Liposomal Vitamin C for COVID 19

Many people already know about the benefits of vitamin C. That’s obvious by the rush on vitamin C supplements since the COVID 19 pandemic, to the point where nobody could obtain any. That includes Liposomal Vitamin C. So why is this type of supplement so effective?

Knowledge of liposomes

My husband, who worked in his professional career doing research for Wellcome on a variety of scientific platforms, knows quite a bit about liposomes.  He has made them and worked with them and in fact they were first described way back in the 1960s, so they have been around for quite some time. I asked him how liposomes work.

How do they work?

So how do they work and why are liposomal supplements much more advanced than the normal supplement we can buy. Well, it has to do with the delivery system to the body. The actual supplement itself is encapsulated within a spherical liposome.


According to Wikipedia –  “A liposome is a spherical vesicle having at least one lipid bilayer. The liposome can be used as a vehicle for administration of nutrients and pharmaceutical drugs. Liposomes can be prepared by disrupting biological membranes.”

Encapsulated Vitamin C

In other words liposomes are a natural way of introducing cellular secretion. This means the supplement encapsulated inside, can be transported into the blood stream and into the cells. The cell wall membrane and the liposome membrane have a similar makeup. This allows it to pass through the cell walls, delivering its contents into the cell and in this case the contents will be ascorbic acid, otherwise known as vitamin C.

This little video will make it clearer:

Bioavailability – what is it?

Bioavailability is the possibility of how much a nutrient or drug will become available to the cells when administered or ingested. If the body is able to absorb and metabolically utilize the total amount of the substance given, then it is classed as being completely bioavailable or 100% bioavailable. The amount the nutrient or drug is absorbed will have a direct effect on its efficacy. So the higher the bioavailability for a nutrient such as vitamin C the better.

Oral supplement problems

The problem many oral nutrients and drugs have, is to survive the onslaught of the gastrointestinal environment. If much of the substance passes through the digestive system, it will be flushed away. If it is destroyed even partly by the digestive process and the acidic environment, then it will have a poor absorption rate.

Digestive upset

Other problems with oral ingestion can be digestive upsets, cramps and/or diarrhoea, making it an unpleasant experience for the patient. This is what happens if we try to ingest too much vitamin C by powder or tablet form. Most people cannot tolerate the amount necessary to alleviate an inflammatory burden such as the COVID 19 disease produces. Those that do suffer with this virus will have very low vitamin C levels anyway. It is highly unlikely that patients will be given vitamin C in hospital. Patients coming in with signs of COVID 19 would do well to receive an high influx of this vital vitamin immediately, but I’m afraid this isn’t likely to happen. It would definitely help reduce the inflammation and lower the threat of a cytokine storm.

Deadly COVID 19

The deadly aspect of COVID 19 infection is due to a cytokine storm that is often an effect of this virus and other inflammatory diseases. Large doses of IV Vitamin C are known to help counter this serious problem which can progress into sepsis and organ failure. The next best thing you can do is supplement yourself with liposomal vitamin C. A good quality liposomal product is LivOn’s Altrient. Unfortunately, because the word is out about this amazing nutrient, the product is out of stock, but due in again on June 1st 2020.

Structure of liposomes

The structure of phospholipids is key to how liposomes function and work as highly efficient nutrient and drug delivery systems. Because vitamin C is water soluble, it has difficulty in crossing the cell membranes which consist mainly of fats. This problem is nullified by the liposomes being made of similar fats to the cell membranes. The contents of this delivery system is transported to the cell by way of it easily crossing the membrane-barrier and secreting its package through the cell wall.  As well as this, the load is  protected during transportation from destruction from the digestive system and also this protection prevents free radical damage.

Intravenous versus liposomes

So you can see, the delivery system is of prime importance. But it has long been considered that intravenous (IV) administration is by far the better way of introducing drugs and nutrients to the body for maximum bioavailability.  But, the liposome is a contender and arguably is just as efficient a method of delivering vitamin C. The convenience of liposomal technology is of high importance. Despite liposomes being expensive to buy, it is by no means as costly as needing a hospital environment with IV facilities plus a nurse or doctor necessary to administer a vitamin C infusion.

Liposomes do what IV does

Liposomes do what IV does. It delivers the nutrient to where it needs to be. A delivery system that can take a substance directly into the cells, with little consumption of energy by the patient. It is obviously an ideal method of administration. Liposomes tick all the boxes for being highly bioavailable, easy to administer, does not cause gastric distress, does not need hospital administration and delivers the nutrient direct to the cells. What is most important in my mind is that it is not difficult to take and has no taste so is not stressful or unpleasant for the patient. The patient can administer this safe supplement in the comfort of their own home. What’s more large doses have been shown to be safe. I myself have taken 3000mg a day (3 sachets) and have had no side effects, except I felt great and my symptoms disappeared!

Dr Levy cardiologistDr. Thomas Levy, a physician and researcher said he took 5 – 6 grams in a day. It took just 45 minutes for his condition of fever, headache, muscle pain, runny nose etc. to dramatically improve. He was given the liposomal vitamin C to try, but had left it in the cupboard, somewhat dismissing it. He then contracted a virus and felt so ill, decided to try it. This was an event which helped change his life. He now educates the public about vitamin C and how high dose IV and liposomal technology can radically improve and restore a patient’s health.

The Orthomolecular Medicine News Service states in its press release that “More clinical studies of the IVC and oral VC (such as liposomal-encapsulated VC) are needed to develop standard protocols for the current use and future uses… We hope when the next pandemic strikes, we won’t be so helpless and we’ll be ready.”

Now here’s the science

A phospholipid molecule has a head, a phosphate group and a tail, made up of 2 chains of fatty acids. These are joined together by a glycerol molecule. The phosphate head is hydrophilic which means it is attracted by water but the fatty acid tails are repelled by water because they are hydrophobic.

A hollow core

If you place the liposome in an aqueous (watery) solution, the phospholipid molecules shift either towards the water or away. In other words, the hyrdophilic heads are attracted to the water but the tails shift away from the water. This alignment causes a closed circular structure with a hollow core which is encapsulated by a double layer membrane. These are the liposomes and the hollow core is filled with the water soluble nutrient. Fat soluble nutrients are enclosed between the double layer membrane.

Liposomes more practical

Whereas there is much discussion as to whether liposomal vitamin C is more efficacious than IV infusion, there are many benefits from using liposomal technology. Liposomal administration of nutrients and drugs is more practical, less invasive and less expensive than IV infusion. You do not need specialised equipment or qualified healthcare professionals and a hospital environment to gain the immense benefits from this technology.

So here are the advantages of Liposomal vitamin C:
  • Delivers directly into the cells and their substructures
  • Delivers an absorption rate similar to hospital IV infusion of vitamin C
  • Maintains high levels of vitamin C in the blood
  • Protects vitamin C from being destroyed in the digestive system
  • Protects encapsulated vitamin C against free radicals
  • Does not cause bloating, diarrhoea or other digestive distress
  • More convenient way to increase vitamin C cell levels than IV infusion
  • A better way of increasing your cellular vitamin C levels
Liposome sizes

I have an image here of liposomes my husband took using a light microscope. Now a light microscope (LM) can only resolve up to around 200nm (nanometers), that is their limit. (By the way, a nanometer is one millionth of a millimeter.) According to hubbie, liposomes need to be around 100nm for optimum efficacy. This image could not resolve liposomes of that size. You can, however, see larger liposomes in the foreground with smaller ones in the background. The fuzziness shown in the far background are the unresolved liposomes. This image shows a sample of Altrient liposomes made by LivOn. This supplement is  genuinely liposomal and is of the highest quality.
LiposomesUnfortunately, there are some liposomal supplements that are not as stated. You need to be aware of this and not purchase sub standard non liposomal products, which are usually as expensive as the genuine liposomes. Liposomes have to be in liquid form, otherwise they can’t exist. So those liposomes sold as capsules are not a genuine liposomal product.
vitamin C crystalsThe second microscope image (micrograph) shows a bogus liposomal supplement. As you can see, there are crystals of ascorbic acid floating around in a lipid substance. As explained above, vitamin C is water soluble so it cannot mix in any way with the lipid substance it floats in. Also these crystals are massive in size compared to those that are encapsulated in the genuine nanometer sized liposomes.

IVC used since 2016
can sepsis be cured
Dr Paul Marik

Despite what medics or pharmaceutical companies tell you, the evidence for vitamin C is clear.  It has been shown and used intravenously since 2016 to treat sepsis. There is a problem though, the medical profession, run by the pharmaceutical industry does not like this system of treatment. Why? Because it works and will compromise profits if it is introduced as a gold standard. For hospital use, it is very cheap and there lies the problem. There is no patent to be had and no profits to be made for one of the largest and most controlling industries in the world. Despite Dr Marik’s life saving protocol, he is being continually hounded and lambasted by Big Pharma. Dr Marik’s bottom line is saving lives. The pharmaceutical’s bottom line is profit, above all else!

Liposomes are costly to produce

Liposomes are expensive supplements because the production process is costly. But the more this type of supplement is used, the cheaper it will become. Making liposomal vitamin C available for everyone would be great. Unfortunately, that won’t happen. The pharmaceutical industry debunk vitamin C, despite independent research proving it is extremely effective. The pharmaceuticals will debunk anything and vilify anyone threatening their profit potential.

Uncertain times

In these uncertain times, we can only do our best to keep ourselves in good fettle. We need to supplement with nutrients the body needs. Vitamin C is a nutrient we cannot make ourselves, so it is of prime importance. If you are taking a good quality supplement of vitamin C, preferably liposomal, you will be protecting yourself from a serious attack from this dreaded virus. Keeping your immune system in good order will  enable your body to fight off an onslaught from COVID 19 and other viruses and pathogens.


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10 thoughts on “Liposomal Vitamin C for COVID 19

  1. Hi Ches me again the more we study the more we learn and I am in total accordance with you on the absorption rate that the body needs to take supplements, and the grade of supplants that we should look for Lipasomo is the best way if you can get it. I have experienced making my own liposomal vitamin c and it is very cheap to do so. I don’t know as it is the best but I do know that it works and there are 0 side effects.
    For example, I can have a cold coming on and I will take liposomal before going to bed and the next day I am right as rain. Your work here is a work of excellence keep up the good work we need more people like you.

    1. We did also make our own liposomal vitamin C. Whilst it is comparable or even a tad better than the ascorbic acid we can buy, it is, unfortunately not as efficient as the expensive liposomals such as Altrient. But there are some liposomals that are not what they say they are, so you have to watch out for those. We have actually tested some dubious liposomal products and many are NOT liposomal at all! The real stuff is very expensive because the production process is involved and needs specialised equipment. 500mg of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) per day is a good prophylaxis. If you’re worried about contracting COVID-19 then add some zinc (up 15 to 32mg per day) and quercetin. Quercetin is a natural ionophore which opens the cell walls to allow the zinc in and stop RNA replication. The Vit. C helps prevent inflammation in the respiratory tract. Thanks for your kind comment.

  2. Hello Dear, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and informative article on liposomal vitamin c for Covid-19.. in times like this that we are experiencing this global pandemic articles like this does really helps. Anyways o really find liposomal supplements interesting. I would definitely try it out.thanks for sharing

    1. Nice to hear from you Sheddy and I’m gratified you have taken on board the importance of this vital vitamin. I hope you can afford to buy the liposomal type as it is the best. Otherwise, any type of vitamin C supplement will be better than nothing. Just be aware not to take too much at a time because it can cause the laxative effect! Try and take at least 1 gram a day of the ascorbic acid powder or the vitamin C tablets (ascorbic acid and vitamin C are the same). By the way, kiwi fruit has one of the highest vitamin C content at 70mg per medium sized fruit. Hope you like kiwi!

  3. Hello there, thank you so much to this very detailed and informative post,  I must say this Is really a very timely post,  as a lot of people are unaware of how important a balance immune system is in fighting against virus and diseases and thus we need the right vitamins and supplements hence I really find this post useful,  I’m sharing it with all my contact immedietely,  I hope it meet someone well.

    1. Thanks Jomata and its good to know that you are au fait with the importance of a good immune system. Keep yourself and your family fit and well through these testing times.

  4. Hello dear, wow what amazing concise information you have here, I really do fancy these posts. I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post. I believe vitamin c plays a helpful role in our human day to day life and am really glad you shared more light on it. After going through your, post I believe I have been enlightened more, thanks for the info

    1. Hi there Skuchmane, nice to hear from you and I’m so pleased you have found the article informative. Don’t forget to make sure you get plenty of this anti-inflammatory vitamin. Although liposomal is more bioavailable than other normal supplements, any type of vitamin C supplement will help increase your levels. 

  5. You have described something that has bugged me for a long time.  I think that by and large most companies what to sell products that work and produce positive results for their users.  However, through the years there is a lack of consistent results.  There has to be some reason that some products work better than others.  Having a supplement in a form our bodies can easily access and distribute to where it is needed is definitely a positive move for the manufactors.

    Now- for vitamin C in particular. I did not know the way the product is engineered to enter your body and get to work made a difference.  As I have learned over the years about trying to keep healthy, there are many things to consider.  The reasons for taking, the personal health of who is taking the product.  That makes me really like the idea of an upgraded Vitamin C.   Is this same process used on any other supplements?  Are there other ways of making supplements that our bodies can easily absorb and put to work building a healthy system?  Thanks, Sami

    1. Hi Sami and thanks for your comments and input. As for your question about other liposomal nutrients, they are being produced one by one. I think the following are available: Magnesium, Vitamin B, Glutathione, Acetyl L-Carnitine, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, but are so expensive!

      I think your phrase ‘through the years’ is a clue to what’s going on. It all seemed to start going awry during the 1980s. This is when the pharmaceuticals really ramped up their vaccine production. Reagan passed a bill that gave Big Pharma complete immunity from being prosecuted from causing death or damage from their vaccines. This gave them carte blanche to produce vaccines without worrying about safety issues. It’s from that time that health problems started to rise, especially in children. Autism came in. I had never heard of it until the 80s, had you? 

      This immunity from litigation is so worrying. Human nature being what it is, if you can get away with not having to do and pay for safety testing, why do it? 

      This leads to the trust that the population used to have in pharma and the health industry, being eroded. Many are now suspicious of vaccines, new treatments and new prescription drugs and with good reason. We need to stop relying on our medics to give us the answer to our ills, because they are hog-tied. If they get out of line and don’t follow protocol, they will be reprimanded or worse. 

      We have to do our own research, looking for independent researchers’ answers, not pharma researchers which are mostly corrupt. Natural treatments for illnesses are by far the better way for the body to mend. Drugs should only be used as a last resort. If the body is healthy with a good balance of nutrients, vitamin and minerals, then it will stay healthy unless you are extremely unlucky. We are all being led by the nose into one illness after another, exacerbated by multiple drugs and treatments. Most doctors know nothing about nutrients, vitamins and minerals and how they should be balanced. All they know is how to prescribe a drug which pharma has told them is the best thing since sliced bread. How many people have pharma killed, look at Vioxx for example, more people died than were killed in the Vietnam war! Who went to jail for this mass murder, not one of them! They just paid a large fine!

      I for one am very wary of this vaccine supposedly out by September in the US. My husband, who has dealt and made vaccines in his professional career said he wouldn’t touch this new vaccine with a barge pole!

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