Reversing Diabetes Naturally – and it costs nothing!

reversing diabetes naturallyWhat have you been told?

Reversing diabetes naturally will be scoffed at by the allopathic medical fraternity. They will tell you that type 2 diabetes is a progressive and chronic disease. A disease that can be controlled adequately with pharmaceutical drugs but can never be cured. Patients are expected to live as best they can with type 2, but in the end succumb to its various symptoms which are multiple and unpleasant.

Do you want to try reversing diabetes naturally?

For those of you who have this horrible condition and I call it a condition, it is not a disease, you may find this article of interest. If you really want to get rid of this unhealthy disorder, you certainly can. But you must be diligent and conscientious, especially in the beginning.

In the beginning?

What do I mean by ‘in the beginning’. What I mean is, you will be so overwhelmed by the results of your endeavours that you won’t look back. When something actually works, you stay driven by the desire to keep that feeling of accomplishment. You have taken over your own health and achieved something your doctor couldn’t do over all the time he has been treating you with drugs.

You are feeling better!
feeling much better

You are feeling better, you are losing weight, your energy levels are up and your A1C levels are dropping. Slowly you are getting off your meds, with the help of your doctor of course. You must get your doctor on side. Tell him what you are going to do, don’t ask him, just tell him, it’s your body not his. Tell him you want his support to get off your meds because you know they are not helping.

You’ll be surprised!

Some people get off their insulin after just a few weeks! Most people reverse their type 2 diabetes completely and are off all their meds after just a few months, with the help of a sympathetic doctor.  At the same time, they are losing weight!

Our most precious gift

Our most precious gift is our health and the health of our loved ones. This is now your time to change your health. This is the time for you to take charge. Why wait? No more continuous visits to the hospital and/or surgery. You won’t feel exhausted every day. No more feeling helpless and worrying about your future. No more thinking you will never get better and can only worsen as time goes by.

Reversing Diabetes NaturallyI’ve been researching…

Apart from all my other research, I have been reading an amazing book by the renowned Dr Jason Fung called “The Diabetes Code”. This man is a practicing nephrologist and became interested in one of the causes of kidney disease, ie type 2 diabetes and hence one of the causes of type 2; obesity.

Allopathic drugs don’t work!

He realised that the standard medications for type 2 diabetes, were not working and no way would they ever cure. His patients were getting worse not better. The medical industry is significantly funded by the pharmaceutical industry. This means a drug based treatment for all diseases is the standard. Natural solutions cannot be patented so are dismissed and often berated and scorned at by pharmaceutical lobbyists who have tremendous power.

Natural treatments are vilified

This leads to condemnation of such treatments by doctors and by the public, who are just following what their doctors tell them. Doctors, who after all, are also sponsored by pharmaceuticals. Doctors’ hands are tied, they MUST prescribe pharmaceutical drugs. It is the protocol and it CANNOT be changed. If they rock the boat, they will be reprimanded or worse, their licence could be pulled.

nutrition and medicsNutrition is not taught!

Out of the 6+ years in medical school, students have 1 day, just 1 day allocated for nutrition and that isn’t compulsary! For example, ask your doctor how much magnesium is in the body and he will probably look at you sideway and say you don’t need it! Actually, without it you would die! The average body needs about 25 grams of magnesium. If your doc doesn’t know the answer, you can tell him! If he won’t help you in your endeavours, then find another doctor! Preferably an ND (naturpathic doctor) who is also an MD (medical doctor). These are the doctors of the future. They will have pharmaceutical drugs in their arsenal but will only use them as a last resort.

Cells start to degrade and die

When excessive glucose builds up, the cells start to degrade and die. This excess will affect every organ in the body. Your eyes (you can go blind), your kidneys (kidney disease), your heart (heart attack and/or atherosclerosis). Your brain (alzheimers and dementia), your liver (fatty liver disease and cirrhosis), your arms, legs and feet (arterial vascular disease/diabetic foot), your nerves (diabetic neuropathy). Every part of the body is affected because cells are in every part of your body. You have an estimated 37.2 trillion cells and they will all slowly start to die.

Electron micrograph by Dr Burton B Silver
Magnesium is absolutely vital

This image above shows a micrograph of the inside of a single mitochondria after a heart attack. It is devoid of magnesium. With no magnesium, calcium takes over the cell causing calcium crystals which destroy the cell. This is also the state of the diabetic mitochondria because diabetes is a magnesium deficiency state.”

No known allopathic medication will stop it

It has been proven with research that there is no known allopathic medication that will halt this progression. In other words, drugs will not cure a dietary disease. Diet is the only treatment to cure a dietary disease.

So what’s causing the problem? Simple, excess sugar.  So what’s the solution? Simple, put less sugar in and burn sugar off. That means a low sugar diet which includes low carbs. That’s all you need to do. No drugs, no surgery, no cost.

Reversing diabetes naturally
  1. Do not eat refined sugar or refined carbohydrates. Don’t consume bad fats.
  2. Don’t drink sodas or artificial sweeteners. Use Stevia if you have to sweeten.
  3. Do not stagnate in your chair, keep moving. Get up every hour and walk about. Exercise regularly. Make some new habits. If you have a dog, walk her regularly, it will benefit both of you.
  4. Do eat organic whole unprocessed foods, whole grains, eggs, nuts and seeds. Eat theeat the rainbow rainbow in vegetables and fruits.
  5. Do eat good fats like organic coconut, avocado and virgin olive oils and non GMO foods. Buy grass fed butter and meats and free range poultry. Don’t eat farmed fish.
  6. Do read The Diabetes Code or watch Dr Jason Fung’s talks/videos on you tube.
  7. Make sure you are replete with magnesium.
  8. Start doing intermittent fasting.
Intermittent fasting is easier than you think

The last 2 points are the most important to reversing diabetes naturally. Have you ever wondered what our ancesters did long ago? They would have to forage or hunt for food. This regular exercise kept them physically fit. Also, magnesium was abundant in ancient times. Today our soils have been degraded and are devoid of many important nutrients, magnesium being one of the most seriously affected.

The lean times

In hard times when food was scarce, they would be forced to fast. They would sometimes go days without food. Then once food was caught or found they would feast. Famine and feast! Why else would they be laying down fat during times of plenty?

This is good for you!

diabetic footAs it happens, this is good for the body. It allows it to rest and clear out built up toxins and stop a build up of glucose. It is not natural for your body to consume regularly day in day out. The body is programmed to fast.

But unlike our ancestors, you are in charge. You’re not starving, you’re fasting and you control how long you fast for. If you can’t cope, eat something wholesome and try again. Take it slow and extend your fasting periods slowly. This is how to avoid the ravages of diabetes and avoid conditions like diabetic foot.

At least try it!

Fasting is a sure fire way to clear your body of excess sugar and when it runs out of glucose, it will turn to your fat reserves. That is actually what fat reserves are for, for times of famine which is a natural process which most of us, in this modern day, do not practice. It is a healthy practice and has been known about for centuries.

What will happen?

So what happens if you don’t eat for a while? Will your blood sugar come down? Certainly! Will you lose weight? Odds-on! The amount will depend on how overweight you are. So is this a problem? No, definately not! As long as your weight is higher than 22.5 BMI.  For me there were other benefits…read on.

fastingI’m testing the fasting diet

I worked up slowly by not eating between 9:00pm – 10:00am every day. This initial fast was for 13 hours.  I then upped the anti and waited until 12:00 noon before eating. This meant I didn’t eat for 15 hours. I must admit, it didn’t bother me one jot! I did, however, have my tea with a little dash of milk no sugar.

It was easier than I thought!

I found this fast to be really easy, much better than being on a diet, and cheaper too! I extended both ends from 8:00pm right round to 2:00pm in the afternoon the next day, an 18 hour fast. The funny thing was, I didn’t get hungry! Cutting out the sugar and processed foods stopped my cravings. I didn’t crave sugar. If I wanted something naughty, I had some very dark chocolate ie. at least 70% cocao in the evening just before the start of my 8:00pm fast.

reversing diabetes naturallyWhat’s happened to me?

First of all, I am not a diabetic. I’m testing this ‘way of life’ just to see what happens to my body. I would not class myself as overweight. My BMI is in the high normal range about 24.

Energy, brain fog, weight

The first thing I noticed was the increase in energy. This didn’t make sense because I was eating less but was more energetic, but that’s what’s happened to me. Then my brain fog seemed to improve. I was continually struggling remembering even simple things but that seems to have abated. Then there was the weight loss. I haven’t weighed myself but I just bought a pair of jeans size 16 and they are too big! Also, my torso seems to be thinner and looking sideways at my body profile, my tummy has definitely got flatter.  As my BMI was in the normal range, I didn’t expect to lose weight but I have.

But it doesn’t rule my life

But if I go out to dinner or eat late one day, it doesn’t matter.  I stick to the regime most of the time. In fact, I like this way of eating so much, I’m going to stay with it for the foreseeable future.  I shall experiment with longer fasts of perhaps 24 – 48 hours, just to see what happens and how I feel. I can’t imagine the change in health for someone who has type 2 diabetes, it must be quite extraordinary.

To finishDr Jason Fung

To finish, I want to quote one of Dr Fung’s patients, which is in his book “The Diabetes Code”. I don’t get anything for recommending this book. If you don’t want to buy it just google Dr Jason Fung, you will find plenty of you tube videos and talks done by him. Go research!


“Richard, 76, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about a decade ago. In addition, he had high blood pressure, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, an irregular heartbeat (atrial fibrillation), and chronic kidney disease. Six years later he started on insulin (36 units daily), in addition to two oral hypoglycemics, yet his A1C remained elevated at 8.4%.

I [Dr Jason Fung] met Richard just after he started taking insulin. Following the IDM (intensive dietary management) program, he began a low-carbohydrate, healthy-fat diet and a 24 hour fast three days per week. Within a month he was off insulin, and after six months he was completely off all his oral medications, as well. His urine albumin-to-creatinine ratio, a measure of diabetic kidney damage, dropped by two-thirds; he lost 13 pounds; and his waist size shrank by 12 cm. Today, Richard’s A1C is 5.4% without medications, which classifies him as nondiabetic.”

Ches PowerKick diabetes to the kerb!

Richard must be on top of the worId and I sincerely hope that you will take this post onboard and start on your road to recovery and kick diabetes out of your life. Good luck to you and please help others by commenting on the post. More importantly, let us know how you’re getting on!

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Reversing Diabetes Naturally - and it costs nothing!
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Reversing Diabetes Naturally - and it costs nothing!
Most of the allopathic medical fraternity will tell you that type 2 diabetes is incurable. This is a lie! Reversing diabetes naturally tells you why!
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12 thoughts on “Reversing Diabetes Naturally – and it costs nothing!

  1. Thanks for the great info. I Judy wonder about intermittent fasting when I have had issues with hypoglycemic attacks when blood sugar drops too low. That scares me how do you fast with that issue?

    1. Hi Deb, I have a link for you to a post by Dr Jason Fung. It may be helpful. Let your doctor know you want to reverse your diabetes and could he help you. If he is unwilling to help you get off the drugs, find another doctor, preferably a naturopath who is also an MD. Take some info with you so your doctor knows you are serious. I would really recommend you get The Diabetes Code book and read it thoroughly. Good luck and good health.

  2. What a great post and a so well researched.  I am definitely studying diabetes as it is so common in our modern society around the world and the allopathic community is completely uninterested in considering nutrition as either the source or the cure – funny though, they love to rely on genetics and pharmaceuticals for some reason.  I will definitely be looking into Magnesium and studying this topic thanks!

    1. Thaks John for reading the article. Yes, diabetes is common and what is misleading, is when MDs and other medical professionals tell you that diabetes cannot be cured. In other words, you will have to be on drugs indefinately! This simply is not true. I have another post you may be interested in, about the different salts of magnesium. Many people get confused as to what type they should use. This explains all and a way you can do your own good quality supplement at home, using food quality Mg Chloride. Good health!

  3. Thank you for this great article on reversing type 2 diabetes naturally! I will be exploring some of your suggestions and definitely looking up Dr. Fung.

    Best wishes,
    Karin ?

    1. I’m so pleased Karin, that you will be exploring the benefits of intermittent fasting. Although not a diabetic, I tried this way of eating as an experiment, along with my husband. We both lost weight, despite not being overly heavy. One of our friends has reversed her diabetes problem with her doctor telling her – Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it, you’re blood sugar is now in the normal zone! Diabetes is NOT a life sentence, it IS reversible. Just take your health into your own hands!

  4. I was diagnosed as pre diabetic, I changed my eating habits started exercising. My health improved dramatically in a short time. I told my doctor what I was doing she agreed what I was doing was working, she also told me when you are diabetic life style is very important. Very good article on diabetes I’m going to take magnesium which I probaly do already in a multivitamin but I might need more what brand do recommend.
    Thank you
    Kevin B Morse

    1. Hi there Kevin and thanks for the input. It seems you have your pre diabetes under control. Are you on any meds? As for the type of Mg to take, Mg Chloride is a supplement that is 100% bio-available and the best quality one IMHO is Dr Carolyn Dean’s ReMag. It is expensive though, especially in the UK. If you want to save pennies, you can make up your own. It is explained here. The problem with multivits is they often have the cheap Mg in them ie. Mg Oxide which has very poor availability, less than 4%. Another good supplement is Mg Citrate powder which is easy to administer and get the dose right for your body. It is particularly good for a sluggish digestion.

  5. Magnesium is such a great mineral, I did not know that you can use magnesium to help with diabetes. I really thought that once you have diabetes there is no turning back. I would really like to read the book the diabetes code, it sounds like a real revolution. Too many people rely on the drugs for treatment and doctors like to take the easy way out. It’s amazing that doctors don’t learn more at medical school about magnesium.

    1. Hi Kris, yes Mg is a sure sign for diabetics. “Magnesium is a diabetic state” according to the eminent diabetes expert Dr Jerry Nadler. 

      Trouble is with doctors, they have no way out. They may want to treat a patient a certain way, but if it’s not part of the ‘protocol’, that doctor could lose their licence for going against standard treatment. The answer lies with the patient. We, the public, must be more educated on our diseases and conditions so that we can converse intelligently with our doctor and make our own informed decisions about our own body. 

  6. Wow this information is awesome and incredibly helpful! I am doing more research into the intermittent fasting that you mentioned and I can’t wait to try it! What is the best way that you recommend I take magnesium? I did not realize that I need so much and I am definitely under the requirement! Should I get a supplement and would it be best by itself or with other things?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi there Hudson and thanks for your comments. The first thing you can do is to make sure you’re getting as much Mg in your food as possible. But that won’t be enough to replete your Mg levels. Agricultural practices of saturating the soil with pesticides, fungicides and herbicides including the dreaded ‘Roundup’ has depleted most of our nutrients. Mg is massively depleted in our soils, to the detriment of all of us.

      If you have symptoms of a Mg deficiency then check out what they are. Many people suffer with digestive disorders such as slow transit of food causing constipation. This can be easily remedied by using Mg Citrate powder. Your doses can be managed easily and the powder can be put into drinks, soups and other foods which makes it quite convenient. It is also very well absorbed.

      My favourite supplement though is Magnesium Chloride. It is 100% absorbable and as the molecule is so small, it is also absorbed through the skin so you can use topicals like Ancient Minerals. Dr Carolyn Dean’s ReMag, is excellent quality but it’s expensive. It is a liquid that is taken in water. Some find the taste too salty and bitter but stick with it. IMHO it is the best supplement to take. If you want to save money, you can make up your own. The method is shown here.

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