know about this subject. She has a child damaged by a DPT vaccine. 

      As well as this, you can just spread the word. The real problems with some vaccines needs to be known about so that informed decisions can be made before vaccination.  The consequences and what to do if a child, or indeed an adult, is vaccine damaged, also needs to be brought out into the open so victims can get their just compensation for being the ‘collateral damage’ from the intense vaccine programs mandated in many countries today.  

  4. This is such scary stuff, but honestly, nothing surprises me anymore.  I just can’t believe that anyone who has ever had children or loved a child would be ok with covering up somethiing of this magnitude. What can be done, though?  They don’t allow children in school without vaccines.  Kids can’t get into college unless they are up to date.  They literally force you to get immunized.  I have never gotten a flu shot because I just don’t trust what is actually in them and what the effects could be.  I just don’t trust, and the fact that these people are literally saying the “f” word like that is disgusting.

    1. Hi there Babsie and thanks for your input. It certainly is scary but when money is involved, it would appear that the pharmaceuticals will do anything for their ‘bottom line’. Those in cahoots with the pharmaceuticals are paid extremely well and that’s the problem, just ‘follow the money’. Please take advantage of watching the film VAXXED, the link to which is at the top of this post. It will be taken down soon so watch it ASAP.

  5. This is a good job you have done here. We have always been told that vaccines are great. And one would never know otherwise except people, like you come out boldly to educate us on this.

    It’s sad that some children has been vaccine damaged, autism, also other disadvantages. And the vaccine called “pain killer” is actually a “killer” in itself, aha!

    Thanks for this article.

    1. Hi there and thanks for your comment. You may be interested in looking at the free viewing of the controversial film called VAXXED, the link is at the top of the post. See it now before it is taken down.

  6. Thanks for your detailed information about the vaccine fraud. I like the fact that you presented your opinion about vaccinations. It appears to me, and I may be wrong, that you don’t believe government, the doctors, the FDA and the CDC that states that vaccines are “safe” and effective. 

    I appreciate your concern about the matter but I will like to know if you have any opinion about the resurgence of some diseases, like measles, around the developed countries since people stopped vaccination of their children due to these concerns. 

    I am also worried that if this kind of vaccine fraud is happening in the US, then the medical profession around the world is in a very big trouble. 

    Thanks for a detailed informative blog post.

    1. You’re right Chris, I do not believe all vaccines are safe. Fraudulent pharmaceutical practices are mainly at fault. Doctors, nurses and other medics are just as gullible as the rest of us. They believe everything they have been taught in medical school and everything their so called superiors tell them. Government agencies like the FDA, CDC etc., have personnel within those organisation that have hefty ties to the pharmaceutical industry. The conflicts of interest within these agencies are breathtaking! 

      As for the measles outbreaks, when I was young, measles was a mild disease that affected many youngsters. The real danger with measles was and is now, for those in 3rd world countries who are already undernourished and sickly. This is when any mild disease can have serious side effects. 

      If you look at the old statistics when measles was just as non threatening as the common cold, you will see very few died or were seriously affected by it. Those who were affected, were already weakened by other problems. Measles was already diminishing in the mid 20th Century due to better living conditions and better hygiene. But this reduction was solely put down to the vaccine. Anyway, if the measles vaccine is administered to children and therefore protecting them from the disease, why would those vaccinated by bothered by those that were not vaccinated? 

  7. It’s important questions we all have to ask. Unfortunately, we never get a true answer from the doctors if a  vaccine is safe or not. We can risk tremendous side effects in the long run. Take the swine flu vaccine as an example. It was a disaster. And many people who took the vaccination suffering from MS, ME and other side effects. This is indeed a a good example of there is tremendous amount of money in medicine business and the patients suffering from it.

    1. Thanks for your input Fred. Doctors and other medics are hog tied. If they don’t do the bidding of their superiors, they can actually lose their licence. They also believe what they have been taught at medical school. They are educated with the ethos that vaccines do no harm. They also are hoodwinked just like the public. Many parents do not even clock the fact that their child may be sick because of a vaccine. It just doesn’t occur to them. Probably because if they do suggest to their doctor their child has been made sick from a vaccine, the doctor will refute it whole heartedly.  

  8. Oh my, I am so happy that I was able to read this because I didnt know about the dangers of taking vaccines. Over time, they have made us believe that it is the right thing for kids to have. I feel it is not right though how there are some things in the vaccine that do not just cut it. I really hope that people see reasons why they shouldn’t use it anymore. I will be sure to share your post to save kids. Thanks!

    1. Hi there John. Yes, we are just too trusting in companies that trade by their bottom line, ie. profits. Pharmaceuticals are not different from other companies except they have the nation’s health and welfare in their hands. Giving the MMR vaccine when a child is older ie. over 3 years is shown to be safer. As well as taking each vaccine separately rather than as a trio. Unfortunately, the single vaccines were pulled from the market by Merck as soon as Dr Wakefield suggested that parents should opt for the single dose Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccines. Don’t forget to watch the film Vaxxed, the link is at the top of the post.

  9. Unfortunately, not so many of us know the downside of using the vaccine. I didn’t know myself if not, I wouldn’t have allowed my child take it. He is bigger now and fine though but it feels scary what you have added about that family  had to go through because they do not know. I think this needs some more awareness really. Nicely done solid post you have here. Thank you very much for sharing this. Cheers.

    1. Thanks for your comment Henderson. Most people think that those questioning vaccines are anti-vaccines. This is not the case. We are anti untested and not fully researched vaccines. Vaccines that can do irreparable damage to our children. Do have a look at the film Vaxxed, the link is at the top of the post but only viable until the 3rd October 2019

  10. My daughter was offered that HPV vaccine piggy-backed onto the rounds that kids get when they are in grade 6. I said no way. My doctor asked me why I did not want to give my daughter a cure for cancer. I said it is not a cure, plus 1100 kids in the US died from getting that injection. I asked him if he cared about what he put into his infant daughters body, because I do! Sad, that doctors are so brain washed.

    1. Hi Irma, I’m so pleased you refused the HPV. It has never been proven as safe and in my opinion is not worth the risk. Have a look at Part 2 of this article, it is so damning to the pharmaceutical industry, what they are doing for the love of profits. I am in the UK and vaccines are not yet mandated but I can see it coming. I feel for parents in the US, they are brainwashed along with their doctors. If only they would have a look at the independent research that is around. This book gives you 400 important scientific papers not affiliated to big pharma. You cannot trust big pharma research anymore. Thanks for your valuable comment. Keep up with your diligence and spread the word. By the way, I get no money for recommending this book, I have it here beside me and I quote from Page 127: “The evidence presented in this chapter shows that clinical trials and marketing tactics by the HPV vaccine manufacturer may not be reliable. The HPV vaccine has been linked to serious adverse events, including autoimmune disorders, multiple sclerosis (MS), amyotrophic laterial sclerosis (ALS), Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS), paralysis, convulsions, chronic fatigue syndrome, anaphylaxis, pulmonary embolisms and death.”

  11. I’m well versed in the area of vaccines now. If I could turn back the clock I would never have vaccinated my children years ago. As far as I know they’re ok, and of course really cool kids, lol adults. Vaccines would be ok if they take the crap out, what’s the point of even having all those bad ingredients in them. I’m a big believer prevention is better than a cure, and the majority of our illnesses are down to lack of minerals. We need to boost our immune system with products that work on a cellular level, not just something that hits the stomach and expelled.

    1. Amen to that Sharon May, I am completely in agreement with you.  Eliminating mitochondrial dysfunction and having a strong immune system are both key to a healthy life.  Are you in the US?  It would appear that adults will be mandated to take vaccines in the future and some in certain professions will lose their job if they don’t comply, as is the case now. Take a look at Flu Shot Side Effects – Update

      Anyway, thanks for your important input and think again before you take a flu shot!  Hopefully, you aren’t one of those that will be forced to have a flu jab to keep their job!  Whatever happened to Freedom of Choice!!

  12. AMAZING! Great and very true solid article.

    I have always thought of vaccines the same way so it is google to actually see it in writing from someone else.

    All the facts that you bring up is scary and it sad that some families have to go through that with there babies because they just do not know.

    Thank you so much for sharing you have thought me a lot.

    1. Thanks Joseph and please spread the word.  If we are educated, we have a much better chance of getting through life unscathed by those that we are supposed to trust.  The only way to heal and nourish our bodies is to ingest what is natural to our bodies.  We certainly were not born with these chemicals within us.

  13. These facts are simply chilling! Kind of goes along with the idea that there is, in fact, a cure for cancer. Why haven’t we been able to reap the benefits of this cure? Simple. Dollar signs!!!

    My children have all had their vaccinations with no obvious effects to-date. However… my heart just breaks when I do hear those horrible stories from mothers just like myself who ARE struggling with horrible effects within their children.

    I will say that we NEVER get the flu shot! And… while we, in our household, have had a mild case of the flu maybe 4 times in the last 10 years, others that have received it seem to become infected so much more frequently and severe.

    This is definitely an eye-opener!

    1. Thanks for reading the post Dr Baker and writing down your comments.  As for the cancer cures, I definitely think there is a better way to go than have chemo or radio therapy.  Also, there is such a danger with operating because of the possibility of seeding.   Hubbie and I, if we are unlucky enough to contract cancer, will never go down the chemo route.  Being in the medical research industry as his profession, there are so many other avenues to look at with respect to serious diseases like cancer.

      It’s funny you should mention the flu, it’s one of our pet hates.  Again hubbie dealt with vaccines in his professional capacity and knows how they are produced and what chemicals are often used.  We will never have a flu shot and we are the only ones in the family who have not succumbed to the flu!  Our older relatives always seem to be very ill after their jab, coincidence or not, I don’t know, but it sure needs researching!

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